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12-12-13 2:10pm Angela: on road rage

Dec 12, 2013|

Angela discusses what to do about road rage with Dr. Michelle Moore of the LSU Health Sciences Center and Trooper Melissa Matey of State Police Troop B.

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-- an LPG arrested a man who confessed to pulling out a gun and threatening another driver southbound on self Carroll an avenue. It's called road rage have you ever been a victim of broad range have you ever been in a car with someone who became enraged by another driver. What causes us to trigger. Today were talking with state police about how prevalent -- rages. And with a psychologist. About why. So please call us if you've ever had an experience or in fact if you've ever -- Raging and want to talk about that the number is 260087. With us is trooper Melissa made me who was spokesperson for the Louisiana state police troop being. And doctor Michelle more clinical psychologist. At the L issue Health Science Center and I think both of you for being here. I was saying I don't think we had the term road rage even ten years ago maybe so definitely not twenty years ago. So we want talk about what is happening in society. But first I'd like to talk to -- may be about you're seeing more of this. We are seeing an increase in it over the past several years. There's been numerous incidents that we've had even in the -- -- carrier here in in New Orleans metropolitan area that we seen. That the major ones that that stick out in everybody's minds -- it any of the ones with the weapons just like you brought up where where somebody brandish brain just as a weapon. And and threatens another motorist with -- -- visitors there's -- extreme cases but again we DC. But there are cases with -- weapons that just. Is on -- to people who had this experiences. Where the car can become the weapon absolutely the car can become the weapon or somebody can begin to follow you after a road rage incidents we. We want people understand it when you're driving. It's almost like that that old kindergarten slogan that you learn is treat everybody as you want to be treated and and when you find yourself in a vehicle. Especially during the holiday season you're in a rush there's more traffic on the red. The distractions in the car bring up and a whole another issue. And if you. Not meaningfully but if if you cut somebody off while they're on the red. It it can get under somebody skinny you never know what's gonna happen at that point and who that person is behind the car and what's going on in their life. And gotten into that it actually see the incident that is when you see the Kansas and but many times. Driving -- somebody will come right Obama bumper. And not touch that. And that is a very aggressive think this is an algae on just happen to catch up they are wanting me to do something. And that is terrorizing -- It it can be and it scares a lot of people we phone calls stay in and day out at at the troop. Regarding things like this an and please we want the public to report these types of of hazardous motorists that are out there that are. Tail gating better weaving in and out of traffic that are not paying attention to the -- that aren't buckled up that may be impaired. Behind the wheel we want people to call. Call us and let us know when those things happen when they see there -- things because we don't have troopers. Unfortunately we don't have them everywhere we don't have eyes in every aspect of the interstate -- -- state highways that we need. We rely heavily on citizens to call us and let us know what's going on -- he get a chipper happened to investigate and make sure that we we try to maintain safety. On -- race. Doctor more sort of what we just touch on -- somebody has had a bad day in him somebody is racing to get someplace. We're all feeling more pressure time pressure were all feeling. Different kinds of stress that perhaps didn't exist along time ago on a daily basis so you -- the elements. Of how this could happen but the differences. Were all this way -- all of -- Harry but we're not. We're not doing a raging thing. Right and I think it's true that. The aggression builds up all day long so you start your day something maybe it makes here rotated the first the -- in the morning. -- get in the car and maybe get irritating -- call while you're in the car -- I -- on the phone and you're aggravated and I find that a lot you'll see people talking on the phone or texting or doing something like that there are you distracted. Another angry about the conversation they're having it's -- they're gonna make poor judgment calls when they're driving because of that and that's -- as a -- motions letting your emotions kind of run wild and not being able to calm those emotions down. And you you said it well that in Arlington the garden we teach all sorts of lessons and I think and that -- we teach -- kindergarten is how to problem solve effectively. So when