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12-11 8:10 Scoot: Henry Glover shooting

Dec 11, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the Henry Glover shooting case.

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-- are getting ready for the St. Louis Rams in Saint Louis this Sunday and east Jefferson warriors are getting ready for the high school state football championship along with a -- a lot of other high school teams. EJ place car Saturday afternoon agers going Alomar there's a big party free Jefferson grants later in the show we'll tell you when and where. That's gonna take place. It is the holiday season Christmas season whatever it is for you it's that time but here. This could be a very joyous time here for many but he can also be very difficult time to hear from others and I've had my difficulties. For those few who were having a difficult time this holiday season. We wanna talk about how you might get through that and the -- blog tonight is. It is about having a tough time at the holiday season and I share with you. A personal thing that I went through just a couple of years ago and getting to a very very tough Christmas so if you're having a tough time -- you know somebody's having a tough time this this holiday season. You might wanna read the law and be sure sure when it's on our website at WW wells dot com down the right column under our opinions. Also it really doesn't matter what kind of image you have at work. The reputation. Can be totally ruined at the annual holiday Christmas party. Now we had our Christmas party this past weekend for WLB 97 and magic and by you and all the knotted at three WL altered the Entercom stations this this past Saturday. And it was a really nice events cited nobody did anything embarrassing but I have been the holiday parties in the past we're. I should say some people have a little bit too much to drink. It's not naming any names but today you might want him talk about some of the inappropriate things that you've seen happen at holiday office parties whether you were involved or not we'll talk about that we get into the top eight at eight tonight. It is time for the tight so for tonight's top rated nature of the top eight things -- like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL number eight. Francis has been named time magazine's person of the year. Now the person of the year is the person where the greatest impact on the news in the world good or bat. They -- in fact I think when your Hitler. Which time magazine's person years so contrary to what may -- many people believe this is not the person who. And the most positive impacts on the news is the person who had the biggest impact on the news. And I'm I'm not sure whether Osama bin Laden was person of the year one year I think he was again it was not him. A good impact but he was there an impact on the news so a -- -- this is not necessarily. Endorsement of Pope Francis by time magazine that is the person who hit who they believe had the biggest impact on the news in this past year. I read an article the other day it to foxnews.com. It said -- to Catholics. Pope Francis. Is to America. Note to pop princess is to Catholics what President Obama is to America. So do you agree with Paul Francis being ain't time magazine's. Person of the year. Number seven -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Senator Lamar Alexander chief of staff was arrested on charges of probable cause for possession and distribution. A child pornography. Ryan lost in 35 years old is in custody until a hearing expected to happen tomorrow. Senator Alexander immediately removed him from his payroll had cities innocent until proven guilty died immediately removed him from the payroll. I'll tell you what's still to this day. Absolutely. Astonishes me. About child pornography. What could ever be a good explanation. For possessing child pornography. If you listen to the issue on a regular basis you know that I'm far from a prude. But this is one of the things that I simply don't understand in life. -- view. Find yourself. Attracted to child pornography. Would you do all of us a favor and seek professional help now because there's something wrong with you. There's actually no justification. For being -- child pornography. There's no justification for pedophilia nine that there are reasons but there's nothing justifiable about it. And I know a lot of it has to do with power has to do with the security is doing a lot of things. But I still cannot. Wrap my mind. Around any possible. Justifiable explanation for anybody. Being at a child pornography. And thank god there there are. Those who -- in law enforcement. And -- the Postal Service was involved in and this particular arrest. Thank god there are those who find ways. To find these people. And again if you if you even if you haven't acted on it. If you find yourself. Somehow interested in child pornography please seek help. You not right in the head. And if you haven't done anything god bless you because you haven't acted on it but before something happens or before you get in trouble. Do something about it because that's not normal there's absolutely nothing justifiable or normal about being into child porn. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. You know I love it only gets talked about Sarah Palin Sarah Palin will host. Our weekly hunting and fishing outdoor show on a sportsman channel coming up next April. Finally something that -- Sarah Palin's qualifications. She said that she is quite excited because it's a lifestyle that she loves and celebrates every day and I celebrate that this is something that fits Sarah Palin. Now for those of you who will be very quick to criticize me for criticizing Sarah Palin. And think that I am bashing conservatives. Let's remember that in this country we we have a right to be critical of somebody and nobody should assume in this is one of the problems in America today. If you criticize somebody there are people who think that you automatically criticized. For example every conservative if Sarah Palin is a conservative Republican group. And on our gun rights advocate advocate. Of -- you criticize her -- your criticizing everybody in that group which is not true. I'm -- criticizing Sarah Palin because I think she's a joke. And she was a joke in the Republican Party when she was McCain's running mate and again I just I don't take her seriously. She I I I hate to say it but I think the Republican Party subconsciously. Collectively use -- As a sex -- as I can't. And I don't know how anybody can actually argue with that and you might you might like -- but politically she just. God doesn't really stand up so my criticism is not a conservatives. It's -- of people who support gun rights because I do. Like criticism of is of Sarah Palin. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight -- eight. Just wish we could talk about Michelle Bachmann tonight to that there have been stories and. And Margaret she's another on my favorites there's a new study that is expected to show that less police officers buckle up that in the general population. Approximately 86% of Americans say they buckle up in the apartment real car. But only about half of law enforcement officers report that they are wearing their seat belts. And the number one cause of death the police officers on duty. Is traffic related. Fatalities. Should police officers. Follow the laws of society. And if you -- police officer or a former police officer. Dishes in an open opportunity to explain why. Why police officers are less likely to buckle up that citizens. And in your heart and mind is it difficult as a police officer if you if you consciously think about is it difficult to enforce laws that you're not follow. Do police officers ever. Ever speed. When their lights are not on and they're not responding to a call. Do police officers ever. -- traffic violations. And why would they do with it. Should police officers. Follow the same laws. And everybody else has to follow when society. If you and join our should write a comment about anything we talk about our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And protection of receipts revenues have I'm a big supporter police if you listen their show on a regular basis you know how much I support police. But I'm a little confused as to the justification of a police officer. Off duty. Or police officer who is not responding to a call. I'm breaking laws that he or she is sworn to a -- by I'm a little confused and and maybe there's a reason for. If there is if Europe and -- police officer active or former police officer. If you and -- share your thoughts with us tonight you know the numbers number for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Two new studies to different studies show that. In the UK at the university of west England. The studies did a series of driving test and those who participated in the driving test I'm -- -- to imitate highway driving. Now each of the participants. Had consumed. At least ten drinks the night before. And then woke up and exec no alcohol was present in their bodies. When they were being tested. And as some were seen weaving in and out of traffic others we're not really paying attention. As some people were were striking it dangerously they were sleep deprivation there was dehydration. And also there's this a temporary withdrawal from alcohol -- all the reasons that the researchers found that this affected driving. In fact the researchers found that people with a strong hangover. Were were actually driving as if they were people who had a blood alcohol concentration of point 05. And I think the legal limit now -- point 08 correct me if I'm wrong. A lot of people wanna lower its to a point 05 an advocate in most case I think I think points or five might be driving impaired. And then -- driving under the influence disappoints her way to get it -- -- -- wrong others have been figures. Let's let's correct about that anybody really knows what they are when they get behind the wheel the car. Although I guess we all should. But you don't I guess here's the here's the dilemma. Studies show that driving with a hangover. Is as dangerous or is almost as dangerous as is driving -- Then if you got -- somewhere. And woke up the next morning and you actually happened to get there then it would be inappropriate for you are dangerous -- actually drive home with a hangover. