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Dec 12, 2013|

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Good evening and welcome to our number two of sports stuff coming up -- now we have it a close and personal with Hamlin Jordan saint pass rushing specialist will be our special is on this week's program. And all like -- -- with cam as the New Orleans Saints are on the road this week taking on this St. Louis Rams with the two are pretty dead or example it if you -- you will dot com the Saints are. Three in three on the road how do you think you'll finish of the regular season. If you vote on line it that you WL. Dot com and at the end will have QB QB that is coming up for you at the bottom of this hour as well -- the palace station. With Drew Brees AK McCann Alabama quarterback -- -- the plate -- -- slaughter of at the Walt Disney were receiving some type of award. He said it Nick Saban told him he's saying it Alabama your take on then you believe that in the contract extension has been offered a coach Saban. I thought the last few days will report to saying it's the on napkins and -- anything today. As we have and a made a little posturing. You know. When you get it to that number and Nick Saban just got a new extension in March the patent five point six sought to the point -- it. You know when when -- to get -- that's their job to get a little more so that's in the mix as well let's look at our view from Vegas coming up. In the 7 o'clock -- If this week picks as with dwindled down now what does the couldn't look at it look at some of the ballgame tonight got poking starting up in about a week and a hands. And began with talk to coach nick spoke with them as you as the Jefferson there's folks -- excited. Don't want side hill on the west side. Call -- Over here on decided that Metairie era and a recount it's east deficit in the forties the championship game. And we talked about class foray in these new format Alley with dominated by the New Orleans metro area and now is that we've been saying all season long that's. Almost like a who -- beating a dead horse because in the final game of the season in the -- the championship is two local teams. In the caught up in east Jefferson we'll talk about that and when it -- an Easter with the program to the community here. It's a bit follow their programming adults alone at a playoff win now they have far right a four game playoff. Win streak including -- the victory. Over noble. To the phone to go to go to -- -- -- on line 100 thank you for calling WW well. Thank you and happy holidays do you -- -- I'm very happy like every -- science with the effort last week that is what I wanna see so much you know to see him come back and bounce back like -- that maybe you'll. I think they're going to use that momentum on my to go on and win the remaining games. And if they can make a pretty good chance. You know training home field advantage -- -- well. You mean the number two -- Well you know if he dropped and sign my beer leaguer who should retire and they'd have to go they have to -- -- have to go. A two more games yet to lose two of their last three. -- -- -- -- -- but I I still feel like you know the world I know -- mean obviously Drew Brees won't premier quarterbacks. Play the NFL radio that he gets enough credit for that we use. Design. Unbelievably good I'd like to see more ground game -- -- however it outside of that I. Nothing but praise for the Amanda as far Nick Saban -- I think he has to decide this -- they -- -- -- a couple of them. Only do that you write a lot of them probably also back it. Man they got oil -- -- -- in the industry two -- industries in the upstate. I grew up report you know we're right on the edge of the taxes. Oil and I'm more sport and then that -- -- a oil money. Keep you just can't imagine you all -- and all that well so it. What yeah I think this is more of America -- economy down here in the ocean the go from the river. When oil is tremendously well financially and is going to be tough to say you know what that really opens. Well. Yeah it's I just don't think that -- the you know if that's the case it will be more -- morning to go to Texas -- report change of scenery or what have you. Because you know -- diseases -- that they are but Alabama or not will not lose the services they say because the money. I mean it that they're not going to Penn State they got it then not Texas unknown at. But they get deep pockets and when it comes to football they'll they'll shut out what they have -- -- it is to be strictly. If Nick -- wants to go out and I don't think I know it's a great job I just don't think this is a applaud it more money. Follow and exceed. Maybe maybe for his assistance via may be so. But I don't think anything you know now because the money when it comes down to it Alabama way I've done everything they possibly could be done to keep Nick Saban. I don't think you'll lose him with the money. And don't forget although on line at WWR -- comedy easy confusion. Too. HA BT game between the -- out Curtis made it to number one seed in the number TCU -- clubs you shoot -- -- -- -- -- 34 prep football action. The defending five a state champion rubble raid at the foot eight another state I'll be back to back out of the coaches -- off for the Raiders. And tonight they were taking on the -- eat the Yellow Jackets and it's at 830 here. On WW mail me at the bottom of the -- outbreak we will have a conversation with Saints quarterback. Drew Brees threw 60187866889. Do you rate seventy. He is our number two Canadian football and operated -- -- -- -- -- give you -- dot com the Saints are 33 -- the room with