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12-12 7:10pm Deke, A view from Vegas

Dec 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right it's authors and I view from Vegas and obviously Vegas is brought it back at the always the house Duke riveted to -- for well over 100 years. Bought the first quarter -- praised all over the -- biggest run of Baker's front of that comment pregame dot com. Is with us now let's jump out quickly beyond going to compete and want -- -- for the knights haven't won it back kick off the Denver Broncos elect about a standard. -- the half point favorite that total is it 5455. Denver at San Diego he was the plate. Yeah I went ahead and I bet -- game I took the point -- maybe they'd like to -- -- -- -- and I took what can enhance its now pretty much hand across the board. And there's even some nine and hand there now what the Wes Welker. Usually count. And I also about the game under it opened it deeply when his time is it -- in an at between seven and I have worked out here and bake it I just couldn't. Picked that up at myself that the prime time game with absolutely nothing else on the night. Could be oddsmakers have been -- -- point it. It's total and I really don't think they'll likely -- the betting public that's fall although game plan week why over the total. And they went ahead and did the same thing I'd -- the opening week only. Too late last week what we thought it was the bigger and better. -- bettors want to win and make up again we're gonna go under and it. But that happens because that's the bad weather if it -- short field. -- Punt return kick off return and and we pretty much just born Waechter arm in the NFL but I think the bookmakers. But just -- -- -- week and 57 but the seventh inning at a little bit Q I. I'm looking to -- and the because they. Don't read a play. How but I didn't think the key for him is also is stay healthy claiming they. -- in the division they don't want it. Lot can hope -- that they need but the key is a place that I'll -- Want to get that play all and that's when it's really gonna matter and Sammy played pretty tough play -- time losing by ultimately and it got to. Remember -- a short week. When you have two teams that know each other extremely well to play each other twice this year so they know each others -- while. Defense has it been it's over -- -- Unlike other short weeks. Felt for me I took the point -- San Diego and I bet the game -- -- as well. The our biggest -- of pre game that -- -- now got to answer could you know we we never look back who -- fault but. In its all apart alive but. As we could just look too easy for me to take Kansas City in nickname be it in for a big reason Robert Griffin the third return all -- albeit orchestrate. Which you like the risking why was that. Yeah and I did and you know every professional betting syndicate. -- don't want to pinpoint three and I can't and that's why that line was -- pretty much across the board and in the -- respected batters. Really thought it was at that spot for Kansas City big. They were -- -- some extremely tough game and that. Appears to possibly be a let down on the road and not in non divisional game but non conference game could remember they won't like -- Denver. And too little -- three weeks and we beat Kansas City. Played at the opposition and green walking to the team that looked like they -- an -- -- in. But they don't and it didn't play my old. Sure that most professional better. Are trying to hit that home dog and I got beat with that game as well I'm Cowell admitted I was on watching games and I said I'm not an -- you beat me. And yet I can't. It was over by the end of the first quarter fortunately so it's not as if it was -- either. All right BR Vegas trying to regain that calm he says I he likes the points -- getting as many as high as thirteen and a total. Papal I had fifty for adults and local guys they've gotten -- 57 he likes under and the points. Now let's move on -- this a mob ball games and is bit not much this week in in the -- book out about it's often navy. In a few minutes we'll take a look it's some bowl matchup that these are back go to the inning affair and then let's take a look. And wanted to go to one -- and handsome but Beattie to ban as follows a playoff match at some things that are on Aladdin. What it's interesting from -- standpoint playoff implications seeding and also allow caused the ligament at Miami where the Dolphins or two and a half point underdog at home the total is 45 and a pair. Yeah and the line is. Quickly dropping. Would not be surprised if it's one goes off at a pick on. -- because pretty much all professional better but knowing and the betting -- that I can't access to him biggest. They're all take in Miami. They think number 11 count -- injury is. Baker and the line we -- And if you look even though knowingly and pretty much going to Miami winning played nine of the last ten games Miami given some. Some tough games. Over the last few seasons earlier that you have people like ten but. -- am now any team returning well. Two