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Dec 15, 2013|

Bobby and Deke discuss the Saints' 27-16 loss to the Rams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All you don't know. What an afternoon -- NFL football is gonna bring the Saints won a five and a half point favorite on the road at Saint Louis are at this week as the -- -- was talking about this matchup -- wanna compare. 2011 the last time the Saints went over they had a difficult loss. And and they went on to win nine straight how over the fitness with a different team. -- -- team same result disappointing loss. At Saint Louis -- -- Saints -- to -- point 716 how bad it was his -- is operated jaguar that you called that you that you let that happen. 60% of you were saying this posting 90% do you think that sent. Did not seem ready is just the bad routines 70% that you vote and it's okay. I believe. Thought let's say it it's operated jaguar -- people online at WW the deadly there -- you don't you don't back -- the Saints already 47. To sixteen will go to 10 o'clock at night. Thanks Austin phantom push it to repeat DC from in the French Quarter brought you by the eighties. Tito's hand made box back and -- have a great time with these point 28 designated. Drive to the phones we go and that they were here from Drew Brees but let's go to race and for John John thank you concentrating OWW. Thank you. Deacon -- Probably a couple of things double -- You know we do as ma even -- -- -- -- -- as coaches in America. It went into the mind comes and does it loses they can get on the is. But as soon -- -- -- these responsibilities and make -- doubt that you yeah statistics and things. Number one -- that gets -- -- the -- -- game -- from Monday when it happened and Oakland. -- scholarship. And and I played with scholarship money. Number two is. -- -- -- -- Just -- made it to him and his cronies had money it has some good often go -- -- go. So I mean it you know beat you could be on the Grossman as the president Bob. I'm not taking anything away from Drew Brees he's been tremendous. And that -- he's -- -- right by him. No it was in China and that they can put too much point you have to won't do much. But as it -- and -- is that human amounts of those things that you and I and our. And then it was just not a. Good of and nobody but he's been on bobbled balls in the superdome. Yeah today that he's been actually. Yeah it is he just does not look like he's got this up on the ball. And I mean it you can just. But OK okay David is that that is has he truly ever had -- that he's never had arm like I can't use in the college cabernet. Aaron Brooks he's never had that kind of arm it's anticipation. And been accurate with the football. And when you play quarterback a lot of require getting a lot of glory can get a lot of the blame. Now as far as Drew Brees taking less money. Why don't Tom Brady Peyton Manning air. You look at the Packers The Who am -- governor -- -- Aaron Rodgers did actually take less money that every team is dealing with this. Is not -- Drew Brees of the world. When you look at franchise quarterback within a franchise. That they're not gonna take a pay cut. So to speak to get a better -- sublime and now you might like you look at Tom Brady he might restructure his contract. -- but he still get this money. What went all said and done so when you look all of it's a blind though the bottom line is. It is that when you look at it you have to keep pace. Is that so far you got to see the game is on Charles Burrell. Considering not gonna -- bush Rockies drafted Charles Brown early in the second round while UK hope we worked out. He has to work out and has been up and down now when you look at Charles brown and out -- today and that's what I'll tell him -- and I'm going by. People who look at every snap. And what he's doing as far as getting the job done if you look at over the last three games go on it -- -- St. Louis Rams game. Charles Brown was flat out getting it done now you -- before that. Before. This three game span. -- given up five sacks seven hits -- drew a 2189 hiring. Then all of a sudden the three previous games before. The Rams. Charles Brown had given up not just on the film united hit a big guy this guy don't lie. This is what the film says that you got that nobody's opinion but I -- this the film nick given up three. No sacks or hit. Not that includes games against the Seahawks. And the Carolina Panthers. -- -- pulled out an excellent. Edge -- Now all I know is. You going against an extent that the talent rob equate that I'll go game blocking me. I don't care what kind of success he had against Carolina. Woody did the previous games that none of it and a block him beyond the with the is fine. And that's what happened so how will Charles Brown respond. Really feel sorry for himself what occurred. Again it's if you don't get the Rams. Probably bounce back and reflect on. The kind of game he had against Carolina. In the superdome. Could that make it get easier I guarantee