two broken left the late. -- play at Saint Louis on Sunday and then we will play Carolina. The following week when you think saints' final wrote -- will be. Period five. -- -- 05 in three cares joke vote online at WW -- The guy coming up to people who go with Mike's call where it looked like a -- -- -- the latest on the -- -- the Eagles and speaking of sick. To be in practice take on the Iowa Hawkeyes in that will be New Year's Day in the Outback Bowl. A piano -- their top stories out there keep following what is going to happen in Alabama. And in Texas now maybe later this week the university Texas hurt from -- Mack -- two days they had the Alamo Bowl opening press conference. Oregon will play Texas in the Alamo Bowl basically Mack Brown says that there will be some discussion about the future of Texas football. But other than pretty much kept things. Close to the events that report to -- that he will step down -- be it some type of other capacity in the Texas athletic program with the football program. But -- athletic programs to what does it mean. Most immediately for Texas do they have their man. And if so how would they be trying to hide their coach right off the bat have him come in now. Are what -- coming after a quote unquote a bowl game that would make things very interesting. And we talked to Paul who had earlier the CEO of the Super Bowl already a great matchup between Alabama and Oklahoma. However. You imagine if Texas. Mack Brown does that aside. He will coach the bowl game out of Matic or not let that brown coached the bowl game -- -- today I think I mean if you eat desserts that he's done. For the program you feel that -- it will put it on Texas what we see. But I think he's he's old that month or deserved to maybe the better way to the present that. But what happens if they haven't changed in success of background especially when Alabama. Happens to come to town so. Maybe it will be any take on it. A little bit the later win the teams come to town 260187866889. 0870 -- be able to get involved this thing taught. Three in three currently on the room with two games left in the regular season -- usually take all the black gold as far as winning order ruled. What they'd be. 445. Victory. -- finished -- -- evidence Saints patrol zone yes they saw -- number two seed in the NFC south all the things went to these next three. And they were -- of the two seed and the south division so you think about it of course that every game is almost like an elimination game for the Carolina pants they just look at win streaks they -- eight straight games. And aloft the Saints -- Theo could go out and win all their remaining games and been happy enough they would -- -- the Saints note to lose might stop or. A tiger -- dot com don't does now Mike the -- get back to work next week for the Outback Bowl if the Iowa Hawkeyes in a your take on this match -- -- him SEC. Yeah I think it's another dangerous matchup issue you know how excited are they going into it. A true freshman quarterback I think a lot of people just think it. You know it's automatic in June and is gonna pick up where left off to pitch in Arkansas game and you know did to me it's still very much an unknown as to what would she has in himself. You know -- is that another replay of the Iowa game -- -- war in Kansas State and you know he between teams you don't you don't respect and think this year and they go out there and they. He kept the clock they run the football and next thing you know you're an adult Titans. I just think miles that this is an important for him because. Hit it was a dominant win win loss record in bottles for a while there and now start -- -- in the opposite direction. My god big weekend this weekend in the as -- state championships the Mercedes-Benz superdome some adapt so they've right now some of the best out of the state actually playing. As it is you hi John -- Yeah. Ditka well now right now will their coverage. Opera than I mean that that game to vote count was not like Dupree. Before the game. Had a hamstring so not participate in. But you know when you public university with Bloomfield. And process in Dillon Moses all three of those guys committed you know issue. And of course scorers with can you and Alex I do Corey. Mike not going on right now. As far as if it's a concern with where it would is that with the first big week in it gives -- capitol campus. Well I mean you know you did a big week in last weekend's -- just quality it was insane. The quality kids that were busy officially they're not we'll be -- and indeed this week you know I think they're. Focuses on what -- superdome. You know we'll see they -- in the next week. But you know load up in January after the All Star Games after the balls they'll be one big weekend in January. Where all of a commitment to haven't visited already. We'll show up in the notre on sprinkle -- some on committee guys. In that group to help. You know did you know -- -- hasn't helped recruit them. So. You know you'd get -- the number of but that the infield watching for official visitors. -- you rarely uses all. And when you start you know look at the pitching that are committed now you know -- of course the last one from John. We broke that news a couple of nights ago that big running back -- real cute with politely which -- home state over the weekend. You know. But you after the all star game in the under armour game -- January 2 that's going to be I think that game who look like you know if you infomercial just with a big kids who were set to announce that gains speed you know you know Willis. -- -- You know Tony Brown. I think it was to get all of those