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12-16 7:10am WWL First News: Monday Morning QB

Dec 16, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL listeners about the Saints loss to the Rams and the Saints chance for a Super Bowl game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well David there isn't time and a place for everything and dying entity and now is not the time and is not a blaze through what's up would that -- OT six 1878 till 3866889087. -- give me your take on the saints game and what happens from here it's great thing. The bottom of the barrel. That's kind of what it feels like -- now. Looking at playoff scenarios again and -- -- town you before we went to. The break if they win out if they beat Carolina and Tampa Bay they will win the NFC south title -- heard -- -- and clinch it. Am sure there -- other permutations nominations on this. If they. We're just win one more game they -- clinch a playoff victory they lose to. Chances are they'll still be in a playoffs it would be an amazing scenario that we're not to happen. He's got the Eagles and appears chastened that playoff spot but they got to know each other this weekend. Amylin and a wildcard scenario -- to whether or not the saints would. Sneak arousal while well you know if they would host the first wild card game yeah it is. Three teams do those wild card games against ranked. Well yeah out lots of combinations. And you like you said it's going to be sorted out just two games left says -- the third or fourth. Seed they would host. And I would think the saints on the tiebreaker over the 49ers because they beat them. Right things before -- -- they -- it SO. 26018 -- any toll free 866889087. In a pretty -- marketing people asking you -- the saints a legitimate Super Bowl contender by 85% -- and now Sean Sean thanks for holding your under the W -- the morning. Do you want to. So I think that they wrote that it certainly. It is the you know. -- -- -- And and you. Yeah I know I had I had thought through this last week and think in knowledge drew would have agreed to take last. I -- players gonna have the personnel decisions over the teams that doesn't mean that the saints wouldn't -- taken the money that he didn't take. Or hold out for and spend it on an offensive line he could very well to giving the same situation he's in right now and take. Less money yet Sandler -- trying to say John. -- the I also you advocate that and -- to negate the UK you know of course have been I don't think. Smoke so poorly it was that I'm not what you would you bring you want to get it yet that would repeat. Essentially the that would -- that. Demand content from you grow and -- you don't need is so bad that there. I'm maybe you know Allegheny -- each other person is motivated different ways you and I'm an obvious -- maybe. Sean Payton thought there was a way to motivate Charles Brown out when he has his record -- go to commercial break. -- the -- think the saints are legitimate Super Bowl team. -- sensible. People. At that that was evident and yeah. -- nothing serious and and Carolina thank you Sean lady called have a Merry Christmas Carolina. The only game they lost at home this year was. The first week of the season and it was a tough game tight game against Seattle alleges three or four points. And I guess what makes me very pessimistic is if you look at the saints recent performance in big playoff game in in big. Road games games are very important. Inning and show up so we'll see what happens and who do you think happens Sunday Tommy Tucker back in a flash under the W well. Tommy Tucker talking about the saints debacle in Saint Louis yesterday might retaliate on -- earlier and made a pretty decent analogy is now -- a cartoon and he saw others stick. And the box but yet they went in anyway and got trapped in -- cleanest money comes in -- not my strongest suit. In the playoffs I always -- this up but to clean it up. If the saints do not win the division. They cannot will not host a playoff game unless. They are the five seed and they managed to win all the way through and they would be playing this exceed. In the playoffs and be the only way they can do it they can't play on the first weekend they can't play on the second weekend if they advance. And they need to win the two games at remains a clinch the NFC south. Hope I cleared that up to 60187803866. 