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12-11 9:10 Scoot: Henry Glover shooting

Dec 11, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the Henry Glover shooting case.

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-- it is the holiday season it's the Christmas season if you haven't had your office holiday Christmas party we'll talk -- in the a little bit later in the show. About some of the things that you really should think about. Mainly some of the things you should think about not doing because it doesn't matter what your reputation is with your coworkers and with your losses. -- doesn't matter what that reputation as you can throw it on this one night for the annual holiday party. And hopefully haven't -- it yet and also if you're spouse. Boyfriend girlfriend or partner. Has a tendency to get out of control at times make sure you have a very stern conversation with them before. The holiday party because they can also ruin it for you also be a -- like tonight is titled the holiday season is difficult for some people. And it was for me. And I shared her personal story happened there recently and how I dealt with not wanting to be around. Any of the the symbols of the sounds of this smells of of Christmas and you might be going through a difficult time now so we'll talk more about that but if you if you are going through a tough time. If you had been through a difficult time. If you know somebody who is having a difficult time this holiday season. This is not a downer it's just a way if you're trying to. Not just relate to those of us -- in a great mood but there are times when we're we're going to a tough time during the holidays. So read the blog and this year with your friends who you think and might -- the message. It's on our website front page WWL dot com under our opinions also this so much on our web site right now we've got the latest information on the not guilty verdict in federal court today. In the post-Katrina killing. Of time at Henry Glover the details are on line also Deke Bellavia relives the last time LSU played Iowa. In January 2005 great insights an amazing twist at the end. And you can only find it -- -- of you'll dot com also it's gonna make you have to flashbacks of your tiger fan you might want to check that out. -- plus -- has he has college football top ten -- that compares with viewers. And also we had the latest on the qualifying for the February local elections. And Angela her blog continues to be -- it's a touching tribute to a Frank Davis who passed away -- the ninth. Ankle celebrating frank Davis and you can read the blog and also listen to our hour long special with Don Dubuque. Chilean Robertson are posted all of that and more exit. A website that is just full of a wealth of the information and fun stuff it's all at WWL dot com. Here's our WW up pretty general opinion poll tonight a former NO PD officer charged with killing an unarmed man after Katrina has been found not guilty by a jury in federal court. -- justice was served. Right now here's a quick update. 39%. Say yes -- -- a -- 39% say no justice was not served. And 61% say justice was -- -- polish changing a little bit give us your opinion by going to our website WW -- -- check out all that other stuff for you there. And also give us your opinion on the pole giving update on that as we continue to track their throughout our show. Is Mack Brown outs at Texas you know he was the coach of tooling. Did a great job with -- who is was hired by -- partly to restrict Texas. It was a big big promotion for Mack brown and he did a great job with Texas over the years but Mack Brown hasn't been such a -- coach in recent years. And there's a lot of speculation that he's going to retire or maybe he's going to be asked to retire which is often the case. And then there's a lot of speculation that nick Sabin is gonna replace Mack Brown. At Texas. Nothing is official. Apparently nothing has been decided but two unidentified sources say that Ted Mack Brown will announce that he's stepping down by the end of this week. And we've got to that story on our website at WW dot com as well so again there's a lot of information on our website which is always very active and full of new stuff. I would I would think and I don't I don't know Nick Saban. But when I think about his his track record. L issue in Miami team Alabama. When I I think about what I know about his personality just from what I see of him. In the media. I think he's gonna go to Texas. I think he's gonna go to Texas because. Because of his -- It's a challenge. And there have been times in my life when I wanted to take on new challenges. But the other thing that moving to another school does at this point. Is it helps. It helps nick Stephens image. Because it's a lot easier. I'm not saying it's easy to build a championship team. -- easier to build a championship team. Then to maintain a championship team year after year. After year. And I'm not just talking about this year because Alabama was number one in the country for the entire season until. They lost to -- And this has been a great year but it's it's it's easier to it has a lot of there's a lot of pressure that's taken off when you go take over a team. It's -- down. And so in addition to tons and tons of money. That will be thrown at him and who knows he he may become the richest Cogent and who can. You know who can criticize somebody for taking that challenge not only did the challenge that might enhance your image. But also accepting the money that is offered. But it's always. It's always easier and more fun to build something. Then it is to remain number one and stay at number one for an extended period of time. Here's a Texas tells. I personally so I thought he did go directly to Texas but I always remember that he did such a great job retooling it to North Carolina