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12-11 11:10 Scoot: Holiday Depression

Dec 11, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about feeling sad and alone for the holidays.

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Time magazine has announced their person of the year and it is Pope Francis any disagreement here. And the person of the year is the person who had the greatest impact. On the world not necessarily positive or negative so this is not a statement about. And any positive impacted both France's is having on the world. I think he is a tremendously. Positive figure. But not everybody agrees with an average reading an article on the op Ed page. The foxnews.com. -- web site. And Ayers an op Ed piece there that says. That -- Francis is to Catholics what President Obama is too. Americans so obviously that's and a negative view of -- Francis and you know there are a lot of very hard core a strict Catholics who were not happy with some of the things that Paul Francis has said. I as a Catholic. Welcome this and fresh. New attitude and have been hoping for this forum for a long time. But the time magazine person of the year contrary to what a lot of people believe is not necessarily somebody who had a positive impact on the news but somebody who had the biggest. Impact on the news of the world a new year that is descending and it was Pope a Pope Francis and you know when you consider that Miley Cyrus. Was it was one of the the possibilities I think -- Francis is have a pretty good selection. And they were a number of other people but it's it is -- Francis I believe that Hitler and Osama bin Laden. Or Saddam Hussein I'm not sure which -- 700 or so and -- of those guys it was actually person of the year. That that led to a lot of record as it was Osama and led to a lot of criticism because people thought well wait a minute. This is like an honor no it's time magazine recognizing the person had the biggest impact on the news in. You can imagine that one year that was Osama bin Laden and -- not the year that was was Hitler. Republican senator Lamar Alexander. Has so fired his chief of staff taking him off the payroll and even though he says he's innocent. Until proven guilty. He was arrested the chief of staff of Lamar Alexander was arrested on charges of probable cause for possession and distribution. A child pornography. Ryan lost in 35 years old before it went on the air it was the last word I heard was in custody until a court hearing it's expected to take place tomorrow. Senator Alexander immediately remove the chief of staff from its payroll. Said he was innocent until proven guilty but I guess he really. Had no choice. There is absolutely no. Justifiable explanation. For possessing child pornography. And he was. He was arrested on charges of -- probable cause for possession and distribution. Meeting this it'd sick as it is to possess it. You wanna share with others she went to distribute it. If you listen to the show on a regular basis you know that I'm far from approved. But this is one thing that I just cannot. Wrap my brain around. I can't. Understand. Any. And I I try to understand things that I don't understand. But I don't think there's any rational. Justification. For child pornography. And if you have child pornography. If you don't have child pornography but when you hear about child pornography if there's a twinge inside if you anywhere. That makes you think that this is something that you would like. You need to seek help. Because that's not right there's something wrong with you. In the same way that you go to a doctor for a disease. If you are. Tempted if you haven't even done yet haven't even acted on this this this temptation. -- -- -- -- Is the reflection of a sick individual. -- justification for. There might be regional sport. And I know that when it comes to a lot of these things it's stuff like them. In matured the not to bonding with your peers I'm sure there's a lot of commonalities between a child pornography and pedophilia. But there's no justification -- one of the things largest I I don't understand. And I would hope. That if you do find yourself -- in any way whatsoever that she would get help before you get in trouble. And before you endanger the lives of of children that may end up somehow being the manifestation of the year. Obsession with with trial for knocked -- pornography -- just something. I find to be totally out. A reprehensible. If you wanna join our show would comment about anything we talk about our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And our tax receipts 77 here's a Texan -- could I have a close friend Austin. Who is connected at the hip with Texas. He spoke directly to a real terror. It's said that Sabin has bought a house this year. He told me that this is for real and that Mack Brown has already informed his position coaches that he will be stepping down Friday. I have heard that. On Mack Brown who was sued the coach at tooling did a great job at -- went to North Carolina and that was hired by the University