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12-13 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Dec 13, 2013|

Dave talks about Saints/Rams, the running of the Santas, and politeness

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this December 13. 2013. CGI. App gives me great pleasure to tell you welcome. Stuff. I. The thirteenth on us. Old. Okay okay okay -- Adrenaline and I feel better good. -- I'm hopeful. There will now. Yet I don't miss the and things even worse things -- list this weekend. And it's Sunday matinee. It's an inside game. I don't see any reason why we shouldn't do very well yeah but I think he probably said the same thing in 2011. Now and 2009 when we went -- played buried at Saint Louis teams in Saint Louis. And they. One of that one of those games the horrible loss for the thing -- the other. The same fairly -- endemic. Some that's played the last giants this. That -- coming in the water or I don't know rebuttal. Could hit the -- Do you feel good -- this -- network well. I'm saying the conditions. Were right. But your right the track record is not too good. But of this year. You know these guys can't be sentenced him to take on the things they they'll have the ability levels you know we'll solve them. To be brought them or not we thank. In Lebanon or Iran reason there's gonna drop that mandate that an eighth avenue and now again. The frost that -- -- credit freezing its vote elusive thirty years like now scraper in little windshield there in your keyboard and yet you that we couple degrees colder before that yes we do. It. This morning I gave. It is Friday the thirteenth. They give you any pause at all know. That name and unless you think about -- it doesn't matter at all. This doesn't. Actually gets on anecdote days -- And then everybody chuckles and you move on -- -- bad happens then I will blame them right there absolutely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- today -- well after garnered the state. Twelve days of office. Well -- Operate in the fastest latest possible Thanksgiving. So so yeah between Thanksgiving and exactly shortest possible. I at least know what -- media buys -- haven't done on it. But I don't know what any I'm running into a lot of people who are running lay there confused. With the updates are there like black. -- and you you know the other day it was two weeks now twelve days. Not a good -- Well -- -- that's not a song but maybe it thank you David -- entertainment you know about it yet WWL Edmonton background. I people -- and they got frost belt are you aware that process formed. And give -- your forecast right after this -- galleries and with sports on this Friday morning now was here ready for a weekend full of fun. For the -- him in the sporting world in general that's all after this. Ice on the windshield and Vanderbilt and text message today that it needs of the frost and articulate as another 31 frost -- bush frost on the windshield and beat up my truck was iced over in Covington. To defuse attacks it is already ate them and -- every -- yet coldest start in the morning M north of that your. After the sunshine yesterday or back to some cloud cover today increasing clouds throughout the afternoon and milder temperatures in the mid sixties this afternoon. Then cloudy and cool tonight with lows around sixty and rain becoming likely by daybreak in fact. Better chance of rain will be tomorrow morning as the front moves through but even into the afternoon some showers still possible. Temps will start Saturday in the low seventies and then fall into the sixties. Sunday we keep some clouds around but it will be much cooler look for highs Sunday afternoon only in the mid fifties. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator I'm meteorologist Laura backed. I am mostly cloudy at the airport now the clouds are definitely back 44 there in -- 32 and cloudy. In both elusive 33 in Slidell frost and 31 and mount Herman says a text message -- it's 7870. As person doesn't come anywhere but does get in my deer stand a thermometer reads thirty degrees. I'm now on WW well that we say happy frosty Friday. -- Steve Geller is the body Amanda. Doing good it wasn't too cold last night that celebration with in the oaks with the little one and had agreed to I -- in the forties here. Last night went -- that the winds aren't you know I'm not bad at all in my mom's visiting from Florida and she's like you know we're in shorts back home bat. -- -- here but Saturday will be the seven days. But -- great. News and called them. About where are they at the -- to keep warm on Sunday it exactly well good morning everyone. It would seem on paper that the tenth -- have a large advantage over Saint Louis who's just five and eight on the season. But WWL color analyst -- guys jump points out that the rams. Having given up on their season just because they've been eliminated from postseason contention there young team and you know I think they still feel like they've got something to prove days they thought they were better team