and then. On he went to Texas if you wanna join our show with a comment about -- we're talking about tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven got a text number is 87870. So they were also talking about a new study that it is expected it hasn't been released yet but it's expected to be released and show that less police officers buckle up. Then at the general population. Approximately 86% of Americans now say they buckle up but only about half of law enforcement officers report that they Wear there seatbelts. And the number one cause of death of police officers on duty is traffic related fatalities. Should police officers follow the same laws a society. I mean is it it sounds like a rhetorical question that requires. No answer. But it does seem to be question. It if you're police officer or former police officer -- if there's a reason why you shouldn't passenger seat ID do you get out of the car quicker. If you don't have your seatbelt -- And and what about the issues of texting -- about the issues of of stopping at stop signs -- what about the issues of speedy. Unless your. Responding to a call. Are off duty shouldn't police officers -- try despite. And if there's a reason to speed should you have your your lights on indicating that you're responding to a call. I'm a big supporter police and they show. However. It should bother all citizens. When police officers don't follow the laws mean is there is a reason for that other than you can. And is there this unwritten code the police officers can. Can get away with not following the basic rules of the road. You know recently we seen police officers. Who would be an off duty but they've they've been arrested and charged with DW -- And I think there was a time when police officers kinda got away with that but not anymore but yet I'd I'd I have witnessed at police officers. Apparently going over the speed -- and -- they don't have lights on and so. There are not obviously they're not responding to call -- maybe they're trying to sneak up on somebody but again would it be. I'm in the best interest of the police officer to -- put his or her lights on. To let the public know that they are responding to a call so they can get out of the way rather than just -- speeding through traffic. And I've seen police officers like a lot of citizens. Not really stop at stop signs. And again -- last year I guess I just think it's it's a good example. If you borrowed a police officer to. To actually follow the laws that you -- some corn. To uphold that I don't -- if if there's a reason why police officers stated that they should get a pass when it comes to just breaking. A basic laws and you can please call our show 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 and a text number is 877 here's a text can you imagine Nick Saban in heaven. And trying to move after a few years. No we -- ego I guess he would move. Down I don't know EJ is gonna play in high school football championship this weekend there's a there's a big party that EJ grads are invited two little alarmed. I tell you where is it when it's gonna happen coming up in the next hour here and deputy -- well. And day coming up in just a little while we're gonna talk about the at the DJ Damon and let me tell you about all the games happening this weekend are a lot of games but. He's Jefferson is my alma Mata in the PGA grand -- which of the game last Saturday when they be nimble. -- and wished -- very proud of my animal money and they went to the semifinals for the first time so this is obviously the first time they're going to the high school football championships. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome is going to be quite a weekend of high school football in all starts tomorrow here and -- WL. And we've got the action for you starting tomorrow. And right -- through the weekend. This is the -- -- will be right back on WWL. It's the news talk and sports leaders WWL to join in the talk with student called Bible board to 601870. -- toll free at 8668890. Late seventy. It is a great time of year. But not for everybody. And not every Christmas is a wonderful time of year for everybody. So tonight I want to spend some time talking about how to make it through the difficult times. I had to go through a difficult time -- that story review. But I have I have fought this holiday season game in many ways really throughout my life. Again this is a great joyous time of year happy message here we can also be difficult. Because of all the sentimentality that is attached to this holiday season and at the -- the music the sounds the sites in the smells of Christmas are everywhere. Sometimes that's difficult. Christmas and the holidays. Rekindle the innocent joy of being a child in for many of us those are wonderful memories of decorating the tree with -- family and all the gatherings that accompanied this time -- you. And not much really compares with a great anticipation of Christmas. And waking up early and Christmas morning to discover the presence that says no -- But those -- sentimental memories can also lead to challenges in. Just getting through the physical and emotional reminders of what this time of year once meant to us. You know anyone who knows me or anybody who has been close to me always anticipates might move this time of year. I'm very very sentimental person and every year I struggled with my own memories of the holiday season and get it in many ways at a very very good child. But as a sentimental person night instinctively. A block -- the past which is. Which is difficult to do -- all the memories of Christmas are just so strongly. Committed on my heart in my mind and and so president around. Around all of us this time of year. You know there have been a few years wind I'd been very positive and -- the holiday season but they're also been many years when I