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12-13 2:10pm Angela, Fun Friday

Dec 13, 2013|

Let’s Have Fun Friday! We talk what’s hot & what’s not in movies & on demand…plus fun events around town.

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I gotta tell -- I am really really impressed with those and a PD detectives. Terrific people and I think that's the word yes trained yes they do their jobs. They're the kind of people you walked to be homicide detectives. And as they reminded me when they were walking out and a PD is hiring. They are looking for police officers and that's just a reminder you go to the website and and find out how to do that. But again that was a real -- took three really outstanding people. Now of course I'm joined by -- another outstanding person who live missed desperately. As you know every Friday we have our what's happening I could barely function without my buddy. In -- I have to say Ian yes you can take those vacations. But Steve -- sentence for you how do you he was terrific he was fun he was fun it was he was he charismatic. He was charismatic and be able he's not -- OK so he's in charismatic and wonderful did he know about everything this keep happening everywhere all a different level of your understand and you you take this to another sphere okay. But yes you would be proud of Steve -- I like drinking a lot yes so blessed today healthcare yes -- -- if any of you had him on the show when I was out of town that's OK and it stands now but now you have a responsibility to our -- of course took a great adventure and I was so thrilled for you took a great adventure for anybody who doesn't know I've just come back from two weeks in Honduras. And what I tell people that just spend Honduras they kind of sometimes -- Camille Little strangely like why on earth would you wanna go vacationing in Honduras. Honduras is a pretty great affordable. Close by geographically. Vacation destination. It's not overly developed it's not particularly too -- Steve it's not expensive. There's a lot of rain forests and rivers and beaches they have one of the world's greatest coral reefs. Cordelia reef in the in the main islands off of the -- on. Near I I won't use the word pristine because I don't I don't know that there's very many of those left in the world but it's in great shape. It's healthy reef it's cuts sea turtles and sharks and all kinds of fish and it's. It's healthy and it's colorful in the weather is beautiful there year round. It's incredibly cheap to get their you know is just too short flights one from New Orleans to Miami and then Miami to -- on. And each of those -- Less than two hours long the whole thing promised to operate out just north of 500 dollars and I was on for two weeks two weeks this is. Great information absolutely and for for anybody who's enthusiastic about you know you -- tourism. Honduras is just booming there's a lot to do it done so much. The environmental movement has really kind of taken -- there in Honduras on ways great and some other Central American companies are kind of -- countries are not there right now. Honduras has done a lot to really make sure that they are taking care of their mangrove forests and their swamps. And -- -- turtles and their monkeys and they're crocodiles and they're really excited to show those assets off limits and my understanding is there are a lot of Americans who live down there that's actually right down island where I was losing role on just me and maybe the last fifteen or twenty years really be kind of came date -- key ex patriot. Not tourist destination for Americans and Europeans Australians and people from South Africa all over the world. Have decided to -- -- on their home. Like I said the reef is a huge reason a huge draw for people to go live there but there's also. Zip lining in nature reserves and great food and great restaurants and -- -- vibrant nightlife so if anybody's you know thinking what am -- gonna do it special for the Stanley this year. Think about think about Honduras hunter might not be liking your top five things you think right away. What they have to offers really special. And good and it's all still really affordable and it's sort of a little bit this is I love to have you on because you just bring the world to us. And but if you were very missed and I am very glad you came back. -- -- -- -- that would be a draw to stay down there it it was hard when I was sitting on the beach and you know -- with the turtles. Gosh I can't -- to ticket back to WW three who have FaceBook and emails and everything planned and to talk about what's happening in the -- which is exciting I tell you what I was in Honduras for two weeks having a blast but I was really -- -- would because we missed a lot of fun things you can't let -- -- -- talked about. The fund continues and I have