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12-12-13 10:10am Garland: on feeding the hungry

Dec 12, 2013|

Garland broadcasts from the Pontchatrain Center in conjunction with the Second Harvest Food Bank and talks with Second Harvest communication specialist Jay Vise.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're -- we're working with the harvest food bank -- confronted -- come and -- our own money. And again appeal on retreat center. In the meantime and that the executive war we're going to be thinking about or if you've ever heard about it but something called. -- -- and digital money. And it it wasn't supposed to work we've been -- issues on the news -- last year. And every expert. The Zuckerberg it's too complicated. On regulated. -- mystery its. Well now all the federal government is thinking about sanctioning. This month and and there or number of people worldwide and gotten rich trading on the court and using these courts and their digital courts. Or controller find out exactly what is that is how to use it and is gonna be viable in the future and if so. How does that change credit cards that change cash money. Interesting term developments. In the monetary world. Also will take a look at the hand that -- -- using federal Medicaid money. He that the governor says coming your target group for archer the cause now we find out. That even total Louisiana. Citizens. Will help on to other states implementation. While. Medicaid program. That bill -- that to do that the federal dollars -- -- -- talk about -- the government between. This hour the main focus for being injured parts retreat center in -- from bank shows. It's -- to argue about what replacing in this country -- here. And any -- you -- column. It was called -- 601. So so Parikh. Anywhere in the country 866 -- and steroids that. Thrilled to have you bites former member of the double a deal team -- communications specialists and food bank greater New Orleans. Then. Tedium and welcomed. So great in new U2 Garland it's good to be back here with you with that you know your pocket trees that are. And exit polls from United -- in the next six million dollars used equipment sale. And pretty graciously posed to us now here for another yet another food drive and a lot of success yesterday. Yesterday evening with Bobby in the count it clear view smaller thanks to a folks who donated hundreds of dollars hundreds of pounds of food. That's gonna go directly to help folks right here in south Louisiana -- perfect government but you're you're you're not just this can be pretty. For -- to help people it is it's an organization that has for almost thirty years. Help folks right here in south Louisiana house with -- -- bureau radio in the news department in the digital side. And had a had a job that was fantastic to do a little bit of everything across the board and broadcasting in news all across the WL. And you know it's it's a big cash you know big extended family like the second family for me so it was suit would take something pretty special panel lure me away from that. And that's what the work its second harvest food bank is doing it's also be extended family it's a group of dozens of dedicated people. It work right here in the New Orleans Syria but not to southeast Louisiana. 23 parachutes across the self shorten or sure saint Tammany Washington parish down to -- an -- And across -- -- -- like Charleston Latvia. Operation it is -- think we think about a food bank and that's when I was looking into the taken the position though our panel looked at with a critical line because the -- is gonna leave. Something like this one of the best jobs in the country definitely well. Always wanted to make sure it was going to a -- -- operations and I was pleased to find it it was well both wars it's. As a charity nonprofit working here. It's one of the top ranked in -- region of the nation very low overhead they know how to stretch a time and a dollar actors far. Very low administrative fees in anybody who's donating food. Or funds are doing their time to second harvest can sleep well knowing. That is being utilized very well in it's being utilized right here in south Louisiana there are there are ton. Thousand securities that do great work around the country in the world. But we ask folks if you liked also donate your time or money your funds -- food. To an organization that will keep it right here in south Louisiana where we hear so much needed even eight years after Katrina. You really can't do any better than second harvest. Aren't we come back we're gonna get it through -- fields little details like quarter reached fifteen million people in this country. Going hungry every day just not -- -- -- -- -- some -- but not enough. And we didn't show the other day on the quote corporate taxes. Who came out and says you know consumer capitalism it and think to. And his message through all of this was -- to get a ball with the community more. And what you've got -- this year this is the perfect opportunity. -- brought to torture treating senator. He admits it all we don't Williams boulevard. And Jefferson are pretty excellent. Cover -- and bring. Who does bring money. This is your opportunity. To really. Coming right back double bill -- Saturday morning -- at the Rio are a welcome back Garland evident quickly we're broadcasting live from the punch tree -- today we're at the end of William boulevard. Drive all the we're down ten mr. gigantic zone ride up -- trucking and sought and try to put your living. -- a Republican or you're for -- -- income who you've got cash and bring it. We've got all the facilities -- picks up what you bring. And -- -- the reasons we're here. Everything Obrador the left of the it's denote that the media. -- with 300 million plus in this country. Fifty million those go to bed hungry every -- sort -- working here. Second harvest food. And we're we're looking at all the numbers more than thirteen million families in 2000. Ten were unable to content -- that -- they needed that according to Department of Agriculture. Finances are so -- for five million of these families that more and more