guys. And which you'll get a lot of little -- off of that and they've already moved up in the rankings put to Garrett -- -- -- -- back from Illinois will will announce next Tuesday on the seventeenth outfield issue between the nation's top linebacker something he's been. The number one linebacker in the country. And so they'll you'll move up in the rankings there I think we're brown top ten. But after that under armour game on January 2 outing of the ball into the top. Mike reading a piece they -- and it's his LSU's -- -- leads the nation in total salaries at his score been USA and maybe put. They don't publish what can coaches -- in the -- -- is that Stanton let's make a book about four point five. Six million that's a little bit over Alabama that's four point 46. And John Toews makes overbay in now camera -- made six aren't the issue is going to be over a billion in in a close to one point five in the final year. But I look at it frank Wilson and think about what he goes that they give them a bit bang for their buck as he is that eighteenth nationally. What this arrow with 600000 so frank they can build a bag with frank there. Yeah. -- -- concede that the the list of would do it makes an eighteen to have but his ranking -- as far as the position coach. You know aren't -- the does that give it to recruit coordinated well -- -- recruiting coordinator yet yeah but I think so but that. Yeah I think would also use issues. Salary. Is that do you draw. Got the coordinator salary. And then lost the position and brought in Cameron. I think if that -- so she's never did inflated. But. You know in the and that's where you get into the you know that does salaries paid. And you know. You -- back to -- away you don't want to have -- and -- in the win column before she gets back to Atlanta. Mike how can if I could delay as our recruiting in a big week in and these super. Yeah I checked tiger big dot com -- the front page right now we've got a lot of recruiting features. Of course we're we're paying attention to what's going on superdome weather's been. -- -- Will be down there as well for that one. But kids are making visit kids are making decisions and it's starting get realistic and recruiting. Mike thank you so much at a time we'll talk after the title game all right. Paul Kuhn. BQB. I would become -- space with -- quarterback -- a quarterback Bobby eight bay QB QB has brought you by the great employees. Of Crosby took -- you know in -- septic. -- -- Called -- through a week ago we talked about anticipating after a difficult loss on -- -- -- guys -- her get back on the field and in. After a game like that now imagine you know you really don't want to leave the field team. Really is thought it clicked in off it -- it expansion teams. I thought a complete victory for the black and gold Sunday against Carolina. He had that there was. But it was great the way we responded -- pressure -- short week you know didn't back it. Late on Tuesday from that Seattle game and having -- herself mentally and physically. There are switched over to you know prepare for Carolina. -- well what was it -- game as well you know really. Wouldn't play these guys two out of three. You know the the division championships that. Yup well like. Play it was very well there. Went to the level that would play with all these years -- really extra years to. Develop -- big -- -- better football. Now drew look at how the game started. Obviously -- you know who really did -- that the ball. The first quarter almost all -- we had it well and like committed 56 seconds left. Well ahead three plays that the question I have. Looking at that first 35. When you threw it to Colston. It was a complete game and then obviously -- him dug in the Jersey was an appearance. Of the do you ever that you go to officials -- confront them about a missed call or. You like coach Payton worked efficiently in the business. I regular tour again then. -- orders of I mean are there are lots he has you know we're not ever. Certainly not you know the officials I mean there's different times where. -- talked to him to to try to communicate you know took to find out the reason for -- calls or back acting like for example. He remembered them afloat in America call those two you know off sides penalties. Aware though is part about change so obviously I went over the official that point to get an explanation for what might doing. It was our -- flag. And you know I mean there's there's times where you feel like. You know there was after. All -- -- -- the receiver. Are actually you know markers. That that third down you know you are in -- but -- you know that there's where. You know they're not this year and and so you -- fortunately. That was one call -- -- Now -- look at it. Now I thought we were still gonna be in great shape obviously. -- it is outstanding. Even -- Carolina have a long drives -- -- them. The kick field goals so they're only up. You know six to zero. And now look at -- -- first touchdown drive his vehicle nine plays eighty yards the key play in that drive was. 38 yards sweet play but Darren Sproles was that something else on film. You know -- Carolina and look at -- at thirty yard run the longest run of the season. And then and others that don't look at it on and realize you have the long touchdown run of the season. A seven yard we just talk about that that toss sweep. This -- Like this they've like -- almost like Yo-Yo gonna catch Carolina maybe and get outside. Yet. You know I think we got league record of favorable defense looked -- -- great angles on everybody. Allowance will get outside and we actually read up one more popularly thought. Just