this year than they actually were. Our pregame coverage starts at 11 AM on Sunday kickoff is at 325. Wolf Philip Rivers in San Diego showed Denver on Thursday night football that they're still a short left in their playoff who. Rivers takes the -- Looks Rosetta -- one. He's done. Touchdown in San Diego and rivers flooded exactly where it had. The chargers still on the Broncos winning 27 to twenty in Denver San Diego improved to 77 Walter Peyton Manning and the Broncos suffered their third loss of the season. Quarterback Jay Cutler set to return to the Chicago Bears lineup coach coach mark -- -- says that Cutler. Will start Sunday -- Cleveland after missing the previous four games with a high left ankle sprain. Josh McCown goes back to the reserve role after playing well and -- abstinence. Over to the NBA with the pelicans wrapped up a four game homestand tonight and -- looking to win two straight as they host the Memphis Grizzlies. All the action starts at 701053. WWL left them. Florida State quarterback -- as Winston has been selected as the Walter camp player of the year. Of the Davey O'Brien award as the nation's top quarterback. The redshirt freshman has set FBS freshman record for yards passing and touchdown passes. Leading the top ranked seminoles to a thirteen and no record and a berth in the BCS championship game against number two all -- Fellow Heisman Trophy finalist Andre Williams of Boston College has won the -- walk rewards given to the nation's top running back. He became the first morning back at the football bowl subdivision level since 2008 to rush for 2000 yards. And in prep football -- edge -- 23 to twenty for the division one championship John Curtis takes on the division two title blinking university 32 to nothing. And division three cavalry Baptist. -- by archbishop hand in 627. To take home background you can listen to all the action of this afternoon -- action on WWL dot com. At 830 on 87 the AM we'll have all the action from the three A title game between the Bologna and union parish. Today -- four it's the fans in the pro followed by a championship edition of the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football roundup aren't Steve Geller and that your early morning it's. -- five point three Dave Cohen Steve Geller with -- for I. I had a day morning and even though it's cold outside -- mediate 7870 says frost and talk to -- -- but it's Friday. Separately and and there now and frosty Friday frosty Friday in elements on get a frost and cycled it and it's never too cold right -- definitely definitely I write saints it's. I'm now a six point favorite according to Vegas started four and a half it's been slowly creeping up in Saint Louis California margin of victory at Vegas expects the things together at least the line they've -- for the game. That sound about right giving the saints will win by six. Points yeah I have the saints taken this 129 to twenty I think it's going to be nine points yeah I think they'll -- be able to handle is seeing Louis team that will provide them with the pass rush. That'll be difficult to handle but. And seeing what the saints were able to do against the can Carolina Panthers. Was very impressed by that and the fact that this game gets on the road but also in a dome so I think they'll be comfortable and not as you know. They have more difficult times in the outdoors they do and ago. 999. Says the browns got a like an eleven I want some more of because if that happens that things will definitely clinched. A playoff berth and then next up is the division crown and then hopefully the number two seed -- Yeah. Now what Carolina outdoors that was outdoor program in the -- point five minutes more sports that we got you well AM at them and he superstitious folks Friday the thirteenth. I'm coming up we'll get your forecast. Right now whether roller coast this weekend and then that David -- we'll get his prediction for the saints. And the rams also get one from states that one reporter Kristian -- anti Bob May America and up here on WW. Zigzags in the 70s70s and I don't have frost on my windshield but my neighbor does that stranger why -- -- and -- so I text them back instantly cars both outside and and facing the same might that yet just 25 yards apart. I guess you're eleven right and he's not as strict anti -- you're down 25 yards apart. The forecast. Throw your Friday clouds will be increase -- their beer stray shower or two may extend my -- -- today -- yesterday those 64 this afternoon then cloudy and cool tonight with -- only near sixty -- that front begins may have been tomorrow morning it's going to bring some rain most likely Saturday morning but still some left -- showers possible Saturday afternoon. Temps in the seventies to start and then falling into the sixties Sunday much cooler still hanging on some cloud cover but look for highs in the mid fifty's feeling more like the forties. From the Eyewitness News forecast sent her I meteorologist Clark knocked out. -- Kinda warm today really warm tomorrow for the season ankle