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WWL>Topics>>12-13 9:10am Tommy, middle finger Christmas display

12-13 9:10am Tommy, middle finger Christmas display

Dec 13, 2013|

Tommy talks to Sarah Childs, the woman who put up a Christmas light display of a middle finger, about why she did the display

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's to -- -- now. She's a lady that put up delighted middle finger on a roof to wish -- neighbors. Happy holidays morning Sarah. -- Tellme tell me first off why. What I had this year last year easily. Well they're different reasons why aren't about the same rate. I have a neighbor. Can this play and they're aiming. Out of it cannot talk and get a little. It did it. This year and it's not many forums. And actually initiate it. I control it. So you're talking a -- Saying things about you that are not true. Yeah that are not true. Thirty means is downright -- and that the picture that is beyond ridiculous. How did the trouble begins. They could be in Atlanta. Issues. And she got involved. And she hasn't stopped. It it shouldn't -- -- -- that. And Ireland last year. Sure sure it would hear -- out -- but yesterday on several. I don't know learned that he. -- It. She. I psychiatry. Given -- my -- You know listen honey honey honey on and -- it. We've been. In maybe. There are a lot. And you can't think that and. By and tell you you bring up a point where sometimes you can hide things and people be -- boyfriends girlfriends just casual friends and then. If the relationship goes sour look would you tell him. Well -- -- and and I guess I would I would get well there. Then that I I would take my life span and I would apologize and it went handwritten. Statement flooding hit. Tell me -- and staying at a better person. -- follow -- now and everything was coming down and I would. Make it lacked quality. Com would you be willing. To talk to ms. Wheldon on here seriously but it worked this out. Don't have to would -- -- I don't among put on hold in Jordan if you can when you come back. Trying to hit that being too low Wheldon. On line in and if I can maybe mediate this because -- that's what I do like put people gather. -- try to do that try to work this out in so arrogant as before we do do that. The -- any concerns of collateral damage where. Yeah I do you neighborly kids drive and buys -- I had pictures there and it Iraq let their children and then let ticket take that let me use an hour. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Does then you can learn. Kindergarten. Well I hope -- in those part of the curriculum now aren't. Very. In the recess curriculums so. Let me ask you one more thing before we go to break and try to get that the neighbor on some begin meeting this dispute. Do you flip somebody offered you -- somebody off I'm of the impression that you flip somebody off Jordan's -- you -- or somebody -- and. The -- yet. Something on an issue here. I don't think we need to go any further with that nine -- are you mean flicks open office and some Stuckey thing -- yeah. But but you have if you if you are performing you know what you have displayed -- lights there's conflict or flip. -- I. Will will be back and see if we get work this out between Terry Childs and Kayla well that it made national news and I'm gonna try my best and we come back if Kayla the neighbor will join us to try to get this all behind them because it's about healing. And the holidays. Back in a flash on W. Tommy Tucker trying to. Trying to work got a Christmas miracle here between Sarid Childs and Kayla -- in Sarah put up the middle finger Christmas light display with which we're all familiar by now on. Senator says in terms of helping other rather offending other kids. That people's stop by with their kids take pictures up and Kayla welled in his -- neighbor. This dispute all started with Sarah's saying Taylor was talking some trash about -- and and she was due to be on with a 935 and it. Maybe a miscommunication -- we tried to get their lunches now and we're not successful at it Sarah if you to tried to talk. You can't send me a text message. Them good before I put it like the first car and they cheat sheet. And it gave me -- about blanket apology. For the English she did. -- must say it really like effect of the blanket apology on Pacific. And that the you know except that it that. I look -- a gorilla on the entry and impertinent. We. I wasn't able to -- -- And -- record in it was a real apology to me. And you know what I started even more. Yet he went there and didn't and that you click here. And it's. And you to use to be close friends. You know little. Humor and how did you sign. I -- your children mostly. You know -- Every day entry. She didn't neighbor is analyze the mandate that -- out -- out. You know -- in my house all the time. That -- -- -- -- close friends that I would never and that she was different. Lot of closely. Do you plan on doing this every year. OLE nine I hit some bad. You know -- -- this year. Why it was there I -- I can get it this year -- why I'm not that there. I notice saying. -- -- -- Was our our. Thank you for your time on site that -- -- union utopia where you know we did our best but really I. Didn't want one thing -- big Christmas person deal -- is. -- -- the ruined it for. But at port and yeah like hang in there hang in there's Arabs are we couldn't work it out. -- -- It.

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