plays -- and force -- -- against the spread. Personally -- time and money on this game if I had to -- this game. I think it would. But the short money and -- Miami is well because they do play well at all any team that beat Cincinnati. They -- San Diego State that Carolina won but it covered the spread. That might work and it it would be -- state -- lose at home. How they played extremely tall they lost -- at that -- -- -- to -- the ball a lot. Good team but still they. Play twelve games and trying to get points. Are -- in a close game but wait it out but personally I don't like it don't against the team when they lose this point. A star player because I believe the market overreact. And now that it's been hard to pick up. I think the lights behind the only way -- played in the way it actually hand yeah I could I could see why they were -- Some guys. What they add -- points and took Miami plus the weight but pretty much but -- it was going on in that game the right now so it didn't get on Miami. I think I did not leave it alone or take New England because I think that we would. I share a lot and and doesn't like what happened to last week against Cleveland -- against Miami and I think you'll see a solid effort from them. DR -- front of that comment pregame dot com is our -- who is looking at this week's accident in advance the full blown -- Now beyond that to move on to one it's an interesting and maybe you've got to land on it forced now it was all because of the status of -- and -- but playoff implications Dallas in -- Green Bay. -- that about. Is there and put that line probably around -- And again at it at the time of the year where sports books are no rush. To take dead until they're absolutely certain. The injury that obviously what we want -- as we yours that but -- -- -- base what I don't think that's pretty -- -- now here's what we've seen what rebate the got spot that the lines makers is had been gone a -- How valuable. -- -- is that his team since he's well. They have not covered a single game six play games you could have been against Green Bay -- -- every single time. And you have a Dallas team that's comical and -- the -- national television. The only idiot what Beckett is we don't now or Tony Romo has been in December. But we also out there on hasn't been good. Or better property here but this year they. Extremely well for better pick on -- five against the spread and more importantly they're a team that's won a title six games played bad I'll. I think the best way he could approach this game. Is he knew that -- sonic and you as a teaser meaning tape I'll -- to where they only have to win a game minus one minus one and a half. To where they just have to win the game otherwise I don't. Really have much company and -- this many points. Outwit the talent but I don't want anything to do with the Green Bay Packers at the scene -- given up on the season and again oddsmakers have not. Figured out how much Aaron Rodgers is work. To the batting. Market yet because they had not covered one single time so I think -- he can't see it that balance on the line. Tease them down a bit and lose this game down. All right beyond now if you -- you -- to this NFL picks that that we. Okay I I think we're gonna see some blocking bag this -- got in Indiana fell. I went would've been able Monday Night Football the Chicago Bears but come Sunday after what happened last week beatable I think we're gonna be some doubt in -- -- don't really like. Are -- New York football Giants get that touchdown against Seattle. I'm saying here's why Seattle's -- Two extremely. Difficult game. I'll maybe play. New Orleans on Monday Night Football. That was an easy victory for them but it was a prime time game a lot of emotion in it took a lot about to win that game. And they went this same -- and lost a heartbreaker. And now they travel cross country and play the Giants we know. Seattle if you do things. It's he would bet one or -- you bet against them when they're on the road and you're gonna make money pretty much year -- year -- I think that the truth this week. The Giants coming open embarrassment. At -- the end. What plane before that impact they had won five of their previous six games would be only being in time you'll go. Against balance and a game they actually -- -- down. By 45 yards I think the -- The defense for the Giants which allowed five point two yards per play good. With -- defense for Seattle which we planned but well four point eight yards per plate for the Giants. Statistically. As many as Seattle is and any time you can get that many points with a solid defense you've got to take -- like that the bigger giant. -- -- seven points. -- -- Feel -- that Plano and Plano but you're not at the is that Houston Texans at Indianapolis and here's why you're gonna hear the right things coming out of Indianapolis this week now even though they they'd want it to be even though they played absolutely not thing. They wanna play out this season than -- do. They wanted to play out what moment blah blah blah blah face -- this team knows