through trying to got everybody walks on the side and so that allowed Kirk. I keep that watch in that. Parents get outside and give up on the corner and -- you -- cut back underneath the corner and into the net in a big play it out you know they. The big you know momentum. Game -- trust you after Carolina got down on two consecutive scored garage and now you know -- response. Not sure how important it was that. You look at this because you gonna get the best that a best and I'm talking about red zone defense. To get touchdowns in the rental verses having. The kick up Google's considering Carolina's first and NFL. And reds on defense then. I didn't realize you know you're doing your homer and forty game but there grows on on pace that the Los -- rental players now percentage in the league. Since 2002. There even ahead at the pace of the 2005 bare so to -- that was critical. To get those three touchdowns in the second quarter. I don't know Carolina knew it hit them because you think about this. And the whole season they had only given up two touchdowns in the first half and you were able to get three in that second quarter. Yeah that was. Are absolutely agree remembered at all -- recover at all cylinders and we got that two minute drives in. Which you know -- wish -- -- internship in England not only be forward. Whatever fifteen seconds left but the that you the first possession of the -- order as well. All have a big big change momentum there really felt like we got a -- offense and he's a celebrity game well at that point. Now through. How frustrating is -- does got a I guess that trying. Run a play that you think's gonna work all the thing I've first goal of the half yard line you would think opposite you know that just run this -- -- and obviously try to -- and work Galveston. You know we're past -- the ball away on the half yard line is that. Pretty much an offense -- why we're running announcing I think we try to pass that. Well it's negative third down because we think that the best play against this defense. And that one maybe now why -- -- running inning and ovals that situation. You have to go for a field goal and take the points of vs trying to -- known for now. Yeah are you -- sure a lot of very doubt. All our goal line you know these herbs and so we had -- really. I don't want mr. -- play that we liked and we just didn't quite excuse me -- enough and so you know lord it would degenerate into all. And so that we came back to look at it like to chew -- you why I coach Jerry by about order here. Otherwise he catches up all scored on second out in the third down play you know you're trying to. -- a play action and you know give the illusion of Iraq and now I am not generate X thirty -- and -- -- it's -- well much like. The one desperate though he certainly. Now drew I was most excited. And the kind of game that Marcus Colston had. If you look at his production on nine -- 125 yards almost fourteen yard average. A couple of touchdowns but. I thought will was I don't know this is -- over just worked out that way bit. A native Coles has nine catches so went for first downs or touchdowns. And then obviously targeting him twelve times -- have any dropped. Yeah. He he's not the year of a playmaker at all which has -- -- it's great when you we can get him involved early often you know. He scored those first touchdown -- -- quickly and so I'll. Are you read these -- personal guy like to play outside play inside out we do so much what they're. And -- HI. You know Jeter would have games like that where you know I think a lot of attention goes Jimmy -- a lot of it -- goals. And I I think that report. You know. Are you to overlook North -- job. You know got into all the big games Lance. -- changed pills each other -- that's a great back. Now drew -- look at that we on the back candidacies and but I thought in and maybe you comment on this have to. You watched the Thelma I thought this as though our best effort has -- the line. Ligament Charles Brown Zach -- been considering your opponent who you going against and now they've got that opposing quarterbacks. But you look at as the pressures. It it it really wasn't therein. And and I and I tell and the fans. Come Sunday against Saint Louis would be great opportunity. Follow offensive line and all of -- of the -- -- -- the blind to build on. That performance against Carolina. Come against the ransom we go to saint Luke but I thought. Velvet the line was outstanding is like music get this season. The -- they play well. Especially in pass protection against a very very you're you're -- or should be a -- and they're straight some extremely you know outlook again this week a robber wearing Chris walker probably. Nearly one of the best. You can't them decent and kind -- Little League when it comes to their production out of actually have sack -- you just hurry pressures and all those things you have a great job penalties especially all of you know I'm watched the Seattle game and I think they got Russell Wilson Belichick's you know and -- -- out of that. You know -- In fact that -- -- would have a lot of an apparent that we we've we it's attraction also I think we understand count them shall play it on the road adult. Where you know. Reaching about in -- football you know we we gotta agree child which which protection. Pretty -- in the ball just you know play great efficiency. QB to QB conversation with Saints quarterback increased brown RB Adrian brought about. The great employees that Crosby of them again and -- Angel sent data though. Call Joseph drew thank you so much for the time you look you in the black and gold Sunday and -- Saints who are.