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12-11 7:10pm Sports Talk: QB to QB w/Drew Brees

Dec 11, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert go QB to QB with Saints Quarterback Drew Brees.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening you will do final Alice sports Sox that it caught a -- be Chavous in at come on -- with coming up all of -- -- on it taken donations the second harvest food bank. As we have been solved off on the prominent south and -- easy and are coming up later in the program over the southeast and coach Ron Roberts -- pars though they aren't Saints radio I'm Paul Kuhn. BQB. I would -- faced with Saints quarterback Drew Brees at quarterback Bobby eight bay QB QB has brought you by the great employees. Of Crosby took them again you know and Joseph septic. Gotta go. Called -- through a week ago we talked about anticipating after a difficult loss on -- -- -- guys want to hurry and get back on the field and in. After a game like that now imagine you know you really don't want to leave the field team. Really thought it clicked in off -- defense expansion teams. I thought a complete victory for the black and gold Sunday night against Carolina. He had that there was. But it was great the way we responded insertion of short week you know didn't back it late on Tuesday from that Seattle game. Having -- yourself have a mentally and physically. There are switched over to you know prepare for Carolina. Are well what was -- stay in the game as well you know really. Little -- get to country -- you know the the division championship. -- -- like. Play it was very well there. Went to the level that would -- -- -- all phases you're really extra years to. Develop the big -- -- -- -- Now drew look at how the game started. Obviously -- you know who really -- does that the ball. The first quarter almost all -- we had it well and like committed 56 seconds left. Well ahead three plays that the question I have. Looking at that first 35. When you threw it to Colston. It was a complete game and then obviously -- him dug in the Jersey was an apparent. -- the do you ever that you go to officials -- confront them about a missed call or. You like coach Payton worked efficiently in the business. I regular -- again then. -- orders of I mean our our -- he -- you know we're not ever. Certainly not -- LB officials I mean there's different times where. -- -- talk to -- to try to communicate you know took to find out the reason for -- -- or back acting like for example. He remembered them afloat in -- call those two you know off sides penalties. The way I was part about change so obviously I went over potential that point just to get an explanation for what might doing. It was all of flag. And you know I mean there's there's times where you feel like. You know there was after. All -- -- there at the receiver. Are actually you know markers. That that third down you know that you use or insult but -- you know that there's times where. The other not this year and so on fortunately. That was one call it -- Now -- look at it. Now I thought we were still going to be in great shape obviously. The that is outstanding. Even -- Carolina have a long drives -- them. The kick field goals so they're only up. You know six to zero. And now look at -- -- first touchdown drive his vehicle nine plays eighty yards the key play in that drive was. 38 yards sweet play but Darren Sproles was that something else on film. You know -- Carolina and looking at at thirty yard run the longest run of the season. And then and others that don't look at it on and realize you have the long touchdown run of the season. A seven yard we just talk about that that toss sweep. This -- Like this -- like -- almost like Yo-Yo gonna catch Carolina maybe and get outside. Yet. You know I think we got league record of favorable defense looked jittery at great angles on everybody. Allowance will get outside and we actually freed up one more popular response. To -- trying to got everybody -- on the side and so that allowed -- I keep that watch and it. -- get outside and you know on the corner and boldly -- cut back underneath the corner and -- that in a big play it out you know. But the big you know momentum. Game -- trust you after Carolina it gone down on two consecutive scored drugs and now you know are sort of response. Not drugs hornet was that. You look at this because you gonna get the best that a best and I'm talking about red zone defense. To get touchdowns in the rental verses having. The kick up Google's considering Carolina's first and NFL. And reds on defense then. I didn't realize you know you're doing your home from forty game but there grows on on pace at the Los -- rental players now percentage in the league. Since 2002. There even ahead at the pace of the 2005 bare so to be that was critical. To get those three touchdowns in the second quarter. I don't know Carolina knew it hit them because you think about this. And the whole season they had only given up two touchdowns in the first half and you were able to get three in that second quarter. Yeah that was. Are absolutely agree remembered at all herbs recovered at all cylinders and we got that two minute drives in. Which you know I wish -- -- internship in England not only be forward. Whatever fifteen seconds left but the that you the first possession of the -- order as well. All have a big big change momentum there really felt like we generate the offense and a celebrity game well at that point. Now through. How frustrating is -- does got a I guess that trying. Run a play that you think's gonna work all the thing I've -- -- -- half yard line you would think opposite you know that just run this and and obviously try to -- and work Galveston. You know where passed in the ball even -- we on the half yard line is that. Pretty much an offense -- why we're running announcing I think we try to pass that. Well it's negative third down because we think that the best play against this defense. And that one maybe now why are we running inning and ovals that situation. You have to go for a field goal and take the points of vs trying to -- known for now. Yeah are you sure a lot of very stout. All our goal line you know he's church and so we had you really. I don't want mr. -- play that we liked and we just didn't quite Judge -- on up and so you know lord it would degenerate into all. And so that we came back -- out an order like in -- guns you're you know why I coach -- by about archer. Otherwise street get chewed up all scored on check -- out and the third down play you know you're trying to. -- play action you know give the illusion of the rod and then I am not -- security in the adult and Eagles -- it's like well much like. The one bench press though he certainly. Now drew I was most excited. And the kind of game that Marcus Colston had. If you look at his production on nine -- 125 yards almost fourteen yard average. A couple of touchdowns but. I thought will was I don't know this is planned over just worked out that way bit. A native Coles has nine catches so went for first downs or touchdowns. -- that obviously target him twelve times didn't have any dropped. Yeah. -- he's not the year of a playmaker at all which has spent. -- it's great when you we can get him involved early and often you know. In -- those first touchdown Albert quickly and so I'll. -- QB he's such a personal guy like to play outside play inside -- we do so much -- And you HI -- You know Jeter would have games like that where you know. I think a lot of attention goes Jimmy Guerrero a lot of it goes goals and that aren't so I think that report. You know. Are you overlook no shortage. You know those guys control the big games Lance. -- changed -- -- markers that's great back. Now drew -- look at that we on the back candidacies and but I thought in maybe you comment on this have to. You watched of Thelma I thought this as though our best effort -- off at the line. Ligament Charles Brown Zach -- been considering your opponent who you going against and now they've got that opposing quarterbacks. But you look at the pressures. It it it really wasn't therein. And and I and I tell and the fans. Come Sunday against Saint Louis would be great opportunity. Follow offensive line and allotment for the whole -- but the blind to build on. That performance against Carolina. Come against the ransom we go to saint Luke but I thought. Velvet the line was outstanding is like -- get this season. The outlook they -- and follow. Especially in pass protection against a very very good at it Castro or should he took and -- situation extremely you know count one again this week a robber -- are stronger probably. The only one of the best. You can't them decently and the Little League when it comes to their production out of actually -- fumbles in just hurry pressures all the things you have a great -- penalties especially Paul. You know I'm -- the Seattle game and I think they got Russell Wilson Belichick you know and bustle of -- out of that. You know so. It -- and that's that's kind of what not -- -- -- -- out -- -- we we've we it's attraction also that we understand how it's never shall play it on the road an adult. Where you know. Reaching about you know all you know we we got to do agree child which which protection. Pretty -- in the ball just you know play great efficiency. QB to QB conversation with saint quarter making Kris Brown RB Adrian brought about. The great employees that Crosby took them again and no Angel sent -- Call -- drew thank you so much for the time you look you in the black and gold Sunday and sink to our.