you that that Carolina Saturday with a line. They picked off. Charles Johnson because the guy coming off the edge over Carolina map to look human -- that inning was named right now but they can get after the quarterback you know. And they come and -- Charles Brown. Okay you didn't want congress like you know you got to fifteen round fight but he got a twelve round fight -- whatever around okay does it to two round fight. He -- crunch you beat me in their first round. -- get this -- to the superdome then you see what you do in my backyard. You've got to fight me now in my backyard the court debate could see if Charles Brown is your response to that or not. And if you don't get it done to close out the season. Then obviously. I handled the fellow of it. The development of Toronto Armstead right but but if he was good enough they would have a -- there aren't -- -- party. No to -- arms there knobs are well I'm I'm going to yeah parties in its development yeah McNabb get into the USO Joseph Johnson and Harding right imitate big -- a pin their ears back. -- actually Charles Brown. Yelled not blocking whether they'd double made it now development because last -- we don't like. You look at what they did -- and then they look at it you know -- but I repeat this faith in our backyard guess what. We got a first from -- waited on the Tuesday. It's a playoff game I didn't. Come this Sunday in Carolina that the individual professional player. Do you accept the challenge and would you do I don't know we don't -- you can flip a calling. My -- did -- get beyond hope we win -- we need to win if they don't win. You know like they did admit that means me going on the road and in my view wanted done and -- well. Not you know saint one of the things coach Sean Pate said the some of the things -- -- -- characteristic of -- teams. To do things that a bit of bad team needed to have themselves keep from winning we're gonna have been for you in and also one -- put up -- season that. The game tape would be. Would be disappointing but also it would be revealing yes revealing so -- -- -- yeah he's gonna and I think I've been in those being -- They can be whitbeck slicker. Not -- old school projected now they don't pass the whole projected but nickel back at fort. Sometimes a -- I've been in meeting where coaches are so ticked off you go one play and it takes almost a half an hour. The big but to break down -- play now they go back import. Back give Florida what the hell you do -- but your first step would -- do that yet hand placement this and that. At all with the mind meeting him on the breaking down process that's and you want to be a fly on the wall. We could could you would feel like well I didn't know it was like this in the NFL frank you know you feel like it's a -- to -- video game because if they get the job that much -- -- money. And if you get the job done. Could you gotta go get a good job -- -- that Els who got to get somebody else in there who's gonna get it done. That's reality are I would think boy called the pros let's -- -- -- for coach Sean Payton had they. Really getting on his team made in the extra now on 10 o'clock tonight we're here BBC food. For the point after the loss follows Saint Louis 2716 but let's hear from Drew Brees the first time -- from drew addressed the media following tonight's loss at -- it -- -- -- now. -- Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Speaking as you know and the bat well against a politics in that time you -- in his last they would know right from any of my game without a doubt. -- -- thing that you you would like to give your prospective -- well and the statement he said like regardless of what happened today. We had to win next week -- Mathematically in. I'm not saying I'm a rocket science are. You know Madrid nature -- -- but I know basic math and now to look you know wanted to Q -- you -- -- -- -- like -- -- -- economic you know that's but. All I know is that. If you win today. No you -- had to beat Carolina. Next week we used to it at the B ten feet right at that went to lot of three Bryant but we get haven't been home vs having people like Carolina. So withdrew Cedric also have a today we have to win next week no not you have to win next week could you lost today but it we -- beat the Rams. Know you could still win the NFC south and lose to Carolina next week because of a tiebreaker. And what you've done in the NFC but now know -- there -- -- confident that we still control a lot but we've got to go win the last two. We've got to win at Carolina. Win -- have a -- you have a first round bye. Andy yeah you know you're number two -- And it to go to New York the voters who -- you only have to win two games instead of three well he isn't that you lose next week they did. -- I gotta look at this haven't written it down and -- I think it's gonna happen with the Carolina next week it was this highly probable. Yet still upbeat have a bad things to get -- a poor health for sure. And then now look at the road you have