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12-13 12:10pm Don Dubuc, Remembering Frank Davis

Dec 13, 2013|

Beloved New Orleans Icon, Frank Davis, will be laid to rest this weekend. Were you lucky enough to meet Frank? What was your experience? Did you cook any of Frank's holiday dishes or try any of Frank's favorite fishing spots? We listen to your favorite Frank Davis memories.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Down to -- -- still far our final hour of the Friday edition of the think tank in this hour very special -- -- talk about the passing a beloved New Orleans icon. Frank Davis. Personal friend of mine fell efficient body co worker -- knew the man for over thirty years. I gonna be laid to rest this week in and we're asking you to help in this hour to celebrate Frank's life. No you lucky enough to have a meet Frank Davis if you did what -- your experience. Did you read any -- cooked books did you purchase -- did you ever use his seasonings. Did you ever used cook any of his holiday dishes those are coming up this was Frank's time of the year Thanksgiving and Christmas and New -- -- asking you to share your stories and maybe -- fishing stories I got to do that yesterday. On the WWL fishing game report which I inherited from frank in. -- I'm deeply. You know indebted to frank you know when he decided to retire he personally he went to WWL management. And suggested me to be the replacement on the fishing game report and I am eternally grateful for Franklin doing that. I got together with some of his fishing buddies yesterday we met at the Frank Davis fishing pier. Which is located at the Seabrook bridge which is now known as the -- -- bridge very popular bank fishing spot. And we told some Frank Davis stories at a great time and put it on the fishing game report if you missed it. I go to my web page donned the output was guide dot com. Go to TV shows and click on the last WW all fishing game report annual C then a feel -- show who is a character was out there. Kenny Corey go from Slidell. Captain Ahab from -- crow and of course is Shelby's go to guy. -- samples on of the famous legend black he camp ball. I'm very close friends and I have some really nice things to say embodiment and a lot of -- -- and in fact some stories that didn't make but. You'll be able to see some of those on the WW LTV dot com website -- gonna post some of those it -- but we're -- also hear from another very close friend. Of frank Davis and that was. Will get beat the -- of memories but also spot McDonald's don't mean right now and he's got a few minutes and but you you knew frank. -- and I did well actually I had -- and I had him on several times he came on he came home with Myanmar William and Mary -- spent an hour witnessed on Sunday when when we were doing that show. Before. And it just a great visit and I had him on mice showed a sports show in the Hamptons many times he -- and it always command. With 45 cook books you know -- goes ignored him when he asked Goler somebody needs of I mean you know it came and a bunch of spices he always came in with a bunch of great stories. And you know I actually had him on -- showed just about. Couple weeks before he retired army union announced it but he was still there and in Canada at a we're gonna miss your show and and I'll tell you what I mean even -- that story when they told everybody what we're conditioning was then and everything's. Is still the same perky smile even though he says well at Sunday's disrupt. Same frank I mean if if we can all have his spirit what are what are you see your world this isn't. -- he hasn't and I mean the man was one of the most creative minds that man I mean he could take. A simple topic a simple subject in just may put an angle on it that made -- so interest and -- they also had a -- people -- He should've written novels short stories because. He was a great writer that's how we start in any head he could really turn a phrase but he also was very inventive and sometimes he could -- A little bit moody saw me he could of -- of I'd -- -- I wish that's another area of his talent that he needed explored capsule don't -- Spotter -- -- close friend of pizza on line was right now Pete you Banco of frank if Frank's friend Brandon Pete how you do on this afternoon dornin our. Date -- it's been a sad week for all of us and I know you lost a very close friend and Frank Davis you and he would not only. Associates in in -- U assisting him in cooking you professional game processors. But she worked together on volunteer efforts for efficient rodeos in different events but you'll personal friends and you actually went -- in in in in his -- with the tea. -- fumble inside stall that you know he just he heard about me I was teaching their cohorts are ordered election more other. Make the most you know you won't gain him and me and him what to look forward now applies. And then he asked me to be on his shell and I was on -- show. And just for a few you know a few minutes and before you know it -- me again and industry in