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12-12 6:10pm Saints Defensive End, Cam Jordan

Dec 12, 2013|

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Let's give a big -- welcoming him -- not hear -- crowd on fantasy camp that night. He's become one of the best young Panthers ended the national book about me coming off of a Pete -- camp with. Red headed back on a program now -- -- is it's been about a year right yeah yeah but you look. This is good -- golfers have yet to be -- camp the most recent performance. That was the bit about. Difficulty sleeping beauty you be seeking immediate results of -- -- A particular quarterback when everybody -- every team that opponent but that guy you've faced last week is going Horton heat to halt right now. They're talented mobile physical all of that. Thank you dazzling the taking down five that's impressive performance but his defense. Yeah. You know as little as -- team effort from from TV's -- down. They're there -- he was who don't know how talented us that the little guy is and the other receivers. And of course you got your linebackers do what they do a lock him up pretty decent tight end in. -- -- able to allow our our. And you know our inside guys do what they need to do so he can step up to the pocket in his youth he made a job much easier I'll have enough that he Nixon. He Tom Johnson and even John -- isn't there a few of the game. -- now. A veteran in obviously you have Weathers is decent here three New York how have you progressed annoy everybody has. That being coaches have plans for what they wanted to do. Adidas team of individual fall it says that you but. You -- you probably don't toughest critic he great yourself or anybody else would you say you are. You know I stood I still have a lot to learn I think I'm the last two to live up to. First year out primarily a run -- second year they allowed me to a lot of different things and really I exhibit -- I knew I had in the end it down sort of I like say is that highlight really of what I can do and I think next year even better. This year probably has the feel a lot like your first year and we we also think those one on nine game win streak with a lot of success in the postseason -- have to go. Last year with not an indication of how well it was print taxes done especially. -- you identical -- the error that winning game that it can't win now with three games -- how to feel to be. Among wanted something unique team currently on the feels like -- I don't wanna lose the last three games thumb feels like every game is going to be crucial we were trying to win went out there this year. Would be great to finish at thirteen to read in -- to playoffs. -- same -- we're -- the talented -- -- some rebounds and if you have a question for camp viable 4601. Point 703. 866889087. All the them with you all camp and the Saints. At Saint Louis on Sunday here -- regular reports that kicked off. On if you -- either of you I can't let that take a step back a Lotta -- and -- patsy you know family of course. We know about the joint pain. But -- with it can't feel it. Really involved. In football and a level that you thought maybe you'd you'd have a team that you're going to do so if you know what kinds who wasn't middle guys whose. I mean I've always been big against. Some are eight great I really have a choice to play football you know my dad would just had to be that bad and there was get in there -- tells -- that's what player right. That. Worked out well. -- last week you won those panic because -- bigger than everybody else can't that you hadn't had a week. I need you to be the players certainly he's not had a losing great great great play football that's. Played my first -- pop Warner. They don't like to what -- come off minerals like when 85. And so it's that -- -- -- that of waiting it it'll lose about fifty pounds executed meant. Though the foot time garbage bags and would not. They're a team do you count his whip. Yeah the relevant as I was saying that they. The -- extra -- everything got down like when he fine -- putting -- -- failed to present them right exactly and I don't. But yeah probably. But I can definitely I'd like sophomore year. Junior for sure. Personally I was like feel my way out just really enjoyed it this time have a time life over -- -- media. We went to one of the best school in the nation and of course there's San Francisco Oakland Richmond San Jose all surrounding areas are just living the life. At eighteen. But this sort of like junior year. My boy Tyson Lulu got drafted first round -- and that broke it took over. Two Jacksonville. I figured out like him probably a first round since -- Right you get drafted by the Saints first round pick what what was it like those neat to hear all the particulars. He -- say yeah he's a first round pick but but to finally see it happen we see it means that there. That you do success this -- hand it to call you'd be a first round pick and football league let me but positives than negatives of course you know. I come in thinking you know he's gonna be slighted in public top 54 honestly floored. You're excited that you're going to be