to basically. Went on the road and attack happened in the past. The Ravens the Giants. We -- -- about the past history. As far as you know we don't lock our team and winning. That's doable but -- we not structure that we this year now. Like drew said. The formula to lose the game. With exactly what they did. The one being the Rams tackle on their favorite era plus seven in Italy to -- ratio went out -- -- stand in the game was all said and done. If you look I'll wanna say when you lose the turnover battle. And your minus three you lose 80% at a time. Guess what we are minus three and so that's the losing formula -- -- game today -- throughout minus three in the turnover ratio. Now -- -- and kind of said at the beginning. And and and I don't agree with this because. You have to look at who was in the stands -- you can be in this game particular. The crowd was not a factor. The crowd can be a factor. But the St. Louis Rams bandwagon fans were not in that in the dull they would not Darren attendance. Now when the Saints. Got off to a slow start obviously they got more to the game but it wasn't so loud that you could communicate. Like the trouble we've maybe had which -- gains false starts a new York and obviously in Seattle. So. In the talked about this auto be driving down the field we did is no roll out and he's trying to get the ball to Jimmy Graham. And it should be like triple tight coverage. Include those better. I don't know why quarterbacks do this I've done it before you have -- Clark would have you wanna call it is like why in the world that you throw that ball. And through those you got to get points out of there. But he threw an interception so I'll tell you on that play that -- that was probably. And through his career as a Saints quarterback you know that's did the conversation -- his worst interception ever. That that second one down in the red zone and I brought this up earlier. Is that this show you how. This is not what drew does he was the number one quarterback in the reds' home coming into the game haven't throwing. A 166. Straight passes out of date. Fox they put that on the newscast on the all the old jinx them and what you know it. Drew to throw this ridiculous pass. It has that second interception. But. You know what would you look at it. It is just a very disappointing loss but the thing is that the professional the fans can be disheartened. Discouraged Doug -- nation. But you know -- where -- professional. You got to be above that. You have to look at it it's like OK it's zero to zero we got a two game season look at the opportunity we have beforehand. We go -- Carolina. As Carolina when all this adversity how you handle adversity you win this game that you cover -- after Christmas between Christmas and new years. You beat Tampa -- in the superdome. They knew right where you want it to be all along I went all this started after that Seattle loss where you have a first round bye. And you still the number two seed. And get a home playoff game and anything can happen and NFC champs. You winning decline in home. Are totally agree in his -- Bit -- coach Peyton we're gonna play it again at 930 he'll talk about how to -- Will be can be disappoint really bureaucratic but also to Bobbie you know any use use a week -- week it's humbling. But this team -- double work itself had you won this week I'll answer it again that you got an opportunity down the stretch if you work we're happy when he threw Carolina. The last can't he's he's had not yet as I did that help out I don't know what happened all the match no it's not only last week against Tampa -- salt on the line and it -- you might matter you don't win that game you might be on the road -- -- it matters. I'd be out. Now yes might be out you could be outlook we got to figure that out what's gonna car all the different scenarios but. Know now the one thing -- today. Then again look at the glass half almost that I have empty and I talked about -- I would hope you about this before the game. When you look at the injury report and who's active. Who's been active we've been about as healthy as we've -- and as of -- -- pocket recall. Saints team. When you have two to three gave level in the schedule. It's pretty much we do have all hands on deck right about who's available now we lost to prior career. And I'll tell you that has been a roller coaster week -- light. Corey wiped his game played like he played the first half against the Falcons he got bit old Beatles and slant route. Where he is got toasted like at 38 yard gain on third -- that's gonna happen again. They got to keep going out there every game -- -- always trying to attack that week is late. -- needs to about that a challenge. Keenan Lewis had over not being nobody -- defense can be really sell the one. When I'll look at at the film college I thought looking at the television version David Hawthorne. At the end unassisted tackles. That that I I thought he was out you know but you know we got humbled now are -- camp -- Now you