just a few minutes each time which was doing -- checking me out to seafront in less. And then from there that was back in the eighties and that's where I met cute too and we is doing now if -- to -- it listed. WW -- Plug lie frank -- it spam efficient. Right on the debt is vision road is ever -- -- we're all involved in that and you know -- always tends to make efficient rodeo. I'm well and you say they had the most important rule and all play at a -- -- certainly made certainly made the fish stories a lot better at Pete Best -- habits and the US attorney -- some of the snack steaks and oriental yeah. Now well about -- Molly. You know -- I brought some of those home and my wife -- used to Mali Finn and when a problem homes and I don't know I cracked them open -- either of those that puts up an odd tendencies. I don't know. When you miss a moment where can I let him go. In what he's got to do he's gonna go out and earn it just like all the other half. Parents aunts and I was then right now stock went down about hockey at a fifty caliber and mean muscle Angela Augen. Pete do you have any special memories is something new and frank did that was is an incredibly well grade on how. Tell you this this. At the rodeo when I was in what I was that way -- at the rodeo and or at least get started and he came up to me naked bike rodeo official church and everything he has been cheated which assured all possible. I didn't hit one uses what GD kid wants so he goes off for a few minutes and then comes back. -- -- All going people scoffed a mop and and there are going to wouldn't do it lies he appears shared goal and he gave it to me. And -- -- and I was really impressed. And of course he did need assured everybody doing that he gave -- his shirt off his back and how I was really impressed when he did that. And then captive rodeos. We cleaned out. -- an ally in Mary Claire in his dog we cleaned up we picked up all the trashing everything we've worked and that's on the -- to its debts. That's one of the things that made being made me I was really impressed with him and stayed -- and on Tuesday in -- got me on the radio show. And he tested me on. You know if -- really knew I was talking about. And then before you know yes we could be on his show every Sunday and we did that for about two and a half years and we get real real good job. And our number one count we had -- -- was so we'll tell -- was gonna calm morning after me. And used his artistic. And that's it OK and I felt wanted to muted to inaudible that erupting issues and really opened coast and and we just talked didn't. The -- defines the worst thing I've ever sent on television is not really bad. But he said let's. If and we talked about meeting where she gets and that's not -- -- boy I'd sure like to comment on the -- back -- and you know you know it's one thing about the radio know a lot of people think -- you can't take it back. You know. It's got enough we don't if if Sheldon says -- that doesn't dump you it's it's gone we. And I didn't have the jump back in those days tournament slated to go -- You just gotta watch what you say are you saying it used to be afraid -- become -- border radio. I really am in people's initiative for a pitcher that night I says I really don't like about it. And I told frank one gets it from opposite me in different I'm propagate change problem problems they so he says that's what a beautiful. You've come on radio you help me come more TV -- pieces would -- he would do -- -- don't worry about it I'll take out take care of its. And over the years I learned how to talk on the radio you know and talked. In front of people and how to say it would just. Now we can't shut you up. He's always great talking to me and are you gonna miss frank you and -- very very close buddies in and is well listen. As great story man literally took it showed off his back yeah. Great story thanks -- Salmonella caucus and I can't. Cut I can't ever remember when the passing of a celebrity or anyone in New Orleans. -- win and actually happened the coverage that came out. There was news on the front page. Then there was also a related story in the living sanction because frank was so involved in cooking and -- books in recipes and spices. And then the same day there was also a story in the sports section but does frank was a noted -- so he appealed to so many people who of course the naturally -- in segments. I just you know was sole representative of the city of New Orleans he's a true. New Orleans icon or asking you to call in you know in news first broke of Frank's death. Angela hill came in said he -- Angela we had Eric Paulsen and Sally and Roberts who. All three of them work with frank for so many years he came in on the set on Tuesday mornings and -- form. Also nor his his faithful assistant for so many years and we heard from them. And Angeles -- what you do a story just on average people. Who knew frank on new frank from TV or radio and that's what would -- This -- or asking you to comment we'll take you phone calls at 260. 