part of such franchises since he just came off to pull away. But the year before I got that he would work out there yet so I mean you know that the nucleus of the team is solid. That we that came in game. Had a pretty decent run stopping defense that year can start right away it wouldn't do. Contributed greatly contribute not felt like we lost in playoffs and we missed one of the best teams. We should have lost let that happen until it. And then we go on -- -- to lose coach Payton -- everybody else and still have a great nucleus of players. Still attack. Enough leadership that needed to bomb out as some teams that would have been point 79. Era but there was some possibility that we could have easily won a couple. Game -- you know. 26018786688. -- -- your technique is everything evolving thing with -- Patrick's best -- camp Jordan eleven halves sacks on the season camp now. Going to this game but the Saint Louis worst challenge these from guys basically these teams within eleven and could beat the return this week it. It's a different season to the fifteenth issue with. You don't really look at the teams. Record in this league they all proved just like you guys all right he would you point out in the five wins at saint louis' head. We think -- will look at the band is playing well against the Colts the guy once he got hit when they want it clicked him being there completely went off. The big thing there is strong football team and they are at a very very tough it is. Right. That being said I mean we have come in with the mindset that this is a true battle. We face elite teams every week week in week out is what guys do. There's -- leaked -- this can be across the board so we have to. Make it make opportunities and then sees them yeah -- take advantage of every effort to present it because. But it's going to be close game I remember playing him my rookie year yeah actually losing to them so we got. I come out with that. Much work camp and you put these two other than they were tickled that -- you that extra work. They make to a guy that people say he's he's on his way to becoming a Pro Bowl player -- -- as the what extra work you can't expect from yourself each week to week who do you puppy you think he can make it better. Each week we'll look at the day that is not it's kind of like that little bit extra film after Ramon time. Great thing about this is you know now with the technology nowadays I can do it -- my -- at home. So I don't have I like I can leave the facility go home it's still you watching film so. That's awesome. And then of course you know you have to do little extra a couple of sprinted to break the -- and after game preventive thing. Do we keep the maintenance work in obviously you have to really great game to do I'm just so you get more familiar could -- such young -- right. I think the holders. Yeah I -- we got -- got Broderick Bunkley whose three older traditional guy. If he probably had them but. Oh it's somebody you know yeah I mean but other than that I mean there's there's just an abundance of of young. Obviously if we -- by ourselves and run a couple of different -- -- and trying to -- -- -- just bring us closer together that makes the. Better stats than anything you know on campus. The team that seems. I think you look for me -- that he -- his first did I want to Pakistan's. How maybe you did it give him -- second -- lets pick that didn't want to fail. -- -- But went into nobody's in this thing about them not going into it but -- of course I mean we break down film -- -- for any advantage that you can -- I've got 260187866881970. To be your phone we go and now let's go to. Robert on line the Robert you all with the you don't on Saints radio that you get you know. -- -- -- -- right spots you don't. And we just arriving at your -- can't dog. Towards a lot more that they view of -- -- major but they have -- -- -- -- -- -- And and that it would -- horrible year for you -- action movies from your game out there. I mean without going up -- looking -- like keep my markers domain. As -- got old news more like Michael Strahan Julius Peppers. Then he's -- you -- of course had your legends and heroes that you got to be more realistic about who you are. And although I'd love to be huge step resumes he's more of freakish athlete and I am. But I I tried I tried it related to you guys. We'll get as eloquent and we eating out not a I haven't really -- he didn't we didn't do. Appreciate broke. Okay I Robert thank you very point 2601878668890. Basically you beat them with -- it -- Camp what are some of the challenges our defense to face this week at saint. Course that got two wide receivers that are explosive fast I have great -- -- So that's the probably second priority the first -- am proud to try to stop this right. Our -- five game that had a phenomenal run game so we have to do our jobs at that down. Camp and now Bob back to the days it now. The teams in this conference con your fellow. You see. Are in the what are your new book about facing those who think powerful program -- had to do -- those teams that point now when Hewitt camp. I think we loved that organ I mean we were