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12-12 5:20pm Deke Bellavia, LSU

Dec 12, 2013|

Deke speaks to Publisher and recruiting analyst of TigerBait.com, Mike Scarborough.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And don't forget although online at WW -- comedy easy confusion. Too. HA BT game between the Jack Curtis made it to number one seed in the number TCU -- clubs -- -- -- -- -- that ID 34 prep football action. The defending five a state champion or rubble raid at the foot feet another state I'll be back to back out of the -- to -- the Raiders. And tonight they are taking on the seat he'd heard Yellow Jackets and it said 830 here. On WWL. Radio after the bottom of the -- outbreak we will have a conversation with Saints quarterback. Drew Brees threw 601878668890. Rate seventy. He is our number two -- in a -- and operated jaguar Pena poet if we give you a dot com the Saints are three at three all the room with two broken left the late. They play at Saint Louis on Sunday and then we will play Carolina. The following week when you think saints' final wrote -- will be. Period five. -- -- 05 in three cast your vote online at WW hill. Dot com coming up just people who go with Mike's call -- looked like a feat that complicate the latest on the buy you bagels and they keep said. To -- can't practice they called the Iowa Hawkeyes in that will be New Year's Day in the Outback Bowl. Again no one of the top stories out there keep following what is going to happen in Alabama. And in Texas now maybe later this week the university Texas heard from -- Mack Brown two days they had the Alamo Bowl opening press conference. Oregon will play Texas in the Alamo Bowl basically that -- that there will be some discussion about the future of Texas football. But other than pretty much kept things. Close to the events that report to -- that he will step down and be at some type of other capacity in the Texas athletic program I don't know with the football program. Pretty athletic program to what does that mean. Most immediately for Texas do they have their man. And if so how would they be trying to hide their coach right off the bat have him come in now. Are what -- coming after a quote unquote a bowl game that would make things very interesting. And we talked to Paul who had earlier the CEO of the Super Bowl already a great matchup between Alabama and Oklahoma. However. Could you imagine if Texas. Is Mack Brown -- step aside. He would coach the bowl game I would imagine they gonna let that brown coached the bowl game -- -- -- I I think I mean if you eat desserts that he's done. For the program you feel that -- it will put it on Texas what we see. But I think he's he's old that wants or deserves to maybe the better way to the present that. But what happens if they haven't been a success of background especially when Alabama. Happens to come to town so. -- who will be any take on it. A little bit the later win the teams come to town 260187866889. 0870 -- and be able to get involved with -- or. Three and three currently on the room with two games left in the regular season we're usually take all the black and gold as far as winning order ruled. What they'd be. Forward for five point three. -- finished -- -- evidence Saints patrol zone yes they saw that number two seed in the NFC south all the things went to these next three. And they were like a two seed and the south division so you think about it of course that every game is almost like an elimination game for the Carolina pants they just look at win streaks they -- eight straight games. And aloft the Saints in Theo could go out and win all their remaining games and been happy enough they would -- -- the Saints note to lose might stop or. A tiger -- dot com don't does now Mike the -- -- get back to work next week for the Outback Bowl -- the Iowa Hawkeyes and your take on this match -- -- him SEC. Yeah I think it's another dangerous matchup issue you know how excited are they going into it. A true freshman quarterback I think a lot of people just think it. You know it's automatic in June and is gonna pick up where left off to pitch in Arkansas game and you know did to me it's still very much an unknown as to what would she has in himself. You know -- is that another replay of the Iowa game -- -- war in Kansas State and you know he between teams you don't you don't respect and think -- -- and they go out there and they. He kept the clock they run the football and next thing you know you're an adult -- -- -- Just think miles that this is an important for him because. Hit it was a dominant win win loss record in bottles for a while there and now start -- -- in the opposite direction. My god big weekend this weekend in the us the state championships the Mercedes-Benz superdome some adapt so they've right now some of the best out of the state actually playing. As it is you hi John -- Yeah. Ditka well now right now will their coverage. Opera then I mean that that game to vote count was not like Dupree. Before the game. Had a hamstring so not participate in. But you know when you public university with -- field and process in Dillon Moses all three of those guys committed you know issue. And of course scorers with can you and Alex I do -- Mike not going on right now. As far as -- if it's a concern with where it would is that with the first big week in it gives stock capitol campus. Well I mean -- did a big week in last weekend's -- just quality it was insane. The quality kids that were busy officially they're not we'll be -- and indeed this week you know I think they're. Focuses on what -- superdome. You know we'll see the holes in the next week. But you know load up in January after the All Star Games after the balls they'll be one big weekend in the January. Where all of a commitment to haven't visited already. We'll show up in the notre on sprinkle -- -- on committee guys. In that group to help. You know did you know -- the Hampton hasn't helped recruit them. So. You know you'd get -- the number of but that the infield watching for official visitors. -- you rarely uses all. And when you start you know look at the pitching that are committed now you know -- of course the last went from John. We -- that news a couple of nights ago that big running back -- cute with politely which -- home state over the weekend. You know. But you after the all star game in the under armour game -- January 2 that's going to be I think that game who look like you know if you infomercial just with a big kids who were set to announce that gains speed you know you know Willis. -- -- You know Tony Brown. I think it was you get all of those guys. And which you'll get a lot of little -- off of that and they've already moved up in the rankings -- to Garrett -- -- -- -- back from Illinois will will announce next Tuesday on the seventeenth that'll be able you've beaten the nation's top linebacker something he's been. The number one linebacker in the country. And so that was you'll move up in the rankings there I think we're brown -- in. But after that under armour game on January 2 outing of the ball into the top. Mike reading a -- they -- advocates and -- who's coaching staff leads the nation in total salaries at his score been USA and maybe -- They don't publish what can coaches making the sounds -- -- Stanton let's make a book about four point five. Six million that's a little bit over Alabama that's four point 46. And John Toews makes overbay in now camera -- made Sixers at the issue is going to be over a million and in a close to one point five in the final year. But I look at it frank Wilson and think about what he goes that they give them a bit bang for their buck as he is that eighteenth nationally. What this arrow with 600000 so frank -- give -- a bag with frank there. Yeah. -- -- concede that the the list of would do it makes an eighteen to have but his ranking -- as far as the position coach. You know aren't -- the does that give it to recruit coordinated -- -- -- recruiting coordinator yet yeah but I think so but that. Yeah I think would also use issues. Salary. Is that do you draw. Got the coordinator salary. And then lost the position in the brought in Cameron. I think if that -- so she's never did inflated. But. You know it in the and that's where you get into the you know that does salaries paid. And you know. You -- back cheap way you don't want to have to leave those on the road and win column before she gets back to Atlanta. Mike how can if I could delay as our recruiting in a big week in and these super. Yeah check tiger big dot com in the front page right now we've got a lot of recruiting features. Of course we're we're paying attention to what's going on superdome weather's been. -- -- Will be down there as well for that one. But kids are making visit kids in making decisions and it's starting get realistic and recruiting. Mike thank you so much for the time we'll talk after the title game. -- -- --