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12-12-13 3:10pm Angela with UNO's Ron Maestri

Dec 12, 2013|

Angela sits down with UNO baseball coach Ron Maestri, coming out of coaching retirement to retake the reigns of the Privateer baseball team.

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I'm so excited about finally getting to talk to this man. He was the coach who put fuel in a baseball on the -- forty years ago. Ron main street took the privateers to the pinnacle in 1974. Of the division two college World Series. And ten years after that to the division one college World Series becoming the first will be easy and it team to qualify. Tremendous accomplishments. And tremendous history. But today we're gonna talk Iran main street about what was and what he hopes will be as he re takes the Helm of UNL baseball. Forty years later. I just I marvel at this I'm so impressed. Pictured doing best. You were a legend when you left you were legend today. So you know one doesn't go back into this for that kind of glory -- -- clearly motivated by something else. Well Angela thank you it's a privilege to via news show. I admire you for a long time. I'm back we should all be fortunate. To have a second time around. And yeah I haven't totally different perspective. I think come I'm I'm going to be a better coach I think. You know it's like both of those when you're starting on your business and dedicated in the year trying to make a mark in. He's doing all the things and now. -- you don't have anything to prove 173 years old I'm not going anywhere. And made it does Susan decision to come back because. I want to help -- program. We built that thing you know it was on backward so. I'm going back with an entirely different perspective. -- -- and enjoy the kids and join the program. And it's going to be fun and I'm excited. You know you mentioned your 73. I believe strongly sixties the new forty so you're not even middle -- -- 73. But it is it it it is a reality that the job you're having isn't necessarily behind the -- -- -- it's a very physical and mental job. And I've hired I've got four greatest system and the key is. You know then we -- a head coach now in any major sport you've got to have good people Monday. And so the first thing I did coming and his put together great staff and a James jurors that plated two line was an all American is in our hall of fame. College graduate and play professional baseball. -- -- AJ Petit stone who's pitching coach college graduate. Played with his efforts and the opportunity to see him there. Blake dean played in -- issue holds all the records and won the national championship a few years he's my voluntary system. Justin Garcia -- play and you know so they're young they're vibrant there. You know they got a lot of enthusiasm and I can just sit back and direct. In the and I look forward to that first and I know it's not till next year but sitting back and hopefully you will enjoy and I vacancies sort of on the in the bullpen. Or why you know it's. I scheduled Paul pulmonary plays. And a we scheduling games to help you know when Paul was so kind. And our fields are our new facility it is supposed to open that day organize under the seven and fourteen that she talked about the 84 team. And it should be a selloff. In I'm excited that I'm looking forward to it's going to be a fun day. I think the whole community is -- look forward to it you know there was a wonderful article in the University of New Orleans alumni magazine. And and it says something that just to mean. The whole thing to get unquote. You. We're gonna play the game the right way we're gonna respect the game we're gonna dress like a baseball player. Who Sesame Street who gave up his job as chief operating officer of his efforts to return to -- -- if you look good you play good. We're going to act like a player on and off the field and that's important to us. And that to me sort of said your philosophy. Well coming back. I had a few things that I wanted to do. And I've had a lot of time to reflect on my previous. And coaching. Obviously academics. And I am so excited I can't wait in the nineties -- just talked Erica them advised of the -- gonna come out. A stressed that we've we've got an academic advisor who's done a great job. My coaches are monitored and it is. And I think that I don't think I know this is going to be at some wonderful students -- So since your hair to to get a degree. And I think. And Eric could be my best achievement this year I got my failures strokes because the kids are really work started in a class room. Second of all we have new strength coach we we had to get stronger. They worked hard they've made great strides from the first -- there are 20 we test -- last week. Putting together a good staff. We worked hard off fault we had to work on the fundamentals way how to work about the team concept. We had a gentleman right frame of mind you know last year -- -- 47 games. It was a losing attitude. And you know you gotta change them migrants so. I don't know how many games we're gonna win this year but I will tell you want that kids are -- a class. There's more discipline. There there -- enjoying themselves. So you know all our philosophy is go on get better every immigrant things happened and saw lieutenant. Well we're gonna take a quick break we're gonna come back we're gonna continue our top with the coach about some of his rules right after this. He is the coach Ron main street back in the saddle again. 