members goes hungry. Every Tuesday would give advice with a communications specialists and -- Ridden organs and Expedia. -- what ports causing. What what do you see as the primary. Garland and hunger in me in Louisiana and across America is something that's unfortunately. Been with us for a long time second harvest -- -- in the business for lack of better term. Helping fight hunger for thirty years it was a founded by archbishop Hannan. About thirty years ago where an independent entities but we're still so although we're still associate with the diocese and other corporate partners. It's well but thirty years later the fight against kongers bigger than ever it likes it it's been around for decades and from time immemorial but just in the last few years after we went through the recession there really impacted Louisiana in the region. The economy is bounced back a lot of jobs of compact but there and it's just on the number of jobs. A lot of the better paying jobs the middle class jobs have not compare folks who have been able to find work again. Are working full time at a lower wage they're working a couple of jobs at minimum wage. And a lot of folks that we succumb to our food banks in the 300 plus food banks and food pantries that we help now. There they're the working pour their folks who were trying to make ends meet they are working they're doing everything to society and so I asked of them. But the food budget just doesn't make it through the month and for folks who -- receiving assistance stamp benefits of what we used to call food stamps. We see folks -- men that have on children are married couples that are working. Which -- can't make ends meet in it doesn't make it all the way through the month into the third week of the month halfway through the third week. And that food budget just -- slimmer runs now in the get very worried and go to a local food pantry and when you when you say that. You're not going to be able to make it through the month when your food budget especially the end of the year here when you're going into November that means. You're headed in staring at Thanksgiving without enough to put -- put on the table you're looking at Christmas -- have to make choices choices between. The utility bill or something to put under the Christmas tree or something to put on the table at Christmas that's -- her choice to make. So what he's the main cause of -- right now they're multiple multiple causes but. We have seen just from the folks that we talked to -- in and day out. That zone a lot of it is that -- post recession the economy and numbers has bounced back. In terms of people employed with the income levels just not there real wages for working families for low income in middle America middle income Americans. Have been pretty stagnant the last ten or twenty years on top of that and that means even -- inflation's been low it's been there. The real buying power of the average American has steadily gone down the last ten -- twenty years. The causes of that that's that's up to the economists and politicians to debate but we see the real world impact of that is that folks just do not have as much money to expand on necessities such as food day in -- -- If you if you were three anger. All -- through -- through hoops you know it takes to get the call at almost. 91. Very angry people shouldn't be done should be cut back these bad people. Milken's system whatever. People yet on future. We -- what's the dollar -- -- -- question the average benefits. To a family whether it's a single mother her two parent working household. It's less than a dollar forty per person per meal and if you talk about putting together -- you know three times today hopefully seven day week. Thirty or 31 days of the month that doesn't go over four. And that's why we see a lot of times folks are coming into the food banks to get assistance to get them through -- -- the month. I have to admit before I went to work for second hardest hit some of those misconceptions to there's a lot of stereotypes and generalizations that people make about food stamps in stamp program and and a lot of those are very very wrong. In that it's something that so folks absolutely need. He's he's there -- problems in the system in any government agency system is anything perfect nothing's perfect and there's going to be. At some of the you know at the margins who's going to be some folks who game the system but the sheer majority of folks. Absolutely need this assistance. And the folks weeks the coming to us. You know private entity to help out and help make ends meet. We see that these folks. You know it's just not enough not only is the non gaming the system it's well below what dignity and at the same time. In congress right now there's a debate in both house -- -- and about cutting stamp benefits and they lost recently heard in the news they lost the increase and so you know quote unquote temporary increase. That's gonna cost families month to month. But the farm bill that's gonna go through is going to cut food stamps even more even in the senate which is. Controlled by the Democrats on the only order for -- five billion -- something like like that. The House of Representatives would like to cut -- in the double digit billions so. There is a nation senators. Agreement in congress that they're going to cut it kind of ignored the fact that folks need these men in the these benefits. I think but Tom -- take a break it and use. Our culture. Look quite seeing -- but I think ready. Shall lipstick news breaks on a ride back we're talking. It's not you. -- -- -- departure pretty sooner the reason we're here. Borough working with those second harvest -- thing. To help. Convince you. To bring food money that simple -- prints that are my efforts on your current fund go to queens boulevard. In his keyboard you can go. You shoot again and come -- and easy access easily parking. KQ two minutes and again. Go back to the show notes was reached -- And we do show concern that the pope's. Recent revelations -- that you consumers -- There's a lot of good work to do with there's a whole lot of your intent -- -- off. In