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12-11 10:10 Scoot: Holiday Depression

Dec 11, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about feeling sad and alone for the holidays.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to our show on this Wednesday night tomorrow night there's going to be high school football here on WWL and also Friday night and through Saturday and Saturday night. And -- Monday Night Football so this could show returns next Tuesday nights right here on -- WL. You don't really doesn't matter how good your reputation is it work if you if you do something really stupid or embarrassing at the annual. Holiday party. You have -- change your reputation for ever so we'll talk about that coming up here in just a few. And about this song. And when you're a kid didn't this Christmas songs affect you. I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus. Mommy's making out with somebody other than daddy this guys come and over Andy's. Now with money. I mean this song kind of freaked me -- when I was a kid. A -- of what's that a mom and dad gonna get divorced look at this it's you know you're an innocent young kid and you'd. Hear this stuff you know parents -- -- is in this acute song I saw mommy kissing -- it's from the perspective of a kid. Basically you're catching mom cheating on dead. Dad traveled mom and slowly cynical showed up at our house what is a woman to do. Anyway if your parents think about how some of these things might affect your kids. Here's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight a former NO PD officer. Charged with killing an unarmed man after Katrina that was found not guilty today in a second trial by a jury. And -- happened in federal court do you think justice was served 38% say no 62% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site every WL don't -- A tightly they're talking about how this can be a tough time but here for a lot of people. And it it has been for mean in recent years but the last couple of years so I guess because of what I've been through. I just have had such a great time these last two Christmas is. You know less Christmas I was I was a I I. I have to admit that I I tend to be reclusive person. In spite of what I do a lot of people don't understand how can you do what you do if your reclusive like I'm -- I'm very shy person this is what I do for a living and so I can do -- I know how to do it. But I am an introvert and I'm I'm a shy person and anybody who has known me to my life that I can attest to that. And the people that I went EJ US you know I was not the class clown I was not the kid did. It got any attention I was the quiet kid did it's sad and of in the back of the class I was alone last Christmas. And I specifically remember Christmas Eve night I I guess it was on the air. And I got to -- Christmas -- midnight. And I remember walking downtown in the quarter. And it was very quiet. Almost quiet in an eerie sort of way. And there was a Faulk. Along the river and the French Quarter and the French Quarter lights were were glowing in the flawed. And it went to -- the moonwalk. And to the part of the -- Marie and and and part of the cathedrals were shrouded in fraud and it was. Even though I was alone I just felt really good I just felt really relieved. Positives and I think it's because some of the things that I've gone through that I I feel as positive as I do. And many of the things that you might be dealing with now in in your life I've gone through and other people have gone -- and I guess I just want you to know that. It is. Indeed gonna get better. This could blog tonight is titled the holiday season is difficult for some people it was for me. And if if you're having a difficult time or if you remember those difficult times and if you know somebody who is she might want to read the blog and share with them. It's on our website at WWL dot com front page under our opinions. And down also what's enabled -- talk a little bit more about EJ being in finals against against car that game's going to be Saturday afternoon. And it's at 4 o'clock in the Mercedes-Benz superdome -- waiting for a call from rob -- -- to over the top cancer you know -- Robin I've become very close friends recently. And I I'd I found out I didn't notice. It until. A couple of months ago I didn't realize that rob was and EJ grant and shift duke from cafe Geovany in the first quarter call the other -- he's in each -- -- So a lot of big DJ grants out there and there's going to be a party -- gonna tell us about a party for EJ grants alarm. It's gonna be Saturday starting at noon. On pointers and walk on and a bus where it's going to be we'll find out and I guess a search to Google final bit more about that when it went rod cost. -- here's a text -- I always thought that -- implied that daddy was playing the part of Santa Claus. That's why he was that's why she was kissing. What that that makes sense. Danny's role play to mom and dad went to Little Rock. You see I didn't even think about that I thought mom was cheating on -- league guess it goes to show you how my mind is is working. And I here's a -- degrees last Christmas I say three Graham marsh from being run over by a reindeer on canal street that what are noble holiday season did it must've been for you. If you wanna join our show tonight with a comment about anything we're talking amount or anything it's on your mind -- numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And our text numbers -- BA's seventy. Here's attacks would really freaked me out was when I saw daddy kissing Santa Claus. And I'm I'm I'm sure there are some dads. Who might have wanted to kiss cynical as some people. Get married and well they really weren't interested in in being married all right so this so last Saturday night. Was the the holiday Christmas party for for -- -- for WWL. 43. WL four magic for by you for being 97. And it was really great to see everybody there and India is nothing