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12-12 4:35pm Deke Bellavia, Prep Football in the dome.

Dec 12, 2013|

Deke Bellavia speaks to Seth Dunlap who is gearing up for Prep football live in the dome.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pass rush at the blanket they'll come up beat -- last week the talk about your defense is there all the road it's. Another good defensive unit in the St. Louis Rams non early in the day after today's practice. Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media his coach on -- and then when asked about. Offensive tackle Charles Brown. I think he's doing well I think you -- last week a real good. Real good test for in the opponent. You're one of those one of the -- -- left tackle loses its who's your finish -- that we put tape on him now holes yet you know another great rusher here at Saint Louis and -- they seem to be on that side obviously so I think he's handled it well and you know I think he's. Been healthy in and that's that's given him the reps in the consistency and all those things -- report. More from Saints coach Sean Payton is coach Tom Peyton talk about those someone's at the Saints up front. -- and I wanted to deal with and not the best as coaches in the game in the Rams Chris Long. Well he plays with a great motor he's very talented. He's explosive. You know the snap that you get play number four you're gonna get that same. Energy that same ability -- the ones that count -- number 34 and then. So he goes extremely hard he's very Smart and he's he plays with very good leverage you know you see him get on the edge of tackles. You see him Russia's power -- Russians beat. So he presents a lot of child. But I can go practicing is sent -- new glued pretty dog to the media -- coach Sean Payton's news coach Peyton. Talked about the progression of defensive back Corey White House he's doing. Even -- well he plays with a great motor he's very talent. Wrong one night news listen in in one game where you're three. Threw four balls come your way. Because of the match up maybe compared to -- team was pretty common I think he's got very good instincts. And I think he's also a very good tackler. So I think he's adapted well with the you know the injury. Earlier in the year and in. You know when -- went down all of a sudden he went from being kind of an inside player to announce our players handled that transition. Pretty well. Well the state championship so long on right now in the Mercedes-Benz superdome and his the man -- -- -- he gets is excited on a first down as it does a touchdown. Are all set Dunlap who had a monster game to call -- night. On WW radio it is the well it was 58 now set its division I want. The rumble Raiders in the third Yellow Jackets and set I know you guys are excited you're excited keeping calling these games on line all season long enough. But a game this week in including perhaps may be the best game all we can't -- tonight if rubble. And -- I can't tell you what we -- relieved that about the game that -- that road Warriors and their third. Big championship game in five years there -- -- hit on the ball you'll try to win their second consecutive championship. Think -- actually out it through that dates back while they have multiple championships more big championship appearances. And very longest streak that spanned over many decades to that. Even though again that division one and only had ten teams. But it's two powerhouse teams that would have been fighting for -- battle even at five application -- well and it's going to be. It's going to be a real good right now we're just under way here at the superdome broadcasting on -- the university high cut. And John -- Patriots university. They are writing up their first possession inside. John Curtis territory here with ten minutes left in the first quarter and the first game to -- that we stopped doubling calvary Baptist that you were. Is. It. A -- be true that victory over the archbishop and it caught the calvary that that they win their first ever sneak. Championship where at all on your vantage at the top hero put forward jobs you'd do well. So Dunlap of course a part of our great prep football crew. Except that his team they do a great talent date tonight what you're listening to this that championship game you'll be highly impressed Osama reporters color analyst. Are hot outgoing popular coach loop out and set now that the entire crew it's excitement at its highest level. And it's a hell of a golfing -- and see her all game to be on line and it WW -- -- dot com throughout the -- -- full a full schedule. Go to our website -- night. Division one championship game at 830 we'll be right -- point that beat -- -- Radio set this is a new year issue we spoke to commissioner earlier basically the become mr. works for the scoot the members who. And it just seems like in the first round of the playoffs with 21 teams with the by. Several teams in the state championship. On only play two playoff games and -- a championship. Is Louisiana large enough financed state champions. Boy that failure if they broke about. Equally I think you might make the case but the problem is there's no equal rate is you. Alluded to that division one they have so few schools that all the team in the -- -- admirable and cheaper basically just to play out in meanwhile you have. All the regular classification 182 victory record by it they're playing four games. To get into just the state championship games so it on equal even in the Baptist. At -- and are you comfortable that coaches or rubble and Ebert big -- today. And it should be another game after all our -- termed a true. Mobile society champion Q what should -- but there have their kids ray plays there enough -- questioned -- enough schools and that they support nine -- produced. Application be even bigger. States. They don't go up and -- and so you know it's something of -- upper schools voted not this is not the only decade making their own. Authoritarian rule it would be voted on -- majority vote by all of the numbers schools. Very even splits but it was voted to be approved now. But hockey is that even the people who -- -- support this next here they are realize there is the person changes next here. They're likely going to be some changes are gonna go back the way it was. Probably not but it can change from what we -- this year probably. Let's set I have a great car tonight I'll be listened to 58 championship game at 830. Division one a 518 the rubble rated in the -- -- camps and the CE third -- -- right now at WW dot com. It's Christian get in these group and they are calling you in John Curtis says thank you so much look forward to it now they lose tonight a man have a great call -- --