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WWL>Topics>>12-12 6:15am Tommy, is Nick Saban leaving?

12-12 6:15am Tommy, is Nick Saban leaving?

Dec 12, 2013|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about whether Nick Saban is going to Texas

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know Dave we always tried to start Tucker here with talker new image you know. And I'd just like to talk on three years a name. I guess -- -- first news and real. Has got to show it's the Garland Jozy and Giuliani. Name. -- -- Blake and Tucker. Now Blake and doctor gross and I'd be held accountable for some order WWL in India like chickens out and now on the bottom of one of your partly -- beckons them. You know we always start with. Random stuff here and -- whose glorious day as comics and -- and a joke in here. Did the cattle in this country go on strike recently to get a raise. Well I was eat more chicken houses on behalf of beef is crazy. It is insane. I just go by the butcher block and I look at stakes through and through the glass. And I look longingly. Like a little kid with a nose pressed against the -- -- to travel brochures of Fiji Yasser at least you can see exactly because they're in no way I'm gonna give one of those big rabbis. I put it chuck roast on lay away yesterday I SO. And if I continue to make my payments hopefully around February on the idea that -- do not as crazy and I saw an all court. No problem pretty -- or are -- -- record on and get it on sale pretty good but pork I mean beef one arm. Nick -- Wrists are talking about in this morning and I wrote a piece in the USA today's -- name Brandon -- those are pretty good. A pretty good -- as he made some good points and at one of them goes that lastly the Auburn Alabama game. Using techniques David's opening of that as his legacy the last plane on an arm around me tolerant back against him on -- nine yard and not. What about -- his. Legacy in Alabama we you know worries probably Islam now is Bear Bryant was at least by this generation. Anything is -- rational that eleventh because what what was happening Alabama. Is there to feel way about him exactly how we do here. When he left -- issue. NASA property and a lot of money piece of the of the TV network. But I know that tiger to -- of the taxes again for those are on the right that's right position so that the rumors are that is gonna go to Texas Mack brown and Texas. And it -- Texas UT is gonna quit. -- -- It's sometime at the end of the week yeah. So -- just like last time he wrote and nice. Piece about Iowa last analogy played Iowa coincidentally we went through the same thing with sleet and -- And talk and so forth and on Christmas standing it was announced it was -- you know if you which by the way -- make an announcement. That you wanna have been Christmas stated time to do at the time. So we'll talk about -- and operating jaguar opinion poll was gonna ask you something in the neighborhood of in the work place and when it comes to jobs when it comes to jobs. Is -- about loyalty. Or is about money. -- Side some places -- You know we prize loyalty but they'll leave you raise it beyond -- get a deal and some -- -- three to gramley -- loyalty now let's the other thing to do it probably loyalty and a Nick Saban has a problem. Venus family and must buy in beef and who no doubt. 613. Coming back Tommy Tucker David Blake amber O'Leary Jordan. Being in new. 26 187803866889087. -- -- do you think Nick Saban goes and does that last play against Auburn in the Iron -- have anything to do with it. Would you go for which -- day. If you if you gut relatively speaking all the money you need and I don't think you just make it about dollars would you tell me back in a flashed a VW. 617. Tommy Tucker with me and I'm getting some tanks on cattle prices and if you. Think about it. What we do here is pretty much like it like cattle rancher rodeo via a point here and appoint an audible in between. Cities. All right so first off me a call I was talking about a guy named ran and that wrote an article for USA today it's a great article. And I need to bend over and have somebody to me right now trousers for this because I assumed. It. We don't know what happens when you assume that it was a guy named Brandon. And it was Christine. Brennan that wrote this article about Nick Saban that's very very well done. But while we're talking about articles that are very very well done. If you are experiencing a sense of Sabin who where you think gitmo is this happened before -- didn't it. Well. Cleaning up any of this rings a bell with. Controversial loss to Auburn. Keeps the team from kitten back to the SEC. Title game. And means obviously you can't play for the national championship. Com. Then some talk about the coaches leave and nanny says he's not believe in the teams playing Iowa in Florida for a bowl game. And all of that is what's going on now. Except. LA she's point nine winnable game that's the coincidence and Nick Saban steam had a controversial loss. Tell Auburn if you think about that last second field will return. And Nick Saban announced on Christmas Day back then that he was -- -- issued -- go to Miami Dolphins. So do you think Nick Saban can play this same way where tank on -- on anywhere