to say and I said just. Outside many many many times I've often said that truly one of the most talented people ever to walk the face of new -- simply -- him. -- is Ricky Graham -- really he Graham yes. Writer director producer actor par excellence there is nothing of this man can't do. But what makes it exciting is he just continues on and on Ricky. -- are we are very good knowing that your here and that you have another production going on a golden girls. I do I do we we wish we had so much fun we did. Re designing women in May this year even brought it back. About two months ago and people that seemed to really really. Enjoy these -- -- TV show Kirk of course we bring you back. We -- a little bit of -- twist because we have guys ideal world. So you've got it adds another another. Layer to it. I have to say that I did see redesigning women and it is sustained a -- and a guy who play the women are phenomenal. They were reading Jillian should the maker you've got it. But at the paint but I. Can't. But tell us about golden girls well didn't actually -- -- been thinking about doing it for awhile they actually stick that got. People do this around the country and other. Large cities that have. That have. Theater company's. People had had done this before and be figuring if we meet we would like to do written apology murmured again. Check wrote in who is such a great -- reformer lucky to have him. It's pocket usually he traveled all around the country performing we all that shot Paterson who that's terrific actor. And director and writer. And he in a slight adjustment that actually -- and so glad three weekly got him and complexity been living in New York during all this that. Come back in you can play -- and golden -- nice like its complete -- So. And we have. Brooklyn shape -- whose record is as bright Peters earned. And of course there are dear friend. Brian Johnson who -- you remember her I'm working at felt chat. And that's a relative or an album recording seven Britain's our Christmas present in the December -- -- second Christmas. Which I know what is. Your your your your spirit your family your ticket -- tanks. Can't be completely -- And it is with our guy and -- -- what theater. It's going to be that neat city theatre. Opening on the 27 and -- debt side to the street. 35 or to a -- anger and company. It I think if you guys haven't been there it's a great place to go. They have a great lobby bar and it's it's nice and relaxed is this parking. And -- the best thing about financial and you can you can about it it's Oregon. -- gone -- is Allen's. -- -- -- -- you know practically ran. Or shut off for presidential on time. Cheap apartments are Q would you call for tickets shall take -- mutual merchant and everyone scrambling. And it's just great that they achieved there. Let me tell you I don't know how she does have more times than not at the chance I would call the last minute which is embarrassing enough. And in on sang -- I'll give you my first more. Trust and now she would get a -- and you know would be tight but she makes things happen. And if she she is here isn't. I hate to be an unsung Europe has so many people know our current. We're sure you're a magician cheap and she can make magic app and you make every single person call feel like there there -- I think that that's a spectacular. Well I'll tell you something -- you are a magician you are again one of the most talented people we have. I'm so thrilled you got another creation and we look forward to the future to -- excellence. OK so have a wonderful Christmas and we'll see you on the 27 report and a high ranking it is fun Friday and were figuring out all the many things you can do this weekend even though we get toward Christmas to still. Wonderful movies and when we think movies we think the bar moving man you guessed it June -- Hey Angela powers you do I am doing great how are you doing great and welcome back Ian -- Jude saints are a lot of fun missed like a great trip he went on it for you fans and good for Aussie Kim Holmes at the end and I would love Ricky Graham got our citizens seeing his productions since. I'm sure he was a teenager when I first saw -- one that -- -- you both of -- who will modern guitar ages from. -- phenomenal yeah absolutely he's great and -- treasure thank you for having them on today I'm. Very grateful to have had him on now you have been busy. Looking at these movies. So yes -- with a couple big ones that are opened today want to see why America aren't gonna skip. There's the -- that part two. Big action fantasy it is Peter Jackson the director who did all of the Lord of the Rings movies this is the second part of the -- trilogy. Took a BBA lot of action fantasy movie from -- or or -- classic -- -- it. Don't caution is that you know. There was one -- -- to to read movies. So the story it's