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12-12 7:45pm Deke, Coach Nick Saltaformaggio

Dec 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back on the -- BA. Right now gone on it ease the state championships at Mercedes-Benz superdome two teams have won state championships the calvary Baptist. Well club from all Louisiana hit defeat -- bishop and 62 to set it. That -- also certain it is not possible coach pat -- and archbishop hand have gone at least the both of those clubs can -- Baptist. Wins that division championship division three and attackers Patriots ground yet another state -- GT cars of the patent. Roll over -- high tonight by a score of 32. To zero. As the Patriots win yet that game coming up at 830 at night you -- the division one state championship game the defending 58 champion Robert Raiders. And they see Ebert Yellow Jackets here on WWR radio. At 8:30 this evening -- Friday evening in the Mercedes-Benz superdome before -- it off one of the most anticipated. Games into all of the metro and maybe history. The east deficit -- and the and that call. Google the Cougars head into the don't matter now this is their third straight season exit for the baby tee and they've lost in the -- 1112. And now this is thirteenth the -- who is winning it last season Oakland -- there opponent this year. He's the EJ -- is undefeated on the season a remarkable year. And about their defense coach -- out of a match Ochoa does now the head coach of the Warriors. Coach -- thank you so much thought it man how how hard has it been for you coach this week not to -- -- -- it did it got too excited. In a game like this because you guys that have really worked hard to get to this point. Object you have to have me on. You know we still kind of looking at the last few seconds of the -- game in and we've talked in the the videos of -- -- kind of tempered our excitement a little bit -- we had to get back to work right away so. Earlier in the week we we were we were all you know Gideon got happy like like a little kid opened up this Christmas present barely realized -- It's time to get back to work a -- great football team Wake -- -- on Saturday. And coach what did say it you know comedienne and -- you -- -- coach Jones don't eat that. And you'd like to -- in the date because not Wannstedt phobos Paterno was but both these teams defense is or Jews. So good. Then if you going into that game used to hate guys are being -- is good enough to keep most. Our pride in these things went -- -- let's just don't turn the ball Obama look at what they've done in the postseason they've given up. Just thirteen points in the post season you've given up 47 to play fourteen games this year -- of -- were shut out. And not although he got a great number -- -- and they do do. This may be a defense have had that this may be a definitive matchup and -- games that. We like to realize that you would be -- -- it it's really a very contrasting style of defense. I -- people all the week upset you know. Call call wears purple and gold a lot of people mistake pit sequence for the LSU Tigers because they they look good got a whole budget -- -- guys thought it and we don't we we got to look like the -- next -- JV team and what but I kids we have tremendous team speed and we have three outstanding linebackers. And I doubt kids well albeit undersized -- and if they don't stay around a long time to move and shake it in. And so it's it's going to be contrasting style would be better to lose but I do think it is going to be a defense took full ballgame sure. Coach what what what what is the biggest challenge you gonna had to do defending -- ballclub has so many talented players at medically is it escaped. You don't want -- to get outs perimeter defense will what does that number one challenge youth that you feel like you know it's their faces this week. All of bigger challenge we weren't as we react to defend are paying -- you know all arguably the best. Athletes. In in and maybe the United States are speedy Nolan. And he plays multiple spots to it wasn't like last year when we we play trainer got -- you know we UConn and a lot of force that's gonna be -- and you'll get the ball. But speed is different animal that you know he can play. A split handed the players you received ready to put him in the back feel like emotion a lot of the back feel like employee for the slot they could play him at quarterback. And then you know he's greatest threat for us is it kick in the football -- -- whether -- be kicked off a pot he just deadly deadly stage so. That's been our biggest war in and it's been you know it's going to be our biggest obstacle -- -- shall we out to be able to locate speedy. And controlling the point it's going. Coach talked to imagine that at no bit that you guys are. Worked so office so many years we heard about them that you build a program and how long you guys had to live with that stigma. Of had a great regular seasons I mean it took you in the week animation. As like a playoff game you talked about you beat saint all advises what is the heat is going to play -- game -- you've got to -- got upset at first round but. Now you went fourth straight playoff games so close the -- of his ultimate goal what what has this. Turnaround. But this who battery. Deficit has what is it done for people to think -- that they they want a -- but let's face it what you are doing a whale. It makes people more proud and makes me wanna be a part of some all any level winning anything -- now people. Wanna come out they wanna Wear those east deficit jackets and what does it mean it to the community what type of feedback that you you don't would you welcome an office. On a Monday morning you go to -- to -- -- with his racquet like ago. -- it's been tremendous body and you don't tell you that the biggest sigh it was last week. Stride yeah I bought for the semifinal game we return had impromptu pep rally in. Of course in a -- different places he'd collect -- selection. Our kids were introduced to the student body for a first problem I've ever seen this or any school that student body stood up and clap for a football why is that. And a day and age where kids. You don't have so many more interest in light. -- -- student body stand up and Clark clap for our kids it will just got a whole lot -- and it's really a whole lot to everybody you know school. ML it's just been it's been great for our school system I know our superintendent been out to support certain how principles are always there every game rain or shine. It's just been it's been a great experience sports. Coach now what what does it been like this week and he tried to keep everything and maybe -- all boy as possible Ortiz and -- -- -- no this is just mr. game this is is the state championship game how is that being you'd have what did you think your pro. Almost no doubt you can't deny the fact at this stage of your game and every one of our kids. I know what's at stake Saturday afternoon but did you don't become never been around team as focused week -- and we counted this team's been in. And -- -- people texted me want to know how did you get it done how did you get the job which in. Tourist state championship game you know -- I've thought a long -- about it and obviously hall Burton and you have their special players that we do we. You know we have some very very special players on our football team. -- athletically. A gifted kid but but the number one thing it did just to focus our kids have focused every week or off it's never been about our opponent it's always been about. What can we do to win the demon and it had to focus this week as well. We we get -- -- -- -- -- last Saturday afternoon but our kids are gonna they're gonna police -- football and and and just. -- at the end and I -- -- good enough to to get the trophy. -- -- -- -- Each team -- -- Saturday at 4 o'clock right here on WW they'll take on the call -- was -- -- Thank you so much good luck utilize Saturday or should be a great game. -- -- All right and of course we'll have big game for you coverage starts at 11 AM Saturday morning and myself. We -- Brooks. Paint Brady on the cost side -- an opening on the -- side of the vehicle what the four A state championship game Saturday right here on WW.