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12-12 7:15am Tommy, Nick Saban to Texas?

Dec 12, 2013|

Tommy talks to Travis Reier, a Senior Analyst with BamaOnline.com, about Nick Saban to Texas rumors

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Travis dryers senior analyst from them online dot com to -- and you Dylan. Good thanks to taking the time -- -- tell me what the feeling is there. In Alabama's fires Nixon even -- staying in is he going. While. Feeling. -- embrace their -- the ball because. The guy -- led the program for the incredible horrible war by the year so a lot by an important. Earlier dot org and confirmed and -- -- to be an Angel. And then actually just about every year the last -- for years that situation. Whether in the Cleveland are now -- taxes. When you have. That he's gonna have -- suitors -- again it -- thing to be something that the balcony of a deal with on a yearly -- I think from the administration. Importantly from what I can gather. There -- framing variety areas and for the Payer. Our panic at this point that he might make the general taxes. But again the next taxpayers should tell a lot about how the L. If he did will be the reaction of Alabama fans would it be don't want the door hits in -- rear end on your way out or would it be man thank you for everything you've done force and god bless you good luck in the future. Wallet polluting -- -- mayor -- with apple applicable law. Route and at the worst hangover. On the couch all important I think leaking state and detection. Would be almost the equivalent of probable not. Yeah yeah it would be our anger at worse. That would that would be to carry out that the price shot on the positive. -- and they want watching it here they've accumulated. Credible. Power. And so is it war. Who ever came and earned a trader with the war with great. I got. And -- I guess my question for gauging from the fans and and the reaction to this and you said it is a an annual thing at Thanksgiving any of speculation about -- save a maniac Christmas -- and happy new year but. -- Would that would -- -- -- most fans if you had to guess and I know you don't know each one individually to would you guess thank you nickel or how dare you. I think there'd be a pretty good school related I think. The other you know you're trying and the short -- so you know we're not dealing with reasonable people could recur. In the in this arena. That there would be split you know I think initially there be a lot better. But there -- looking back to seven years that he did in the job. Opry national championship in the -- for a couple others. I think it would be more could be. Forever. That are about the situation it would be Europe however what they would do with -- acute if -- has been constructed out or -- -- too. Yeah laden. Would be. There that would be an error. -- ironic -- Internet rumors that are flying around and and I a lot of calls and text on this and and you know and if you notice -- -- -- Travis but not everything on the Internet it's true. The -- and that. So that they can noted that -- the last 68. But it's ambulances. And twenty million dollars in debt any actual basis of that at all. Well there have been fortunate you know he's been involved in. In -- business ventures that that perhaps Patrick turned out extremely well to the death of his. Yeah I mean actually I don't know exactly. What we PI alpha you know like period -- -- ball in trouble. Prosper right well successful -- that your you know it is -- away. One situation which has been reported on as they're being -- currently fail. Complex picture. Again all the other -- that have been portable rather that your idea. Exactly. What their number is in terms of those that. I really couldn't tell -- Military save enough heating Tuscaloosa and I never heard feeding Lohan. He left couldn't clear that up. Well I mean that that you'll hear in a situation where you get. Future and a be established. -- -- -- place that I can tell you that they'd been period ball in the community. Tornado in April peak out eleven. They have been very out or in terms of helping build the area. In taking on. Really community. School -- -- They helped rebuild. They have spearheaded their construction of -- gap or. Church on campus. -- which recently completed your last year. OC Hudson. We thought that. He could take. It burst with. The man but on -- change or leave but yeah I mean -- for their community involvement. Especially with Terry -- -- they've been -- all you know and here. -- Jordan Fiedler producer magnate who money graduate of Alabama nieces so Lynette in the Saddam statue in Iraq that's a look at. That. Alabama quickly look at me Alabama. On line dot com crystal ball timing on this story plays out. Lot of the feeling right now -- you know that it it'll it'll be at church now apparently felt fourteen and beyond that. Erratic right now what you're seeing happen that we represented by an agent Jim Rex and they're not all he has. Nick Saban has. There is the highlight its stable coaching stable eagle that got the two coaches in the BCS national championship game -- now aren't simple Fisher. This situation it's gonna back into shape going to be eight -- It's doubtful all art talent Sheikh Al. But it also -- -- marketplace for direct with these guys including. A couple of client actually it's mentioned so. That are thankful Alabama and section -- el -- exactly what that number could be called Alabama because. Until the sector job really become open. You know -- they're gonna come out. And they're grateful I think that type you'll see is -- deal structure. Would help at up to date. Travis Ryanair senior analyst for them online dot com thank you free time. --

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