probably be watered down but lots of action so you want you to good foreign action movie. They got it. I wonder Judy do you have any idea where this one ends at what point in the hottest story does the second part conclude 'cause I was thinking about it earlier logically where the where these three splits would be I didn't really come of -- good answer do you have an Italian. No I think that they that's part of just the creativity of Hollywood that they had. Added back stories they've added little things to make free movies though. That the faithful to the book so I think may be a little aggravated but Disco in Bangkok have an action time. And enjoy I think that's the leader approach. Yeah yeah you're right I like the first one well enough and you know I'm not a huge Lord of the Rings and murdered -- -- -- or anything like them by you know I'm familiar with all the plots and. Let me take it is this the the dissolution of this amount did desolation of -- -- -- -- the -- -- close -- -- -- This is a generational thing but only bring that up because T Bob they bear -- did this review yeah I loved what he said. Because he said he got to go to the Los Angeles premiere he says if you're a fan a fantastic monsters monsters exotic locals. Locales and epic sweeping camera pans. This is a movie for you. Really says a lot yeah. It does it's and yes that pretended that they like those big movies so that that belong to them. All all of the opening -- this weekend is one -- Tyler Perry's what is the latest to movie on the DE at Christmas and you know he ET crank them out so quick so fast I -- he dipped one. It's not available for review and the few reviews out there have just said it's his worst -- -- -- it doesn't. Smell like I'm going to be a winner spoke like it's going to be probably one of the tankers. Unless you do it absolutely have to see every one of his movies. Are they weighed the discipline to be on dvd. You know it sounds like from the watch at home. But there's some coming next week before I mean next Friday that are opening up to. Two huge movies for the holidays that are getting lots of awards and award recognition. -- mister banks. Disney movie. Walt Disney this story it played what that he played by Tom Hanks so excited. And he is at the back story of the creating of the movie Mary pockets. Offer. Mrs. PL Travers is played by Emma Thompson who -- greet. And has he is phenomenal they're saying this is on her best performances ever. So it's a story about how that would by Hollywood. Florida Hollywood crowd just in time for the -- of the holidays. -- -- -- Nice you're so -- -- -- -- well B it is it is going to be at Disney movie you know we just had that that we visiting. The sound of music lives. Lots of people of those two movies with Julie Andrews Mary Poppins is right there -- everybody loves to -- things have to be a lot of interest in and statement to bank. Another movie 1 that I am thrilled that I'm really excited to catch is American possible. Hey you may have seen the ads in this one. It's dated O Russell's. He's the director who brought us the fighter. And silver linings playbook. On both that won Oscars for their actors. We'll visit to keep calling it the third of his trilogy American -- If he is defies description it's not just the -- story not just action not just crime. He sees it as a movie about people who have come apart in their lives and are seeking redemption they're putting their lives together. And he tells great stories. Listen to this cast of characters into -- Christian Bale he was an Oscar winner for them from the spider. Jennifer Lawrence she was an Oscar winner first silver -- playbook. Amy Adams Adams she was an Oscar nominee from the fighter. And also in the movie doubt. Bradley Cooper -- -- nominees from silver linings playbook. Jeremy Renner and Oscar nominee from the Hurt Locker and the town. And register on their -- good measure. Long cameo by Robert De -- to talk about -- and himself. That's the -- No that's a pretty incredible crowd of people yeah. And it's not that started in movies but really too -- driven the pivotal wrestled with each of these actors interviewed him for the part. Ask them how their input on their take of what motivated these characters and incorporated that this story telling. I it's a movie from the Lebanese are about the Japanese costumes hair there's Disco. Bodies con artists. -- -- and I think this is one to definitely catch at this theater. You know you've got to -- and Lawrence absolutely and on my Bradley Cooper hello hello Christopher. Did you see the that Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams are opening their dresses -- Plunged and he lowers. -- -- -- -- -- It's always architecture I think so that and not they may not been edited out of TV and it may be in the movie captaincy. So that starts next