wanna be a pro bowler. You -- particularly -- an all pro and be among the best that are best. Go to Carolina now and have a rob -- kind of game junior go let. Go to Carolina gets -- you and you had in the superdome. Not vote do better on the road Charlotte. Louisville junior Gillette and I can't -- get all. Against -- in the Carolina at home. Ball boy you're you're about NF LT's all that you wanna get respect. You -- wrote it is today that's a bad son of a gun went and. Thanks to -- -- in this conversation that we played him a few weeks ago it was Seattle what you look at him the opportunity that they come off and they -- coming off a loss they were dominant it just. The look. It in. With a lot of football at the play out. But it could very will be. San Francisco at saint inning in Seattle again again for a third time somewhere down I think that the chances that -- a far greater. Then not somewhere down on roof -- I have Atlanta's unit and right now Seattle at the biggest I mean. You know when when you see your team in that you think missing the panel on on this thing you right now who I think that this team the -- division. And I think even the best team on them all it has been Seattle and they just. They think they beat the Giants -- evocative right how -- anti I don't have any pocket you don't like them but you went out and out -- you. I didn't get Sherman back then he's like -- bit the -- OK that's the -- eased into a top column I'll even pay dues and you don't not you have what you witnessed today bother Rams against the Saints. And what they've done against winning teams wealthy and like the Colts. You looked a Bears a fighting for their playoff lives they want today. The grant them ready to go out there ready to ram picked up their act okay what I've stayed. It ain't even close. You think the top division right now in the NFL AFC and NFC. If they need to close the NFC west during Abbas say that but Randy and I can't beat three division -- -- you know the Chicago routed in the right now Detroit. They call the Saints and they beat the Colts there's three teams who might win that is okay and -- to bottom of the NFC west yes -- Seattle. San Francisco the Cardinals are not at five -- -- in the -- the way the Cardinals played defense. Whoever we get now yeah we put awoke and Ohman did the home. I don't know we could get that out Phoenix well you're going McEnroe how you're playing this time year they won -- six does that sixes sevens 6 o'clock at night and if you if you look at the Rams bracket. Man and not that good -- in the the toughest division completely tell me -- 49ers to life and death and we could see. This this is a -- probably got a good backup quarterback. You say if you eat we can Tomlin when I ask coach Payton and a lot of people you know you think coach is the ball on that -- -- part of the first question answered. He's an absolutely that this young team needs it but you could see. They play well opponents Indianapolis they played well look at Chicago how they played and how they played against Seattle. And that's what this team Wallace and they're from eight to all division vehicle as -- we've got to give a lot of time to Bobby they will full wanna want. It is the vision they did this. Division record that bad division I can't see the way Martina and those went Tampa's fifth -- night as -- -- were in the Super Bowl. And what they lost one game in overtime and ultimately it and -- that they could -- -- could -- beat him twice could have been -- result you know is no look. The Rams are not the Jacksonville Jaguars -- whoever. You think might be the weakest team in the NFL. Know the Rams have had the Saints number. And I said that an opening today if you look at Sean Payton. He doesn't have a winning record against the Rams he has not beating the Rams. He is now he's played there ran five times he's won two times lost three times. Jeff Fisher as a coach. And and it -- of mine and that's the kind of coach a players coach and I know that because he Bob went to try and make the Rams last year. And I he was telling me that Jeff Fisher -- the kind of coach he was Longo is Jeff Fisher has played the saint. Five times he's never laws he's five and oh. Now that's been you know a lot out of that Titans. Along with the Rams but all of Beckham at the plate that's why the NFL. They are much different so who's the best and who you think is not very good. I know your mind is doing a turnover ratio no you don't lose the game. Well let's take a look now let's think horrible call before and we hear from Saints coach Sean Payton let's go to uptown here who wants to Tom on line for Tom thank you for calling the point after on Saints radio -- because you have. About -- and -- oriented everything is to win because you're trying to explain his. Playoff situation we've beat. Dallas would beat the Cardinals would be should I don't know what would do would just look at -- out of making the simplest thriller and I look at who they need next week would need to