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12-12 4-5pm Deke Bellavia, Sports Talk

Dec 12, 2013|

The Saints are 3-3 on the road this year with two road games remaining. Do you think they will finish above(5-3), below (3-5) or break even (4-4) on the road? Cast your vote @ WWL.com

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The world was coming out of Texas that Mack Brown sometime later this week would step away from the -- football coaching position at the university takes some sort of wait. Now -- You know Walt Disney world in Orlando Florida. AJ McCarron. -- media through ESPN college football they think that Nick Saban is staying. In Alabama he told me he's not leaving and I know his theory that's coach statewide. She run that house and -- -- -- coach to leave you that's according to what they did a pantsuit that coach statements that he stay. The you take -- what's your take on that and you know the thing is is that there's going to be some change to Texas. But win and what happens after that and now in New Orleans stands to be let's just say -- a perfect world it. Was sitting in two weeks from now through weeks from now. The last week or two weeks that we've -- Christmas. Christmas week. Texas has announced that brown won't be the coach. In Texas is not named. Their new coach. All -- boy -- -- you don't think the media on a flock to New Orleans even more -- now follow -- trail father trail. If we follow trade talk in new order mcsame. Will be here coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide and that's something that changed so. I guess -- little added. -- there for the Sugar Bowl on that. Who -- That could still be a story line of Texas does not name a new coach provided they get rid of all backgrounds that's the way. Between now when the teams arrive and they used Iraq right after Christmas. -- point six point seven -- coming up on Thursday January 2 it is the Allstate Sugar Bowl in the Mercedes-Benz. Superdome and the got a good matchup VA is going to be this. Match it will. Proved to be something like that future will be for the Allstate Sugar Bowl -- years in which to shoot the vote does not host national semi final contest it will be an ACC team. Any big twelve team popular not a welcome Mitchell both CEO Paul -- and Paul. Thank you so much for the time and man when you say the -- Oklahoma and Alabama. It resonates among college football thing. Although that's exactly right. You know we have we have a great depth background with both of those schools. Between the two schools I think so we have over thirty national championships. And about a 108 bowl games. You know the interesting thing is they've only matched up against each other four times. In the history of the schools. And they never matched up against each other in a bowl game. And yet individually. At the Sugar Bowl yet individually they have. Participated in our bowl games as much as any schools have ever done so it's going to be a great opportunity to put them together in a matchup. Paul take us through selection process and now the Super Bowl has been a place to some great stories over the course of the Cinderella is. I'm not to consider this in the relevant mansion they wore a suit issue proudly and immediately -- Florida. In Louisville -- -- Cincinnati coming it was a wide coming here at Utah on other programs but. How close was it on Saturday at this past week in the outcome of games. Bullies in the Mac championship. -- and all think Illinois wanton. -- where would -- -- at likely destination would they have been in the war. Well they certainly it would have been a great choice. They would be guaranteed -- berth and certainly at that time as well Central Florida. That -- Basically limited the -- loot at large pool to one school. And the orange ball was picking first this year. So they would have been able to look over at the bowl eligible. At large participants and had a choice off the table. This kind of opened up the opportunities for the Sugar Bowl and we're certainly glad it did because it. Enabled us to you're suited to snag. A great school like Oklahoma and create this destructive match. Paul who lands a CEO of the Allstate Sugar Bowl is our guest at Thursday January 2 in the -- at Alabama. And Oklahoma in the issues -- 2014 suitable. All I know you guys work on -- year round tell us a little bit about Mayhew handled the turnout wasn't though what the Sugar Bowl using as it was a one of the load sit in the history -- -- Sugar Bowl when you go back in a -- is anyone that you put your view of things wrong with the economy wasn't what's the team in. When UP. You'll figures afternoon like the issue Sugar Bowl how do you go through that evaluate wanna to what you guys can do that. Well I you know I really don't think it has a lot to do with us in that regard. The people that generally buy tickets to season ticket holders. That to reform our base. They showed up for the game. We read you know quite frankly I think this was reported so I'm not yet casting aspersions in in the right and then -- the schools but Jets. Florida did not yet have as helping you a ticket turnout both the right it's the purchase and then of course actually showing up. Today -- the game. And so now