an intent on tearing the way he thinks everybody should. So -- if you agree this is the opportunity very easily get here entrepreneur and sooner. Very easy to part birdies going in and -- we come back we'll we'll talk about. Things like you when you leave a lot about this. You'll find out that we have food insecurity. And America would try to figure out exactly. What that means and and prevent people like who's here with -- communications specialist for a second harvest. We hero about a lot about them pleased that have to read. Between food and other expenses. And probably do that -- Medicine. They're probably gonna take medicine eat so they don't do one of the two regular base. And all of the security does mention they're talking about -- five billion. In the -- reform bill will hit those with food stamps. And on that from -- the courts that have already taken place two -- and instead of fifty million people that are hungry Americo we're gonna have. Quite a few more than that left Poland and answered. They want its own provident with you operative Leo brigades sodium world wide open. Come on down on to Princeton -- right now bring food. Bring some money let's help those sports as your heard where -- departure routes and broadcasting live the Diego you know when you've been going. You get a chance please come down right down Williams boulevard all we've done eventually at the -- to let the -- -- excellent points to. The sitar player in the parking easy ingress and in in and out of the building. And we're collecting food and collective moment for those that just don't have enough money. To buy enough food to keep going that the millions. Of people. In this country were talking to you by its communications specialists in food bank rated New Orleans and even media. Huge operation. OK what is the food insecurity human and read -- night. It's the eclipsed by thirty million Americans. -- In secure as opposed to just room battling hunger day in and day out. Additionally food insecurity means not exactly known where all your meals in the coming week for you or fan or -- children it's coming from. It's a situation where maybe negating working in the month and there and the outs of the month. -- pretty full pantry but as they -- closer and for families and in this economy you're living paycheck to paycheck. Not being absolutely sure we're the next ambulance coming from having to make decisions like. We'll have some food in in camp and but -- I'm looking for worker looking for a second job. I'll make sure my children don't go hungry but I will or multi generational families in this post modern world. We're seeing a lot of grandparents raising children moving back into a race children. Multi generational. And that's where we see a lot of food insecurity and hunger with the elderly and senior citizens in that. They will groom for a meal or for Denise under fan that are malnourished or not eating enough because -- will see that their children grandchildren. Get that first and you're talking about adults that can deal with this with they're also not eating at a time trying to make at the march and very tough decisions for the family you're trying to juggle everything there looking for workers are looking for a second or third job to make ends meet. At the same town that not getting enough T. Food insecurity is more in just going hungry if you're able to scratch buying -- by. It's in this you know 2013 in the most affluent country in the world. We still have millions of citizens. Right here in Louisiana. That aren't able to put it together and have a problem finding you know budgeting that head. About where their meals coming from what what are the numbers and you remember well what can tell me the folks the numbers. Of the folks that we help in southeast Louisiana and across south Louisiana here. All the -- Italy Charles. Though the food that we help reply to the 300 local food pantries member agencies across just the 23 parishes that we serve in south Louisiana. The food that we provide helps provide twenty million that's 20 million meals -- across south Louisiana that's and that's the food that goes out in bowl it was in like in the boxes were looking at appear to have Pontchartrain center. Directly we help about a quarter million meals that we make per month that we send out. For a local adult feeding centers for the can come for a hotline for hot -- Quite often the only Hotmail will have the day of the week. After school feeding programs for kids summer feeding programs the backpack program says would call it too. Send -- meal home with them because its wanting to get a free meal and it's from -- with the free meal programs at some schools -- What happens when they go home so directly in our big industrial consumer -- collar community kitchen. We have thousands of volunteers that help us in and god bless them because we know our work would grind to a halt -- that are volunteers. But we directly on produce and distribute more than a quarter million Nielsen want to local residents here in southeast Louisiana and around Lafayette as well. But assets and we have found millions and -- meals that we help serve. But it sends it to drop in the bucket we just we can't do everything we can try to do everything. But every dollar and for -- donated -- goes right back to help somebody here southeast Louisiana. -- -- hungry children. Yes. And that's the down. That's that's probably the hardest part of this job and -- -- TC. You're able to help children in your getting to meet him in bright young children and sometimes in circumstances. Quite often circumstances. That is so I know making of their own their parents have made the wrong decision or. Trying to bounce back and start making the right life decisions but some of them children are caught in the middle divided families are being raised by grandparents. It's it's not the child's fault -- there and -- this goes back to what you were saying before the bottom of the hour about. Cuts to food stamps and people say well it's -- a bunch of freeloaders will assert. You know shopping at a and -- percentages don't think about who