lose and those things. Anyway that's where it will will go through it for you could have a however when you think the scenario now and what we'll do it will apparently at the the number of Bobby -- Well okay thank you so much a problem will. Will they for you would say for you and so we put all the AF but what would you go over the playoffs now Bobby right now in the NFC east or listen to the Ford division leaders they're the top foresee him. All four division teams who win that division it's easy home playoff game. The top two will be often the first round. Right now the teams that -- the top two all. New Orleans at -- info. Antsy Alex will look to the Saints probably would have a tiebreaker with Carolina they -- they beat him hit it and we've played and now. That will be different a week from now that that's going to be it -- their eighties people along it'll come down to that final game of the season. It you -- -- a lot now. You look at that the other division lead. Philadelphia's 86 Chicago is at eight in six. Teams in the walk on right now -- -- the game behind for the -- -- evidence six Detroit it did seven and six -- but it Igawa. Baltimore tomorrow night like -- there's seven and seven -- 77 Dallas is in the home 77 Detroit plays tomorrow night now and other teams if you look at it who's in the playoff on. Carolina into all of the both. It's meaningful Seattle to twelve with two clearly on the way to the number one -- San Francisco is -- -- they have the record. They look identical of the Saints in Carolina but. They will be a while caucus they're not gonna -- Seattle lapping -- conceded that Connecticut's the only if they do then -- -- if that's not gonna happen. So there's going to be a while -- You've got to win your division the united division like Kansas City -- one of those teams that you know. 1213 you look at him maybe both of -- -- at their team win ballclub this year. They could beat both thirteen to three in one of them what had to be awhile or go to a team hasn't won as many games. So one. 23 and four hopes. Five and six on the road at 45. The first round of the playoffs and what the uncertainty with Bobby is that if you don't beat Carolina did you point five mall's team. You would be at at five Bobby and at Arizona win yeah UT -- fact that you got a tiebreaker with Arizona but at Arizona finished as it. Game a book you did finish eleven to five years that any you don't win your division college team you got to have a you've got heavier these same -- on -- eighteen. -- keep this things out the playoffs. Is that Arizona Cardinals right -- right now they are 985. They were here with -- hit -- six. Yeah yeah -- know that they will beat us to lose on next two games yes if they say that's exactly right to lose to Carolina. Maybe cavity were in the playoff in Arizona loses one of their last yet it was Saints are right it was -- hit him hit it yet it if it -- if Arizona has got the same with Arizona will lose one of their next two games were in no matter what we do it next to Vietnam now that your first round the playoffs while -- -- -- Three played in six plays at number three the sixteenth place at number three. And now before pulling that number five and that would be an end and right now we know right now -- day -- who full out be -- the right now. -- -- five team to beat Philadelphia in Chicago because -- 86. -- it 86 they would tell by if the playoffs. Who looked a bit of crystal ball today they're both 86 now fourth in five of 56 Bobby. We beat Carolina. Beat San Francisco. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So they would be five local related Detroit do today -- -- place tomorrow I -- ball -- tomorrow night there's evidence sixth best evidence that all facility it. Who knows they might end up being. Seven at seven by then and they would beat they would if they win tomorrow Bobby they would be above Chicago. Because they have a divisional record right before more so that realistically the only team. Beckett vs saint bubble as far as playing in the post season. Could be the Arizona Cardinals. And the come out to look at their the schedule who has Arizona. Played the last two games you know we're we're playing and if you look at it I Carolina. At that that could be a tough game to win. And it starts with -- -- -- deal with them but who wouldn't expect the Saints will probably I don't know right now I mean you would think. That the Saints would be Tampa Bay at home. Arizona want to date in overtime who manhood -- have C 3730 fold -- break. They got hooked up with two games that I thought -- -- see. They play at Seattle they got San Francisco okay so the all the way in the lip out and and I know I know it is comfortable clear of those come from a player. And you -- -- ball you don't want to thank you -- yet you want them back into the put him don't want him back into the playoffs. Because Daniel won and done and now but you can look at that theory. That you know we started out thirteen you know if you remember won