fought the sandy emotion. Of lamenting the past and and thinking about the things that were missing in my life that particular year. I remember how -- wise to go to the grocery store. Or any retail store and to fight the emotional response that I would have to hearing Christmas carols especially the traditional. -- Christmas carols to particularly the religious points. I mean even church this time of year has often been a challenge for me. After I move back to New Orleans following the breakup of that sixteen your relationship by I have vivid memories of a wanting to avoid anything and everything. They wished related to Christmas I just have more to be around any effect. That year. I had nothing I come back and literally. That was in a position to where because of decisions that I had made for the relationship and I'm -- got -- at the person that I broke up with that's. That's over decision that was made but I I literally I came back to New Orleans and had to start over. So that year I had nothing to give anybody. Except my love and and I know that that's more important and gifts but. There's still something tied to this this feeling of wanting to give somebody simply cannot just receive things and that was a very sentimental thing from me. And I really wasn't around some of the people that I love so dearly I wish away from them. I had an airline tickets. Are free airline ticket and a voucher for hotel. So what I thought was gonna believe the interpret said Christmas. Really turned out to be a very happy memorable Christmas that year. A couple of years ago it's 630 at Christmas Eve. I was on a flight to Las Vegas. With my free airline ticket voucher for a hotel. I'm not a gambler. I did go to party. But I just I I love the escape of being in Vegas it's a very uninhibited environment and I thought that. You know dead -- that tacky unison and materialism. Of of Vegas that was it totally contrary to descent -- middle feelings that you have around Christmas. I couldn't help but look around me on that that flight at 630 on the Christmas -- heading to Vegas and I thought who wish -- sharing this Christmas -- moment -- Who else would be on a flight to Vegas. There were few passengers who appeared to have started the Christmas party prior to boarding the plane in -- -- and appeared to be looking that. Looking for an escape from Christmas and not because they were sad but just because they were. They were off work and it was a good time to party. But I also noticed an unusual number of patients and I continue to notice a disproportionate number of nations while in Vegas. And it occurred to me that many nations like many other nationalities. Would not celebrate Christmas because it's not part of their their culture. Therefore this was -- perfect time to go to a place like Las Vegas or the travel. That Christmas Eve I I felt terribly alone. Totally alone. But that's where I wanted to be at that point in my life. I didn't know anybody and nobody knew me so there it was Christmas Eve night. Just walking around Las Vegas tricked into a hotel room Marshall TV and and walked around but even though I wish I guess in some ways totally alone. I did sense that I was still sharing the moment with others. Who either didn't wanna recognize Christmas. Or were also trying to escape all the emotions. That this season rolls. So after walking around casinos I decided that I would do what I always do Christmas Eve. I walked to a nearby Catholic church and went to midnight mass. And the church was packed. It via the the priest before the man started actually got up and it would I would consider to be like a five minute comedy routine before. The -- appropriate for charge for like a five minute comedy routine before. Before the mess started and and I believe he said to don't be afraid to put chips in the collection plate because they honored that the chips at the at the casinos. But I I I actually felt like it was. It was midnight -- in a very unique place of of Las Vegas and I felt great about that and got out -- the laughter after 1 o'clock. In just 23 hours I had flown to Las Vegas on Christmas Eve. Going to midnight advanced -- -- walked around the casinos. It really talk to anybody and flew back to New Orleans all in about 23 hours and I accomplished my goal of hiding from the sentimental aspect of Christmas. If you're having a difficult time this Christmas season. And if you have some of those traditional Christmas carols that. That are very hard to deal with that you're fighting those emotional feelings when you. -- certain Christmas carols or when you see summit in the visuals are signal some of the smells of this holiday season. Trust that he will not always be this way for you. You two could find a way to escape the deep emotion of this time of year with the knowledge that. That your perspective on life will change annual once again look forward to holidays. My life has changed. And I feel like I had a lot to do with having a positive attitude in and making -- change in my life has changed over the past couple of years. And over the last two years I really have embraced the Christmas season with a new youthful enthusiasm. I still -- some of those sentimental emotional feelings and I'm not with everybody that I wanna be with a -- Christmas. But I am blessed that I got through those tough holiday seasons. And I find myself again just enjoying the incredibly joy and wonder of this this holiday season. But as they talk about this on the air before before Christmas. They also wanted to just acknowledged that if you if you're having a tough time this holiday season I know how that feels. And maybe -- beyond that maybe you've also of north to a tough time and you and your beyond that now. And it's so let's let's let's share some of those three if you -- If you wanna share a tough Christmas that you went