73 years old and I just look at you and marvel and say you go I can see the enthusiasm you have. And just your attitude of you're gonna enjoy it more as the coach. So up about the kids you've got not just as baseball players but academically and that brings to mind. I loved reading about your rules. Well it you know. Were a product of our upbringing. Your parents. My college coach you know. I remember -- we had to come up before played -- game is sure approach or issues -- to stay warm polished him play or you went back you found some polish it polish them. He showed us how to address he showed us how to act. How to Wear the uniform how to respect the game. That -- huge part as part of discipline. You know we're gonna demand were demanding that of our kids now. If you don't go to class you're there to get a degree. And so if you don't going to go to the academic American -- and I am. Really excited. Because of grades weren't exams. The grades are gonna come out -- next week. And I know I've got from talking to about two or three kids having to go up four points. Yeah well we get progress reports are coaches monitor that kids make sure there -- going to class. In I'm as excited about seeing those -- c'mon because I think. They're gonna do very well and and I'm -- and that's why -- there. You had said earlier in the program that you're gonna be a little different as a coach -- you were very very successful. As a coach. What are you going to add to that to be different. Well you know -- listen to your programs in the on the waiting room -- road rage and teammates at road -- for the on pars. -- But all I think I've. It all more young where the were excitable and everything else and I handle some of my coaches look at me nomination I can get upset about that that's the -- now. There's a time to -- set does that time two and a I think. There again I'm gonna repeat myself use your second time around you see things that July -- at -- things that you wanna do different so. I think I have a more calming. Understanding. And I'm not until Derek and I told chance for fosse and I told -- Anywhere on my family's here this is that I'm not looking to go to. Notre Dame or another school or anything like that I'm all I don't -- -- disputed. But I want a comeback. And give back to a place that gave me thirty years like you'd -- at W them via. That was my whole life that was -- where. It was very good to me so they have they've had a tough time and if I can give a little back. He and we can use it and get going on and an even keel. If I stay healthy people are saying well he's going to do one years we do it how many years you're gonna do I says as long as I feel. And I still have the enthusiasm. A might be the oldest coach in a country. -- stand proud. You know you were mentioning about you and having some struggles and you and there have been big struggles and -- -- them. 1 of the things and you're at -- -- have this -- new stadium or Mariah Carey which is very exciting as you said will be open for the first game in February. But. One thing I've always understood is that you know being someone of commuter school. The difficulty in getting people to attend the games none -- it'll cost and you've got a game plan for that. Yeah I do and we don't have -- first of -- the the university was decimated after Katrina pre Katrina they had seventeen plus. Thousands students and they're lucky if -- Gatti right now. Everything's tuition driven you're seeing in the solar comeback because their projections -- -- And so doctor files has come -- and he's renovated he's added new people and the really -- Porsche. To recruit students. We don't have all the money and I knew that come and then. So we're gonna have to do things. Plans we've got five. Conference home series you play Friday Saturday Sunday. A wanna sell one of those days okay. A mile -- got a meeting with the gentleman with the late few civic association. There's tons a young kids in late fees. Wanna have a late tonight -- have a boy scout. On one hand of I talked to the students were feed them. They had exams and opened the envelope there are slowing them sausage and stuff. Talking as a student groups and I want to have a student group there one of the biggest basketball games whoever hand at 10 o'clock human as you know and we had to put jam apart. And in the -- turned out that was a ball. While I want to do that I want to do it on that Friday night whenever I have to answer -- we -- we play at 630 by the baseball game it's about four hours. They can have a good time and now they all present and go out of 10 o'clock 11 o'clock him and that's anyway so yes. We've got to promote we've got to get people to come out. And when people come out the kids play like one -- people understands we consult concessions we can sell tickets and we can do the things. To promote the game so it's it's a big -- were gonna do it. -- McCain another just a little hint here. Football has really captured women. And -- what we weren't always think it's but -- clearly that they are now I say have a special women's tonight. We well -- you know one of baseball's historic ladies. Absolutely you know at. That -- suffers -- thirsty Thursdays. And we have all season