two for two out of you it won't want to point you would make -- make three to gain became evident while finished you know young it was a low score game if I was like in shock -- out -- like 1819. Points. They're like they're like yeah it was like the first time I -- -- how long it if not blow but it it was just a crazy inning out of him immediately -- yet he's been absolutely it could school. We much. The missing year yeah PLO ranking won't want to want to thank goodness that. He's -- pizza the best of entertainment to the ticket that right. -- have -- and away your rights. To. My school that we Rick to floor. A solid. Week and a half two weeks here yet my freshman year. And that's when you know we had to sign Jackson. He is on Jackson just force that job the best. We just as absolutely no Hopkins via. You keep over those guys -- I -- what I see a must see him. You know Mike -- guys it was in my class. Be seen green. Soccer Tuesday hearing Campbell. It is like spread around the league I'm pretty sure that we would like second in the pac 102 second third detective who will it felt -- Individuals from from my school so. You've got to have got a serious about it when -- what you get. Can't you can't bank account when I did when I get time on. Back at cal. I've actually excited for of course you gotta finish one out and now have like three classes for the last I don't know I looked like his full semester before so. Trying to finish this up sometime before so it finished you know that's a big hopefully that he had great -- in. That's news affected a phone to go let's go to. Algiers a pickle on line to thank you for calling. Yeah how you do it scale. -- good -- you. I'm Cromwell that Greg Biffle on. Who bring your toughest opponent to go here who tried to block keep the ball. I love Dallas. -- Smith voted the the most athletic tackle. -- I've faced them. I don't know how long I've faced them back in college -- over SE. He's been probably the best -- of my -- since I've been playing a collegiate and pro. That. It's -- over. And they. The ultimate book -- able to -- over it the Patriots involvement but as well. Of he's he's from the second is definitely a face and that. The dog destroyed operated jaguar big opponent Debbie did you know that now the largest 33 on the road this year with two remaining games Albert -- finish out their road record. Five victory for a fourth three factors you believe that you it will. That half of the gateway as you do pregnant has a food items that make donations. And off parts for the public they brought it yesterday we were at. The -- who shot city Centre court earlier date the countries today it was a Garland -- and tomorrow hoping Christian reported that will be five and it all changed wonderful one -- out of avenue. With a streetcar eons and -- won't -- -- -- want to go hungry. At Christmas let's show everyone that we can you have a heart this holiday would that be W -- second harvest food bank. So it on now and it is a great calls as we'll visit with camp with. Jordan Saints answered six questions come up with a sack effort and eleven and a half of the season the Saints. -- and Saint Louis. On the sun be it can't any special food is what do you look this food you like to swim move just. Bull rush whatever it takes a look what what what -- your favorite who also really whatever it takes I mean on the get on his Phil I mean you what you see on on film. 40 tackles -- that the -- 'cause they're watching film on YouTube so they're ready for you both are ready for whatever you move you have so you've got to have. Variety of different moves by just like it correctly but he didn't meet that they want to move exactly anywhere don't want you to write a little it's not like he stopped -- so you got tickets to got to kind of adjusted -- it's all about adjusted in being able to adjustment that's. Camp back to the final week though and it's cool to. But -- -- on and I want buddy thank you for calling all the camp dawned on WW yeah. I I was -- that but he stopped them from Metairie that the following is basically I want it's no. This that celebrate then you have the wind but he has to be here. -- -- Levels. He -- -- everything you -- they were just -- -- the next bit I mean whether it's one seconds over the next for the game whether it's who you know one game upon the next to win. I'm as always is -- those thoughts about levels. Thank you tend to -- every how that we can ever tire pumped up and the best defensively so so my goal is I'm just working to be in the best got you back to the phone to go. And now let's go to. I you -- on -- three point nickname Knight -- -- by you what thank you for calling that we did you have. Hey dude saying there. Yeah. I got it. You'll -- -- the I'm not here it alkaline. Batter loudly that the school. -- -- Yeah right but -- are going to have some knowledge completely. Put -- I wanted to ask you. If you have to pick out one ball. I mean you absolutely have to pick out one. -- years. -- and seeing what. Well -- One -- from last year is that this game is. -- -- I felt like we had the talent of course -- to succeed. I just think that this