embarrassing happened. But but I you know there were out of of a few comments here and there but yeah everybody was really well made but I'll tell you that that's not always the way it goes. At a Christmas party. Because sometimes people drink a little too much. And sometimes you say things. That you really wouldn't have said if you hadn't had something to drink it. Sometimes if you if you if you drink a little bit you have a few drinks and you relax and you become uninhibited. Sometimes people benefit from that. But to you know quite often you have to be careful about what you say it works so keep your wits about you if you have not been to your Christmas party yet in -- year scheduled to go to one. And if you have a wife or husband or partner boyfriend girlfriend whatever and you're gonna take them to the party with you. -- make sure that they know that they need to behave as well because. Their behavior reflects directly on -- so you don't watch the alcohol consumption and I I know -- -- having a good time and it's a chance to. Too cute to see a different side of people you can Wear different clothes to the holiday party not that you're necessarily -- that some people -- is really should. But you can Wear different clothes to the holiday party can you -- work so it's at its -- a chance for people to sometimes see a different site if you. And all of that is is very positive as a chance to kind of break down and just. Appreciate. Appreciate your coworkers and seeing different sight of them and that can lead to more camaraderie in the workplace. However just watched the alcohol consumption. You know another thing that's important to work to keep in mind is. It's an opportunity to talk to some of those people that you don't get a chance to talk to and it if you have. Our boss if you have supervisors or of their people that you don't really get a chance to get close to. The Christmas parties and opportunity for you to make a brief impression on them. And so take advantage of of that opportunity. It's a chance also to maybe build a better relationship with -- co workers. You know the co workers that have a very close relationship that you noticed there's. At the co workers it's smoke. It's the smokers claw. Because quite often they're downstairs of their outside of the building and they're all smoking and their -- sometimes there and a group. And the smokers putted get together. And -- Go smoke bite again I'm not being critical smokers and not a smoker but it's something that is legal and if you wanna do what you could do it but I noticed that. -- there's a lot of discussions about work at a lot of camaraderie that takes place over smoking cigarettes. So here's a chance for YouTube may be developer relationship with somebody that doesn't smoke and if you don't smoke is a chance to use the Christmas party to develop. More camaraderie. With your coworkers just you know avoid saying or doing anything stupid. And if there's music I guarantee if you the first one on the dance floor people will notice. And people will always remember that you were the first point on the dance floor. Also. You know if you. If you. Our flirtatious with somebody in the workplace even very very subtly. The Christmas party is that opportunity to. Let those feelings out especially if alcohol contributes to the uninhibited atmosphere of the moment. So you know be careful about that I'm I'm still a little confused as to whether or not HR. Has jurisdiction over Christmas parties but I I I think they do. You know I mean if it's away from the office that you're not being paid an ancient HR really be involved in day. It could could sexual harassment ever result for something that happens at a Christmas party you know I don't know that it really should. Because again you're away from work that's not the workplace and there there are other things going on there that don't ordinarily go on in the workplace which includes drinking. So I would think that that you would be immune from prosecution if you you know did something that might be considered sexual harassment in the work place. At the holiday party if you wanna join us tonight with a comment our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. And our text number is 877. For -- town bury your under the W -- good evening. It's good that they definitely agree terms and worry about that government they play prominent they're built to a problem on a Mets game about pre -- may not right. I you know I don't I don't know that the the record that rumbles in the play in the playoffs and they're playing this weekend -- game's going to be here in the WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- The principal. Auburn I'll be out yet betrayal. By a lot out watched. Not remember. What's your fortunately I didn't have too many encounters with principals and vice principals I was in a troublemaker I didn't become troublemaker -- later in life. Particularly remember his poems and problem on an -- prize grew up on runway at night at the time she was an issue is the hottest English teacher. You amnesty should bury -- -- if she were short skirts and certainly nothing to do that that was it should thank I was like. -- remember remember -- dollars and a let's see something in our -- -- this ahead ahead Mary. Through the book but it's a big focus -- major -- quiet and low. And about to get the rest my self -- you know after topic remember radio group and I mean that in Utah governor that night. But adds it's good it's good you know in its its okay to drink it bureau. And well Barry I really logical legal into the game Saturday afternoon -- or. -- I think it starts at noon element here from rob shall the year is in a few minutes and -- that -- -- that why. I don't I don't think the top cancer gonna play but it he's gonna be there and they're going to be some other along there as well so I'll find at the beach resident party sometime on Russia Belarus. -- -- I'm sure he will be OT. I wrote a very nicely