that that. Not only hurt -- the that did it did hurt. The appearance of the game as well so. You know those things happen in the course of the cycle. We've had as do many of the games obviously the majority of which we -- a -- so. We can endure an occasional situation like that but yeah. You know I think as those type games now would probably be few and far between and because of what you had just described earlier in the new arrangement that we -- the Southeastern Conference and big twelve. Making it certainly the exciting prospects of the future. And Paul would you talk about this -- a semi finals will be in in the sugar voting years we don't we haven't ACC you'll be to have -- talk talk about now as we move forward this is. One of the final. It's is the final year of BC it's fifteenth and great gains the team one team has been in the BCS title game on fourth time so -- -- Oklahoma. But Florida State in one of them the one they want was into ball until would you take a lot of history the BCS body history. In national championship games in New Orleans but moving forward. A talk about the new fourteen playoff for the should go boat rolled it. Yeah you know but the situation is that. We had a twelve year contract now with the new college football player off. Four years of which we will host as you pointed out. Semifinals of that new arrangement. But probably more importantly eight years is the range and that we have with the Southeastern Conference and yeah big twelve. So that gives us. A very bright future as we go for and it solid certain. We know where we're going to be now the next twelve years as -- regards hopes being national championships on the other hand. We will compete. -- on a regular basis now with any interest in cities throughout the country that won't do well. Put in the game and Patten and be considered to hold state national championship. And as opposed to being -- is strictly bowl effort. These are now becoming more community wide hosted events canned. Certainly not unlike some pupils or men's and women's final four so is little bit of a changeup in that respect who were involved sixteen years in the peace yes it was a nice situation. Because we -- who. Every four years there we go get the national championship no matter what and that was part of the guarantees be. Included in the yet BCS. National championship rotation. It's not going to be quite -- is for a round. Did you problem where. For the first national championship next year you were tied together with the Rose Bowl on. January 1 and will host the semifinals. On those days and then. Follow we will these these national championship played in Dallas that year. Currently VR it created with about fifteen other cities. For a in spots in muted the 2016. Or 2017. National. Game. So -- -- patiently waiting outcome. That decision right now. And -- it all on a year let's say on the beard on the year you do you Q when David B we don't know what's gonna get it eventually. Rather sooner than later. When you do get that national champ it to this final day a year the Sugar Bowl would it. -- -- posters the big twelve of the SEC we're used to be a fourth semi on. No you'd know in any year you host the national championship he cannot be posting a semifinal. So okay so you're -- that would go to the SEC big twelve times and yet that's correct and -- -- get -- out of here before so. Essentially what they they shy away from using the term double hosting. Because that was so connected with the the previous BCS arrangement. In effect would be doing the same we'd be having the Sugar Bowl on the first and then a week later -- in the national championship. And again as a collaborative effort this time around. Who they host committee comprised. Certain sectors throughout the city as opposed to strictly. Sure verbal -- Not gutsy -- -- hand CEO of the Allstate should vote January 2 -- good ones Oklahoma and Alabama. At local product forward go to -- win win do you find out. Who gets the 2000 in fifteen national champion 2016 -- team game six. Seen we will know hopefully next week there's days exit telling us that there are close to an announcement and so -- like every other cities that -- were patiently waiting to hear that. Yeah -- -- good luck thank you so much for the time I look forward appeared at a critical vote this year terrific thank -- so much they have a great day. Are right it's the Allstate Sugar Bowl and you know moving forward -- that those matchup to be real entry -- -- you know you you get -- you learn so we -- now. That you cannot have a semi final gain. In the four team playoff and the national championship so movement forward next year is Super Bowl will be a semi final game. They in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day. The and the following year when we find out -- national -- to the fourteenth when I was in Dallas. But win two -- does get to host the national championship game. It Bears same year that we -- it would be the Sugar Bowl and they would have -- SEC vs heat we're a team that's an eight year agreement. -- -- all told us coming up later tonight our conversation with cam Jordan Saints. Pass rush at the Blanco come up beat them last week the talk about -- defense is -- all the road it's. Another good defensive unit in east St. Louis Rams early in the day after today's practice. Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media his coach on -- then when asked about. Offensive tackle Charles Brown. I think he's doing well I think -- -- last week that's a real good. Real good test for in the opponent. -- one of -- one of the challenge is playing left tackle loses as soon as your that -- that we put tape on him now holes yet you know another great rusher here in Saint Louis and -- they seem to be on that side obviously so I I think he's handled it well and you know I think he's. Been healthy in and that's that's given him the reps in the consistency and all those things -- -- report. More from Saints coach Sean Payton is coach John Payton talk about those someone's at the Saints affront. -- and I wanted to deal with and not the best as coaches in the game in the Rams Chris Long. Well he plays with a great motor he's very talented. He's explosive. You know the snap that you get play number four you're gonna get that same. Energy that same ability -- the ones that count and play number 34 and then. So he goes extremely hard he's very Smart and he's he plays with very good leverage you know you see him get on the edge of tackles. You see in -- power EC -- -- speed. So he presents a lot of child. But I can go practicing is that the new patent on to the media -- -- coach Sean Payton's news coach Peyton. Talked about the progression of defensive back Corey White -- he's doing. Even -- well he plays with a great motor he's very talent. Wrong one -- -- listen to him in one game where -- three threw four balls come your way. Because of a match up maybe compared to working was pretty common I think he's got very good instincts. And I think he's also a very good tackler. So I think he's adapted well with the you know the injury. Earlier in the year and in. You know when -- went down all the sudden he went from being kind of an inside player to an outside players handled that transition. Pretty well. Well the state championship so long on right now in the Mercedes-Benz superdome and his Amanda can tell me he gets is excited on a first down as it does a touchdown. Our own set Dunlap who have a monster game to call -- night. On WW radio it is the well it was 58 now set its division one. The rumble Raiders in the third Yellow Jackets and set I know you guys are excited you're excited keeping calling these games on line. All season long enough but a game this weekend including perhaps may be the best game all we can't allow tonight if rubble and bird. I tell you what we are really bad about the game that the road Warriors and their third. State championship game in five years there haven't hit on the ball you'll try to win their second consecutive championship. Think Ebert actually out it through that dates back awhile they have multiple championships more big championship appearances. And very long history that spanned over many decades to that. Even though again that division one and only had ten teams. But it's two powerhouse teams that would have been fighting for -- battle even five application as well and it's going to be. It's going to be a real good right now we're just under way here at the superdome broadcasting on -- university high cuts. And John -- Patriots university. They are writing up their first possession inside. John Curtis territory here with ten minutes left in the first quarter and the first game to -- that we stopped doubling -- pretty bad that you were. You know. Were active -- should it be true that victory over the -- -- Japan and bought. The calvary depth that they win their first ever sneak. Championship where a lot of fun here manage that the top hero put forward -- -- you do it well. So Dunlap of course support of our great prep football -- Except that his team they do a great talent date tonight what you listed to -- that championship game you'll be highly impressed Osama reporters color analyst. Are hot outgoing popular coach -- out and set down that entire crew. It's excitement at its highest level. It's a hell of a -- rubble and see her all game to be on line and it WW a intimate dot com throughout the weekend full -- full schedule. Go to our website is lights. Division one championship game at 830 will be right you ought to be a -- Radio set this is a new year issue we spoke to commissioner earlier basically the become mr. works for the -- the members who. And it just seems like in the first round of the playoffs with 21 teams with the by. Several teams in the state championship. On only play two playoff games and in there at a championship. Is Louisiana large enough -- -- state champions. Boy had failure if they broke about. Equally I think you might make the case but the problem is there's no equal rate is you. Alluded to that division one they have so few schools that all the team -- the -- -- admirable and cheaper at the plate just to play out in meanwhile you have. All the regular classification 18 -- great record I'd say they're playing four games. To get into just the state championship games so. -- on equal even in the Baptist at block and you talk the -- head coaches probably deeper pit bull today. -- it it should be another