against them. That. 32 across most of the north -- 44. Europe itself I'm Dave Cohen of the early edition of WWL first news coming up. You think that you should get to pay less for your food at a restaurant if you're polite. I just like you to all the servers are polite. You have a Yemeni experiences of people are totally -- -- you would you go out and you're the customer -- you find the customers still always right. I find more and more customers also -- a lot of time. To the feds cut a deal with -- Everybody is yeah. Cross government our show are. Cold -- on them yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Great great history of the beast but -- okay. It's spring. Break. I feel about things in Saint Louis five portfolios. The predictions of doom and gloom. Aaron and I've really excellent analysis you know we can't win there in the -- well against them all about. I got the saints winning by the third he tune. More than twice what they -- -- the third team high scoring game. Yeah again and again -- get it Frontline in the deep confidence and I can't protector. You think they will -- -- At the box office. This weekend. We have the topic the -- tennis ball well which is getting really good reviews especially compared to the first yeah last moment not so good. Yeah. It wasn't not. And also Tyler Perry's I am idea Christmas. Very funny. Use this is getting great reviews and PG thirteen. For this media movies. He can't bring the kids if you choose to DC and ideas appropriate. Gone up against frozen. -- and currently number one the Hunger Games. And catching fire number two followed by out of the furnace the -- and delivery -- what will be number one rule that we get -- and Tyler Perry might pull offs a trick on this one bud. Political hot it is again it's it's huge it's awfully good yeah -- It's tough to be able years especially at holiday mining an item -- right there to plan that we shall see. -- -- -- Peeves me off more a movie theater in people who are making noise talking on a nonstop all want to -- say that yes well maybe they should be rewarded if they'd be polite listen to this. What they're doing and one French restaurant. And one for entrepreneur and listen listen. I'm here in -- -- well let me tell you want French restaurant there are rewarding people. Who are polite. They're giving them discounts on their food. For being nice is they say please and thank you. They get their food for the last money. The more polite you are the cheaper here now. Would that be ninth -- inject some politeness in the world you're. Also. I would like to see now by and large I have one -- out quite a bit -- generally by and large very good experiences and that's a wonderful weights that. But once -- get that person is that they don't wanna be there very -- or -- -- -- it drives me crazy they have too many tables and can't do a good job because it just don't have enough time to fill the drinks and check on you and stuff like that or Mike tapping their foot. Boy you're trying to order you know like c'mon get he would order you know -- the front lately -- I just think by and large I don't know maybe there's more reduced in our society than ever before. And the solutions like this'll work that would be great bird reducing the record speak kind nice you get a lower ticket again like it take up 400 million now all open. Winning ticket for Mega Millions and Chris knows that top vote. What's the wildest thing you do a few ones that we of that coming up just -- minute -- -- you bet thank you David. Nine out just because it's Friday we're feeling hot hot hot so let's go on over to the Eyewitness News forecast and -- dead -- game and that's about the only we Rhode Island hot it's that. Morning gamble at Tulsa you're themes on this is dry this meteorologist. I'm not -- -- but -- I day which is great news all around right at thirteen though Yan -- fright in 2013. And -- yet. Double thirteen does that bring good luck to him yet many candles that can't count at double negative had -- mean. Yes or no yet -- and text messages from all across the north Sharon of people have Austin IDs and and then dealing with that it has 33 in Slidell 34 in Hammond 32 in Bogle says yeah. Right around freezing -- most spots north Italy and maybe get a degree to cool it went on to possibly you know although we got out government began from the west that that may counteract that collect -- -- -- sometimes -- right before sunrise that. I don't expect to see Temps -- too much and felt like we're in the mid forties low forties I think that's where -- day. Even percent -- right and what happens the rest of the well you know we keep we keep those clouds around and they've even cut increase a little bit -- up toward the after -- increasing clouds today increasing attempts to eyes. In the mid fixed this -- in a pretty big swing intense from these -- this morning right that kind of war missions that Arnold warmer tomorrow. Even warmer tomorrow briefly before the front -- that. Actually right now looks like the front it's going to be