you need to actually work at a problem and when need to just move on. As somebody cuts you off and it was an accident in the TV the wave. You know kind of apologized to you just move on like let it go and continue on the today continue -- to drive. Don't let all those small things builds up and create that rage and aggression that gets to be so powerful. You know I had an interesting experience this past Saturday on magazine street which is -- -- pars all the time. And I need to turn around so I pulled into a girl to a parking but. And was backing count I had looked very carefully so this big double Decker red -- the big new red buses. So I was gonna do before the big red bus got there. Had a blind spot and did not see a car. And sold this car went bizarre. Finally I realized I was going berserk because I was thinking -- this person thinking I'm so stupid as to pull out to want him to hit me. And I could now I'm re playing the whole thing. Was I close to road rage he he was but it was please let's stop and think about this but I really have pulled out. So you could hit. And it's just being conscientious as a driver right recognizing that sometimes that we may not see somebody would unintentionally -- -- as things that you do you see somebody else getting aggravates you start to get aggravated right. That's -- to solve a problem either now it's it's the. Escalation of everything new. And then it leads us into very bad situations just like the one you point it out where and a PD arrests -- the person that that brandished a weapon and and threaten another individual. We've had reports of red rage incidents where somebody will follow the other person. They don't know how to get away from them they keep following them they're going around the block they don't wanna drive to their house because this person continues to follow on. And in that. Type of situation called police let us come and handle it. But. Unfortunately again we see this far too often and I think it does start with the beginning of somebody's day. -- the initial part of the day gets irritated and it just rolls on through. And when you're in the vehicle. That's another thing he wanted to take in consideration make sure their properly -- you wanna get to where you're going to safely. And by raging when you're behind the wheel you're not gonna get to where you're gone safely it's actually gonna take up more of your time. So if he can just focus on the red and and try to lead as he -- out of it. You know it's like -- has an analysis. What does everybody rushing. Perfect so you save -- minutes look. Clinton but I put myself and that I really do stay with us were talking about road rage and again I'm asking anybody who's ever had an experience. Or has even feel that themselves to give us a call to six 087. We'll be right back. We're talking about broad range and doctor Michel -- LSU Health Science Center. And trooper Melissa may be our guest that we have all kinds of callers and we're gonna go to them now let's go to -- in Picayune Mississippi. -- I'm doing fine how are you. You believe -- -- -- oh yes. I know I'm doing good night out. On the wall or do you. Like the thought of a real light flash -- people or. You orbit. You know right. Poppy why -- -- quite well all. You know. Are you in the right -- On. A -- -- -- -- he's in trouble. If you're in trouble -- he's gonna trust. Your. -- legally he has to be so far back from the U. Oh. That was that jet or whatever company. Carl -- well with when you get into big trucks there's there's a larger distance that they're supposed to be from I'm not -- he's he's. And I he he's probably closer to you've been. Then within that that law say what I would suggest as it she call state police if you're on the interstate it's star Ellis 577 column for yourself found. Tell him exactly what's going on and let them get a trooper out there to act to stop that truck and -- see exactly what's going on in and cite him as appropriate. But -- -- -- happened volatile. Ticket -- -- that still goes you know would. Which are talking about -- outraged and even vehicles but call it. Even with its huge city. You know vehicles. I'm sure you've heard. But keep vehicles with small kids it's not a seat belts out. Question to you noted that back there at the TV's the pack it away urged top flight. -- -- -- drop. Now I hear what -- -- saying and that's that's kind of what we're talking about it's very scary but. But you're playing by the rules and this -- not the only alternative is exactly with the -- saying is you've got to call them critical state police. And I you need -- let has come out there and investigated. And you know we unfortunately we don't have enough troopers to be in in every mile of every roadway everywhere in the state of Louisiana -- -- we had to rely heavily on the public in the citizens say Unita Collison let us know what's going on so we can go out there and investigate panic and of course site appropriately I appreciate you calling -- -- just be very careful. On ballots go to Tony who listened and -- PD officer. -- -- -- And as wondered you want somebody that you don't see all the common here. Are we do what -- complaints. Agency as well there's not so much you know you've got to realize that. The danger comes when individuals get Israel -- And they -- have a bad -- but don't know you have -- Get. And that person may -- more so that you would be in and you you've -- -- what you teach you so it's kind of a catch 22. Is that you disputed take a deep breath and something happens unexpectedly. Unexpectedly it. Hopefully. Manager. The same token goes with people that they'd like in general was saying he -- -- -- -- a lot of drivers slow drivers in the -- and I. And people flash their lights sort of -- the traffic to continue on the left playing. Whether he'd -- speed or not it's certainly been some people slam on their brakes that they don't like the fact that you're trying to pet them and -- And that it becomes an accident situation in the states. I'm also -- it -- an hour so that you can make the person on the net flashing light to continue want. So it's a catch 22 not just would be. The person that absolutely wants to go to a place but it's also the person that tries to. May make it more agitated to another individual went both -- We get serious situation that we don't -- deal. Well I hear exactly what you're saying and again I admit I'm guilty of that on on Saturday on magazine street my reaction was bad. And shame on me and I am more of a grown up than that but I could see how things could escalate. Of course I would be running our. That's open that you know person I don't know. And actually do keep your eyes focused on what to do it if people don't. Hope that they don't need to exchange verbal occasion our finger jester -- OK because as you make the situation. And like like they said it might on an individual poll. Absolutely count now won't won't make that situation right away. I would say drive to the police station. It back to law go so well that you don't stop until you get some assistance but out. The point theaters. Need to understand -- that could be brought. And it's gonna take you to escalate the situation -- that would make yeah. And especially -- out these and a couple of things that go wanted to write lies and we are in deciding whether people can believe it. And yes -- over there than what 1015 years ago and things escalate a little bit faster as well so. -- I can't thank you enough for your calling your insights and you're absolutely correct and I say let's all take a collective deep breath. Right up to execute arbitrary and -- sake forget about it. Thank you so much. Outlook Linda from -- telling. Hi Aaron and I and our -- -- it. And fill out what happens. -- -- -- power when it separately so opposite in -- breached by the time you. I mean we speak about the citizens what about the police profits that society impoundment. Added weight of the -- in front of the police let him go. And he stayed at Indianapolis since so outraged about the currency. Well he can't back out to leaning -- -- -- -- it's -- that closes its weapons frantic and I mean Patrick in front of him. And completely out of line when -- opinion we have in the -- you look back -- me. And so this probably felt that have followed me on alone just are not true. Did. I wouldn't you do that's a very good question I -- -- as a police officer and a -- and on top. Yeah I would really. Benefit that it one pick up the phone to -- anyway. -- hold on 12 Cooper is in that case it's if you feel that that your life was a -- jury felt threatened. -- -- you can call that police department in and make a formal complaint. Or or speak to police officer's supervisor if you'd like that but always remember -- when you're turning from a side street. Whoever's coming on main street has the right of way. I had to give him the right way to go but he wanted to era that he -- they need to step. And so and I proceeded to go in front of him. He carried -- behind me. He's a road rage I don't know what was his problem that -- but it was shortly after the not pick up the telephone call and I'm not. I wonder she had just pulled over on the side the road and knowing that he would stopped as well just to say. Love -- again. Yeah I was afraid to even stop you know I just kept broadly -- -- blinked at less -- But probably is that an accurate and I'm looking in -- -- -- back I mean. I even tried another -- heat turned. Out it was like oh my problem it's gonna happen at this. Did he finally just don't go out what happened is I went to. War. Populate probably -- area. And that any -- apparently. From -- that work. Eight what. -- mildly because I was devastated. Outlook did himself -- that -- -- and me. -- Melinda and listen I appreciate you calling in you bring up some very good points and I think. Well. Again you you got away and that is good. But I think that the lesson learned is as scared as you are down one -- one