they're even -- as far. When the playoffs began I don't think they're gonna bring too much effort of -- -- on the flip side -- like Houston team that just fired their head coach. Any income they're defense coordinator which we -- I don't want the head coaching job and we also. His play and let him and play for him that's quite -- that -- had one of the best deep fences but a couple seasons so I like. Think they're the order not waiting until the end of his seat in to clean LT did it right now. After an embarrassing loss to Jacksonville for the second time and I think you'd think additional points on the that would not be surprised if they win this game outright. But catching six points is the best I did not can't stop I think you've been plucked the six. And I don't think that that was quite. -- Indianapolis -- this season. I we -- picks of the week he likes he is Houston Texans suppose the poets and the dog and the Giants at home and -- home ago. -- -- -- -- it's morning here to some of the bowl game some and earning a bowl so we have company. Washington State Colorado next Saturday southern cal and Fresno state to entertaining your team threat -- Fresno state. Up their conference championship game score a lot of points each year of the -- thought to be on their way to the BCS before. They got up by San Jose state became who would you pick let's talk about that would southern town of six point favorite over the bulldogs of Fresno state and Las Vegas -- I'll tell you it's it's they're playing it out here. And -- like that footnote stateside. He does look like you know you guys aren't nearly double the pretty new here is that people's. I mean we all -- And the campers whether you're serious handicap or. -- -- professional handicap or we looked at that we try to analyze number but when it comes to blow games there's two things you really want to look at. And that's motivation in. And now coaches prepare their teams all an expanded. All -- -- line -- haven't played for 345 weeks you know some some coaches have our resume of -- others don't. We know they've been given a couple weeks to prepare it's topped the speed. What that now the motivational signs before is that people and if you don't get that school at. Actually wants the -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kept probably come out that there is pretty much every weekend since they were freshmen so I don't think -- going to be too excited to become the biggest. And more importantly. A school like USC is in the plane for. -- used the played well here. They're very used to planes -- national championship. They're not used support came out in mid December so I don't think they're gonna get up for this game and for me. Catching up as no big deal that actually -- -- -- be there and once this year they're gonna hang with the big board. And beat a team like USC and they have the talent and can hang in there with them. I'd like to -- points per game and I like this six point and my money appeal as those they. The New Orleans Bowl a lot of Louisiana flavor they're raising -- -- -- Louisiana Lafayette and instituting Greenway is still unknown quarterback can't Broadway nice is. Conference player of the year the MVP of the 2012 -- LeBeau. In a morning defense that ranks among the nation's best and you go back to the what date did this year it's also. And it gets rice some of the season lows I think it worst season mostly to -- with these. In that caliber are against those type but he's an accomplished. Wasn't if they Tulane defense and played. Is giving a one and a half point to a cushion they are on the dog in the dog bowl. Should be between sixty and 70000 epic game on Saturday December 21 the I have to say I will be at him. All right I'll probably have some action on -- and hopefully. Because your -- and I -- And I yeah definitely and a sloppy at the I think that the right side was -- -- got a good seed in the first set him straight up -- more importantly. They're not -- play against the spread for batters won't be opposite look we're a lot because they got a better straight up record. But there -- only 48 against the spread and what you got to remember is. Going into the season -- -- open. All kind of out the casual bettors aren't hit that the books and they look at it gets records and the team that have been made it. He's a lot in the -- game. Oddsmakers know there's bookmakers know this and they usually people instantly liked it wouldn't be out a lot -- should be about three point paper. In a game like at times they played to claim they displayed on planes it was in 2012. But the game wasn't even close. Killing comes in all the world spotlight but they covered three straight games. Well we -- a couple teams played losses and they haven't covered in August late weeks. I think they get it together here -- like -- beyond a lot yet I think your game and great fight on anything under field goal. And be aren't barely look at parity locate LHU and Iowa the tackles on seven and a half point favorite over Iowa. A surprise because LSU -- golf when a freshman