of Texas. And for many years did a great job with Texas. But as I said earlier you know it's. It's it's easier and more fun to build a championship team not that it's easy but it's easier to build a championship team that it is to maintain a championship team. Year after year. And you can look at a -- around. Or you can -- it. -- a number of other coaches. In it college football and even the NFL that it had a difficult time. Maintaining a champion year after year so I would think it's Saban would take advantage of this. It does appear as if Mack Brown there's a lot of talk about him. -- nobody's making this official yet nobody said they -- decision is official. But it -- brownies gonna be resigning the University of Texas by the end of the week. And I think the UT fans who would that would applauded Soviets it's time or Mack Brown two to move on he's no longer. And effective coach and he could go on to be effective. Doing something else but obviously this is -- position that has sent out grown him -- he hasn't kept up with it. I'm so I would expect that he he is going to. To retire by the into the week that seems to be done the work however. I don't think there would be any truth to Nick Saban already buying a home. In Austin. And I that is a real easy rumor to spread and it's one of those things especially with social media and I'm not discrediting dispersants -- friend. And he may have gotten it from what he believes to be very reliable source but I just don't think it's credible to believe the -- even has already purchased a home. I'm in Austin a for the purpose of becoming -- head coach of the Texas Longhorns so it will want to wait and like -- could be totally wrong. Here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight is something we've also been talking about the breaking news early deceiving. The former NO PD officer. David -- charged with killing an unarmed man Henry Glover after Katrina found not guilty by a jury in federal court today. Was justice served 33% say no 67% say yes you can give us your opinion by going to our web site. WW real dot com also a joint we've been talking about. We be talking about how the holidays can be difficult time for -- for some people. And I have been through India as a sentimental person died in the holidays have always been a difficult time for me. And anybody who knows me anybody who has gotten close to me over the years. Nose to kind of anticipate my -- this time of year. And and and even when it's been a good year for me in a lot of ways I still struggled with. The the sentimentality in the emotion of this the sounds and the smells and it the -- the sites of Christmas. And I don't know if I can explain -- night I had a good childhood I've you know I've admitted that I suffered with obsessive compulsive disorders a kid very severely. And nothing was known about it when I was a kid so like I thought I was the only person in the entire world and had a brain that work this way -- in my opinion my brain was working very well when he came to. To some things and he's very Smart but. I've suffered with this a terrible disorder and I hope if you have any. It's in your family there's so much it's known about it now don't don't immediately dismiss it and if you think that there's any reason to believe it. That your kids or do you as an adult. I might be suffering with this city. Get the help that you need because it is it is a silent torture sort a lot of ways -- I Charlton which was tortured -- in terms of any kind of physical abuse or anything like that. -- so I have fond memories of my parents in Santa Claus and Christmas trees and family gatherings. So this time of -- always been a sentimental time for me. And there were times that that I've gone through life and in many -- -- gone through many holiday seasons where. You're not always with the people that you love most. You're not always with those you wanna be with all the time and during the holidays. And so sometimes that makes you kind of sentimental and can even make you sad and you and you struggle with dealing with the emotional perspective. -- of this holiday season I wrote a blog about dissidents disorder website titled the holiday season is difficult for some people. And it was for me. And if you had been through a difficult time if you're going to a difficult time now if you know somebody who is divorced and has kids that are anybody -- going through a tough time this holiday season. You might wanna read the blog and share with them again it's on our website at WWL dot com on the front page under our opinions. And I might I share a story. About something that I went through just a couple of years ago. When I just wanted to totally escape everything that was Christmas I didn't wanna be around anything sentimental life I -- not. The grudging anybody who is celebrating Christmas but it was a really he was such a difficult time for me that right I just didn't wanna be around it. And I I've found a way to escape and even if you can't escape the way that idea and -- a share that -- in the blog. Then. Find