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12-11 7:40pm Sports Talk: Southeastern Football

Dec 11, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talks to Southeastern Football Coach Ron Roberts.

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And he is the Kasey -- -- -- BA band I'm beat -- and -- -- we're having a several more broadcast Amaro called on -- posturing and senate. And also hope you guys aren't Kristian -- Friday and in pro from four. Angeles 7 PM they'll be -- I -- all watching people wants out count an avenue. With a streak audience in New Orleans the gains and all will be from ten to one. Tomorrow for the Garland -- show that we are joining forces with you to community and of course the second harvest food bank. -- to help in this period of the Khmer Christmas holiday season to it is much nonperishable food items in -- money donated. Toward food in one of the things we talked about them in no case you know in the semis and -- and that's not what -- -- -- one. And six people in Louisiana -- -- Longer something seniors children. And in some people all of these and happy that he just think that a all -- tomorrow I'll answer that these appear to have a whole jobs -- these people that work hard and -- it doesn't rarely home yet this strung -- make ends meet it's difficult out here for -- everyone's so. We're trying to change it on us off Hawks for the holidays brought chances were collecting. Bears before not -- who flew for the second harvest food bank by the and then you brought some -- arresting them with what yeah dollar can do just one. Now you know one dollar you contribute and able to -- at Harvard to provide an entire meal -- Pamela or. And now when I look at it you know this day and age at 40% -- I mean you know Nolan Chico. Away Hungary I mean art so art -- one -- should say she go to bed at night. You know hungry. I mean we have the resources. That is one thing. You know when you look at what you need you what you want well you know we all need food did you have to eat food. And and you need shelter that's -- -- this is an opportunity provide. You know food you know word Nolan goes hungry and together we can help itself hunger along with second harvest food bank. And he even look in -- your place of work. You -- multiply your gift if you work for our. Our are retiree Evan employee. Maxi gift company. Pleased contact human resource. Resources solves this the if you qualify that if you think the inquire about. And return necessary form we you know what you contribution -- Because a lot of a lot of car breaks a lot of companies. Are involved with the second harvest. Sort great opportunity stars in this holiday season. The feed everyone in and not let them go to bed hungry at night. Feel that we are here academically -- shop since a kimono. It's on us again thanks so all the fine folks though wow Bobby. Also my twin peaks. Medium or. Pizzeria. We -- -- -- This policy won't be a sweet little old fashioned ice cream -- -- Power forward brownie sundae and media. Banana split. We have a lot of lot of good food from all different places and big guys who bigger. Oh yeah come -- have been out done lately and know exactly with a back problem problem I might have to call that is they would pick in that final. Because at that position at the right video we got and to try keep this at the beginning I think the PGA's coffees where he had him a coffin that yeah while I would have hit it. I -- -- it went threes because that went on and on. -- -- great -- great different options -- -- view -- you that you -- all the -- yeah right exactly yeah I got about how bout them some little -- -- by the and colorful glad Hendry is right across so we -- -- good see it through I think the last -- and -- and among them all. He's got all sorts of things and I bought the it to both strawberry is a while laughing in the Yankees -- always it. When the -- you you'll both Ramon on the coach and I noticed that these things because I don't want home. In the anything different about -- thing I -- all. At all in the game -- game he's been excellent parents although well yet it takes a special talent you know I don't know he inning may want -- -- -- -- -- is it better every use scenic last lower. Could be cheek seeing it's a different. Figures -- yeah it is they have an art form. Like I remember the first summit they ever saw this solace that a fan. No I was actually at that Williamsburg. You know -- down you know kind of what you quotable Washington DC when you first settlers there with James found in the oh colonial days in the game had a glass low work in and and -- I -- realize young you know would be they can manipulate or what Perez and see the different figurines and everything we also the united the end to a picture with Santa Claus yeah we took a couple of shots and have at it and not policy team is a lot oriented than -- kind of looked at me like houses grew. But of it that he was so it's good. I thought expression its base he definitely believes that central. I'll have a tape well while we talk Christmas and holidays these comedies that it would be thought about it because where would the second harvest food bank -- talked about. But the I don't know if you noticed but it new thing now on I knew what -- is that that they -- ownership or talk to Joseph nobody's made some little -- they made -- show. And when he goes he comes in for holidays he moved around -- house watching the key. And it is it likely it adds a new dimension to Chris -- -- -- so focused all -- all but. Since that day Thanksgiving Day when he Iraq they need you wanna see where you move around my house yeah every -- some people get little they can both carry us with their TP. They are a little else you know what they put him and where he is when he wakes up in -- morning. Hockey mind rated G but it is on army in the Q if they wanna see where in years. Well at the end of the L ownership and the Christmas present that we got from Santa well from we get ornaments got a -- Christmas tree on -- nice mood of the -- you name be achieved the unit Nikkei two cannon who dat nation that year 2013. -- don't -- -- homing missiles like tree from a week that. Ornaments and I hear it clearer view the you probably mentally which he tells the here -- view mall. This week in the end Aaron noon to six at Santa and elaborate migraine Bear -- And -- who knows if you pick it took on -- might read knows me and you know we -- we will. Earlier they were -- in -- on a -- Sokol -- -- -- -- things that I -- in New York only use this. Super Bowl and the national championship before that the final four. Women's final four