yet anybody remembers the entire Vijay flights arguing a call and noticing that you would certainly can't. And it sister's high school football on tomorrow night and Friday nights in the game this Saturday this is this last chance I'll have a chance to it to talk about it myeloma and again it. If if he's he's not your -- money and your school where your kids go to school or school if you went to you know exactly what he feels like to have your school in a championship game. And if you remember that for the past and you know exactly what it feels like a for Mississippi junior on WWL. Yeah it doesn't want or how are. What you know Genesis of -- I don't know why I've never really discussed that on the air but I don't get -- -- if you listen to the show you can kind of put the pieces together. Well Matt and I want to play well it is. Does that and it. This sounds -- sounds bad. I thought -- -- Hit him. Yeah I saw mommy kissing symposium. Yet but it says that flatbed. All you know and -- obviously I didn't hear that part you know all I heard us. I think that flat and cloudless night day. You know I was such an insecure kid did as soon as I -- I saw mommy kissing cynical as I'm freaking out that mom and dad are gonna get divorced. -- That's what I -- it was dead. It was Danny and and somebody said attacks that they've that's what they remember as well I'd I'd you know I'd -- that part to this day I don't even remember that part I just remember the part about. Mommy just in this stranger who came over not that I didn't like the stranger because he brought more gifts -- daddy died ID want mom to marry Sandra. -- Our -- I I appreciate you calling the show nationalistic. If you enjoy -- tonight with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. -- -- a 787 if you and your car heading home from the -- scale and the -- of the from the pelicans game. You know we're gonna make that mistake once in awhile but the pelicans game then you know the pelicans had a big victory over the Detroit Pistons tonight and you were part of that victory. This is the -- show and we'll be right back on WW LI if you wanna join us for the comment tonight about anything we're talking about a story goes on our show. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven in a text number is 87870. Are there are two new studies that show the same thing. And it's something that I didn't really think about it you might wanna be aware of justice this holiday season. The two new studies. Show that driving with a -- angle -- Can be as dangerous. As driving drunk. -- that's surprising I mean I can't help it. I can't help think about the times that I have had in my pastor. Really serious hangover and honestly I'm not really sure that I should have been behind the wheel of a car. One of the studies was done at a university in the Netherlands the other was done at the university of west England in the UK. And they took participants who had an average of ten drinks the night before. Went to sleep and woke up they had no blood alcohol when no alcohol in their blind. The next day at the time of the test. However. They. According to the the researchers. When he went through these driving tests. The things they had to do. Indicated that their driving skills. Were equivalent with a hangover no alcohol in their blind but they're driving skills with a a hangover. Were equivalent. To driving with a point point 05. Alcohol awful. Which I think is impaired driving and correct me if I'm wrong on this point 08 is the legal drinking -- -- -- can be point oh eater or past. But some people want it lower to 2.0 five. So driving with a hang -- equivalent striving -- this research. I'd being attacked at that point 05 and the reason is because you withdrawing from alcohol and we know painful act and he. On the dehydration sleep. Sleep deprivation. Make you a dangerous striker. And if you really do think about it it makes sense so if you get really really drunk. And you are blessed enough to end up somewhere. If you wake up with a hangover it's still not safe to get in the car and drive home. Ray ray joins us this is -- Boudreau and he's New Orleans talks in New Orleans bravery is a very proud -- alumni re re welcome to the show tonight. I'm good do you go into the game Saturday. Absolutely we have a big crowd -- and a walk on that. You know we want to accomplish you'll also -- can make it to compare it -- -- from twelve to break. I play and I plan to be there and you know this is some. This is it really going to be kind of like -- a multi class reunion. Absolutely it's edited in each class is class reunion yeah we have so many people -- a lot of -- I'm talking from. New Mexico Indianapolis. Florida. And they're coming to make a week you know that because these captains in the state finals for the first come out. In that school's been around for a long time so this is quite an historic milestone for the school. Absolutely. Somebody it's a community victory -- It doesn't matter what public Catholic school he went to it's it's a real community victory. You know back in 1964. Went down by which quarterback each -- Half the people don't know. GT cars what they call the call that he shepherd for the team and he -- and Kurd Christian school as we speak. But he's -- each campus you know while. And it's the people in different fields that they're so proud of these campuses and in like -- -- it's a community. Victory. In just a couple of miles and supporting cap -- on let's see we could insisting. Ray -- I'll see you Saturday along with a lot of other EJ grants. All right ray -- thanks a lot for calling so the party and it's open to the public for three GA grants it starts at noon to walk Owens. Point there's really close to the Dominican Vista you know if you needed designated walker to get to to the -- will find a designated walker to help -- of the year designated walker to help you get to the don't. I it's a tailgating party and to walk on says starting at noon and they're