1878668890870. And also on a text message board which and get a lot of text in -- 87870. But the phones get the preference let's go to line one. Angelo listening to us on the north York LO Angelo thanks for calling in. I'll what do you remember about Frank Davis. Well I gotta tell you my daughter graduates college next week and when you -- Just about two years -- -- To experience the majority efficient and I think it would you would do portable vote. So what are the gulf fishing and elected -- says well there's that -- on TV Google Talk about fishing maybe we could see them. They are that was Thursday right up and -- to report was on Thursday night so current. Turn dog -- -- francs -- that a bus station. Tackle box and fishing pole. -- -- -- -- -- He says don't have a boat out pretty political fiction at all divine intervention is a perfect. That you would get on the yacht should be -- to go to city park and he was comfortable should all go -- true. And that final weekend we went to distorting loaded up with fishing tackle and a particular sense and in 2007 probably went forty weeks of the year efficient. And it was because that frank told the crowd started and returned the ball pressure -- so. Not so fond memory have a frank and he always had a good. Good happy jolly demeanor. And you can always you know always put policies would -- -- giving rule or pushing game report whatever he was doing numerically it was always China. You're right I'm -- as a lot of people who share that same story that you know was frank who initially got them interest and installer and fishing in. And turned out being a lifelong passion. Of -- actual. All right thanks for the call are appreciated. Let's talk to Lisa listening to us uptown hey Lisa got a memory of Frank Davis. Yes I -- -- and the amazing memory trying to aim it there again you actually want to go my grandmother -- -- hunting and that. -- when he did in 1999. And her making her hot tamales at 97 years old you know old lady may not -- -- And after Katrina -- our country Karen church could be dealing. And that he wanted to do or your money that she did well in -- -- Came arbor day story on our country and like Earth Day. And it went yet I don't worry. My grandmother brother and I -- not hot Miley who hate him and he sat. Why yeah why not tell me why you're not in there on the technical. And that comment. Al Gore actually a long look at me or my brother. Started -- -- that we are -- -- -- Miley and I. Calling it -- you're trying to protection or Indy we need it -- -- each. You say about we will all be here real. And he has been and com Gary good job and bring him -- your car. And Annie who call him for any help you know be near term manage PM actually no law in practical and I went -- each. He would always there and tell you there is a great lot of the -- He touched and help so many people and yours is not a surprise story thank you appreciate colony and best collecting union -- benches and -- and -- And you want to welcome. I got some text in here one says Frank Davis was a man of his word I had the pleasure to go on -- fishing show winning. We caught nothing at the end of the show he said. We -- nothing also did -- naturally -- with Lehman was side by side living serving food to tornado victims in Saint John Paris is another thing. Frank love to do was feed the masses he really enjoyed preparing food and seeing people. -- -- -- 601870. -- 8668890870. Or you can call stole offering. And 8668890870. I text this an 87870. Please remember detect responsibly. Got a couple more to share what you wants is Frank Davis used to make me so mad. Every time a planned trip to grand Hollywood do a show that Friday night one of my spots by the time I would get -- they would have boats everywhere. Still love everything about frank. Great person. Another Texas Frank Davis made me so happy and proud to be from -- Walt and Jesse was a certainly a great ambassador to the city. Another Texan and they're coming in to meet bought by the tons. For a few years I deliver it to frank Davis and his wife's got to know them personally and I can say Frank Davis who has some of the nicest people I've ever met. He was always happy no matter when I went there to his house he always invited me in. It felt like you were at your grandparents' house tomorrow morning beginning at five day and that will be the outdoor show. And then from seven to nine we do more out doors. On the new three WO thirteen fifty hoping to join us in and carry on the outdoors tradition you know Frank Davis. Did outdoor shows on Thursday night on this radio station for many many years started back I think way back in 1974. -- did that for a number of years did a program called weekend lie which was like six hour marathon remote -- -- location. Every weekend. At a shorter version on Sundays -- before is -- And then finally moved in to television now where he. Certainly made his market Debbie WL TV was celebrating the life of frank Davis and memories call -- -- text this phone numbers 260. 