quarterback. Yeah I can let it and I think what it truly begin -- hold true in all other sports holds true college football as well. That betting market over react to injuries to whether to suspend him. I know I felt like a broken record but I'm telling you what it is right now it's you take -- image. Of those situations. Where the betting market overreacted. You could make a lot of money betting boards might be -- contrary. And the one that you wanna do is active -- That lost the and the betting market overreact because it's a perfect storm -- copper -- -- value. Adding a couple with a team that the west that the players are gonna bring an even. At -- no -- down. And you know when you look at a team like Dallas you and and you look at backup quarterback he probably better then then it. It's set up a lot of backup quarterback in the country you know it's good that we we overused cliche in sports. Certain teams they really. Well I would be re build -- that holds true brought lot of club and I. I think LSU is one of those teams that we beat healing and you're out there April. And rebuild and it's not that they didn't know that they were. But find a replacement but. Burglary eventually -- so I really didn't think. Your death of lying down there and Matt Birk had a great season -- -- -- twenty touchdowns. Only interception. 65%. Completions how do you replay that. When you have a running game the way LSU got -- defense like -- cute guys. Yeah it really. Aren't going to be in much. Trouble you don't need your quarterback to go out there -- in -- game he can -- not to go down the beauty game and I think what miles -- -- gonna make sure this youngster. Is important position -- had the wind became Purdue's team. I like LSU I think I was gonna have a lot of troubles won on them and I'd be surprised if these games state -- into touchdowns. The odds -- Toronto without view from Vegas a -- back common biggest from a dot com the -- thank you so much -- who picked the NFL. Plus we'll have a little less action on the and see the you know wanting to him about six bowl games -- get -- next week so that's actually coming up they are. Perfect timing Christmas this coming in the Lesnar made some money. As you go we -- don't we all be off Beckett probably -- thank you so much what topic we. Enjoyed it. All right coming up next we'll continue to talk a little view from Vegas -- -- prediction machine dot com be withers and in activist. How -- coach around right now especially among the EJ -- your faithful. Before this year the thought is what they want a playoff game that they've won four straight. In one bowl they'll win the state championship coach -- -- the -- I GO jones' latest outlook of the EJ Moye sign man to continue our view from Vegas market by acme oyster house who grew an excellent over the years. Born different quota praised all -- what Paul was -- -- now. A prediction machine dot com Paul thank you so much for the time as always let's jump right in on tonight's game Denver and San Diego break it down for us. -- well going into the game that looked like him a little bit just scored a -- -- the point of the game we it is that you would be -- because. Yet maybe you'll be weakest defense against the past the second week it's decent against the run in the entire golf course or street circuit you're just a division give metrics. However in the Eagles -- the number two pass in soccer so I think we'll the issue out you're thirty or 26 look predicted -- in the game. I -- you lawyer and we like the over read an article in the mix it these. Ever read it and then back out there even -- that there remembers clearly the likely winner of this game we still think they're there and you're going to be able to keep we're expert. Paul if you will want to explain how everything comes up with a -- a prediction machine. Yeah -- monster in that we -- -- -- to eat out on the court actually quite wants medically to what we call the predictable later partridge machine itself. Out of play by play races were simulated basically anything that should happen in the in the game. -- would be that you look -- -- occur based on the matchups that are actually it would take quite a durable 22 players involved. The weather go home field advantage anything coaching that obviously anything we could go play a -- game we want it to -- cal forward and unfortunately. We've been pretty except when doing so at -- that you guys are all along with some of the numbers released. We -- well into the number I used in the same technology in the NFL. That usually we -- weekly does know exactly what has been a pretty strongly to evaluate what's likely to -- Now -- let's talk a little bit about what is gone on this week in this pick up on the Saints. And at the same restraint. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of the way we usually -- the out of balance we like a lot of that let the touchdown favorite to win -- more than a touchdown to Wear on a lot of public team this week in New Yorkers certainly want of their. Projection in the game to think with 28 to 21 win. Rate up 67% record time I'll -- you very. -- is pretty good to pick up in the running running the ball. New Orleans is be eager to things throwing the ball up in the past and in the at a you could throw the ball stop the pats are significantly more important than running the ball. And stopping the run there we like you oiler that they do a better job at the quarterback position and through the year. Even know that other road being inside that don't like the way it starts. -- second right now at this Giants in the Seattle Seahawks -- -- seven and a half months now at home in New York. Yeah and everything seems to be from the situation standpoint a lot of people often talk about going to cheer your cubicle another road. -- is that pretty extreme home road split he keeps the Seahawks for quite a -- times we're gonna travel throughout the country and I'm not certain of our cars because. New word New York -- -- -- or numbers they've got nothing to play or are we due to the team has read where I could ever do it. Yeah it is in order to be here even stay competitive against you're happy. New York even never got over the last few weeks. At that position where Andre crowd help your running back still can't expect it to be able to keep it close. And be able to do very well on the ground because it's great spirit we like you know in towards you or is it in the predict the score they went straight upset you or the car. -- -- opponents continue call this the prediction machine dot com. It was talk about the picks of the week now -- -- move on a very aggressive all playoff implications doing that and Miami. Yeah it is one of those two games that are close and actually be closest -- or in the BC right now 2423. New England wins. But what to look that -- against the number but two point spread -- evidence and one half point games are they away from that. In this case -- -- New England should win it would 55% of the simulations however and it's really important note this may -- at least. And that is that we currently have the Dolphins making the play up 69% of apparently figured the rest of the way even noble what would get that spot right now. We actually the result the floor and out quicker you respect -- -- -- much you -- schedule even this in itself. Looks like it's going to be there if they're. Now Paula can. Inaction this week against the New York -- there's -- to favor. Yeah I didn't hit bad. News -- for oil and wanted the good news is that -- really get to to cover the spread that uses the Carolina win straight -- morning -- -- team in the NFL. And terms of our expectations are sort of weeks -- You know relatively speaking the number one vs number two in terms of -- -- defense. And so that the key to the team that that is likely going to be able to throw the ball more effectively should win. But he might be true that with such great sequences they're all gonna be a lower -- -- -- like younger and we like Bears or Jets recovered at the lowest score in the game. The more likely it is that double digit under an appeal to keep a close. 24 to fourteen the predicted score Carolina went straight up that he 5% of the time but it -- York Jets copper and like lean toward -- Hi Paul givens you'll dance peaks of the week. Yeah now it will be -- you know it almost certainly helpful all we have a picked -- the playable again for army navy we had we do -- to pick the right into court term -- projections this week. In the -- to stop -- one sentence or this season with a lot that we -- years. Here they are the other like Philadelphia or half point favorite without -- Peterson played in Minnesota Eagles go in -- -- In Indianapolis the whole level of those big public teams we like this week they're only five nap went -- to get -- spirit that we have very cold we need right now -- -- At Indianapolis couple big favorite to win back boards and such they'll switch it -- our starters. Mama and them know what is available and he -- turn -- now we've got breakdown for everything Politico game including box scores between you projection even halftime take that and drive up duties or projections for those games will you -- -- out that both the NBA NHL. All the old they just went up a that you thought about that -- weeks which department are Cyrus now. Paul let's -- a prediction machine that comp Paul thank you so much by the time we appreciate. Our product. Are right up next is a story that a lot of folks all right very excited about. Saturday afternoon at Mercedes-Benz superdome the four A state championship game the -- the car Cougars. And the east Jefferson. Warriors coach and they. So out of of managing intelligence that hey coach of the EJ that in his -- you'll see some of the 50s7080s. And ninety's the bill. Is we can't put the white fans are out of private called group of fans well it's not news. Though they -- about offense this year last year and people told crossover. So no holes so the first time in four years -- fans across the river -- it didn't dome and the had a -- dollar. And go watch the talk with -- free to go I've begun at theaters at WW.