a way to find a way to escape and I I know it's difficult there were times when I would. I would guru just did the grocery store and here the first -- now or here. Silent night or something and I and I fought was terrible terrible emotional issues say hearing the songs and again the holidays a wonderful time for for many people but. Not every holiday season is great for everybody in -- things that happen in our -- and with us to be a downer. I just want those of -- just as we talk about this joyous time of year in the last two years. I have been really some of the best christmases in my life and it's it's not that that things in some ways are the best that they have ever been for me. But I have. I have just. I just totally found that these last couple of christmases have just been really wonderful and I think it's in part due to the tough times that I went through. So for those of you who are going to a difficult time it's not gonna always be this way. And know that you're not alone there are other people suffering just like you and again this is not a downer but this is just relating to those of you who. Might be going through a difficult time. If you were called going to a difficult time in the past you know what that feels like. And it's really really tough it tugs at your heart. And it's hard to go anywhere you know we think that. You know the government in society and political correctness it taking Christmas away from us. I'll tell you there times you go through your life that you wish somebody would take everything that's Christmas away from you wish you wouldn't see anything about Christmas. But in spite of what is perceived to be this war on Christmas Christmas is everywhere. And you you you you can't escape at this time of year. Even though sometimes you want to. If you've been through a tough time if there was something that helps you get through. That Christmas that was are really emotional struggle for you. And you wanna share that you might help somebody who's going through that difficult time right now you can call our show it to 601870. Toll free 8668890. It's seven -- And our text -- late 77. Here's a response to the -- blogger wrote to on our website at WW dot com assistant thank you skewed this time of year has been. Especially challenging for me and I appreciate you sharing something so personal. And meaningful. Sometimes it helps just to hear. It we're not alone and that someone else has been there. I appreciate your positivity in fairness as a host enter honesty with your listeners. Merry Christmas to you and Merry Christmas to you as well. At 200 comment on the blog you can do that at the the into the book. If you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 and our text numbers 87870. From Metairie -- and your on the -- show good evening. -- -- Apple's statement at Texas closing the literally on the sports talk shows that they even actually had a contract extension on -- death last product. I wonder and what I need to put the Tibetans on it you know right then and. Not because he wants to pursue options and there's you know as it's not all it's only the temptation of going. To a to a school -- presents and a new challenge to him like the University of Texas but it's also the money and you know you'd you'd be -- You can't criticize somebody for taking the money. Well as well thank you I think -- ego. You know about winning and with the third school but that's -- put into it and but what suckered on that sports talk shows you that Texas and prepare and offer him ten million the the ten years so hundred million dollar contract her dancers and taxes. Have a block it out somewhere in particular 140 million dollars that you. And I think they were also. The word is that you're a girl also of offer him. Part ownership I think in the University of Texas networker something that yields at this incredible amount of money so. You know it it could be an overwhelming temptation and you know I wouldn't blame him for for taken the offer. ROP go to an analogy. I'm Brian guys all the showed no thanks for listing tonight. Lay in from the comb your WWL. Yeah you know I'm good. And it may well. NG -- on the way. And you know. Question is basically it's news. I grown up with Christmas and I don't know what this thing comes along with this. -- against Christmas. Quite zones man what I -- on the year. -- Typically years but this is strictly diet and proper handling has no problem -- I mean we you know we have Thanksgiving. We could not only do what we celebrated. Why would be and his Christmas. When -- or -- it as well and the -- And it's Christmas and you're -- aware -- these. Good entry. I actually had there's still business. I think those I think times that you do with without the the times -- do that really have a scaled back -- Christmas. -- the times you really start to understand what Christmas is it's all about it. It you know it it's easy to. Two to lose the true meaning of Christmas when you're surrounded by all of the things of the giving and that. The materials a commercial aspect