through. And how things are better now. Then like talking about this we may be helping those people who are going to a difficult time right now. It's such a joyous time -- -- but again not necessarily for everybody. Every year. And Christmas does bring on such emotion that it it also brings on very emotional challenges. If you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Text number is -- 7870. You know like in think that really to altered the course of my lifetime. Having gone through what I went through getting through that really tough. Couple of years of of Christmas in not wanting to be part of it. I'm better now than I ever wise when it comes to dealing with that sentimental emotions of Christmas. I can even hear the most traditional Christmas carols like this when the first Noel which is always really gotten to me. I can now hear these Christmas carols this year without reaching for tissue. Whenever you're dealing with this Christmas but I'm here to what you know that you will get through it. So except this holiday season for what idiots. Knowing that it will always be this way for you. Merry Christmas. If you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 260. 1870. -- 386688. Ninths early seventy. A text number 67870. -- blog tonight is our website it's titled the holiday season is difficult for some it was for me. And if you're going to a difficult time you know somebody who is -- might want to read the blog and -- with others this is the -- Joseph and we'll be right back with more but it VW. -- Then. The pool. Okay. Okay. You know I have to admit that by high school years were not the best years of my life mainly because -- beaten suffering an obsessive compulsive disorder -- -- it. Dirty little guy and just didn't get to get much attention went to a tough school he shivers it was a -- school to go to Baghdad. But I tell you with with these Jefferson being in the the finals now. On the high school state football championships. I have rekindled some of the positive things that I remember about being Vijay and going to the game last week. Being on that on the campus for the first time in a very long time. I did remember that I had some positive numbers it is the championship weekend for prep football excuse that we -- are all here -- every WL. Is there are big games -- week animal for -- we are locked and loaded ago and here's what's coming up on the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football roundup. Tomorrow the first game first two games actually are on line at WWL dot com. At twelve noon at WWL dot com it's division three archbishop -- hawks vs the calvary Baptist cavaliers. At 4 o'clock division to. University high cubs vs John Curtis patriots. Then at 8 o'clock live right here on WWL AM FM and WWL dot com division won the from a raiders in the CE birds yellow jackets. Then Friday again that day games on -- WL dot com. The rankings and Demi WL radio and 11 o'clock on Friday RW WL state championship preview with the big chief Deke Bellavia and this guy knows. Everything about high school football college football and the pros as well also he's an expert. At 1230 its class one day. Magnum Magnum -- -- as you say that the dragons and also the haynesville golden tornadoes at 430 class to me. The Tinder yellow jackets and the nanny tiger's many tigers many tigers. Well I'm sure there's a lot of tigers there are so there's many of them but it's the -- tiger's at 7 o'clock. Under a VW only MFN and WW real dot com. It's the WWL countdown to the class triple A title game with Deke Bellavia. Followed at 830 by union parish farmers and low volume. -- And Saturday a catch all the action. On line and on the year coverage begins at 11 o'clock with a big chief Deke Bellavia for the WWL. Count down -- championship Saturday. Followed at noon by the division four for million Catholic Eagles and the saint Frederick warriors and -- -- 4 o'clock. My alma -- in class -- east Jefferson. Is gonna take on the Edna Karr cougars in a -- last night it's amazing that a school would name themselves after -- a woman in society who's interested in young men like you would see the mascot there at 8 o'clock it's the five day. Acadia and rams in the partly Panthers. The Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football championships the fun begins at 1230 on line and finishes up Saturday at midnight and this all starts tomorrow at twelve noon on line. So -- the station with -- most comprehensive high school football coverage in America. The VW early on FM. And DeVito if you don't dot com. I'm mark minority is a part of the -- your team that covers high school football here and WW real mark joins us in the studio to first talk about my alimony east Jefferson. Which of the game Friday night it was where it was rainy it was cold miserable conditions. EJ came back to win that game mark in. A way that you see NFL games in seconds left in kicking a field it. It was a pretty amazing game Harbaugh I was here in the studio so I didn't get to be on hand like you were by. Following the game you know in and seeing seeing how the scoring went it was. It it was going to be an interesting test anyway because noble is a team that has state championship experience. -- -- into the dome. I believe they were they were there two years in Aurora. They won the state championship two years ago. They'd lost state championship a year ago the car. And then two years before they -- they were in the dome again so three out of four years noble had been to the state championship game. Neville has been a perennial powerhouse -- is a powerhouse in foray. And they were big -- mean of the players were a lot bigger than any shape it to the lawyers were faster. Yet they they tend to grow a bit up in north Louisiana. I've I've noticed that I was actually at the dome tonight watching on the the -- yellow