187203. It's 8668890878. Text board's open for yet 87870. Please remember to text responsibly if you driving have a designated text or -- texting -- a designated drop. Let's talk to Tommy and mid city -- on line 18 Tommy. -- -- -- -- fight that storm. Literally didn't show are the guys that talk about this a Brokeback commemorative right now. Being able body and a lady in musical for his. Our highway one on -- now top we were real Q -- -- Israel and this is the -- -- actually able to adjust the Rutgers at the end of the that it won't want to fight it from. -- -- what we showed -- of this show was schedule will use it. And I mean that we -- efficient it report. Operational and they went. The people an efficient. And here yeah. Well he was his doing his job in you know I've had a lot of people say that you know -- where he went where he showed up the next day. There'd be a flotilla boats in all fun going out there for the same reason same thing and it in the truth about it is. A fishing spots changes the league is you probably well know -- official and it can be fickle one -- the conditions are right there and next day that same America. They'll be enough the neck as conditions change that the. Meanwhile the winner you know -- then they'll be -- competition out the best on the go to yet. It is it is still it is still as the very. Next Tommy appreciate the call in. I'm just go to John in Metairie on line to John year on the as a think tank. I -- text that you call up. I've heard a lot about right no not about right decision in -- but. Not too much mentioned about. This six years and who are. I I served with Jim -- national bought him about. 1960 shot 66 until he got out 1971. And -- -- body at that time that was news and a copy command. And each troops sent to obtain. I was always -- rest. Always upbeat attitude. That soldier -- individual so I just want to mention something about him being in the lead on national bought sixty. Yeah I knew he was the -- drill together. Think she moved in and where we all station what we're doggone right parent. Jack and Jackson back -- Well Austin said you know it's if if I was gonna have to spend the time in jail so that was a cellmate -- ruled on an island frank will be one more interest in guys to be. Well and that. Is an important. So that's where. All right thanks for the call John I'm glad you mentioned that a lot of people didn't realize Franken did serve his country and we thank you for that. Well as many of the things he did. -- 2601878668890. 870 is one says I'm gonna miss Frank Davis he always did a great job it was a shock and already had passed away. Also once and I settled -- claim after Katrina in Slidell he and his wife which is classy classy people. He had the entire office laughing at his jokes he could command an audience will get -- -- seen him in action many many times in. Doesn't matter if it's a classroom of kindergarten students or if it's board room of -- CEO. Principles frank could communicate with -- anyone he also had a very very good manner of putting people -- -- cannot do a lot of interviewing people and people can be very stiff and they get nervous and then frank does have a way of relaxing people and just just talking away. Funeral Rangers for Frank Davis are available on our website check it out at WW well dot com. If you care to call in and celebrate the life of Frank Davis share some of the favorite Frank Davis memories 260187866889. Zero late seventy can text us at 87870. His attacks that says I'm member frank when he was the king in talks parade. Him and still captures talking about Phil -- she'll Wear on the float of one of -- -- talking about -- -- moment the day before news and data show and caught fish he was a good man rest in peace frank always at tight line. Not a day that combination of -- -- -- shown Frank Davis together. That was as good as Martin Lewis a standup comedy the -- youth mission similar laws with -- -- those two would get up -- stop talking about -- in no telling where. They would end up with a two very very funny guys. His and -- getting bombarded for requests for the hot tamales with common that we talked about two -- of ankle makes the game hot tamales out of venison. If that's the one you won it's -- deep -- dot com. But also Lisa uptown. Actually Frank Davis helped both of them start of business and get their businesses to grow at least if you listening they're looking for the name and website at those tamales you talked about. -- mother made so if you could just call Sheldon back and give -- that information. I got one here it says. -- should start a movement to get the twin span over the lake renamed the Frank Davis twin span parkway bridge. Etc. amendment of such a bad idea it was one of Frank's favorite believe that was. He's favored -- spot let's talk to Charles in batteries got a story about National Guard and lobsters on line one. Charles Armitage did hear about Franken lobsters going to be good -- here. -- -- frank -- really since the late sixties. And about 1970. He was the first sergeant at large. And on its