week and there's still a couple of good ones out there and contributing to the Disney. Animated musical frozen. With great songs. Egyptian people it appears 234. Aren't. It's another Disney classic that really really great solved. Com and making the plot another plug for. Philip -- In case you want to. Wrapped himself in the warmth of a good story. Dame -- -- in storage is the problem of a mother searching to find her son that was taken from which he he was when he was born. It's it's not a typical holiday movie but I think it's gonna cut at a lot of people's hearts to small movie but really well done. She doesn't do anything that isn't well done. Well a lot to get things to check that at the movies Angela. Dude you are you are yet and I really mean that and I thank you so much. And now we able passed by the stickers and will go for the winners. Thank you did have a great one now we really appreciate this and you can just feel the momentum building. In I'm so sorry you were here not. Not last Saturday because we have the jingle bell parade and I got to ride with mr. -- without it was without you but I'm telling it was one of the highlights of my career. Mr. dingle and I for two hours got to ride together and a in a mule drawn carriage. And the meals name was -- Claudia. It was a happy happy day I wanna write with mr. -- will you should have that experience in your -- let me say they'll another exciting thing that's right up your Alley is happening tomorrow. Very exciting it's the running of the senses and we actually have on the phone up I'm -- mayor of the North Pole. Kinda noticed Bob don't -- good afternoon your honor. -- thank you and your -- of this is very exciting now you have to explain to the five people who don't -- about the running of the -- it's really a very exciting event. It is it's pretty bad that the daughter at some fourteen illegal in Portland dealt yet and I brought it to the wall and -- the third annual event. And it's sort of an all day 46. Caught separate -- poll which is that or Katie is 601 topic to. Which is right around the corner from this radio station yeah I mean this is right here right between here in the parking you you're expecting our over 2000 people dressed in Santa outfits. Correct and -- you know old reindeer mrs. Claus mrs. A lot of mrs. Claus because we'll have a cute but this -- can't tell at all it will be very difficult. We have. A lot of like usual content -- we have that we also have the best Christmas costume contest. And it's a lot of -- We we have to be that'll be playing at. Arcadia which is that -- poll. We have a bulky and slow -- this feature being -- Had a contest takes place at four and had show all. You'll see what an audience will run you want to see you. Some. All the stuff and all the -- -- an. Item may get. There are no official time predatory -- some people call and say what time do I have that leadership the finish line. Just don't think -- get there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll have not. Been naughty -- -- opening up and and that can be followed by. Defeat today about category. Which is claimed the church era generation call. I'm very popular band in the world but they do a great job. Not -- sounds like nothing but fun it's gonna get everybody in the spirit. And for those who don't wanna participate and just wanna stand there and watch it's got to be hilarious to see Randy here mrs. Claus Santa. A tree run -- Although the first -- we had a gentleman in a wheelchair. -- bad hitters. Who lab. Hooked to is wheelchair. And he took off and already down this great what is called already. Part of the race that wouldn't. Really shocked if -- -- it was amazing that he was able to pay all of an upright positions it's fair is that they'll quit polluting. What could hook up the YouTube again brought this from Philadelphia and I understand that at its peak there were 7000. People in Philadelphia. Your -- sort of -- is that our that's our goal one who. That's our goal in dole -- state had 7000 land Chia. Last weekend. They top 9000. Philadelphia. Ready or I intended well and up to see the event. It was 24 degrees. And let me tell you it would. Really cold up there and that did not take anything away from this spirit that. These young folks have been participating. Well let me tell you one too. It embodied the spirit of Santa Claus you can take that -- Oh yeah you can. And various. Additional spirits available let's help it takes. So I was just can also vigorously -- -- -- -- -- just sign up it was a twenty dollars to sign up to. To be in the parade -- Did general admission that ditch you in Iran and into. Generations at all. Arcadia is as an outdoor street party. So someone can really just. Come to stay and that much debate -- but to participate. Did that a portion of each ticket. Is dedicated to that others