defense. Definitely addresses. All our talents more so than the last defense. Thank you so much for the call ball back to the phone this -- -- beat. Aid because if you don't -- five radio all the cam Jordan on Saints radio could be good yeah. -- -- them and congratulate. You so. I was going to you know you know. What you get pumped up to before a game like what you have on and you had that Iguchi in the right mindset that a good game. -- depends actually. -- change up a lot of Weathers deal Max. Any any Lil Wayne -- or whatever above even this is so it was as much as. Gesture and -- elements they don't play. His best game. I was definitely. -- little scrappy little -- And us granted yeah. Okay the -- they have their man and at the. Not -- I appreciate it -- -- usual places now he's only way to work you out of it I don't know if business at the right tone for going to work. The camp. Back to back to now and I have to get through it with now you come to New Orleans Saints. What was it what was it like that -- in the year if if he would say these analysts see it and everybody talks about well they'll make this adjustment he'll be good here with 1 question I -- It's what he does what if you filed with -- a challenge for you -- from college to pro. On this adapting to the pace actually the first couple weeks. You know you you're used to be in the fastest strongest and whatever on the field. And coming out there is more along lines of I would now got to rely on what I don't get that the as far as sometimes to beat people straight off the -- And know that you can't thousand local art -- now got to use my leverage is not -- -- -- now gonna do this the the the plays his best I can go back and enjoy college games. It does because I'm understanding like I have to everything that's happening don't go back to high school. It's like I understand everything and after that elected jeez can't. When you first meant. Coach Ryan. Whoa whoa -- with that person beating -- in what is it like. The united -- hit them with the Bob made one looks like he's that guy and it really. You know it's -- -- -- players. You two guys in the right position takes feedback you got quick. Well what's it like being -- on. Of rob is is a great got -- bring the -- -- it was so when offers -- -- heard about him. But he really is the players got he comes in he doesn't just say this deep with a one run. Sort of watched all over film sort of addressed all of our talented and how he can hit it intertwined within his defense in. I think that's what's worked out for the best does not just like this is our set defense for the youth movement do. Is like isn't my set plays and and as pre season went on as like. I see he's committed man coverage you -- -- zone he's that this is good at that. The next week the defense -- and -- to camp -- dog -- -- special yes and being able calls it we're gonna -- to let's go out first of two. Jay can't go on line three. Can you demand problem so I'm telling you don't bring justice to schemes are another championship the lockout questions. When you play Seattle and -- when you play picture our. What was that difference to what you output had some talent that they know what to Seattle and if you -- Seattle again. What difference. You think -- -- to do -- faced them. So. Oh yeah well be. We definitely out there at first -- Carolina is of course Savard to visit our division rivals. Our division opponents so we have the we have to get ready for them that's just. That's a fire mentality really in this that the Seahawks you're expected to do we expect to shut down the run I think we did a great job said Marchand down I think you have problem of 47 yards right -- what we did you have movie did do is shut down Wilson running and -- do a better job with that. He scramble lack open of these wide receivers downfield in obviously I can't wait to see them again in the playoffs because I. I it was a good shot. It seemed like it just seemed like -- show CL. You know a lot amino hole in the -- talent which reached down to Dallas game W the wind so. In my character right there on the other -- played. You're -- out BL holes stuff Kampman in the NFL. The be all holds both hold back Korean thing when you go out hope that -- -- -- -- -- people get -- There -- -- -- yeah he does we can't hold back. Yeah. They have me physically it's on every week I mean if you look back you you. I don't understand what's the point of being out there you go out there and give everything you got it reflect well -- candidate Asia and to Saints at Rams Sunday retorted back kicks off here wanting radio. If you did you mailed back to the fold we go game let's go to who -- hand lobby on line to Ronnie all the camp dawned on that you give you -- they -- they're. It's great boss 'cause tonight going. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I felt all right quick question. But I felt like historic day -- in this beaten. Well you're you started poop out if Kitna and apply it as well well well. Think that we haven't been out I thought about -- -- -- under that you all wouldn't specify. You get can't join that list. Up to their lap back up on -- outside. But they can't do it but I have a do you like -- football quality that they'll keep it that. Inadequate at -- the right thing. How did the candidate that's what -- about back to. Yeah -- it up that got no idea. Well well -- we can make you noted that. You can't this. -- -- -- -- Architect and I think I had no I'm glad I can hope that that you were here and what I do think that if that happens. To the -- we go let's go do Bubba gave them vitriol -- full Bubba thank you for calling that you get you have. -- -- I was not there to go to the gulf port on -- -- -- thank you for calling them because you have. I guess they can't. You are pretty chatty -- not just ordered that the carried their overall business field and has. Do you find that gets into people's. That it. Is there anybody you. Know for sure that you just wore down but felt good smack into our games. You know -- tried not chipped chipped up too much has so alignment. They know with a good dominated them Mexico worries about it. And even when the united dominated going to get dominated those two topics that so. I was sort of -- to serve allow my play it's not for me but what a place that's going to -- -- -- to -- the. Well yeah but I was gonna ask is like visited this again. Lawyers throughout the course of the game and they don't later get never. At eight legs up on the course of the game because I feel like a heart broken into the hits though. Mountains. Just steadily dominating in -- napping in the -- so. You know those fake tough guys that are that you know linemen like to be sometimes you know Dellucci shot that the play the sort of stopped by second quarter. Is sort of relied like everything they wanna do is that. Working and that my defensive line has been the off offensive line. As though that's the ultimate if you close to point the scoreboard you know but like -- -- last week by three touchdown that it'll definitely help us. They winding down -- us special is cam -- and hand this thing on the road Sunday five that he Saint Louis had a -- to three New Orleans saint Michael 33. On the road with two more road game the regular season and they they wrapped up the regular season home cooking at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the Tampa. If they do all -- down for a few years. How do you like to see when you first when you first heard about New Orleans and him being here what's it like hear about it in the theater music apartment community. You know when I first heard about it. I don't like I had a friend knows from. From New Orleans and had it been evacuated out from Katrina I'm tired -- should -- about the city you always talk about how great it was you know when news here. -- -- they had asked him -- a lot of information about you know with two days ago. But he left him so he really you know what's so I came here with -- No expectations on the city like -- -- ways and have been pleasantly surprised. So I've sort of would love it because of for the West Coast he does have some of these surrounding cities. And here you have that room and Tulowitzki and that Houston four hours away but I. Some listen -- me -- -- so. I came here just like on this will be one city and it's a great city you know it's got to feel that way. Any anything particularly you you like -- you can't -- -- -- -- you like good. Favorite places favorites who would you comfortable being the lone rookie year lefty eats -- that -- it and it probably so about college. And the solid night for -- totally. Five. We have the ball at the end of the athletes about the hard way. He -- -- thrown through everything tropics a team who damn close. Oh boy so if you go back to camp like people answer -- me and be part of them. You don't -- you got things. And I tell them you don't know. Don't know. Can you come down and you follow the -- who followed with people because obviously. Come from California again I mean he's got so many different teams here in they're over there at the recent years just. It's the same accident is like LSU football like guests Brian if you're today SEC. -- and I folks down here they pretty much all -- almost to the fact whether it is the Atlanta's the other write that line to see that you know what I could you bring an opponent that's one thing I I'd like. And I really admire and appreciate it now. The -- picked him now that will it be hand in making it they would have with with the BCS title game but all -- the fiesta and we shoot the if not all it's like well. BC is not a people both. But the big -- who think that the next Wilkes -- The Rose Bowl is due to grant they have all they did that did -- lost in Boston I think you're the only hole on the BCS coalition. It has not lost the -- people. It -- gone bad but is not the Rose goes to a few. The the slack you know the Fiesta Bowl as well there's. You -- to the game to. Yes like you mean like that most memorable game there was that the league's media that unit it is deficits in the late in the kids in here. So -- we -- in me in -- guys that I do not have to act act act. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had about a back up get up you can make it here if you get you.