of Christmas and it's it's those times when we do without that I think we come to. Two to release since the true meaning of Christmas and you know once you sense that again you you never really lose that. Now Leo now because you know that I -- school boys' bodies and I. Six grandchildren. And that's down you know Christmas. It is every day very Betty it is everyday when daddy daddy you -- mandate now and we know him. Well and and there's no reason to let him know that it's it's not gonna get better that this is the way it is right here in right now in the important thing is is what you have you know. Think about the people that have less than you in terms of their health -- in terms of of other things hippies think about the people who are really. Totally alone and and and don't have an opportunity to have a warm meal at home. With family. You you do have. -- a lot of blessings around you if you take time to notice those things and it sounds like you do. Ali because it like that you know I'd take care took care -- occasions. Bad said that there some way -- Parliament on -- to look at. And it's just it's -- -- 9 -- and that would raise handling you know. Is he got -- at the web I understand. And you know. To make the -- supposedly. It is Christmas in its banks in the New Year's its -- in July. Would -- The -- him he -- that. And then -- I appreciate the call and I hope things work out for you know I'm I'm sure they don't thanks for a thanks for sharing those thoughts with us. If you wanna join us tonight with failure coming -- somebody called earlier said you know if you -- kind of escape Christmas. Go to movies they're blockbuster movies that come out every Christmas and their -- to movies out -- they're gonna still be at a Christmas it may -- haven't had a chance to see that's a way to kind of escape. Also suggesting going to simply like a Chinese restaurant. Or someplace that. It represents a culture that doesn't recognize Christmas. You can still celebrate and recognize the birth of Christ. But sometimes you just wanna get away from the pageantry. Of Christmas because. It can be very emotionally. Draining for. If you wanna join our shooter and numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Our text number is 877. This is Disco show live from New Orleans it will be right back on WW well we -- asked by a Billy Graham Stanley to pray for him he yeah. Yeah has done been in great health he sized -- I know he's not in. Any kind of and emitted the situation but we've been asked to to pray for him so if you think about it say a prayer for Billy Graham. You know really. An outstanding human being and Andy you might not have always agreed with everything you said but he really was. That's somebody tried to bring people together anyways as far as I know he was very elections a spiritual consultant to both Republicans. And Democrats who were in the White House this is Cisco show ledger with a -- tomorrow and Angela she is the newest member of RW WL radio family. She's on every weekday afternoon from one to four a tour after two days of deliberations twelve jurors found former NO PD officer David -- not guilty. Of the shooting death of Henry Glover in the days after Katrina. What was the turning points in the trial. And did the defense skated right. And what to the prosecution. Do wrong. Now we'd love your reaction to -- into tomorrow did the jury get it right or wrong also NO PD arrested a man who confessed to pulling out a gun. And threatening another driver during a road rage incidents southbound. On -- Carrollton avenue. Have you ever been the victim of road rage have you ever been in a car with someone. Who became -- rage within the driver. So here's an opportunity for either of the share your thoughts with Angela tomorrow don't miss Angela an open mind with the legendary Angela -- wonderful hour. On WWL. Here's a text abouts are going to a difficult time. A during the holidays the scoot it will be another quiet no gift exchanging Christmas. Just me and elderly father. I was in a paralyzing accident and I just lost my mother. With alzheimer's disease. He was very hard but I'm thankful I'm alive. That which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger -- Again I'd I'd known that's. That's a tough time. I remember the first Christmas after my dad passed to. My mom passed away -- in two years later my dad passed away and you know those were times that you know this this Christmas songs and they -- the idea of of Christmas and and finished celebrating that and sharing them with with parents. That really -- in my heart and that was that was a tough time. So I don't -- I've gone through. Christmases without exchanging gifts and and and last year -- was an even dating anybody last year and and was alone. And and I believe I work Christmas -- because I remember getting off the year. I guess it was at midnight Christmas the over rated I remember Christmas Eve walking downtown of the French Quarter. And it was it was a foggy night. It was so picturesque I love the pictures that I took that night up on