and on nine going anywhere and Christine Brennan. Wrote this article about. And she doesn't think it would make statements gonna leave and go to taxes for the money for one reason because of that controversial played is that he went that the -- is legacy. And it she makes a point here that if he does leave. Com that they're insane that the story's going to be something along the lines of Nick Saban losses last game as seize the Iron Bowl and now he's not coach in Alabama anymore NASDAQ published a lot over there -- statues of him in front of the stadium. National championship. What to back to back and think Andy could won his third this year. Texas offering a tremendous amount of money ten million dollars a year and a piece of the Texas football network which is worth a lot more than that. So. Another thing Christine Brennan says is that nick Simmons got. For national championships right now Bear Bryant at the record at six. And how important do you think it is it is to him. Either time Bear Bryant would've beat him. And actually have the record himself and if I were Nick Saban and I'm 62 I'm seeing an Alabama because that now is basically a turnkey operation. That's and I think with the talent -- being funneled in and I think at that point it's about legacy and it's not about. How many more millions of dollars in Hamlet on dancing and -- option and millions of dollars you should be able to get but the markets wanna pay here. But if I'm him. I'm staying in Alabama. I think that's my best chance of winning national championships and I'm also. Little concerned about what the story of my tenured Alabama's going to be. Because I don't think you leave on a sour note and wipe all that way and I think Lincoln's Crimson Tide fans you would any other questions about loyalty. Is your loyalty only to money or do you have do you have loyalty to your job and his loyalty goes both ways. Do you think your company's loyalty unit that's Casey loyal to them. Or if they're not loyalty and and you figure -- again me is just the peace in the machine and as soon as. They either don't need that piece or it wears out a little breeze ceases to reform as wells that once wise economy lose so as a result you look at it is no one. Says I'd find a better job I'm gonna on -- believe in -- or not. So let me know if you were -- been would you leave or would you stay in do you want -- in and out of the SEC a lot of people are saying you know what you gotta be the best to beat the best so they don't go anywhere. Other people are saying you know be nice to have somebody else at the Helm of Alabama because certainly there would be a period. Where you would think the program wouldn't perform at the level that it is now. Seed -- phone lines are open and news continued -- can you trust Nick Saban. How important is your reputation when it comes he -- dropper is all about the money all about the management six point to your calls when we come back. At 260187. Toll free 86 exit eight -- early seventy right now I'm like a trapping him that would. Problems. Tommy records have a WL first news six point 6 now Thursday morning -- with a -- chilly outside and going up to a 56 today 65 tomorrow. 74 on Saturday as a cold front comes through and and highs on Sunday 55 so we continue with the the -- growing as a relates to weather and keep in mind -- conversations not just about Nick's statement. And Alabama and I think the -- Nick Saban thing as a metaphor. Forward the way you run your career isn't all about money. Or do you think there's any loyalties. Today either free you for the work place or. From the workplace to you in the company to you personally and I think there's a lot of loyalty I think it's. It's all about the money as far as the company is concerned but I also think that a coaching situation is different than. It is an average. Guy like you have me work and lady gonna work it's it's different because I think Nick Saban has pretty much all the money he needs sound in some text saying that. Nick Saban is in daddy handsome -- real estate investments twenty million and a -- And I can't source that the only at founders of message boards and anybody can sing anything they want. On a message board Danny gets repeated and it's on the Internet and before you know everybody believes. -- Springfield. You don't WL. Gore and Harriet -- thing. Well as China and I would. It -- but not much that the blade that you rate at Miami and Erica Alabama -- there. And now and the thing about the debt that we're talking about on a sports ready college. And said a public figure out there and point it made our edit it. Are a bit. Partner that we're there yet I hope that aspect of public record out. -- not -- that you know sure op but -- itself like it could be legit. And it was about to pick that -- now are they pop up. You know yeah on the balance there with your your career. Yeah I'm mighty important and all -- sure. I'm a law made it yet but yet the -- loyalty. And -- -- you know it can't be -- job out there what do you make. Happy. You're liable stay there it out -- let out and I'll bet -- on him out. Got to Ted appreciate the call in wondering a do not wanna do is spend a lot of time on whether Nick Saban is. Or is not in dead again message board somebody called -- radio talk show and said that so. You know I can't find anything documenting any -- -- so let's is kind of try to keep trial and abominable if we can and you lost them in the minutia of nick Simmons finance Joan marry Heidi on -- W out the morning. -- -- -- -- I don't think that than it was -- who coaches but I don't think NFL players you know I -- years ago drastic guy in each state forever. It's all about the money would ever seen it can wait -- to accept whoever's gonna offer to emerge by. Connecting every single player but most of them go with the money and treatment I don't know it's so much about the money which I think. For him to Carolina team would be -- probably only. -- -- -- lingering national championships are different colleges you know and it turned out prestige thing maybe. I really don't think you can leave Alabama but I mean you know -- You know it's interesting it's all about free agency in the NFL it's changed it from where the same guys are on the same teams for a long time -- somebody left it was news but. When I signed it you're seeing is that you can't same to blame the players for use in the system that exist look at Robert them. -- -- look at Matt Flynn month setback in Green Bay but if he goes somewhere. Yeah a lot of money and even if it doesn't work out then you come back into the team you're aware of that money you got Israel. It. Yeah you can't you know. -- it -- it meant if you act. You know I'm able namely Iran election go into the trial could mean that need to college coaches and -- from -- did just. -- set of circumstances but in the workplace. She -- loyal to the people you work for do you think their loyalty. Or even get it done. So. I think I think that's the case do nothing -- -- and a problem is now and thank you have John appreciate the call is nothing against our company and just saying generally speaking. I think you might get caught up in the situation where you turned down a job to be loyal to them and a -- while they're behind closed doors plotting -- find your replacement. So that's a tough situations sometimes I think you gotta sit back and let the good lord -- hysteria and and at least figure long term and try to gauge situation at work but it's interesting topic electing your communities excel when he sent a link. Toll free 866889087. Right now time for -- WL first news and an. 639 to anyone before seven David Blake -- -- -- you liable what's up with that on the way that you were not going to believe gonna knock me out -- -- not gonna believe this. I -- Nick Saban Alabama taxes and and not just about that -- about jobs and extrapolating announce to you in the workplace and you think there's any loyalty to yield on the party accompany well and even if you think there is. Should money dictate your decision as to whether or not to accept a new job. What are if you were extremely. Loyal to your company I mean just roll over the top and then you found out. They were not loyal to you. That's the point of view if you -- and it lets look in this case it's different Alabama keep Nixon in his lungs and wants to be there and that's because of his. Accomplishments -- text comes announces what's wrong with some money making the most money they possibly can't I don't know probably not at all. Go for the question is how do you balance the most money you possibly can with. And only 62 years old I was 62 on and off I'd be willing -- go and the start -- -- -- understand texas' talent rich but. Is still taking solar program that's not into some slam an underachieving I would say more than this a race so. And about a same tell you noted Alabama. Made a good paying him millions know -- -- -- Alabama Jordan how many million a year. Between five -- and -- six million a year. And you know gonna bump and this -- -- any of -- we're hearing in any other consideration is recruiting because I don't know does affect an Alabama recruiting and not but you think you wanna. They come out one way or the other you have to help recruiting in Texas or if that's his new challenges that. Now mess up his recruiting wasting Paul and West Bank failure and got a W -- morning. Very good morning -- we -- You go out and get to the global entity but -- and an exit that -- market opened that good he would 62. If you put spiritual outlook -- take the money you because of the situation about. I looked at the ownership a lot of times. They always say what those coaches obviously have a loan from here on the problem all applaud the Internet to their. Yeah that's usually the kiss of death once the only gives you the voter confidence -- -- better at center laundry out. You in all the bugle a cold out there and in and so they're. -- -- Look at. Monologue and Michael I would go so hard in the this year. Let issue. So -- -- enemy. With that -- the belt with that amount. And out -- that first look at the end it worked and vs. Delighted that beat -- or. And and so money would be the ten million use it and what was in the open. That's quite a bit more on the walked with -- now what -- But it. While the other thing too Paula you know when you say that you may -- think -- they men's you know got a statue out there we -- Alabama he walks on water but. Well let me let -- exactly my point it. That is the hospital and I guess is that Senator Clinton there and all. Where you know where the -- And they blow a booklet so that's an album art -- -- -- good -- relies -- there. Glad you -- have a good day Paul. I will take more calls we come back at 260187. Neitzel three. 