thirteen straight games. In his -- the safety could do anything in the playoffs the year we -- this noble was thirteen you know they lost three games in a row. Now I'm kind of how I see that analogy but then here though that we really solid team and Alberto all the miserable of a -- -- 67 weeks. What -- pretty good football -- -- -- that week well because he even don't make out to a hot start climb before the -- we. They would do it consistently do it's -- -- well against you don't up right now protected with protecting the passer. The question the football and not being opportunistic yeah ours and not be good now that the karma the most -- We had that year we won we had seven defensive touchdown to -- won't you won't win we played LA only NFL team does not have a defense that touchdown. Take six scoop with scored a fumble. Monarchy we -- set and over and over so I just -- -- to -- -- line. Maybe we need go -- of candidacy a rosary. And and brave because I think you might need. I would definitely I don't know next week is on opposite days that would make here on out well bother answering a productive hoping -- -- -- but we'll always evaluate at Daytona and -- broke through this distance on the because. We need to mojito -- -- -- verdict and we need we need the -- Joel going forward. Where you know you have something. Going in your favor in your direction collective wealth not like you know what you -- you just guiding hand because you you you had such an advantage over everyone else. And you'd never -- have a cell sarcoma all right if you look at it. If we got their playoffs. And you you'll lose to Tampa Bay and home. What he seven point eight that you be covered by that. And it you know -- to the twelfth week one and to beat the green if that -- -- scenario. It would be. If you collapse. On the a year you have to put in that category it it would be a club that that's what people let's hear from Saints coach -- -- Coach Payton being here for eight years -- the winningest coaches in the National Football League want the Saints as Super Bowl. Championship to lose to the -- championship it is -- this opening pars. It's -- things. He has done as a head coach and won't take but yet today's post game press con yes. We have never seen coach -- they -- and you look at it that he's the who's like always your goal to show you Woody's done or share. He's not yet to put him in the category there's three of four coaches pulled me as far as coach of the year that no doubt about Andy Reid. Sean May you may lose now Chip Kelly Jim Kelly kind of laid an egg like us on paper today eight years and not just the fourth coach or can you think of right now. Thank you put in that category. That what they've done I'll I'll Pete Carroll I have you got a little bit yet Pete Carroll at Andy -- Sean Payton. Jim Kelly right now you got this day because when every department lately that Andy Reid and Pete Carroll the front runners. A coach of the year all right reasoning for operated Jack walked that you Pollak WWL dot com he. -- take on the Saints loss you'll take how do you think this loss wasn't that wasn't discussed. Was it his opponent it seems like the team were ready. What's it. Of sitting and B is this is just a bad road team beat the Saints 347 games on the road or do you take the approach it's OK I believe 61% or disgusted. 90% of outset I think the team did not seem ready is just a bad road team 70% to 3%. Say it's OK I believe vote online at WW will dot com right now Monday Morning Quarterback tomorrow morning it's seven -- -- was second guessed about the -- we have Mike here -- eight. Tomorrow at. 4 o'clock and the Saints coaches show. And it. 6:30 tomorrow evening here is Saints coach Sean Payton now. People listen to what coach Sean Payton had to say. After. Today's loss to the Saint Louis for a. That's pretty ugly. It's obviously it's a disappointing loss. I'm extremely disappointing. Start and all three areas. We didn't play very well all obviously. We get ready to play we looks like coming out. And I take responsibility for that. Him. Too much has been written about how we played at home how we play on the road in. You know what to do that that's that's where it is right now this season you know we come out here with a lot at stake. Haven't played -- an important game last week can -- You know we can't lineup kick a field goal we can get to run stuff turned the ball over we would do everything. We talked about. That you can't do to get a team to get a road win. Do we knew this is -- would present some tough challenges with protection. Still that being said it's. Don't know how we played there was unacceptable and it's on me so any questions. Street. I saw enough and I saw enough. Period to me it was enough penalties pressures sacks persona and some point. Here you just can't keep watching it. So. Your feelings get hurt itself. Every bit yeah yeah I don't think -- time discussing. -- -- -- Democrats say what. Look. You go here's the thing let's be honest. We need