may live foundation. Good foundation or -- -- money for. The surviving family. Members of air force. Search and rescue heroes that were killed in action. Bill if this was something that's very important. QB. I am not. -- son in law who. Is that a colonel in the air force and now he has in fact the wing commander. Of the 23 flying tigers. And he has groups Sunday and during his career he flew. Search and rescue. And the it's a group and I hope that I had to raise money for my sample. -- -- but it wonderful -- It is it is very much because. The children of these -- Have no are they need an education they need scholarship but it. This is where the body go -- -- to great organization. And orchestrated so that it's. -- you know me and and I hope people come out help support. Well mayor of the North Pole it's been a pleasure having you lawn and good luck in one day will reach that seven counts. Angela thank you very much it's it's a pleasure to be on your show thank you. Thanks so much thanks for all this but nice talking to bring to try to think Christmas because it is the season and there are so many wonderful groups and organizations. Who works so hard to make this time very special. Including on Sunday it's a Garden District Christmas concert. At the church of our lady of good counsel that's at thirteen 07 Louisiana avenue. And that is going to be at 4 o'clock this Sunday. Incredible soprano. Phyllis triangle and Melissa were -- tenors Kevin crucial and Bart false and organist Bryan Morgan. Again good shepherd choir will also be their. With the -- -- chance this is the kind of Christmas music if you just lob that kind of music I love is -- voices. Yes. The classical voices like -- That really more than -- -- you know I don't dislike modern Christmas please note this is in a truly do that this sounds some that really mean spears. However also on the North Shore we always reminded it is about kids too and for the fourth year. It's called deck the rails children's event it's in Covington and it's going to be at the Covington trail head which is at 419. North New Hampshire street. And they just from four to 7:30 PM just have a ball they do all kinds of singing and dancing they're gonna show the wonderful movie polar express. So it's a great time to bring your kids out into -- Crank them -- to get in the spirit. It's actually I wanna make sure people know about the light wire. -- performance the -- -- like -- going out to actually -- he -- I -- not only saw a picture -- I -- and it sensationalist. You know that classical -- talked about -- is great and and don't -- it play for anybody looking for some that is -- really kind of slick modern Christmas -- performance of the -- -- -- people -- -- -- -- if you can say for now all the lights in the fuselage it's black and -- -- indeed they have these electrical wires hooked up to their -- their two -- and and the shapes they make a really beautiful and in their gonna perform this Christmas pageant. And that's December 12 through 22 at the joint -- street absolutely the technology of today I love lights and I think it would be a very special performance mystery and we're going to continue in Christmas yeah absolutely let's do it and all kinds of wonderful things happening. I had the international school right here on camp street they're gonna have a big gumbo cook off in its -- raise money for the school but the gonna have all kinds of winter crafts. No cost to going to look at the craps if you're looking for special Christmas presents ninth also sent to yes and mrs. Claus are going to be. At the national wildlife refuge. Visitor center in a coma. This Saturday from two to four and not to be messed. You can go is it like at the mall Rico knowing his -- visitor center bright but is it but you can go -- stealth and what you want for Christmas of course you can okay. This is a very busy couple they are working the streets and what are you gonna ask for for -- I'm just gonna ask for another day. Just one more day one more day I'll -- I hope we sent a little comedy either I hope that is the case and also if you're a big fan of from. Not the shell met battlefield what a great place at no regard announcing in it it is and they're going to have -- actors there. Volunteers -- -- doing yuletide celebration on Saturday and that's from ten to four I went to that last year and -- -- didn't find yeah we got a couple people to go down the additional men watched. Do reenactment and with the the costumes and I think it was a great time. We're big history geeks so that was exciting -- well that is exciting and all that for bishop Morton they're gonna have sat Sunday. A wonderful Motown stage musical this is all their fund -- for scholarships it's going to be to subversive -- Again I hope you have a wonderful weekend I'm glad to be home I'm so glad you're back.