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12-12 4:20pm Deke Bellavia, Sugar Bowl in New Orleans

Dec 12, 2013|

Deke talks Sugar Bowl with the CEO, Paul Hoolahan.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well coming up on Thursday January 2 it is the Allstate Sugar Bowl in the Mercedes-Benz. Superdome and the got a good matchup VA is going to be -- this. Matt -- Proved to be something like the future will be for the Allstate Sugar Bowl eight years in which to shoot the vote -- not host national semi final contest it will be an ACC team. Any big twelve team populace not a welcome -- -- both CEO Paul -- hand Paul. Thank you so much for the time and man when you say the -- Oklahoma and Alabama. It resonates among college football thing. All of last exactly right. A whole lot more about their college football and you know we have we have a great depth background with both of those schools. Between the two schools I think -- have over thirty national championships. And about a 108 bowl games. You know the interesting thing is stable -- matched up against each other four times. In the history of the schools. And they never matched up against each other in a ball game. And yet individually. At the Sugar Bowl you're at individually they have. Participated in our bowl games as much as any schools have never done so it's going to be a great opportunity to put them together in -- match. -- take us through selection process and now the Super Bowl has been a place to some great stories over the course of -- Cinderella -- -- -- to consider this in the relevant lancet they wore a suit issue proudly and I mean it just -- Florida. In Louisville we -- Cincinnati coming it was in Hawaii come in here that you tell other programs but. How close was it on Saturday -- this past -- in the outcome of games. Most -- the Mac championship. Can't all think -- oil wanton will Wear what they've been at likely destination would they have been in the war. Well they certainly it would have been the right choice. They would be guaranteed -- -- and certainly at that time as well Central Florida. That would. Basically limited to the at loot at large pool to one school. And the orange ball was picking first this year. So they would have been able to look over at the bowl eligible. Large participants. And had Detroit so off the table. This kind of opened up the opportunities and Sugar Bowl and we're certainly glad it stayed because it. Enabled us to you're suited to snag. A great school like Oklahoma and create this destructive match. Paul who land the CEO of the Allstate Sugar Bowl is our guest at Thursday January 2 in the dome at Alabama. And Oklahoma in the issues shipment 2014 suitable. All I know you guys work on -- year round on tennis a little bit about last year at of the turnout wasn't what the Sugar Bowl using as it was a one of the -- sit in the history -- -- Sugar Bowl when you go back in a -- is anyone that you put your view of things wrong with an economy with what's the team in. When UP. -- figures afternoon like the issue Sugar Bowl how do you go through that evaluate wanna to what you guys can do that. Well I'd you know I really don't think it has a lot to do with us in that regard. The people that generally buy tickets to season ticket holders. Effective form our base. They showed up for the game. We we know quite frankly I think. Think this was reported so I'm not -- casting aspersions in any direction and any of the schools but kept Florida did not yet have as helping you a ticket turnout to both the right -- the purchase and then of course actually showing up to. The dating game and so you know that that. Not only hurt negate -- that did it did hurt. The appearance of the game as well so. You know those things happened in the course of the cycle. We've as do many of the games obviously the majority of which which sellout so. We can endure an occasional situation like that but to. You know I think -- those type games now would probably be few and far between and because of what you had just described earlier in the new arrangement that we have -- the Southeastern Conference and big twelve. Making it certainly exciting prospects for the future. And Paul would you talk about this a national semi finals will be in in the sugar -- years we don't we have an SEC your -- to -- -- talk talk about now as we move forward this is. One of the final. It's is the final year of BC it's with seats and great gains the team one team has been in the BCS title game on fourth time so Jenks Oklahoma. But Florida State in one of them the one they want was into ball until would you take a lot of history the BCS body history. In national championship games in New Orleans but moving forward. A talk about the new fourteen playoff at the -- boat rolled it. Yeah you know the situation is that. We have a twelve year contract now with the new college football playoffs. Four years of which we will -- as you pointed out. Semifinals of that new arrangement. But probably more importantly eight years is the range and that we have with the Southeastern Conference and yeah big twelve. So that gives us. A very bright future as we go -- and it solid certain. Q2 we know where we're going to be now the next twelve years as regards hosting national championships on the other hand. We will compete. On on a regular basis now with any interest in cities throughout the country that won't do well. Put in the Manhattan and be considered to host a national championship. And as opposed to be -- is strictly bowl effort. These are now becoming more community wide hosted events canned. Certainly not unlike some pupils or men's and women's final four so is little bit of a changeup in that respect for -- were involved sixteen years in the peace yes it was a nice situation. Because we do. There before the year that we were going to get the national championship no matter what. That was part of the -- he would be. Included in the yeah BCS. National championship rotation. It's not going to be quite -- is -- round. -- think you're probably aware that there. For the first national championship next year you were tied together with the Rose Bowl on. January 1 and will host the semifinals. On those days and then. Follow we will these these national championship played in Dallas that year. Currently the -- and created with about fifty other cities. Morey yeah in spot in needed to 2016. Or 2017. National. Game. So word -- patiently waiting outcome. That decision right now. And -- it all on a year let's say on the beard on the year you do you Q where David B we don't know what's -- to get -- eventually. Rather sooner than later. When you do get that national came into this final day a year the Sugar Bowl would it. Would it posters the big twelve of the SEC -- would used to be a fourth semi found. No you'd know in any year you -- -- national championship you cannot be hosting a semifinal. So okay so you'll be there would go to the SEC big twelve times and yet that's correct and Wachovia we -- -- out of -- before so essentially what they they shy away from using the term double hosting. Because that was so connected with the his previous BCS arrangement. In effect would be doing the same would be having the Sugar Bowl on the first and then a week later host the national championship. But again as a collaborative effort this time around. When they host committee comprised. Certain sectors throughout the city as opposed to strictly. Sure verbal commit. Not gutsy Apollo to hand CEO of the Allstate chip about January 2 eight -- what Oklahoma and Alabama. At local product forward go to -- win win do you find out. Who gets the 2000 and fifteen national champion 2016 -- team -- game -- six. Seen we will know hopefully next week there's days and it's only that that there are close to an announcement and so. Like every other cities that bid were patiently waiting to hear that. Well Paul good luck thank you so much for the time -- look forward appear that a great took a vote this year terrific thank you so much they have a great day. Are right it's the Allstate Sugar Bowl and you know moving forward -- that those matchup to be real intriguing and that's not you know you you -- educating -- learned so we -- now. That you cannot have a semi final gain. In the four team playoff and the national championship so movement forward next year is Super Bowl will be a semi final game. They in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day. The and the following year when we find out excuse that -- him to be the fourteenth when I was in Dallas. But win New Orleans does get to host the national championship game it Bears same year that we pride it would be the Sugar Bowl. And they would have SEC vs big twelve team that's an eight year agreement O'Connell all told us.