own sad and so we think they don't want it would Communists you know seeing the soldiers who in fact we can't really -- when one -- -- -- -- And did -- really very good that we at all but much -- -- anyway she. So try this -- absolutely is going well he calls somewhat of -- -- -- and try not to check back. So I took what in global -- that most guys believe that the food that we Serbia. He says control of the money how about we -- so -- -- challenge that we take -- We certainly we we put in the Sunday. Local club -- -- and so what's million Bluetooth though it's only caught up when he's -- up. Injection now. -- real an -- nineteen but he will we. Were. Cook and everywhere and I experienced with -- -- to -- front -- -- -- translate into national. That integration that's a quintessential Frank Davis story you know a lot of people didn't realize that the business acumen behind frank -- not to annoy -- as a Wheeler and dealer. Besides being in the natural talent. -- -- and he put in the work I mean they take a you know actually doing a lot. We you know we ought to be made part of the money put that on any secret the woman on on Sunday every time we people you know I. I got a text of his city you guys share to deal with from the frank -- a big drinker. In fact I don't you know -- coffin of a scene drink can be. We. You know within advocated this in -- Rick Perry in Chicago. You couldn't tell us he was drinking and not his first and ask you didn't. You right. All right Starr thanks to go appreciate -- thank -- time and thank you talk about. Frank Davis local. Louisiana New Orleans beloved icon and be laid to rest this weekend asking you to share some of your favorite Frank Davis stories and memories. Well you lucky enough to talk to frank meet frank -- but so many people did he touched so many people said. He was involved in so many different aspects of this idea from the outdoors aspect to -- cooking. The cuisine in attainment and you know with finding out more and more about frank was a sergeant. National Guard you know a lot of people and associating with that. What are your memories and give us a call 2601870. Told free it's 866889087. Must talk to Jason he's in Bay Saint Louis with a Frank Davis memory. Decent thing and -- they admit that I try to do when -- children. Good when you're broadcast on Thursday night and never miss it in I was fortunate to win some tickets one -- to the sportsman's show. And had a mile wide and -- go out but it means that you met frank Davis and him and -- -- spot at all about recipe and stopped and ever since then from every year. It would be eight to -- as the sports such awards. -- -- -- And the -- it -- just. We run into him like a book signing at Barnes & Noble where my son worked at one time every time I mean you know it's it's -- to what wee hours which -- -- -- -- you know that indeed really great aren't gonna really be missed. But really what what you saw on TV it was how he was brilliant person always happy always joke you know what it's helping goodness sake. And here ever really running out or anything it's a pleasure to be around him and really really in my gut. He he makes you feel good when you -- because -- -- -- You know what you know now. I don't want and it that you. -- would give up those tickets Amir was sort. You might appreciate it. Thank you thank you and why it. Aren't I we're -- that it. A ceiling at is it Richie in -- muscular and Richie on line one a Richie thanks. -- I don't vote. Look one of my favorite. Frank these stories as -- eat -- excitement. And cheap. He talked himself on the corner of -- -- -- and and that will heavily populated by -- And he would he would stop the that did the church you know and introduce himself and he take it point to design it and she says can you print outs and -- and some of it the pronunciation. That came out of these tourists make. And make me laugh. It's. -- -- He was the ultimate man on the street interview and oh yeah. Absolutely shot that's not a senseless you know. Some of the words that -- with -- I'll -- you -- -- be in the law that -- in all the pronouncement. You know one thing that he was very very well known for and I'm sure we gonna start to see it pretty soon was that the edited version he put together the -- -- -- songs. Yeah yeah yeah ain't dead and animal probably -- in Santa Claus Christmas -- -- my days of Christmas. Incredible incredible it was. -- while he lived in Florida where I'll sign yet he lived in Slidell home most of his adult life. Yeah. Was the manager of a little swim club they can't bear in Slidell and -- Speaking he contacted me join in here's friendly and Italy enjoy it -- I got them on briefly. We need more people like that he'll be missed sorrow here lusting thanks for the call Richie appreciated. -- that's gonna do it for me until tomorrow morning at 5 AM we call of the darkened early show not the bright known as dark and Sheldon Nelson talking about he runs at sometimes we'll see you then Angela hill isn't next and I'll see you tomorrow morning. Five million.