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. You know it really really doesn't matter how hard you work and it really doesn't matter what your reputation is in in the office. You can ruin that reputation you can -- a stellar reputation the annual holiday office party. Christmas party would have your article. And and I think you know for those of us who have paid attention to pop culture we all remember that episode of -- failed where Elaine made the horrible mistake. Of dancing. If you it can actually call it dancing it seemed like some kind of out of rhythm spasm that she was having on the dance -- it proved to be quite embarrassing and you know if you if you do certain things if you -- certain things that I've seen this happen people where certain things holiday parties and and they're made fun of the the rest of the year you you -- you never quite see him in the same way because you always picture them. In what they were wearing or what they were doing at the the Christmas party. I has as anybody ever done anything dumber have you done anything dumber -- co worker do something really done -- your holiday office party will we'll talk about that tonight also talk about some of the some of the things that you might think about if you have yet to go to Europe. Office holiday party and by the way. You know wives and girlfriends and boyfriends are also important here too because wives and girlfriends and boyfriends and husbands. Can also be very. Embarrassing to the person that they. They brought I worked for a company and I don't need to say the name of the company back I work for a company that did not allow spouses or boyfriend thirty guests. Only people who work for the company. And I'm not whether that -- I'm not sure if if that was to enhance or allow. The flirtation that takes place in the office to be extended into. That the holiday party because you know they were people who flirted at work and if nobody's around and had a couple of drinks -- it might actually encouraged to flirtation. Or if it was designed to just prevent any kind of embarrassing things. -- from happening in any event we'll talk a little bit about that coming up there in the -- Number -- what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Holiday season is a very joyous time for many but he can also be a difficult time of year. There are people right now and I hope you're not one of them but you may be among those who are going to a difficult time right now. And. Since the holidays are sold. Latent -- With sentimental. Images and feelings in smells and sights from our past. In many of those who we shared Christmas with in the past a rhetorical. -- either -- Or they're simply. I've done with -- at Christmas time because sometimes sit people move in sometimes you. Are not with those that you most wanted at christmastime. Also there can be things that happened in your personal I don't want this to be a downer. But for those of us who are enjoying this holiday season. Let's help those who have had a difficult time this season. Or recently in during the holidays. And and and talk about how we made it through. And let them know it if you if you are having a difficult time. You're gonna get through this. It is not always going to be like this. And there will be better holiday times for you and there are ways to deal with getting through the holidays if you wanna try to -- skate. The descent -- middle. Nature of the holidays and as I'm a very sentimental person and and I have struggled with this all my life. This could block tonight's is titled the holiday season is difficult for some people. It was for me. And I share personal story from a couple of years ago of how. I avoided. The the entire set -- middle tradition. A Christmas because I just was not at a point in my life and -- pipe -- could appreciate it -- enjoyed in -- -- I did one that we -- I wanted to be away from -- I did -- to bring anybody else down but I wanted to be away from it. I mean you can't do exactly what idea that maybe there's something else you can do so we'll talk about this on the show tonight and if you. If you have had a tough time during the holidays if you are having a difficult time for the holidays or know somebody who is Reid want to be read the blog. -- with them it's on our website at WWL dot com on the right hand column under our opinions. And finally tonight's. Number one night. On tonight's instant yeah. On the breaking news tonight is that a former and a PD off. Are charged with killing an unarmed man. After Katrina and has been found not guilty by a jury in federal court here in New Orleans. The officer shot and killed Henry Glover the officer. Warren. Insisted all along that this was an act of self defense. The -- W a pretty general opinion poll question is this former NPD officer charged with killing an unarmed man after Katrina has been found not guilty by a jury in federal court. Do you think justice was served. Did -- opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. Time and will update China -- retract that throughout our show tonight this is a complicated case the police officer David Ward. The end the victim Henry -- There were people who were convicted of of a cover -- And so one might ask themselves. If this was all done appropriately then why was their cover up. But then you weren't there and and I wasn't there. And certain situations in certain areas of New