and when the ladies and amend count. And that's a big -- it's a fun and so. Yeah there's a lot of things and -- is gonna take time we don't have all of the staffing by -- I've got my daughter who's got twin boys and she's gonna help while -- school and were set -- meetings with these different organization. And and we got a plan when Connecticut and that's right I just -- Tremendous sense how hopeful you are. 44 UNL in total not just baseball. On that and come back and I told active processes is Smart comeback about baseball on its comeback -- university. Needs a lot of help I mean a lot of help. You know higher education for whatever reason I still can't figure. They've decimated. All of the schools in the state. And as it's I've been an education my whole life. And we talked about we need we need bright kids we need kids that graduate we -- kids going and do. The sciences and so on but then we're gonna cut them I mean the State's system human almost and cut. -- at least 7080 million. Dollars that'll probably come up to midyear cut this year. And he'll lose good faculties. Lose group staff your buildings. So if I can help in anyway you know. They've called my -- until doctor for a -- about their sling and hatch to the students the other and I. I'll go to anything that I can help to show. That we care. About them. We got some bright students there they still -- wonderful job in the academic field yes they do and they're graduating kids and I've told my cars my goal is you'll graduate. I'm might not be here but hopefully you can come back. And give back to the university. Like a lot of votes and -- and you know that's that's what's important. What really makes an exceptional player on the Ron main street the new coach the new baseball coach at UN now it's like deja Vu all over again. So time passes your back. And yet your instincts are all that you did for you know over your thirty year career there now you're back you know apply those. But doesn't it all go back to a sense of the difference between who could be a good player and you can be a great -- sure. And tomorrow amid an economic coats -- ties -- groups in the professional ranks the saints. The pelicans now. As a offers from Major League Baseball. Is there's no secret there's no geniuses you -- have now and the better the better programs. -- of people that legalized and -- good talent and you know. You've got to get a good athlete news look of trustees. In baseball regular cup for arm strength and look and four. People today that can swing the bat and it takes a key in I've got to stand out. JJ JJ James jurors are recruiting coordinator he's done a fantastic on the Koh -- Because he's the man and he's on a road. He loves -- and -- parents and he's he can recruit. Talks here. That's what you have to have -- you have to have a keen you've got to say you know in many cases today. The kids that we might be -- Not a polished here. -- got a project. Just like somebody had a project Angela. You first start out equal and broadcasting. You're young so there's new media and TV analysts science for. Coming you know from the station but -- obviously she projected somebody's salsa okay. And so. That's what we have to do and once we get them and we got to develop -- we've got to teach them the skills and give him the opportunity. Two enhance those somebody with great talent but that attitude that you. That's. That's one of the biggest things about more Emma. You can't play the game and one of the things are so in minor league as well those are you know you play on and 44 game play every day. They might have one day awful on. Baseball's cruel game you fail. You know. 69 times you know that he is successful three out of ten -- 300 so you fail on the other time. And your plan every day you have to be self motivated. You have to have an attitude OK you might go for one that you can't hang your head to camp pout. He got to work hard you gotta have the positive. There's so much being done. The people are hiring. People who command and on the Marlins have a psychologist. The -- value weighted. Guys that are having problems. -- the attitude. How to BM and an even keel. That technique in the strength training. The eating habits. From when I started at desire for losers and you know. You know kids worried burgers and Fries and you're trying to go on playing game at the -- is one minute to a club for -- sounds like 747. -- club. Everybody is credible and there. But it juices and salaries and apples strawberries and cantaloupe and and the the permissible supplements. And they'll put out a spread in they're not commute derivatives than that so they wanna take care of the body they want to be strong. One of you know -- all of hand and again. And and other sites that are ahead of the curve they've they've hired people they evaluate their guys they. They give them every opportunity. To build their strength there there eating habits there. Psychological. It's a tough game and it's a tough grind. People hasn't. And it's not always easy particularly when you struck a talent. When you're tapping your hitting everything or you're striking out everybody its cities that's when everybody at home run off here you can't strike out. That's when you really sees a real person and so we've got to Stan and we talked about it at all. It's that positive attitude and you gotta create