gonna have his fraud shall we just told us are gonna have the EJ banner. The official AG banner from the school hanging up on the -- if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text number -- 877 here's textile what do you think about people saying you can't seem Merry Christmas anymore. -- you can't say Merry Christmas. I say Merry Christmas all the time in jail. I hope that's not offensive but yeah we talked about this on the show the other day. And I was starting about happy holidays and I think happy holidays is. Is really more -- It's really more rooted in the idea of commercialism. Than it is in secularism. Because not everybody celebrates Christmas. And it's a holiday season and so if you were. A retail business trying to attract as many consumers as possible. It seems to me that happy holidays. Would be more inclusive you're not trying to. Exclude anybody you know trying to. Take Christmas away from from anybody but when somebody says happy holidays to me I interpret that is as Merry Christmas. I celebrate. I think sometimes we become too sensitive. And think that did that these changes mean that we have changed. It about you but I haven't changed. And somebody says happy holidays to -- able to me that's that's very Christmas. And you can call things whatever you want it's it's still a Christmas tree. And there's still Christmas decorations. I don't like political correctness. You know I think you could argue that political correctness. -- started for the right recently it started as a way for us to be less. Overtly offensive. To whether people. But it has gotten completely out of control of course and I would think that if you don't celebrate Christmas that's not part of your culture. It's not part of your religion. Then don't be offended by and there are times that we're all offended in life and not everything in life is for all of us all the time and we can't make the world. And so sterilize the ages perfectly fitting for everybody in every situation so. You know there's there's really and nothing wrong with. -- their Christmas and we talk about it all the time that I understand the concept of a happy holidays and -- we're talking about this and that concerning newborn Christmas and then I believe the war Christmas is more media hype. Mean it is reality. And you might totally disagree with my opinion -- I wrote a blog about it -- it's so on our web site WWL dot com. I'd go to -- -- the talk shows and schedules go down to -- this contagion and click on recent blogs and I I think the -- Christmas is. Usually admit in it if it is if you think they're people who take this Warren Christmas thing too seriously like Sarah Palin. You might wanna read the blog and then and share with them again to join our -- -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths are we sending -- text numbers 877. It's WWL hearts for the holidays. You know one of six people in Louisiana are at risk of hunger seniors. Children even hard working people who just can't make ends meet. Look around that might be an elderly neighbor. It might be your child's classmates your kids could be going to kids that don't eat every day. And -- as much as they would like to every day. It might be members of -- church. In the spirit of Christmas we can change that. So join us here to be WL for our special hearts for the holidays broadcast. We're collecting nonperishable food items for the second harvest food bank a great organization with quiet heroes who have been feeding hole. In south Louisiana for -- over 28 years now. So looking your pantry. Maybe there's something there that you haven't gotten around eating or something there that somebody would love to eat. Meet with your coworkers your church group you can schoolteacher kids how to give to others teach your kids how to be aware of others. And gather up the canned goods and nonperishable items and if you don't happening in your cabinet that are left over than go buy some. Some of these items are really very very cheap. And it can change somebody's life and join -- for life parts for the holidays broadcast tomorrow Garland Robinette and a think tank will be -- -- -- center in Kenner. And that's at the United Rentals six billion dollar used equipment sale. And then Friday hokey guys -- Christian -- will be live at the flight mineral change. At 240 one's -- Carroll an avenue where the -- Koreans. And New Orleans beacons. Nobody should -- country. Especially Christmas. Christmas is one of those times when we learned to do. So let's show the -- care. Have a heart this holiday with WW well. I'm not even sure this song is really appropriate for Christmas is because it's and scattered sassy and suggest. Well suggested. Sometimes it might be better to be naughty than to be to be nice. There's another event coming up this year it's it's every event this is the third annual running of the Sanders it's going to be Saturday in the warehouse district here in New Orleans and it is a it's a fun time and there are some there are some naughty. -- helper. Outfits I guess that's the best way to describe it. The running of the -- and benefits are really worthwhile foundational tell you about that in just a moment. But it's a fun run this this whole festivity begins at 9 o'clock Saturday morning Iran's into the night. Last year there were over 2000 revelers in the streets of downtown New Orleans as they participated in this on this a very fun time. The rock band category six will be a generation tallest part of this event from seven to ten float tribal bring the house down at the park Katie bar and grill. In a warehouse district from one to four in the afternoon. The naughty professor will be performing generations -- from 530 to 630 to warm up the crowd for category six and no you don't wanna bring accused of that. On there will be the cutest mrs. Claus contest and I'll take you there have been some very naughty mrs. clauses in the past. Also the overall best holiday custom -- Arcadia that