jackets practice which report there's -- there's a big boys of that team -- As north Louisiana usually they they can they kind of stopped their team with some. Some pretty big kids and and levels of slept in this was my first high school game and in many years and it again -- brought back memories of deity shivers and and and and I realized that I had more positive memories that I thought. I was really amazed at the discipline there really weren't very many penalties there was a lot of discipline these players while at and and east Jefferson as a team that. They can score but they've really made their money this year and defense that's -- that's where they make their bones. On their football team they had. Nine games where they shut the other team out this year. While what I noticed was their defense was very swarming you know three smaller guys to bring them one big guys it was more than three bringing Danica and sometimes when you when you gotta bring those big guys down you'd need that discipline and and defense of football tends to be disciplined football and they've they've done it all yearlong like I said nine shut outs and two other games where they help the team to only a touch. Well this is going to be big rivalry east bank West Bank car east Jefferson a 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon in the -- Car is the defending -- the champions that they are the standard bear in that classifications so. You know that and it was the the nature boy Rick flair used to say to be the man you -- beat them and and east Jefferson is gonna get their chance to beat the man discard have a lot of returning players or did they lose a lot of players to the NFL. We head to the Antarctic could Scotland in the NFL and NFL like right. Carr has. Some stars retiring you know Dovonte -- oil speed oils what they call and he was -- quarterback last year. And led them to the state title and this year he started out their quarterback and then they moved him to running back and receiver. And and began starting with the -- Carrie Taylor didn't miss a beat it's amazing that you know you have the guy who led to to a state title at quarterback. You take it out of that equation you move him somewhere else on the field. And that new signal caller it's it's like he's been there all -- There will be a lot of people in the dome it's it's going to be packed this weekend in pictures like -- sellout but they're going to be a lot of people. They have a lot of people this high school game it's gonna it's gonna be such a thrill for these players to be playing in the Mercedes-Benz superdome the same stadium -- the saints play. And I'll tell you what what amazes me about east Jefferson is something that -- has brought up as well. You know coming into this year they hadn't won a playoff game since 1970. And that's a hard. Not to over com you know when when you got high school kids and they don't have that experience but winning in the post season and it didn't -- and they have now reeled off. Four in 04 straight playoff victories. When they had won one in you know almost opened almost forty years. And so. Seeing seeing what they did against novel was was really. That's that's that's the game where I think that you could say they arrived in the state equation in terms of who the best teams in the state. It would it was it was -- to go back it was fun to see the old lawyer. Low goals it is kind of similar to the of the Redskins the old boy your logo is kind of supports the Redskins logo on -- the size of their helmets now it's it is CJ. But it was really good going back there and at the times and I've talked about Vijay on the year and then having graduating going to that school -- talk about some of the the difficulties but. It really wasn't the school's fault it was a difficult time in my life and a lot of people would love to go back to high school that's not something that I would choose to do but. It was really up heartwarming to go back to the campus and I'm really excited about this this game Saturday afternoon. Rob shall the determine the top cats is is it alone so we shift duke. From -- Geovany in the French Quarter there a lot of each game a one out there who have have been very successful. Well -- and and the fans support that you always see the most of the schools haven't been there -- yeah you know they they get that they get a chance to come out and show their support as a community. As alumni and and those of the games where it's fun to see an -- there's quite a few games like that coming up this weekend. -- teams -- either haven't been there before haven't been there for a long time and and their expectant you know somebody is smaller towns in Louisiana they're gonna cut the lights out and they leave and you know and end all be down here in the Big Easy I wanna say -- One thing about the band and the the nature that serves of the girls the flags I don't mean to be demeaning and it'll just I don't know if there's a specific name for of those girls with the east Jefferson -- But they went out at halftime Friday afternoon Friday evening he was cold it was windy it was raining. And that the girls did -- -- and they went out the year and performed. And I just thought that was such a noble thing for them to do and it was I thought it was -- boy EJ has a great new field. Well and they wanted to -- about the cold this week here maestro. BW really MFN. And dot com and mark be part of all all the excitement that begins tomorrow afternoon and before ago the pelicans plan tonight with out Tyreke Evans and without Anthony Davis. Got a victory in overtime the night at the -- over Detroit one level of 106 all right mark excellently over the weekend from -- James joined -- WL. They -- could talk -- -- -- just wanted yeah I'm very proud of -- title principle is great story behind it behind him. He was a