an atmosphere. Which a player you got to be proud. If you go out your turn them down on time out you know which and again. Stay with this the coach continues. We're talking with a new coach of the UN of baseball Ron -- just a legend in his own time I keep saying it. One of your students who had mentioned earlier was pulmonary who of course is the wonderful Cogent. LSU did you see something extraordinary in him when you were coaching him. Yeah well see Paul. Paul was a product has filed a coach a very very successful. Miami date -- junior college coach. College coaches hall of fame. And many many big leaders from ought to be marked down to Mickey rivers on the new one and so I recruited down there. I saw Paul Paul -- television -- Went back to play for his dad. And graduated from junior college. And I got a call now and Paul has been around a game. Bin are honest and from was in the dugout from this high. -- how Warner called Paul as superior talent but he had the -- you can play the game you always ask questions that you when he was about here you know he he he was gonna coach you wanted to follow. In his father's footsteps and yeah. People ask me that w.s and now 1500 and some games that doesn't mean. The other pulmonary. That's polish yeah again Tim Jamison is coach remembers him in the Missouri on -- meant. The Carthage College. Randy -- vice. President general manager -- assistant gentlemen and Mike -- few years ago and coached the managed Chicago -- All those kids played there. They got their degree. The very productive that's the premium product. Paul's been inducted into the college coaches hall of fame this year along inauguration so -- I'm minute but we've got two or you don't know people go on him. And much product that isn't it. But you know what you're talking about is. Of the legacy that you had but also. How monumental that program has and I can sit in your rise. That's what you want to again -- why aren't there is no question. It's what is it gonna take it's much more difficult today you know skip. Of -- -- success skip ahead up there and believe me what a job he did the dollar issue but we've talked about it. It's so much different today because all these schools have good programs. All of them are good institutions. Particularly in the -- Warm weather areas they have the full compliment of scholarships there's someone more bright young coaches out there. It's so much competitor of them when I was coaching. To someone a better programs the ones who knows. Not that's sort of saying we can't do it again but it is that has changed. That has that is different. I have people asked me will kids have changed. Kids hasn't changed. Cancer kids. Are good kids. They want discipline. I told people when I was coaching mates. There I said what's wrong I don't have changed a lot here I've got kids out there are now -- -- -- -- older their hitting they wanna get better. There are kids. And if you give them structure. But I've noticed where the parents there last scrimmage. We had parents come from Ohio parents come from the Buffalo, New York Phoenix Arizona. The kids and we have in the local kids their parents or interest. There's no secret today you've got to have that structure as a young kid and that follows all the way through. A member Woody Hayes the what do you -- -- -- -- and -- go to a -- -- -- -- coach and write everything down so when I walk into a home. The first thing I look at is how does that player treatises -- A wanna see the respect because if he doesn't have respect for his mother. What am I gonna do when two or three hours today coach and he's eighteen years don't you think he's gonna change. Or less so profound statement but it makes a lot of sense. So I -- the kids today that have parental guidance. They're behind them there or interest that they want to know what they're doing. And I walk from a lot of people -- parents that -- they can be a pain some Omar. But you deal with that bullish says it's not a perfect world. What I can't imagine being a football coach. Because you've got AD -- hundred football players diverse -- routes. Different cultures. Different operating. And it takes somebody that can bring that together they can show. The guy and it's had a tough time how he can get ahead. We don't always work with the star. If you're gonna have a good team you got to have the guide is here and you've got to bring them along. And I think and I don't think I know that's why the saints have been successful. When Payton came in when Sean came man. He brought a staff and they got a -- allowed of people Mickey Loomis came in hired good people. Gave them the support. Mr. Benson put the money into that thing. And there's no. There's no secret why they've been successful they're doing at the right way and and hopefully -- gonna do well hopefully that's who we can order a try. Stay with us we'll be right back coach -- main street very excited about a new beginning -- and -- they had the first game. On February 14 put up with LSU then you come back the next day and it's here you know and we want the entire community out there just -- these kids on. Well I hope so it's going to be a -- -- -- come and you know. It's. You know Paulson made confide -- known cure come back to coach I don't know for its schedule -- And I -- listen. We do lose whoever. Thank you and good luck to you.