moving and early tomorrow point 567 o'clock or so. Some heavy rain showers signaling that fried and that's the heaviest of the rain all day but even after that goes through for the remainder of the day there may still -- Nestor drizzle or light showers even. -- -- -- link greeted Saturday afternoon but it's not going to rain all day right out like the heaviest rain is. Maybe even before stuff that's wake up on Saturday it's depend on -- -- and you might miss the rain back let the good incentive to sleep and I. But then it may get much colder for -- and died behind the front front and it's through Saturday nights Sunday were going to -- fifteenth it's -- like the forty's. Are -- you -- folks in strap yourself Manning get ready for their ride on the weather rollercoaster. Over the next three days. Are you familiar with the running of the Santa -- now apparently here in New Orleans to wildly popular yeah. And involves many people in Santa is passed him. Many of them Mike Stanton bikinis. Yes and -- -- re time away yeah and and move and mostly through the warehouse district and into the French and this happens on Saturday yet. Coming up Saturday beginning at 11 AM involves lots of sexy Santa lots of scantily clad stands as of both genders and it involves a lot of drinking. Right it's okay. Apparently the police here have no problem with that it's okay yes it is expected in New York they shut down the running. They had all the bars agreed -- under pressure from the cops because they've had fights they've had problems they've had. Graphics -- that's it's a shame because now he -- you know we can all have fine. We can all enjoy ourselves and we don't have to have all that Britain and we just we just party better down here safer. And friendly here than than places up north don't -- well I think so and they. They shut that down and now. There's another event up in New York they're trying to shut down -- red suited revelers it's called Santa time. And it's a bar hopping -- things similar running of the Santa as rights and to others are calling it though the -- before Christmas and -- -- the night the workers got it. So again they're trying to shut down this stand that controversy. Next head of this year's gathering which is also supposed to be this coming Saturday. How many functions we have we have the red dress -- which is really basically you know a lot of people come up. Credit -- apart right and it we have the rain it doubles which is our own version of yet again with -- brought in Pamplona Spain that. You know we. Be handled things better maybe maybe people in a veteran -- Now and I can usually you have some problems were not perfect but. Largely -- everybody just kind of does their thing and -- and sell it not for kids don't bring you know that I west district. It's true order on Saturday right between eleven and well whenever they finished it you Tennessee. A lot of people wearing -- sadly it probably should be asked them wardrobe malfunction yes absolutely but -- -- just -- That's what does he does a little something you know people like to get it like it did at Wendy's and cannot thinking decent house but that's let me -- other place. They have to -- and stopped and can't do that and -- the bar's staff and -- -- here we just analytical individual parents saying yeah I. Do -- thing. And it'll rain should be out of the way into the running I think it -- -- -- will look at that may be a patchy drizzle or two left over you know but the bulk of the rain will be coming and early tomorrow morning. Thank you Lar I have a great weekend they gonna win it oh yeah oh easily. But -- -- -- Eyewitness -- forecast weather in the -- -- in Saint -- Not going to be an issue all right what antibiotic Christian think we'll find out right after the 549 cents at -- reporter Christian guarantee Bob -- in the house and commissioner. Is all this talk of a possible trap game just media High Court do the saints really faced a challenge and. They face a challenge but it's it is a bit of -- ounces at tracking -- we trapped gains come with. Maybe Atlanta the following week garb you know bigger game -- and look you have Carolina I get that for the -- try to care of business against Carolina so it's not gonna be it is a big of factor in as the rams team has -- much better they don't how worked out for 20111. ABB. Overlook the -- That and there was no CNN the rams had that -- -- -- it's would. T Bob six point favorite according to Vegas the saints are over the rams at parity. -- sounds are right I mean I understand where you get that spread from -- and how they played on the road and their history in Saint Louis. I do think however the saints probably winning big now I just think. This rams team after another kind of frustrating year or you know they have a ton of potential and it didn't seem to pan out every I think the I think the motivation. In that camp is that an all time low when you combine that. With the back up quarterback Clemens. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Calling things by hand I'm seeing some like 3420 -- 34 seventeen some like that Chris. Yeah I'm that same neighborhood the seasonal scores quite as many points on the on the road as they do at home. I think it's -- you know eight point victory and and a neighbor 88 to ten in that neighborhood so. On call 27 you know 18 point seven not consummate team in that neighborhood where -- -- have a good about the ran. Does that. Healthy for the rest of the speak run thank you gentlemen you'll run on over to -- 53 WL will listen at double trouble you called double coverage -- double trouble. Right over there about ten minutes right now sports night. Here on WW out -- that we say happy Friday the thirteenth the -- get this lucky that he stared. A little you are quite superstitious are you realize what what -- -- -- have you seen the movie Saturday the fourteenth now we're gonna miss them it's like dark comedy pretty well. -- -- -- Comedy up in Saint Louis this week. The and the saints look to improve upon their three in three road record Sunday in Saint Louis against the five and eight grams. WW Tokyo -- on says -- don't expect a walk in the park for the black and gold. When the saints go to Saint Louis they always have trouble with that not chanting you know you can say well they match up well against the saint CA always home field advantage whatever you want non college but they always play the saints tough out there and -- Edward. Kick off on WWL sinks radio that 325 on Sunday our pregame coverage begins at 11 AM. On Thursday night football but chargers handed the Broncos their first home loss of the year 27 which one said. Stayed -- takes it all the way touchdowns. Ryan Mathews had a 127. Yards rushing and that touchdown as San Diego keep their playoff hopes alive by improving to 77. Quarterback Jay Cutler is set to return to the Chicago Bears lineup coach mark freshman says that Cutler will start Sunday at Cleveland. After missing the previous four games with a left ankle sprain. Josh McCown goes back to the back of parole after playing well and colors that since. Florida State freshman quarterback team as Winston has come away with a Walter camp player of the year award and the Davey O'Brien trophy as the nation's top quarterback. Fellow Heisman finalist Andre Williams of Boston College has won the Bill Walker award. Given -- the nation's top running back and Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron has captured the Maxwell Award given to college football's player of the year. Texas football coach Mack Brown isn't saying. What he's going to do after the upcoming Alamo Bowl there's been plenty of speculation that he would either resign or be fired. Brown says he has yet to talk with -- Texas athletic director Steve Patterson. And university president Bill Powers about his job following a disappointing season in which the longhorns longhorns went deep for. And looking at the prep football school board the -- raiders are champions again beating -- 23 to 22 for the division one -- John Kurdish at a university 32 to nothing for the division two title. And in division three it was -- cavalry Baptist 62 to seven over archbishop and then. You can listen to all today's prep action on WW dot com at 83870. AM here the 38 title game between union parish and Livonia. Today gap for its defense in the pro followed by a championship edition of the all state football or football roundup. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports -- And -- entrance exam Dave Cohen Steve -- with you on your radio so they weren't blogs dot com reports said that today was the day that Mack Brown was gonna resign -- taxes -- -- -- you're on the weekends today right I think it's led by Friday right today's Friday so there's an app of the day thank. You know what does that without like embezzlement and -- is really doesn't but I mean we could end -- at noon 1 o'clock to hammer being dropped the Middleby interest in the find out what's gonna happen for texas' bowl game. This is going to be an interim coach or Nick Saban a comic. Right and it'll save you go to Texas or be -- here for the Sugar Bowl. Please let the drama continued thank you Steve talked here about fifteen minutes of course ports here on WWL AM -- that come up next. Should the feds get a deal with Edwards would. So some of the federal government. Are talking about possibly cutting a deal with Edwards noted to give him. Clemency he got faced any charges. If he turns over the rest of the data he's got stops leaking. Others in the federal government that now that's like someone who's killed ten hostages that. All of the other. I go free. If you don't charge. It's just. I'm Dave got some great stuff for kids this weekend we talked about the running of the Santas for adults only Saturday but also Saturday as the reindeer run and -- a fund run for kids. Around the aquarium of the Americas and also -- -- near -- you're -- have snow on Saturday these things to look forward and have a great weekend goes -- happy Friday.

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