and just say it is a police officer I don't think -- done anything wrong but I'm afraid. Linda thank you very very much wouldn't take a break for the news we're gonna join Chris Miller in the newsroom but stay with this as we continue to talk about growth -- Well have you ever been a victim of road ranger have you ever been so angry one day you were sort of perpetrators of the road rage it's happening it is happening and scare. And we're talking with the doctor Michel Moore from L issue about the psychology behind it and also with the troop being. A woman from -- Melissa may be we always appreciate her coming on as well. It is something that's happening in our society at least we're feeling that it's happening more and more -- Tommy your wife encountered it. Oh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Over over so she's a couple people. So. You go. To. Should global. The guys. In the -- Window. Where the -- and future if Tokyo. There -- Sure that you blah blah blah blah. She. -- -- on. One. Cheer this vehicle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And later as a joke well we. Widget on the law. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which means that an. Individual whether it is we that would -- back. Full week ahead straight in the district. Beat someone about it and let them became. I mean it can't wait a couple of problems with children are caught. A call. -- -- what the card and. -- and that's exactly -- world topic is the escalation can happen and then that there's no good end to it but the guy that did this to your wife. If you're describing he's looking for flight he's here or yeah that's right I'm talking to one. To Melissa international markets -- out with Allah issue I mean what do you do with that mean that guys angry from the get. Right we don't escalate these situations and -- -- somebody comes -- they're trying to -- -- on they're trying to get under our skin if we let these people can understand. That we're just making the situation worse by the remaining comic and try to make -- keep yourself -- the others around TC maybe -- -- children in the car making your children's -- If you take out a gun and you're in the same thing that other person is doing -- -- actually in the car with you in your children teacher he really have to stop and think about those things as your. Emotions start to escalate and trying to help yourself -- common element it's a human note to feel anger. It really is when you feel threatened. Anger is part of but what -- saying is take care of the situation. First. And then you know. But good -- to have followed up with those phone calls that. I'm glad that. We heard. In a barrel. No thank you very very much. -- Craig Bay Saint Louis. It looked like and it is don't drop in and sit in New Orleans. -- told me I'd drink corridor right there between them to New Orleans and Baton Rouge and and it really so much and and just reaction. Of the people job -- the local. That drop this is incredible. Just curious. Just a bit law. Constantly you know like an all along merry -- away or back back from the Portland dance. And -- Trying to get in the -- like -- so. Much and he wanted to Papa. Ultimately Eric -- the sale -- -- albums on that and I am a bit at -- -- -- leash. In a new. Record. A holy day -- and there's aggression driving along. And -- robbers. That's what -- Kabul like to report an industry. And the worst apparent as of this and others expressed opinion -- be unions and -- -- the state beat. Police. I appreciate it. We don't we don't actively patrol Orleans bearish but if we cease and then we will stop it and again -- through the matter area where you're talking from airport. -- we into the sixty and split art in that area and of course we we do you stop things as we see them. Again and fortunately we don't have a police officer for every mile for every block there is as a state highways. And interstate systems that we we do that we can unit and came we relied heavily on the public. For them to tell us what's going on there are guys out there and they need to report its acting student to go out of cell phone it is built in this. A lot of child. It was cute picture numbering chip but -- all of them immediately and let them what just witnessed so what's gone on delighted to get opening. But just incredible. The amount of these huge drop was the way. And tell you very very Smart to do that -- you can say on at this moment in this area. Here's the cap number and and this is one on -- period and -- that they know where they are. Thank you very very much -- -- stay with us we'll be right back we are talking about road rage all kinds of wonderful callers I appreciate this. Joseph from last week -- you were followed home by a road ranger. You know. I miss the ball well down there and good and -- But we. Don't don't don't you know. Match. You know. -- That. To. -- When -- and huge. And rapidly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and you know economy. But