game after our game termed a true. Mobile society champions it would should aid but -- -- it -- is there enough -- question -- enough schools and they support nine classic is. Application be a bigger. States they don't go up team guy and so you know it's something you can member schools voted not is not the only decade making their own. Authoritarian rule it would be voted on a majority vote by all of -- -- schools. Very even splits but it was voted to be approved now. But hockey is that even the people who voted for this next year they are realize there is the person changes next -- They're likely going to be some changes are gonna go back the way it was probably not but it can change from what we -- this year probably -- Let's set I have a great car tonight I'll be listened to 58 championship game at eight. Thirty. Division I want a 518 the rubble rated in the kidney -- camps at the CE third the other tickets right now at WW dot com. It's Christian get in these group and they are calling you in John Curtis -- thank you so much look forward to it now we lose tonight a man have a great call are -- -- crippled much Davidson's rent now online at WW -- -- knockout -- the night. Steve division one state championship game coach -- Roth at the Ronald Reagan's or oppressive. To get back to a championship game yet you want one and of course the young man that made it to the state championship last year. Was starting and Mississippi State Thanksgiving night so you lose it got us -- quarterback in the SEC. And you have a back in the state championship that's that's speaks volumes to -- where your program is. It's elusive players of that caliber and to be particularly championship game at the very militants welcoming everybody in town. This week and for the state championship game your mind you WW -- any -- FN dot com -- your -- fall. Things prep football this weekend back to today's practice Saints coach Sean Payton talks about his -- tandem pass rushers -- collect and -- Jordan. Well they're different players both album. Both of them have good motors. You know it's it's hard to down and then down out especially the game becomes one dimensional. On one ball what side of the ball. Our defense against the offense that consistently. Rush the -- with the same amount energy and effort that's record so what we do a good job of getting in rotation and yet. You know both of those two guys have really stepped up and and given his consistent pressure and given us. You know sometimes it may not result sex sometimes it's -- that was the opening completion. And -- on third down that's that's off the field so. That'll be important. Stat in this game third -- and you know both teams do. More from Saints coach Tom -- when asked about what type of improvement in nowhere has he seen improvement. In young defensive back into the Cairo. I think number one. For good safeties. You're generally they play the run and the pass very well in college he played a lot of nickel. But I think that. I think she's having an outstanding rookie season I think I think he's comfortable when he's playing man to man I think he's comfortable support -- He's physical. He's -- strong tackler so there's not a lot of yards but. But being able to do both is important I think he's done that. And eighties Saints coach Sean Payton into today's practice sisco too but it is on I want to thank you -- -- WW you know. Hey man I don't know. Okay. I want a side note wouldn't it it them nation. Cabrera adaptable. And and that's what. I think I would slope man need to step well. And make it does is it is it is now. Credited. Everywhere -- America. Impunity. And two ago. Well. He has yet to be louder. I don't know. But you know other -- that I was status I mean you. Yeah yeah record speaks more so I think that -- and -- mean when you're when you're undefeated home he said you know Ohman. You -- -- -- consider in his gas from Vegas it's the most dangerous place to play. Lugo so Lance the last several years in the National Football League is the superdome so that's you know -- your record that that's enough for me now. Whether or not it breaks decibel record or something I'm sure that's like Romo. OK so with the -- happened Sunday but. I don't think we need to Rico last thing we see it the super don't need to breaking type of days ago recruits through. That note that the fans. -- calls a lot of our problems that very disruptive -- what I mean that it took it to the opposing team -- a good way. And you look at the number of false thoughts off sides. Quarterback sacks hurries and just look will be -- last week and it resent the -- -- -- -- five time -- normal typical quarterback -- that maybe have a so I think the fans. The play department is well. Coming back tonight camp daughters are special guests on the court like Crown Royal saint when I show right here on -- trade UW did you know coming up next now lot compensation. That we Drew Brees takes place and -- -- -- to get your take the Saints. One of the better teams on the road at a regular season. But right now 33 with two road games left very important broken it's how the black go wrap up on the road away from the dome in the regular season it's operated jaguar pupil. At their -- at -- dot com.