to have the energy and a game like this you know week fourteen. With what's at stake. And he always is if we don't then they. Maybe -- maybe that's that's a good sign as to where we're you know where were I'd certainly like I said it starts with the with the -- head coach but. Do we talked about ignoring this game. You know -- teams that understand. The importance of playing consistently here down the stretch. You know who do what a lot of things that were encouraging to be honest with you so. We'll take a close look at the tape. Numbers and energy problems. I don't think it would just seemed flat and I thought it. Maybe we didn't start to sharpen -- and thought the second half we settled just when you came back. Look we did we -- we did all the things and that. The fourteen does. To keep them from when you know the turnovers. That's two and give -- an onside kick that's three so there's three ball possession differences right there. -- nudge and on the left side and we still can't protect. We can't stop get off the field on third down defensively there were 50%. Didn't have a lot of snaps. Carolina kicked a field goal -- two different occasions. You know. Those are those are good signs especially here in December. Or. Well I I don't know I don't necessarily agree -- this is a veteran team we've got us some veterans on this team but. Look we know we're still trying to find out a little bit about the leadership. You know I think. We look at the age -- roster will we're we're fairly young but take. Look closely to take the challenge these guys Jones our coaching staff and you know the world. Were you have to make and improve in a lot of areas are. To -- Play better and -- obviously we're elsewhere at the same resort for a -- mixed bag one week you know can play well the next week you won't so. I'm sure the -- won't be very. It will be very exciting to be revealing them. In this property loss jasmine Wallace who swallows hard. But I I think I honestly was because. Of where we're at. Norman how much time and energy goes into. Your preparation. And to put yourself in the position. You don't. That we have. That is roles we play two weeks ago and then Joseph and endless and I've spent ten minutes here and and haven't talked about Saint Louis at all and then that's. That's not right they play very well and aggressively and made the plays they need to and credit thirteen coach Fisher and their staff. That's the that that's something that. There was evidence so. It's disappointing. Definitely keep my head is not that doesn't. -- -- everything like Ralph -- tonight. I don't I don't know there it is I mean it's but I think what's frustrating is it. He is being in this is can I get mad mad of myself is just. Truth be -- the appearance that. I know it was a quiet environment but the appearance that it was sluggish you don't start gets off first play of the game is hit fumble for -- -- interception. You know we got. Help on the outside and we're still get beat being inside with the speed and ballroom to do so there's some things that that have to be corrected -- Obviously a lot a lot more than you expected. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doubt listen I'm glad to speed is kicking I'm concerned about a lot of things I'm concerned about our protection. I'm concerned about our inability to be consistent. In regards to run the football then it's our ability defense was top rushing team. You know so all those things would be cause for concern the first kick -- blocked I think his -- Second kick. To pull left so yeah. -- -- -- Yeah I think the second one we missed some but but again. To be fair we need to go back to watch but I think I think we're fast. And I couldn't tell you guys was it was her hand on us ten. Yeah right so I wouldn't take a look at it and both seem -- coming off. You know enough. That's disappointing. And it's Saints coach company will come back it's a more calls and also be about the -- fans thought at the same -- disappointing loss that they. Tony said -- sixteen to the Saint Louis trying to support acted BBC food in the world famous for its quota. Gone and all the time by all the home with a black and gold this is WW. -- welcome back he's hated anybody can Deke Bellavia look extra overtime tonight as the Saints talked to the St. Louis Rams at that it would Jones film 47 to sixteen don't get in the morning TDs. -- Monday Morning Quarterback Christie Garrett visits with Saints quarterback Drew Brees at 740. With Tommy took the Saints coach showed up on that at 630. Before that you have my theory about me get this it was that the second guessing. From four to 6:30 PM Monday Night Football will be the Baltimore Ravens and the Detroit Lions who -- cost 47. In sixteen to for the latest on the black gold Bobby -- take go to WWL. Doc complicated -- -- one thing coach Pete talked about that you and I don't make enough the our running game and on the flip side and it's not an -- Every -- on top but just a one year but man. Has that been