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WWL>Topics>>12-12-13 11:35am Garland: on Jindal's refusal of federal money

12-12-13 11:35am Garland: on Jindal's refusal of federal money

Dec 12, 2013|

Garland talks with Dr. Floyd Buras of the American Medical Association about Governor Jindal's refusal to take Medicaid aid from the federal government.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back to you heard the mirror and -- you know one through school. Hung. During the holidays. We're hearing at the -- Houston clutch sooner sooner you church people that we work with so much. Punctured drinks and or at the in the Williams boulevard there are other news straight down. When category for the collapse the giants -- -- it's different sooner. Polluting your players -- real quick to get in and now we need money. If you give and -- To second harvest they -- line. Triple now because of the volume they do. All -- there that are different all shoots at the broad wrong. -- bring canned goods we continued. A couple of people -- Can -- in the we give it the million people you can leave that in the United States they go hungry every day. And if anybody can -- about it second harvest is the one -- would preached and in the meantime we're doing -- -- from accurate and this hour. We're thinking about governor Jindal. Decided that we should. Expand. Medicaid in this statement I understand correctly. The federal or removal column and expand Medicare. And pay a hundred per cent of the bill that think the first report years then after that we'd -- in pursuit. And lives over the figures I've seen. They say that. Runs round. -- -- one year would be about 280 million dollars in the governor says. We're just camp and we can report. And we're always open. To have a gift that's going to help -- run in the the report bureaus and prison in the state medical society. Delegate. The American Medical Association doctor thank you again for joining. Morning. What what do you think coach should -- be expending that certain. I was short answer somebody's offering you free money take it. An hour and four years from now and -- the rules change. And you decide you wanna get out get out. But why turn down. A gift that is it's bad for the taking. I didn't I didn't realize that the report Q we could simply and okay thank you very much we don't have any money continuum -- ago. Right and you know without based on matching so I mean if you don't have the money to put up the match woman you don't get the bigger chunk. But I mean that's the way it is now that it's the state had more revenue to get bigger matches now it just. You know the amount of money you -- limited by Apatow formula. And then warm match money the state without the more -- money come down from Washington. You're there the path president of Louisiana medical society. State medical society your elegant the American. Medical association. You talked and politicians. That in the people involved in this that the state level and say to them oranges get out for the year. Yeah I mean abducted them all the time you know this well now it's it's sort of depends on you -- political affiliation. If he -- democratic. It and the wanting -- stay in and that he republic and you have to demonstrate its fiscal responsibility. And this sort of provide an easy target since it tick off. If it really. And I think you know what really is happening. Allen and you know that talked about this before is we're transitioning we pan -- For a model created by Huey Long. Where the the safety net system was assistant public clinics and public hospitals. And the government would -- what's called disproportionate share money to support states to pay for them. But the government has decided it doesn't want to do that anymore it wants to use instead. By poor people in -- insurance policy. And so we're now in the middle of the transition from the old to Louisiana. Charity hospital public clinic public health unit system. Two in January in terms model. And we're just caught in transition. I think one of these days will make it through. The amount of money spent by the state is the -- Whether you buy insurance policy for patient already is build a clinic for them to go to free of charge he's banned same amount of money. He only different is the mechanics. And you know if I if I ruled the world and I actually would do was creative targeted each patient -- control like a medical savings account. And the thank you to decide where they wanted to go to their health care what care they wanted to yet. We've we've got to take a break but hold that thought whereas here -- the savings account. Had the -- and no repair expert who -- understand a little bit better. Bruce in Slidell stay with a bullet should talk to doctors right after this. Double rubio because it's -- little -- You aren't limited time minutes or so what America quick we're thinking about the governor to in -- you will not experience that Medicaid in the seat report came out Commonwealth Fund. Claiming that we're still going to be -- it will help implement the plan and of the state of Florida purist with this past resolute yet -- seek medical society. And that we have broad Bruce from Slidell and hold on for quite -- Bruce you're on with -- Burris. They galling -- out of there. Ellis and I I originally called just to law. To talk about the opt out that we had available. Agree with dollar appear or should. -- -- -- Yeah out. That that would spend money. That the governor says won't be available law. These -- don't have the -- usable we spend now bullet. Like -- said the originally. Why -- take the money on and we can always opt out for years -- with a force so much better. I'm used to. They but think -- -- to doctor agrees -- I mean what's that our government do it and expel you from the nation's. Kicking out of the the confederation of states. Barbara what can -- do. Doctor Rotella told can be about the news. -- that you were talking about. Rather basic principle and that's it -- simple numbers supposed you're twenty years ago. He put a thousand dollars in health savings account and you buy health insurance policy with a thousand dollar deductible. And you young it's not gonna cost you very much indeed if you go to the doctor you might spend if you're under the that they didn't get sick. And you didn't have to use you've got a thousand Matt -- Next he put another thousand in you've got a 2000 dollars savings account. -- your policy had a 101000 dollars deductible after ten years. You've got 101000 dollars today and you buy a policy with a 101000 dollar deductible and it gets cheaper and cheaper. By the -- pier forty where you may really start means used -- -- and it got 20000 dollars say they'll. So you can buy health insurance policy with a 20000 -- deduct the. The -- which is much cheaper than buying one with 500000. Dollar deductible. So as you as you proceed along the money is it he would make he spent Latin Latin. As you get older as opposed to spending more -- And -- can make all the latest 65 without any major illnesses. You've got 40045000. Dollars saved up. Thank you gone Medicare Italy is now you've got more than enough money to pay the premiums in any supplemental insurance. You want to have for the rest of your life. But more importantly you as a patient have control over the Dolly decide how your health care's going to be spent. So in other words if you feel you have something urgent need to go to adopt or to emerge keeper. That money there you don't have to call 1800. Mega act numbers may Affordable Care Act may actually go to the emergency room. And we you -- You make that decision you spend your health care dollars the way you think you should. -- throw one of them were running out of time will return some future time you'll be here to talk about the birds topic I don't think you know people understand that. I don't think you'd get from the publicity. Can we get to back to litter they share. Back to doctor thank you -- time we have a great day. Coming right back over -- bigger celebrity field were applied -- Korea fifty billion people -- we're trying to help change coupled with second harvest food bank it on to Princeton review of the wind. -- Public -- possible to get some sense from your regular food we beat or else.

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