889087. -- ready jaguar opinion poll you think the saints are Super Bowl contender. Mike marry -- on data due -- morning. -- -- Yeah. -- -- what's the problem. And says -- like you pretty despondent at. No way to hang on mrs. -- Mike from Metairie. Hang on a second we gotta get Mike from batteries music ready to go because in case you didn't notice. Mike from Metairie is. Is kind of like -- a soap opera unto himself he he hates everything or at least hates the saints I think he hates the people here. As well because he tends to. He tends to use the word you a lot you ball. So. On doggone it Mike I don't have years soap opera music credit goes on that case would just like to talk hey Mike. Yeah. What's the problem I don't hear any -- this morning using like -- pretty -- mind. Mike the only arrogance average here seems we come from new. I think is pretty funny to see the sites that denigrate right before your eyes it's the -- at the end. What happened that you want to elaborate I think it is to a bit of tutoring but the quality quarterback. Mike I'm doctor Frazier Tucker and I'm listening Tommy why it is that your. Just so full of these negative thoughts and feelings. So we I think you need to be. That's that's in the beginning and I think you might seem to be a computer in. He's -- to be lost in nine seem to be lost in denial what is that the nature selling. -- The -- to communicate obviously night I would suggest intense therapy. John -- -- -- -- to -- -- morning. It. Yeah you know it seems as though there's a it's like a puzzle and some pieces missing no woody can be able why would be going on locker room only for road games. Odd I don't know maybe. It would -- But it Ahmad Leo yeah but years ago. Losing games -- should win and -- should lose. Did you its patient patient and games this year have been as a would -- little ball it would have been close game I mean department about it that day date just. I mean as spurs in games at. Michigan State game. Just as a -- and bought a couple -- that talk about it. In public. It's not -- as well the only thing on and the only and as the coaches and players and an outside and -- I'm not sure that. Garrett Hartley field goals and made a difference yesterday and I have noticed if you look at him in comparison other kickers and I talked about. Through the up rights horizontally and talking about vertically here. His field goals seemed to go through like halfway up the up rights is oppose a lot of kickers who's shorter few Eagles go through glee at the top. Son Andy's kicking it low or not either -- thing the saints are legitimate super content. Not that it -- some lady called 722 more calls while we come back to music so 170 tool free 866. It 89087. Am laughing because I think I gums up the playoff situation yet again. And I'll do some research try to clean that out. When we return -- at 727 Tommy Tucker with -- back to the phones in the second but I was texting and Jordan Fiedler producing yesterday during the game talking about. Point differentials. And touchdowns and two point conversions and feel Eagles. And at one point he said no it's just simple man. Never my strong suit I've come to display -- procedure in scenarios so much that Steve Geller was listening in the newsroom and said you know. Like ministry. And I said yes please. Steve welcome. Now tell me what the different situations are in terms of saints of what they have to do. Controlling their own destiny to win the NFC south and secure that first round -- Was real simple for that aspect is only to do is win. This Sunday in Carolina. Though make spot in the playoffs as well as to win the NFC south. So. If they win. Against Carolina they clinching NFC south they clinch a first round bye. And really got no incentive with the Tampa Bay -- Indians. Well I didn't pick the first round by not so guarantee there's another team could end up. -- that the three of the four seats -- I'll see MS and it up again. So if they beat Carolina they definitely wouldn't division but that doesn't necessarily mean that they -- seeded one or two. Right if they win both games can he still had the September juicy yes -- so there is a lot involved. Absolutely and if they do lose Saturday Sunday. If -- if Seattle ends of beating the Arizona Cardinals but also win so the cardinals lose saints are in in the play in the playoffs -- right. And as it's looking you would either have to go to you if you're -- wild card and you don't win the division right. Then you would have to go to maybe San Francisco or Chicago or Philadelphia. Not favorable outside places Chicago and Philadelphia the way they're -- to wonder what is favorable. -- -- -- the saints win the last two they win the NFC south. Controller on their -- win Sunday they have the NFC south. Right that's -- if they win Sunday they had the NFC south but not necessarily the number -- he writes if they win. Against Carolina and then beat Tampa Bay. Then they have the number two seed do not have to play that first weekend and will host the first week in the play exactly I. But even if they lose. If you lose Arizona and Arizona loses to Seattle then there in. Right but in terms of seeding. So many things at that point combinations happened where depends on when Arizona does depends on who else. We've got to look out what Arizona Dallas Philadelphia all those TV doing very complicated from right and the fact of the matter is that if they do lose Sunday. They definitely won't be the number two -- out. -- Sunday definitely not the number two seed but still could be the division. Champion. Now publicly yes they could because they hold the tiebreaker of the Carolinas and exaggerate. Obligated stuff -- we're trying to keep it straight 260187. Until 3866889087. In other quick question. Comes in on text will the saints. Against Carolina game in anyway be flex or is that already been. Term that's already been determined I kind of