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12-13 6:15am Tommy, Saints/Rams

Dec 13, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints game against the Rams

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sunday a lot of as a reason Iran and TV watch in the saints play the rams and hoping for the best NFL analyst Mike to tell you is -- join us and a couple of minutes. And meanwhile -- -- a couple of things go on for you we got a text off at 878 -- many asking you real. Artificial wanna guess we should have made that fake witches it is caesar's tax real. Eight or nine when it comes across -- that's what it's as well -- real fake or non. And we also have a pretty jaguar -- people on Friday the thirteenth asking you are you superstitious 75% of you saying now. We're joined now in a moment by our friends. Now okay I didn't see on the screen. -- WL NFL analyst Mike interrogate sorry Mike had an -- not all of you wrote -- ago. -- -- Myers joins us every Monday and Friday morning talk about the saints and some college football disease a draft expert. But Mike days you know Denver fallen last night against a lesser opponent how careful to the saints have to be this weekend in Saint Louis. You know you're always taught because you know would happen to out of the last three times you played. In old line -- won the championship. Courtney Roby say you're breaking that game -- Redick. The tickle back for a score and actually -- volumes were colliding head in that game in gut instinct -- of the and eleven. You can get this -- Dog in -- bullets and Chris walked out of memorable game -- -- in that football game till. How -- -- More put forward. And it. Team is not a good offensive team in Saint Louis Stevens is no longer there Latin games played against the -- Probably did too believable. Under the law what got out there. But they still -- a really good defensive team. And don't -- get caught in that situation. Between the two Carolina gains in that emotional aid late Sunday night. No -- -- -- -- to achieve division opponent. Windier. It is -- supple well spot. McCain's supposed would be that you bring into play in the game. They technically. Part edition of pleaded no soul -- I'm sure they're being told me this week about. The emotional letdown. That and there's nobody in this team doesn't play well on the road. I don't buy -- good that it that it gets. One loss pro union well and so on page and so it's only Bill Belichick and the patriots have done that. Thumb -- so in terms of worry. Should issue we were but does it seems like everything's going in trouble -- To let that. Every game it's tough but wouldn't you know they'll you know -- -- not to let everybody in a different things that bit difficult to win Indiana well. Well last night use up in April he would just what did well this season. And when -- hit it chronicles. In all of that given Sunday and -- can -- I don't want to ramp it up this year when they play well good football team but it's not a setup by the Easter. Creating turnovers. When it played he briefly that I didn't want to go against Arizona Cardinals. The only thing that should keep this game close. Although I am would be just saying return to football global. When did not that it exists out so much what talent on the opposite side that put all the put points on the board. -- know Graham was struggling. To find one -- and they do really well it's. Without even Jack you've lost you walk out our commitment credibility to lower -- so many years. Rams -- five -- -- saints of course -- three will talk about playoff possibilities and we come back with Mike to tell DA because. A couple of things happen any NFL like he did on Sunday can get very complicated very quickly. Six when he -- if you have any questions for Mike -- comments about the game 260187. Till 38668890878. Timely -- traffic now familiar it's. Provinces would tell you really is when my favorite times of the week we talked a Mike to tell EA on Friday morning about games coming up on the weekend saints plan. Tom rams what's spread my deal. To be honest with you really don't. Jordan a look at -- force I'm just curious about that. So get the saints -- three Carolina and nine and four. San Francisco nine and four if god forbid the saints were to lose and I know it's Friday the thirteenth but maybe that's the best thing and N'sync is if I do they don't. Com saying to be -- fourth Carolina wins they would be ten in four. And in San Francisco wins I don't think yet -- is going to be tenant for. So what happens then in terms of tiebreaker Zito who owns what. And development in that Seattle -- so. It would be relevant. Really achieved what watching it's what happens in Carolina would happen yeah. Because you're gonna botanist or maybe some I'll -- of the the number -- and number -- Out -- -- -- this weekend but. What is giants who have played well at all keep them home will be in trouble. The other games so we'll watch it did she go to Carolina. Debt. Mean obstacles the other thing -- -- could they -- -- quarterback in any that was good side. The games to watch because the -- not probably not it's yeah. So what you're buying -- year -- NC. It's been so what would -- have come away that yeah I would drop a couple games -- you could. And what happens. Also Carolina. So won't -- the spot. That everybody keeping an eye on certainly. You know the -- not a split Tampa Bay. Look at. But now and you without -- bad he helped. In -- doesn't happen. It would -- looked at with Seattle in the quarter and nine and that they. And basically it was then that means the wind point. -- if you win and you -- that well. Let's keep winning. You can't worry about what happens yeah because. You know you start on the scoreboard watching. That whatever happens happens in a good spot even number two seed. Indiana so right now and you know what would have happened -- out of somewhere along the way somebody tomorrow. Highly unlikely. -- you -- we need the win also. What I'm trying to figure out hears if for whatever reason saint stumble this weekend Carolina wins and Carolina would win next week. Then the saints would be. In a wildcard situation is Carolina can win the division -- am -- making things up. What it comes down to watch and you've split the head would that that the original record. And the best divisional record -- -- see -- it's also had -- between both the saints and Carolina. But how would decide. Because that that it. You're you're basically got a split in that scenario which you -- now. And so it would pulled out -- that teens are a little wind up between those students. And it didn't play Hamlet in at the century mark and Melanie and threes against the saints. Would own that tiebreaker. I would go yeah OK so it's going to be. But it is you drop it you know. That is not the law. You know it's -- You don't have a lot more that's what the blame game is it. Saying it. And then. You got to camp began the security -- that number two spot. But you know even the loss -- Carolina could step it up with the number two Sweden. We're a win. Against -- the final game of the news. I love the -- talk about. Maybe still a chance that the number one seed how likely think that is to happen. -- probably. I mean Seattle. It almost -- lot -- -- -- -- potent all of the best thing happened to him get beat but that could just collapse of global like coordinate all the all the -- didn't want great you don't pop it. Sank. And that's going to go up the ball game and that would be good. The only bad thing about it is that not that joint bid -- -- haven't done it all along. In the local football team. Also involve a lot of turnovers. But is it that problem game so that that's always something to keep in mind when you travel coast to go. Saints are favored by it to six now open at four and a half you know it's all about trying to entice -- What did you get it. That we did -- spot and I happen that they went to sit. That jump from pork this it doesn't want pay a lot of money on the site. And Mike I appreciate -- time -- really -- and nothing violent about this time a year if you just look at the standings -- the cream rise in the top and. Don't take for granted because of them I don't know. Is saying well the final three games of the regular season and the only thing -- -- -- -- in the final. I brought that that you last week. The ravens lost the first three games in December Super Bowl champs joint felt like war but -- -- but when he won the final week of November and also a couple games in December. What else. The boat and in fact that he has not won that championship. Solely sometimes. That's the difference between kind of the reality check of what you -- and read it. And what happens in post season. It's a dozen different season might appreciate you timer Gregory's superstitions. You'll. -- not some would thank you Mike.