Orleans following Katrina. Everybody had a different state of mind now that's not to excuse any police officer for murdering somebody. But what if it was self defense. In and I realize that since the I hate to say this but I know what comes up in and in the minds of so many many people that I'd have to. The officers weren't. The victim Glover black. And even though there have been injustices in the past. You can't. Make up for past injustices. By a finding somebody guilty if they're not really guilty. That would be. That would be judicial. Atrocity. As so you can't do it. Based on what you know about this case. -- justice was served. If you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight to our number is 260187. Toll free 8668890870. And it takes over is 87070. I'm -- -- a chilly -- nights and we're coming right back with more on WWL. Enjoyed the pelicans are leading the Detroit Pistons 68 to 57 we'll give you an update on that score that -- -- should be on our sister station. BWL 1053 FM this is -- show ledger witnessed tonight here's an update on tonight's Evian you will project opinion poll. A former world's police officer charged with killing of unarmed man after Katrina and has been found not guilty by injury this is his second trial. Found not guilty by a jury in federal court. Do you think justice was served. 10% saying no. 90%. Say yes. It's a complicated case. We weren't there. However. Their seems to. Be a tendency to. Put some facts together in this case and have legitimate questions. I hope justice was served. And that's what we should always hope for whether it's Casey Anthony. George Zimmerman. Or the case of former and a PD officer David -- We should all want justice to be served. This is a complicated case not only because it happened September 2005 right after Katrina. Wind and New Orleans way -- a very very different place again that's not to excuse any police officer. For committing murder. He was on. David Warren was found guilty. But because -- -- circumstances during the trial it was believed that he did have a fair trial. And a panel rules that he did have a fair -- so we got a second trial. Just because he got a second trial doesn't mean that that was gonna lead to a not guilty verdict. If he didn't get a fair trial it doesn't matter who we war we should always hope that everybody gets a fair trial when we get to a couple of your text here here's a text. How can be self defense. When he shot from seventy feet away. Or win a witness fellow cops said the victim posed no threat. And was shot from behind. Here's attacks to white people can kill blacks and get away with it while. At New Orleans. We your worst in Florida kkk Israel. And I strongly disagree with that here's a text. The same officer was the one who responded to a cop shot in the head days earlier. Here is another Texan -- it is a shame about the Glover case. There were wrongs committed. By the officers involved and the feds who were in charge of investigating the case. It was. So screwed up that the only fact is that the man died from being shot by a police officer. When everyone wants to know is why I feel the families. I feel for the families. And for mr. Glover. -- indeed you're gonna join us for the -- tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Enter text numbers six and it's Saturday here's a text that -- she was also convicted for the first time. And received 26 years the jury this time wasn't allowed to hear how the body was burned. If you're going to covered up covered up right. And I I think that's another question comes up about this case why was there -- cover up. If this was something that the police officers determined it was not wrong and why was there a cover up. And -- from from this point forward. You know this case does bring to light. On many things. And if police officers are attempted to cover up. Murder. Crimes committed. Against society the society that they are sworn to. Serve and protect. If there's a tendency to cover up that Tennessee needs to change. And that needs to change in the culture of every police department. And I realize that you know police officers look out for themselves. But that's unacceptable. It's unacceptable to cover up. Murder is not acceptable to cover up -- I wasn't clear. And you know we we we we came through the -- George government trial. With the understanding that it's sometimes difficult for us to determine what is self defense. Now. I don't want a rehash that trial. But he in going over that trial it did. It didn't seem to me based on 19 new. That it was self defense that George government -- -- like which threatened again I'm not trying to rehash that case. -- trying to get us to do is to think about this -- this case involving the the death of Henry Glover. And two the officer David Boren who's now been found not guilty. To put ourselves in the place of somebody and and trying to determine whether or not something is self defense. The media does have to be self defense if you're gonna claim self defense and yet that is always going to be. Not and the reason that people give. For shooting somebody will not always but it in a lot of cases it if it's self defense then you you're not guilty of murder. If it's not self defense than you are guilty of murder. So that's why self defense is such an important thing but it can also be very very elusive. If you and enjoyed ushered in our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- -- -- over is 87870. You know again their -- so much about this case that makes it it very complicated and and my. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of really both of these officers. And and also -- and the family of Henry Glover both via separate the family of a David Warren and he rewarded not I I hope. That justice was sort that's what we can always hope for. And since we're not there you know there will be those who -- gonna say well you know the jury should've been shown these pictures. And our system of justice is. Is very definite. When it comes to defining cases. And you and I have seen by watching cases say in that the court of public opinion. We have seen. Countless times when we heard evidence the jury didn't. -- we thought evidence should be admitted to a certain cases but our our system of justice is very definite in terms of defining. What should and should not be part of cases. And and we can disagree with that but if the burned body. If that was. Something that happened after the fact if that had to do with the cover up and not the shooting. Then I think it would be easy to argue that that should have been part of this trial. And it's very important that we all. On promote the idea of a fair trial because you never know when you might be in the position of needing a fair trial are from New Orleans David your into the W well. I tune. Great children -- -- -- every every day thanks. That's what they -- in my opinion regarding the -- arcades. The unfortunate Robert Gates. And you know. In my opinion. Believes situation like it's. Has been a lot more frequently. Been that they're public is known about. Because that they obviously they'll want to be -- church issue which you know anger and a great example for you. And no way in mind. Total market sprints he yet but could be paralyzed. And he actually told the general fact. And it's in the records. -- what the courts -- to ignore. It anyway he pulled over in the world. On on interstate Christine. And the officer. -- -- can choose to step not reveal. And she told them that they couldn't in the use it. Which state with -- camp -- And you isn't it and and they are out there and step out the vehicle and and he said that he -- that you paralyzed. So he started he. Think -- And you know what they eat eat -- -- You know Cheney can't. Can't law you know. Period element wheelchair -- and well. The regulatory short. You know they got into an argument. And and he ended down again you know listen artillery off their cars were exchanged and he actually. That parts in the states. Signed by the office. Now that you don't -- you say he was paralyzed he was obviously physically capable driving the car. Yeah. With can't control. Not only completely. Poetry and it any. History he has no record never so they're pretty what do you think happened. Bit. -- and believe. And there's a global vacation. You know after after the short time. He tried using different words crippled and get disabled wheelchair and then. And basically realized thing he told them what it was in touch on been in you know get the blank out the part now. And and in the -- you know I need to gitmo wheelchair. You know on a pair like I actually had stepped up car and it if you would if you had you know that's in that period and then bowl. I did Denny did anything wrong if anything happened at the officer. Now. They. Can requiring. Are so that court I like that. You know is it to actually sent the court. Bit monetary. And unfortunately -- -- thousand. And as I -- it was a total one year. If you're. It is your friend he was driving a felt that he was so right should he have settled. K so -- seller court. Because. Always -- wrong to do that if he's if he knew he was right. I don't know it is you know it was his body because the in -- court was going to be in the players anyway. He figured that you know it by ear obviously for -- -- and not a politician. They gamble. And I'm not trying to put you on the spot to this before year your friend but you know if if somebody's settles they may feel like the odds against them. There may be that question to -- Again you know we're we can all be so tempted by money that sometimes people will accept money and that will lead to somebody who deserves to be punished. Right pitched. You write it and you know. Saying I'm not believe you know she's -- -- -- closure. It would not just so long it's so long you know energy and -- -- every TV stations. There is in the book and his attorney. -- -- not too. You know. I'm glad you shared that story when -- gonna get to break -- And David thanks for listing legally shoot shared history. A couple of situations. Where. It's come down to. My word against somebody else's word. Or might work against the police officer's word. Is a police officers words. More honorable and courts. And the word -- recess. This is the -- shield you'll join us with your comment tonight numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. And early seventy. The -- of receipts semi will be right back with more and to be in the order of the pelicans lead the Detroit Pistons 83 to -- before -- update you on that game regardless of doing it's on our sister station WWL. 153 FM. I'm -- -- with us on this Wednesday night -- going to be high school football along tomorrow night and Friday night -- all -- Saturday and Saturday night and Monday Night Football Monday night the -- -- will be back next Tuesday night. He -- Q well here's an update on our WWL parties -- opinion poll. A former NPD officer charged with killing and our man after Katrina has been found not guilty majoring in federal court. Do you think justice was served 31% say no 69%. Say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Again this is it a complicated case in most cases are complicated. -- -- the record straight on something here's a text that says. As -- -- comparing. The as a romantic pre comparing the Henry case with the Zimmermann case they're totally different cases. I would agree that -- different cases if you listen very carefully wasn't comparing the two cases. We're simply saying that as. Members of the court if public opinion. As we as we watch the Zimmermann case that was another situation where we were asked to try to understand. What was meant by self defense. And I think that's something else to whereas to understand about the case involving David Warren in the -- Glover case were asked to understand from our perspective. In the court of public opinion. Whether or not somebody felt like their life -- in danger zone that's the only comparison made there. From this Allman says -- -- to get our catfish -- a year and a VW well. -- I want the couple -- -- you days now all we know what oh right no. I can -- in I cannot get united could not be news. What you should read -- -- where. To be a prime example that happened back into doubt them stand. A lot of -- it was -- but that they'll become always. Awkward reward. Standard we have gotten you know bigger we hired a lawyer in the paper or don't cook it and cool would. There's nobody. -- Robbie so -- And well. You know I'm gonna I'm gonna let me take a break and -- come back after the break you know what you -- to tell -- story. Hi -- you just hang on for just a moment. We're also talking about how this holiday season can be very difficult time of year for for many people and an -- through Christmas is separate recently where it was. A very very difficult time of year for me we'll talk more about it till later in the show in this group blog tonight is so it is about that it's about. Really aren't surviving. Holidays it's about this being tough time of the year for a lot of people -- difficult time of year and it it was for me. It's on our website at WW dot com here's the text. I'm so depressed I'm just leaving shocks. To go to Harris and blow my daughter's tuition. Well yeah it's being pretty depressed. Sharks is so popular spot open nearly twenty per person. In the CVD. This is -- showing will be right back into the WL. We're limited to the -- break somebody was on -- on -- didn't have remain on hold and we're gonna talk about Sarah howl. Nobody become forward they felt like there was injustice and the police officers. Word borders more respected and there were there have been a couple of times in my life and I feel like -- which. And it was and here he was not in New Orleans it was in -- in other cities. Now once in Denver and once in Portland Oregon. Where it occurred to me than a police officer's word is more respected in court in a citizen. And yet haven't there been enough cases in this is not being critical police that this is making its realized it. Didn't that may be everybody's words should be taken the same since unfortunately. Like citizens. There -- police officers who who have life and and not told the truth. And we've got those judicial record said throughout this country. So when it comes to a court of law if it's an officer's word against -- citizens have you noticed that the officer's word is worth more. In court than your word has that been the experience with the U. And there was cases I've I've talked about this on the year before. It was a case involving ago woman who threw. A lit cigarette down on the ground in Denver. At a time when there was -- forget what the exact morning wise but it was said it was a drought it was during a drought and so it was a there was a fire morning. And it in effect if and big fires could start. Instantly when it's that dry and there's no humidity it's been a long time since range so it was a fire advisory in effect this -- to a lit cigarette on the ground. And I simply went to -- said could you have maybe put that out here ashtray. Well she was absolutely. Astonished. That I had the nerve to confront her and I guess she was just totally humiliated that she really had done something very ignorant. By throwing cigarette down during descent this -- morning. And anyway she told an officer that I threatened her which was not true. And the officer believed her over me even though he wasn't there he met with both of us separately and he said I choose to believe her. And I thought you know he's not a judge and as it turned out it was all thrown out of court and is is an on my record earning things sewing ended up being right and that officer. Was actually wrong. This is -- -- we're coming right back with more after the news on WW well.