in two losses have come up big destination if you look at this time a year for a policy. Because there's so many things like there's also the one which -- Sunday. They they have -- -- -- good thing is we can't with the expanse and am yeah out of the -- -- and no one thing is famous now the Roosevelt at the tape AT. Saturday in between the championship games in working this weekend. I'm not bring the girls videos to roles in this they have lack of a Christmas the organ you know you go to -- -- talking don't laugh and upon he really hasn't been at this -- -- street there is one of the great place to -- for -- holiday. Gloria. And is that a I guess the first time EC's million excited that if you really wanna hang outside that'd be fixed noted real schools though yeah I mean. Right now it's -- plus. -- visited you from Green Day yard. Or anybody -- and they viewers -- pants that he only -- this pick audiences -- we will homeless and a sand. Our -- that we talked he's originally from him to remain yet so he's but he's a benign nuisance that eighties that we kind of got into Louisiana -- now the I always tell you this. All the way you'd ever live up north because you have a great job via. -- you have a great job up north than down south in school why you wanna go live in. Just the frozen tundra I mean I don't know as well elements that. It was frozen Saturday night at strawberry is they -- but they got hot at the right parent the following -- Two touchdowns early on they found themselves down late with under a minute and a half left in the game at 85 yard drive an alliance going and beat Sam Houston State. And now they are and then national quarterfinal southeast and head football coach. Ron Roberts and Johnson is now coach Robert always a pleasure to have you on the program and what were you thinking coach what was going through your mind. When you got that ball back with a minute fifteen left and a ball game with basically everything you work forward talk about lift those weights in the summer out of seven on seven practices. What was going through your mind your message to your team when they got their follow their final product. Well sort thanks for having me on a -- that. -- great field this is -- You know at that time what we just spit out I think we're more in the bank or anything for the opportunity. -- -- an opportunity really sit there with the deal would get all grow and we all want twenty on the clock and and a chance to win it. And our guys did an excellent job while they're cute on a drive take the ball down scorn to get the win and I think it's like -- that strategy if you put -- opposition to two when the ball game and have the ball -- Hands I think it's a dream come true for quarterback on offense to take Burnett situation and they apparently this mostly go get it done. Now our coach Robert so what can you tell the fans -- what you -- you know film about New Hampshire. Now have a pocket -- novel in double -- guy you know playing in the -- -- -- not Weston. -- remember the Delaware blue hands. You know Rich Gannon and and New Hampshire football. When I can remember watching him play -- like. I don't know that the team this year than ever watch him in the past fifth and the Eagles lineman they had -- -- that that would have you seen about them on film. Yeah well there are. They're grateful quality anyone that they've been the playoff two straight years in seven posters have been foolish in quarterfinals so they are there other coaches don't affect this job very well coached they got great players. They got some -- -- lined the arm and I'll try and the pit. What they really do -- they're great skill players. It's like a lot better receivers in Macias will -- country about 63 to 25 and and they got a great tailback -- offer and policies that they are great tailback it and our core back as a dual direct guy he is good athlete he can -- would this be an option game -- -- -- cover to pull the ball down scrambled for a scramble for the first well shall. Their great football in college down here and -- or purposeful ball. Now a coach Robert how's that lined up tell the fans about you know when. -- the quarterfinals semifinals and ultimately the championship as far as. Decided to bracket is if you were able to beat you have general who do you play the winner on the. Well and North Dakota State -- two time grand national champion. Is played in coastal Carolina opened their place as we can and will face the winner that. The -- to -- on the other side really eastern Washington and in the extra on the court and I don't know you know what could -- comments are practical Walt -- faced a -- Quick one -- oh great two winner of North Dakota State and or coastal Carolina. The Carolina yet coach Robert that they what my best for him offers roommate. -- pro football Mike -- lives of Missoula Montana. And at that that haven't to lobby to me Nichols the camera deal with like -- handled it with Carolina camp there and spank them. Yeah yeah I -- and beat and beat a pretty good. Yeah especially in those conditions you know it's it's my degrees up there in Montana. In coastal Carolina came out of Myrtle Beach you know goes there and and and to do that in those conditions. Up pretty impressed. Southeast of football coach Ron Roberts is with us that he -- at the clock that aren't aren't on in the national quarterfinals as -- -- New Hampshire it's always being a -- culture how how has practiced -- in. This week and now at the -- is just the point at a time word a week you pretty much got everything installed. That you wanna have a stall on Thursday in fri am at a -- a walk through but where you -- in the the preparation standpoint in the have you got everything you need to give him before Saturday's game. Yeah we do you know in which is we fourteenth so. -- won't winners. Our guys are you know. You know I hear you say everything we're doing there is sometimes as a recycled things through -- -- which go. But those game plans reverse that we're also in the middle or two finals. But about -- came actually done -- finals to date so that that's -- and that's very is open to that aren't law element. You know get through our finals -- seven walk on Saturday before reporting game. Walk to graduation. And so there are some other distractions that we are still -- throughput -- has been a great job fraction. A great week -- up and you know or look for foreigners walk. Southeast -- always any university head football coach of the Lions coach Ron Roberts goes rabbits thank you so much for joining us as always good luck you have alliance Saturday evening of strawberries they. -- thank you very much.