the river walk parts of the cathedrals. And the checks every word somewhat shrouded in -- And the the street lamps the quarter street lamps at the French Quarter. Load in the in in the fall on it was a foggy night and a Christmas Eve night in the French Quarter way is a very very quiet time there weren't many people out and it's usually very tightly. -- time. It was almost eerie but there was just something that was. Very enjoyable dollar and even though I was alone it's a site I've I've attended here -- inclusive person by nature. And am very much of an introvert contrary to what I do on the -- this is my job and this is what I'd do would love to do but. I can be very inclusive and an introverted. You know even though I was alone I I just I I felt I felt very much at peace and indeed it felt it felt really good so even if you're alone or if you're. -- leave this this holiday season -- and I hope you find. I hope you find some peace and solitude in. In that in and realize that you're not alone because they are kindred souls all over the city all over this country. Dead or. Really sharing this moment with few until they're not right there with -- There are kindred spirits and sharing it with you here's a text could irate with you. There are so many different things that can trigger these feelings that you can't explain. You said it writes it brings up tough times and yes it tugs at your heart you always seem to explain things that are very treated meaningful way. And wanna thank you for that and that is from Scotty Scott thank you very much that I've got some really really. Nice to you know I have more fun on the show. Reading the text. That are are critical of -- receive really ugly -- -- -- -- -- the -- secretly ugly things but. I prefer sharing those text with you sometimes I just read -- -- and don't know. Exactly what they're gonna say but I have received some very touching. A text tonight about some of the things that we've been talking about it in just please note that I've -- appreciate all of -- There's a new study that shows that less police officers buckle up then in the general population. Approximately eighty per 686%. Of Americans now say they buckle up. But only about half of law enforcement officers report that they Wear there seatbelts. The -- cause of death the police officers on duty is traffic related fatalities. Should police officers. Follow the laws of society. And do the obvious answer that question is yes of course. I -- the other question is. Quite a police overtures not always. Follow the laws that they are sworn to to uphold. And -- I don't think it helps the image of police officers if they're if they're speeding north they don't fully stop at a stop sign -- state. The take liberties with with traffic violations were that there in the police car not. And I don't understand why police. Don't buckle up maybe enemy if you if Europe a police officer or a former police officer if there's -- logistical reasons why you shouldn't buckle up points easier for you not to be buckled up by I don't want to hear data explanation. And NA and united this show is very -- I'm very very supportive I'm not critical police. Mean there are times that yet to be critical of of different people and in different groups even -- you respect the entire group. But it it it bothers me when I and I see police officers but speeding obviously speeding. And their lights -- on. And I assume that they're not and swing called or not responding to a call that they're simply. -- -- And the idea of citizens don't like the idea that that police officers. Feel they're above the law. And obviously there are some not all but obviously there are some who do. And it's reported in you know. -- Jefferson Parish sheriff know Norman. And NO PD superintendent. Brawl surpassed they would tell you that their officers or told to follow the law. They don't always they don't always do that but it's an as a citizen it bothers me when I see those police officers. On flaunting the law. Because it makes you think that it's more about ego and it is really about serving the public. I know again I'm very supportive of police officers and have total respect for what they do every day in their lives and appreciate. What they do everything in there was I got a text earlier from somebody who said he's a police officer. -- said that actually. Because people freeze. He's an I'll get behind a car with my lights on and they'll part that we come to a stop. Actually I've seen that happen. I I seen a police car or are an emergency vehicle of some kind with their sirens blaring their lights on. And the person front of them just freezes. If you are not capable. Off responding to an emergency vehicle when you're on the road then you shouldn't be driving. You should not be behind the wheel of a car. It's real simple get out of the way. And I see these motors to actually freeze. When there's of an emergency vehicle behind him. So I understand what this officer saying but you know I would I would still think that the the best thing to do. Is to put your