affected has come hand in his rookie year from the SEC you know lasting years. Well that it may be -- fall to us that's had an impressive top performers like sex facing companies that don't that would even hardly mentioned in the SEC at Vanderbilt -- look at what he's doing at a pro. As that would maybe give prominently he's the top SEC back in the NFL. And if we -- look at stopping the run and running the football. It's been. It's not smoking mirrors its back. When you look at it though we came to the game. Pirated three point eight yards a carry. We had three point one today we gave up four point seven yards a carry what today -- the Rams. We gave a four point two yards if you look at it. And we've been outstanding at this you know given all the more opportunities really force it to three and -- Not -- Phil. Policy toward the middle part of the third quarter. Well with the first three and -- we had against the Rams and did you bring up. -- -- And if you look at it he was a running back it would count on. You gotta give credit to their scouting department. He came into the game and -- 771. Yards rushing. Four point one yard average per carry it five touchdowns. Well I tell you what he had very. I humiliating humbling. A touchdown against the Saints defense. Where he went this is the same drive -- Clement is 35 -- given. Plus 31 on the slant route distorts -- white and then a missed tackle by actually use but on that drive that's an exact Stacey went forty yards. For a touchdown. And I wrote in my -- just a horrible. Angle by Malcolm Jenkins. And I missed tackle at the point of attack by Paris. The Harrelson. That the linebacker we got from the 49ers. He missed the tackle right there but then knocked it -- it's just that angle. -- like he had that bad angle initially. Along with according white. Shoddy tackling when they have that 31 yard. A touchdown pass to start the game this is deadly Al Gore is tackling gained since the Jets game. And now we've got to expect more from Malcolm I thought he got torched at a -- game against the Seahawks and I thought. So far up but does the Seahawks game is having his best season. But as of -- he's been a roller coaster you know because the Seahawks. Very poor performance. A nice outstanding performance against Carolina. But now back. Poor performance. Against the Rams have in Tennessee when he does the Carolina that we need. I'm out the team to play at a high level we got to give a lot of credit. Does that Stacy as the heat took it to us yet when he carried -- 33 yards four point eight yard average. And now in and he got it done here and like you said defense as is he running back as a late in the National Football League. All right we'll come back and get Bobby's final -- and the Saints called to the Rams 4716. With the point after All Saints radio BBC for the defense quota. On that because you and welcome back to the point that heroic Saints radio WW AS NN dot com don't get operated jaguar that you call it that you -- if you -- happen. How bad -- was -- point 716 -- the Rams 61% you are disgusted with today's loss. 40% you say it's upsetting -- vaccine ready is just a bad road team 60% of the vote if it's OK I believe. He's 3% vote online at WW -- well I'm New Orleans almost 47 to sixteen to give thanks so much everybody back home and home with a steal by a -- Gonna get some extra work Allison -- north the young of course don't think it -- -- And everybody here out at the BC for Bobby 4716. Is bad if they was. The Saints still have hit a team goes it's eight point quality -- put this behind their focus on Carolina and steal it steal Bobby could Troy and that's the deal. But so yes still control their own destiny now they made it harder for themselves. I guess I'll -- trying to look at the glass half full that 3% and and I believe. And because that is one game. And again it's a lot of adversity no one's gonna pick -- beat Carolina in Charlotte what the weather's going to be about. I mean I think best case scenario would be in the high fifties. We know rained -- dominate me to look at long term for a -- -- like 30% range to keep being at worst case that they. High thirty who can't vehicle the QB outside. -- we can't you take care of in this Charlotte that you have to. You beat Charlotte you beat -- they have the Christmas. Yet that first round byes to the number two seed that. It's going to be a big challenge that I know Carolina with a lot of revenge on the Saints considering how we put will put on them. In the Super -- he's at -- be it -- reviving a bit of a three on -- make the big -- Saint Louis 47. And New Orleans sixteen. That'll look at the -- Monday Morning Quarterback when you wake up in the morning quarterbacks coach Drew Brees -- and Christie Garrett you're -- -- took the shuttle bus was a gift from Mike -- -- -- the fourth 630. And the Saints hope to show tomorrow night Saint Louis 47 and all of sixteen of the -- -- -- -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- always known that night.