in the yes and but thank heaven nothing happened and that is exactly what we're talking about the escalation. And and again I've been with you. I know that feeling and it's it's an unpleasant feeling you look back on and thank Kevin nothing happened to you -- we gotta stop it we gotta stop. That escalation and we can't. But at least -- that -- had not. Been -- -- and then. Get -- To do that. It. -- -- -- -- And we just. Went yeah. That's. Been the text you have. Among them. -- You know. Here Richardson and -- thank you very very much for Colin wanna talk to a doctor mark here. Let's talk about how to calm yourself down and into talking to me -- I'm never gonna do that again. Lesson learned. But that the tendency is to to respond that. How to we stop ourselves. It starts racing at. When you start feeling like your blood boiling and your thoughts start racing that's the moment when you have to really pay attention I need to calm myself down and it's hard to tell yourself that. Mean I'm getting worked up I need calm myself down. We talked about deep -- -- the time and it's so true if you stop and take three deep breath and count to five. Cut to Mississippi would -- be -- -- You know if you really -- -- and that solution heart rate down it's gonna -- your mind down that's gonna really calm yourself down you're in the -- it's -- music on. But the thing on that's enjoyable listen to you if you're able to maybe talk to a friend and that's actually comment for you maybe can do that. But in that moment it's really paying attention to I feel myself getting worked up now I have to be the one to calm myself down because nobody else is going to be -- the -- that for you. But it's really paying attention to what is going on with me in the moment he calling the spots down a couple of times have -- is kind of what it's out of control. You start thinking of a terrible this person is yes you know right and your analysis and it very well earlier that sometimes you know what happened and that person -- Maybe there in a rush because there's some in hospital and trying to get there's maybe there's a reason why they're driving more aggressive than they usually do you know sometimes are -- back goes on people's life you have to pay attention that. Psychics and sticking out of consideration to acquire people doing what they're doing. You know just having empathy for other people in the moment -- really paying attention I need to slow myself down and I just gonna ask like this and make it worse if I continued to idea I think sometimes in society we. This is a gross generalization. But. We're feeling less in control then of our lives and having -- happen economically. Around the world. And so all of a sudden you're in that car and that is something you have control and not a good thing. But it. Because it can go the wrong way well sometimes you're sitting in traffic and those are moments where you have no control because you're in traffic it's bumper to bumper there's nowhere you can down and everybody sitting in traffic you have to just accept the fact that there's traffic it's rush hour it's the holidays people out about. And accepting that fact rather than trying to swerve lanes and get in behind people in getting close to people are getting them to move but those are the moments when we don't feel like we're in control. And usually -- the car is a place for the driver's in control except when you're in traffic. You know we could do we could just open windows and say let's sing Christmas systematic attack at a -- attention stay with this -- gonna continue on -- We're talking broad range and person from -- hand. Person. Yes you have an experience. No I just work they don't listen -- -- and read and Garnett. And it seemed like we hear these thing Nazi. -- the most. -- we're don't when a standout wins you have some sort of a standout. Put people on all in all she had every day chills. In years later. They do whatever slight. It's like -- -- -- live and you all and it's like well. You know it is surely wrong to -- used -- all wrong. So to keep it. Bought it accuse them just -- -- -- -- and and you know. -- out Italy -- it's like. It's like I mean we overdo it and we injured Jeremy. Some people. It's like. A judge came out and well liked. Many cheers and all. That. And I listen I tell you I appreciate your calling and I appreciate your thoughts and you know maybe that's another whole show. Let me just ended with with both the view doctor Moore and our wonderful state trooper. We just have to become. That's the bottom line it is it's become be patient in again treat your fellow motorists like he wanna be treated in and just be courteous let somebody in its parent friend -- They're not gonna get miles ahead of you you're not gonna you're not gonna lose so many minutes behind that we -- be -- And it's not worth it to get so upset and just make -- day even worse when Everett -- thank you both so much for joining us now let's go to Chris Miller in the news.