lights on if you're responding to a call here's a text -- screw this will be the first Christmas without my daughter. But I determined that it will be my only Christmas without her. She is four. And lives in Pennsylvania with her dead. And I couldn't bear to break her heart. To just visit. But this will be the first and the last Christmas apart. -- I understand it. When I I left New Orleans I spent christmases away from my son he was with me on Thanksgiving but. I spent Christmas -- away from him and I know exactly what that feels like and it's. It's it's it's difficult. But do what you can -- just make sure it's a good Christmas for them. Because that's all that they really care they just wanted to be good credit and and they wanted to know that you're happy make sure that they know that you're okay. You know even though she's done an excuse even though she's four years old. The kids it as very very early age consents something wrong with parents in fact. You know at that -- you know they really don't have that much on their minds having. -- -- four years older repeating about the impact of Obama care or they're not thinking about. And attention in the Middle East not -- -- -- true economic reunion of their of their minds are simple and and and kids like animals are really news goal -- and instincts. So just be confident and let her know that you're happy -- I would think that would be the divesting that you can do but I understand what it's it's like to to be without her but but appreciate the fact that she's in your life. And then I guess you can always think about the people that -- don't have as much. That -- as you have. And -- and it's it's it's human nature to compare ourselves. To what we used to have if we don't have everything we wanna have. Or to what somebody else happens if they have more than us but if we look around us there is still a lot that we can be thankful for. Here's a Texan recess -- thank you for helping me. To think and look at things in a way that teaches me new things. While there's a scary thought I didn't expect anybody to learn anything from the show. While it puts a lot of pressure on me here's a text every morning 8200 miles an hour on this bill way. 6 o'clock to 6:30 in the morning. Jefferson Parish police car. If -- -- you. I would take on the number of fat card. And I would report that person. And hopefully. That police officer if not responding to a call. Will be stopped. Because I would think the police officers even if they're in their car. Should be following. The rules of the road. This is the schoolchildren will be right back with more Mike from New Orleans on this Wednesday nights -- VW well. All right how about those east Jefferson moyers. And going to the state final high school championship game in the Mercedes-Benz superdome for the first time in the school's history. I'm -- AJ grand. And proud of the warriors into the game last Friday night they -- -- the semifinals burstein -- -- into the semifinals. -- fourteen you know. There are really could football team -- was a lot bigger than in the east Jefferson Bullitt east Jefferson. What's faster and I'll tell you they had base they have a swarming defense and you know. Three smaller guys can bring down a bigger guy and sometimes it was more than that all over the guy with the ball. Yeah there's going to be a fun party it's a tailgating party. Our rob shall T the tomcats and Scott -- offer Louis restaurants and a lot of businesses say in the military and Roberts guys have gotten walk on as a candidate and wondered one of the -- to -- walk on is going to be reserved. For east Jefferson you don't have to prove that you went to east Jefferson and if you wanna go to this city east Jefferson tailgating party. It's gonna starting at noon and walk on and pointers and it's gonna go on until 4 o'clock to kick off in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. On they're gonna have the the the real official EG banner from the schools school is landing in the banner. And that's going to be up on the wall so really this whole event that this would be a great opportunity to get on your social media -- to Twitter this out three spoken out. -- sent emails to your friends. This is a great time for EG grants to come together and you know you might be surprised at who you share. Under a deal along status with -- Jefferson like a big giant. And crossing over the years transcending the year's class reunion and again this is an exciting moment in the school's history. But the championship weekend for prep football begins tomorrow and nobody covers it like Evian you -- we are locked and loaded and ready to go with the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football roundups. Tomorrow the first two games will be live on line at WWL dot com. At noon division three archbishop -- hawks takes on the calvary Baptist cavaliers. Following that game at 4 -- division to university like cubs vs the John Curtis patriots. Then at 8 o'clock and this will be -- on Debbie WL AM FM and WTO to come division one rubble raiders. And -- Then Friday again that day games on -- BWL dot com. That I games on -- -- radio and 11 AM Friday morning the WWL state championship preview would be chief Deke Bellavia. This guy Natalie knows the NFL. College football this guy knows high school football as well he is -- expert and he knows the teams the players the coaches. And the stats. At 1230 its class one day with that -- the dragons and then Haynes field goals and tornadoes at 430 class. Double A beats the day that hinder yellow jackets and many tiger's at 7 o'clock Debian annually and FM and WW dot com. RW WL count down to the class 38 title game with the chief Deke Bellavia followed at 830 by the union parish farmers. And the Livonia and wildcats and Saturday catch all of the actions. On line and on the -- starting at 11 o'clock with a big chief Deke Bellavia with the WW real countdown to championship Saturday. Polity at noon -- the division for the million Catholic Eagles and the saint Frederick warriors. And at 4 o'clock in the class four -- championship. Edna Karr the cougars vs the lawyers of these Jefferson -- album on -- at eighty clock -- -- east bank of the West Bank at that game starts at 4 o'clock in that. Again this is this is people coming into town. Who reaching grants to beat this game so this is going to be a massive not a class reunion this is gonna turn out to be a massive school reunion for a lot of east Jefferson grants who have. Scattered -- not come together over the years so it's it's going to be a fun time at 8 o'clock Saturday night it's the classifieds eight Acadia and rams and the parkway Panthers. So in the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football championships. All of that fun begins tomorrow at 1230 on line. -- -- Saturday night at midnight on the station with the most comprehensive high school football coverage in America. VW well AM FM and -- WL dot com. This time of year we. Think about those who have last. Some people don't even have the food they need. Seniors. Children. Hardworking people who just can't make ends meet. Look around it's elderly people it's. It's maybe your child's classmate. Somebody that close to you. It might be a member of your church in the spirit of Christmas we can change that it. So George WWL for our special parts for the holidays broadcast. We're collecting nonperishable food items for the second harvest food bank. Great organization with quiet heroes who defeating south Louisiana and feeding hope to south Louisiana for nearly 28 years. So looking your pantry maybe there's something there that you just haven't gotten around eating. Somebody would love that for their -- Meet with your co workers in church group picture kids involved in -- teach them the spirit of this holiday season. And giving something. Something like food. Which is -- It's it's not a luxury to so many people -- to some people it will be. And if you don't have any canned goods or nonperishable items inexpensive at historical by some get a bag full. And -- for life parts for the holidays broadcast tomorrow Garland Robinette will be live at the pilot training center at the United Rentals six million dollar used equipment sale. -- -- -- And then Friday -- guy shunning Christians here will be live at the -- mineral -- -- 240 one's -- -- an avenue where the street Koreans in New Orleans begins. Know what should go hungry Christmas. We -- -- we care. Have a heart this holiday with deputy. Are torn right there will be high school football longer also Friday night into Saturday then Monday night there's Monday Night Football so. How will be back with a -- next Tuesday night but if you wanna stay in touch you when I'm not on the air here's my email address scoot. -- WL dot com. On my FaceBook pages scoots on the largest ever really getting active -- that FaceBook page and if you wanna join me on Twitter its ads -- WWL. Here's a texting scoop my name is Leslie I live in the French Quarter quiet section before esplanade I played trumpet bungalows in the Monica. Yet I'm poverty stricken. And again I can relate to being in those those situations. Here's a Texas could I guarantee you can pass the state board of psychology and get paid a hell of a lot more great job then I'll take that as a compliment but if I could -- the state. Psychology board exam and perhaps we should reconsider. Some of the standards your -- there. I I love the blog that I wrote tonight and I do I do Sharon. Very personal way that I escaped Christmas. A couple of years ago. And again it was just it was just about two years ago I guess that I -- I did this. And there are ways to escape this in the middle aspect of Christmas but but I understand you don't have to escape the celebration recognition of the of the birth of Christ. But sometimes you just need to get away from the sentimental stuff. But I hope it ends up being overly joyous Christmas and holiday for you I will be back on Tuesday night one -- -- ransom our studio producer. And Jack Harris in the other studio have a great evening and a great weekend. And as always. Bloody enormous.