86 exit 89087. When it comes to jobs is about loyalty or money. If you were Nick Saban 62 years so you move and on you say in Alabama. Because again as far as loyalty you know there comes a time in every athlete or every coach's life. Where they're riding -- but eventually they get -- their own stadium and it's gotta hurt. Back in a flash on WW. -- -- -- -- Prop this is business and this man is taking a very very place. You know -- Sonny Corleone a talking to Michael about it's not personally his business and text comes in Tommy at the end of the day in any business is about a bottom line profits. Not about anything else when companies have to roll back on employees because of lower than expected profits -- is make cuts. Everybody becomes a number when things are running profitable every employee is a valued asset and upper management cares about quote family etc. That said individuals employees need to understanding and a business to make money and as much as they can it's simply business nothing personal. Personal emotions should never be a factor into one's decision to leave a job. Or to stay with the job. Never. And I don't agree with that I think yet look at the situation you get yourself into. But in terms of staying for loyalty to one person Miller or to a boss or something like that you'll never know what's going on behind the scenes you it's it's like. -- the mob movie like it was a good fellas -- Joseph Pesci goes anything evenings there earnings will be fine and all of a sudden now it's a hit. Loss inning coming tonight -- got a W out -- morning. Martin. A couple of things here sexist it's offering a year feel hundred dollars. It marks and in the long on network. Have you ever seen and testament as to what that would amount to the percentage cash lies in the Longhorn Network. -- that very lucrative television. I don't know exactly the number there but it didn't run it just know you'll be allowed to. Absolutely and it happened for report it definitely. Yeah. Secondly. It is -- experts -- force coaching it's been -- recruiting it was just bite. You force or. -- -- -- -- Like the challenge look at his track -- -- left for a in the light. Light up the -- well known that she doesn't -- -- and you've been -- I have not. And it is -- social. Scene in which itself and that it. Yeah I don't I don't think he can make the comparison and this is like the people in Tuscaloosa. And that you make a comparison between Austin and Tuscaloosa and it. Was at because your name is Austin. But. That any. -- dark out there immediately. Travis County. But the point that. You know you lose and yet well. Sport -- ought not -- that would go there. People at an all out here to. So it quite well but don't look out. Column. -- -- cup. Mile. And -- to chip the ball and -- it. And daughter got a flight school because he -- respect XP immediately. Exit the year she. And -- in. Who saying you know what kind of people. Here basically. So you know. I think -- mr. And but. I think he put the Alabama. Program around she years. Let her talent that won't take them -- top. Well and he's a young 62 as well appreciate the call would get a move on traffic here 260187. Needle free 86 exit 89087. And keep it all in perspective. I've been nick combat for a hell of a lot plaza we're talking about six and a half million verses ten million. LOL. There's got to keep in perspective when you think about it more calls we come execs to. Got a -- -- 6573. Before seven Tommy Tucker talking about loyalty in the workplace and exceed and and Texas. And wanting we're trying to do is not let any facts in earnest conversation at all and deal and strictly rumor and innuendo however Thomas. In Slidell apparently not on that not on that page Thomas played one. I know you want to actually interject some accidents. That like street firm. Well you noted think it -- and Saban. Who is like a loser and didn't 080. One lead on the -- call well army I mean missing ones won't totally misinformed. You need that language in your order and it's. Cute and a double and -- -- -- more. And portrait there and I am and in. Order. For coaching years. You know it. Does is an Alabama fan Thomas who would you work. Feelings toward next statement be would you be grateful for what he did while he was there would you say no hit the road -- agent. No of course security bought three championships over four years without food so we can't complain about that. -- statement. Earning a million dollars or 1% of the fact that -- well written and network that it's -- am you know it kill me. I was making -- in all of the year which is base salary -- 46. AM. They're offering it ten million dollars a year -- about it families yeah of course. An -- great legacy wealth if you wanna put it that way let me ask -- quick what do you think is the most attractive head coaching job. In in the nation what is that the one and everybody would like to -- Historically war. Nor why you done lately well.

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