contest is at 3 o'clock. Now if you want some more information about the running of the -- go to the web site running of the Sanders. Dot com. General admission twenty dollars and VIP tickets are thirty dollars and it really is a fun time and it's an all day event. As some of the proceeds are gonna go to to benefit that others may live foundation. And this is a foundation. They provide scholarships. Fairly counseling and aid to surviving children. Of the US air force a rescue heroes of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. During a rescue mission. And the goal of this program is to ensure that every child of fallen personnel recovery service member receives. Opportunity. And success so you know you're gonna have a great time and you are also benefiting them very very worthwhile. A foundation again and go to the web sites are running of Desantis a dot com and you can all the information you need. This is this coach -- you wanna join us with a comment about -- they we're talking about tonight our number is 2601870. A toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is 87870. A joint we've also talked about the breaking news about the former NO PD officer charged with killing an unarmed man. After Katrina this is student Henry Glover case. He was found not guilty by a jury today in federal courts the officer shot to Henry guilty Henry Glover found not guilty found guilty in original trial. And I and I know this kind of thing always brings forth a lot of controversy. But everybody in this country. Deserves a fair trial. It's one of the few things that we really do have a right. To hand. And while you and I might not understand some of the specifics of the law and it's easy for us to to pass judgment in that. The the jury box in the court of public opinion. We hear things we know things we see things but we're not in the courtroom and we -- not the lawyers in and we're not the judge. And there are certain things that apparently came into play in the first trial. That deemed his first trial to be an unfair trial. Now you might not based on what you know you might not like the outcome of of this trial. But we weren't there there are some things that make it hard to believe that this officer acted out of self defense. But in the same way that we were asked to try to understand. The concept of self defense from the standpoint of somebody did that we aren't. In his George German trial. Where -- to apply that same. Understanding its self defense for the fact that we really don't understand. Self defense and in certain situations in in this particular trial. And here's our WWL pretty -- opinion polls so the former NO PD officer charged with killing and our man after Katrina found not guilty. Do you think justice was served it was your opinion by going to our web sites WWL dot com. And -- -- and a poll throughout Russia would give another update comic appeared in just a few minutes also to remind you that tomorrow night. The weekend of high school prep football coverage begins here on WWL. Tomorrow night Friday night into Saturday and Saturday night high school football championship all live on -- VW -- And then as Monday Night Football -- the -- show will be back with you and I can't wait to attack a next Tuesday night. It's the holiday season it's not an easy time for many people it will continue to talk about that is well we'll be right -- more on this Wednesday night's -- from New Orleans. -- WL edit a senate selling out to nick Sabin. I guess it's there -- questions asking himself. Will Nick Saban say goodbye to Alabama and hailed that taxes should he stay or should ego that's one of the things that Tommy Tucker we'll talk about tomorrow morning. A Demi WL first news from six to ten. I that you -- ago. I don't know Nick -- But based on what I know about his personality from seeing him in the -- decisions that he's made real issue Miami FL and then back to -- Alabama. I I think he's gonna go to Texas it's. You know. Austin is a bigger town in Tuscaloosa but I I really can't see that the University of Texas is a bigger platform -- the University of Alabama when it comes to college football. -- But when I think about the challenge. Of making a team champion. The challenge I think is going to be overwhelming. For knicks' David and I don't think he's going to be able turned down a challenge. And I think it also is very helpful for on his image and maybe to some degree this is a selfish. But it's easier to. To build a championship team. Than it is to maintain a championship team year after year. In general in life it's it's easier to become number one. It's actually more fun to become number one than it is to try to stay number one. It doesn't matter what the what the businesses that's that's a challenge. Saying number one in -- let's say that Nick Saban hasn't been up for the challenge in the Alabama was number one bit throughout the year for for most of the year. If not all of a year until they lost to two offered so was another great season for Nick Saban but. I just I can't imagine. Nick -- and I may be totally surprised but knowing what I know about him again just through the media. I would think that he would take the challenge of going to the University of Texas and Tommy talk and talk about that tomorrow morning. Also the lady who put the middle finger up to wish her neighbors happy holidays is back. What is okay in what is not okay when it comes to Christmas decorations and what's the best way to avoid burning down or damaging your house when you're putting up the lights. You know before you put up those lights -- Christmas vacation with with Chevy Chase. And that might change your mind about even putting the lights in the first place anyway it was -- good feel good time detectable talk about those those topics. And more tomorrow morning on WWL first news from six to ten. This is dispute show live from New Orleans on this Wednesday nights they were coming right back after the news on -- WL.