you're impacting when you do and -- -- fraud in the system where somebody's doing in the system. Maybe they are few people do that the peace these children who need to find the next meal and neat to have a hot meal every day or not. Here they're not bending the system. And they're the one that's kind of caught in the middle when you're talking about cuts. We talking about the not soon make it a whole debate about -- -- stamps in stamp cuts. Actually if you talk about even keeping food stamps at the current level. If we kept -- at the current level given that wages have steadily declined for lower income Americans and middle class Americans and those good paying jobs are going to wait. Just keeping food stamps at the current level giving those declines in income. Increase in inflation keep -- at the current levels effectively cut in itself. You pile on top of that and start cutting billions off the you know it'll come up again next year in the next on the farm bill. You really impacting the folks who can least afford to take the we're trying to pick up the difference in picked up the slack but we can only do so much. We're trying right here -- conference and were wrote broadcasting live today. Please come it was useful part Barry uses Holland -- Wednesday that weren't. Turn towards studio late. And when pickle anymore you'll find the apology fruits and bring in groups ring connect. A fifty million Americans going hungry every day -- -- got a ton of them. Right here in the state we need your help it it's called salute to secure one so many businesses go beyond. -- -- -- -- -- Are welcome back go broadcasting live from the bug free -- in the Williams boulevard to go to our. We're trying to do breaking what in particular and trying to get in goods and whatever. 450 million people in this country that are so it gave fights with his communication. Specialist for second harvest they -- in greater New Orleans and comedian. In Jordan ball. Christian. Pairing with united removed and broke all this. So that would have pleased to. Electoral good when the -- commission. So welcome to show thank you very much -- by the united Ronald hours. Okay well United Rentals is the largest rental company in North America. We service industrial and commercial markets paying carry everything from excavation. To power generation. To aerial lips material handling. Anything that you can never think of whenever specialized divisions being shown off here today in our -- HBC group as well as our -- shoring our -- and our safety training department. While we are trying to do today is push some used equipment as we got our rental market. -- and let our customers take advantage of equipment that they use on a daily basis. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's proud to protect about it and go -- every Everett. Give some of these fantastic -- -- -- -- to drive here and absolutely McCarthy era. I'd go home actually -- -- I would love to do. Are you and they'll. In players that and that ball. With us well I would like to say obviously. You can see all around -- city where there are hungry people. You know asking him begging for food and every every corner vicious stuff awesome thing to be able to be a part of taking care damaged -- like I think their special. He needs with even if your hard worker sometimes you just can't make ends meet and providing for them. People just the basic needs such as food it was a big thing a lot of our employees contribute today and I think others are going to be expecting to. Donate some. Money too because where I know that I've heard in the past that second harvest is able to do more with the money as opposed to just the candidates self. That's that's absolutely great point it we absolutely. Appreciate all the can do if we get hundreds of -- Food donated yesterday with Bobby and he. Had a clear view mall it filled entire Pallet once we go on loaded at plus we also have hundreds of dollars donated in -- Just this week graciously and thankfully except the -- for folks who spent 220 dollars at Ralph is when -- you're like signs and then bring it to it's. We appreciate then put the same ten -- twenty dollars a week and take. And spread it five or six times for the cause of our relationships with -- at the local food vendors. The USDA the state of Louisiana. Into our ability to -- all in this can't we can make that same dollar go a whole lot further and Garland for folks who wanted to help out who like to make donations. A leader of either food or more money and if they'd like to make a donation of their time. The consensus -- the thousands of volunteers who help us cover absolutely essential to what we do in 23 parishes. -- him specialized skill that you like to help us out with or organize food drop all the information center website it's no dash hunger. God ORG no hunkered down or you can also just go to search engine Google are being in custom search for -- second harvest. New Orleans will be at the top of the rankings and we can't all that listed on our web site detailed information about how much help. -- help or you're somebody in need or know somebody in need. Who needs to find the local pantry or local church diocese that's helping out. If you need help trying to sign up for the benefit you qualify for four promote private security or from the government. We can help you out of that second harvest is go to our website no dash hunger dot ORG. Aluminum for -- -- Vote will keep mentioning who wrote that. You think you rule it I could mention report click any credit that's combined donating -- today at the event we have ransom at the -- training center we are. Are -- off at the top of every hour different. Gifts tickets -- -- four people are coming and supporting would obviously at a second or tell whether it's Coca Bergen thank -- budget picture votes aren't what they queuing. In the future and it's our pleasure being part of a community -- good covered bill -- celebrity immoral lives -- The ability killer story -- -- here -- out of time which yes -- goods only know him good and bring the course. Turkey is also will. Worth auction rate -- -- with us.