football player there he was approached there a plea form. In -- the principle that you could next about a story lines for him I think he's gonna retire next couple years this is. A great weight in his career. And as it's great you know I remember. Big names like mark Newman and Danny is still open all those guys word. Where my heroes and they with the big guys on the football team years ago. I James it's you know it's it's a fun time in I'm talking about each of entries are going to call the show and I'm talking about he shivers and but if you went to high school and if your team is in the playoffs or your team has been in the playoffs and you know exactly what that feels like a -- we've been talking about the holiday season. It's a difficult time for some people and it was for me. The the last two years have been. Really just incredibly joyous for me even though I don't have everybody in my life that I would love to have in my life right now with me during the holiday season. But I've I've I've gone through some times that have have shown me. How great Christmas. Actually candy. And if you're going through a tough time. Let's talk about some of the things that you might do to get through this what is now a tough time of year for you as -- and always be this way which is the good news. The scoop like tonight is -- -- that maybe you should read and maybe share with your friends who you think might need -- the holiday season difficult time for some people. It's on our website at WWL dot com I'm scoot and we'll be right back I'm revered and it is for me but this was not always agree time of year and and I want to challenge us to to talk about those times they were so great. Do we we got through I -- let those people who were going to a difficult time too to know that. It's gonna get better and in -- not alone. Other people feel like I'm not trying do an excellent for this to be a downer but I think it's only fair to. To talk to those people who might be having a difficult time to relate to them as well as. Those who were having just a wonderful time because if you're not having a good -- you're going to a difficult Christmas. If this is a tough holiday season if it's hard to hear the songs. If it's if it's difficult to see the sights and and and everything that goes along with Christmas if if that's a hard time for you right now because of of where you -- in your life for what's going on. Then you need to know you're not alone and other people have been there and they've gone through. Here's a text that reads divorce recently. Young kids not sure Holland will make it very lonely time. I wish there. It's hard. It is difficult but it's not always going to be this way. It's it's gonna get better. And just do what you can to. Escape the sentimental stuff that just eats away -- you. But be there for your kids ended just have to go through just go through this this process and and don't let them know you're down. Just just be there where your kitchen and just make sure it's it's a good time for them and I hope that. That you and your -- -- can get together with all of your differences. Cannot express those those differences. During the holidays in and come together and and -- that the joyous time for your kids because your your kids just want to note that two people. On it where their parents -- that or their parents just know that that they love. And you guys don't have to express the hate that you have -- each other around christmastime are really around them ever a from Alabama billiard on the -- good evening. You know good evening you know this lady should be thankful that she answered children went there and -- she won't be living alone. You know all of this it's a terrible thing to have separation and divorce. He Italy there's some family weather and -- -- and that it could visit with. You know that's a really positive thing to look at you know we we often. Compare. Our lives in ourselves. To those who have more or to what we used to have as opposed to what we have right now and and -- sometimes we have to settle for that given in any situation and just to enjoy it. A lot of people like you you mentioned what we -- -- when you live alone. -- -- especially on holidays like Christmas New Year's everything is closed you know he's not really very much to go to. You kind of stuck in the past and -- in the let -- her. Pat pat pat that you you know what you mentioned about the Asian people being on the flight that kind of -- well at all something about a man that one of the few places on Christmas that our Oakland -- our caddies and oriental has. Any. Obviously is a bit ago with a friend and the needle on that rather than being stepped up now to a lot of people I am going now the. Well -- and also be easier being being just a little part of Asian culture by eating it. The Chinese place or there's some some some ethnic place some time place -- days from another culture represents food from another culture. That would kind of help you escape the tradition of of Christmas and that's what I wanna. A touch on on an offer through the show tonight how to escape those tough sentimental moments when you just wanna get away and I was fortunate enough to have a free plane ticket and -- hotel voucher and I was able to go to Vegas on the Christmas Eve a couple of years ago and that was a great escape for me. Lot of people go to movies I was surprised that that the -- passes. Our most active on Christmas Day more than any other day. -- gonna have to get sooners break thank you very much for calling in for the suggestions and there are always big blockbusters that are released at Christmas time. So let's -- the show we're gonna continue to talk about some of the things that those who are having a difficult time this holiday season might do to. Escape the sentinel torture of Christmas -- -- it will be right.