made a comment about that last night on Twitter myself -- like I think the schedule makers may be wish they would have saved. The flex option for this week instead because as well a heck of a lot more on the line and that game was kind of a -- not so exciting for the. National audience next week -- the NBC's Sunday night game is. Shortly -- coming up I think it's. Might be Green Bay but a -- positive -- thank you Steve so to recap. Saints win against Carolina they get. The division championship they claims that but not necessarily the number TC correct so he still control under control their own destiny in every way because. If they beat Carolina and beat Tampa Bay they will be the second -- right Dutch bank is Steve 731. Time related news -- got talent he has thanks so now I think he you need -- form 1099 if there's any additional income yellow come back and update -- some more on the federal tax pursue here's another month. -- it's another form -- Texans and says who and go to San Francisco and a first round well if we lose. Both games and Arizona loses it would give listen to nobody gets -- tiebreaker over severance -- scale. All right come on back right now time for David W offers news and David -- this is exactly why don't do my own taxes is trying to figure this out of the saints beat Carolina. This week and nerd looking guys on being pessimistic about it but if they do then the saints lock up the number two seed. If they win one of the two games that are left. Then you'd go to the Carolina wraps it up with says Atlanta's saints revenue up at Tampa Bay. At that point you go to the third level of time a fourth level of tiebreaker because head to head competition would be tied. Division record would be tied and conference record would be tied -- at that point you would go to the fourth. Level of tiebreaker disease. Who gets the division. And the second seed bottom line isn't saints got to -- Carolina and if they don't they probably don't even deserve to be in -- playoffs anyway. Larry in Slidell hi you're on -- WL thanks for calling. Want to get back but oh what our program record breaker rule. We sent again don't governor -- neglect are currently not just. He honesty actually Larry I'm just trying to be on -- popular -- but if you look at what happened on the road lately especially in big games in Seattle was big game. You know at that time number once he was up programs rams a big game against not as an opponent. A lot on line and it would happen both times. One finger on the punitive the great -- -- market goes. Off. So pro pro Pro -- than what the preview. The way they get a job and also -- the united. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Believe me being critical house and on jumping -- the and weigh in -- -- believe that. He'd beat Carolina. Because. All of can you. Care it's like more -- -- -- not being as well for the law. And replace it here later. -- -- There. Are told that both. Are under would be a young team. You know what. I'm gonna be. -- -- problems. -- -- And things that we. Go to cobble. Up to global. Waking -- defense. Comics. I catch. I'm let me issues -- to go -- and it come back and takes more phone calls. Phone calls if you know. Point out because they get a taxi times and the colors right you meaning me sound like a fair weather fan but. They knowledge and some problems like you do with the offensive lineman -- fair weather -- do you think. Not like bit but I mean you know at the time after the great new year these people want to make three double hull called talk about cooperated bit. That's what they do. -- -- Blows Sean Payton but I think it's all relative with with Shawn -- Mac one year they aren't any there he can't get. People. I uneasiness how deep within a -- in the playoffs you're considered a successful season. -- You can go play via via both the global easily wind. Oh yeah because now they -- out yet -- -- the one. Do they call it like -- begin to keep it quiet you know a way that could be -- -- tell you Larry appreciate your optimism I'm glad you called and have a Merry Christmas. Night. 744 more calls when we come back at 260187. A toll free 8668890870. The only thing I can tell yet. Is announcing -- knowledge in some real problems with the saints. Makes you fair weather fans. I think if you don't then maybe year. Yeah -- in -- heart in your head will be back I Tommy Tucker more calls when we come back to hang on please be patient right now it's not time for Monday Morning Quarterback. Which Drew Brees on WWL. Welcome to Monday Morning Quarterback here on -- -- black and gold -- to -- for what they lose to Saint Louis 27 a sixteen. On -- morning quarterback would drew breeze has brought to you by the great employs across it doesn't Galliano. And -- septic gotta go call Joseph I'm Christian Garrett now welcome in now -- quarterback Drew Brees. -- obviously all lost a frustrating that this -- maybe a little more because you guys talked about it earlier in the week and remembering 2011. And the rescue wing games especially here. Yeah. That's what's this morning about his renewed preview for you when this game we also uniform who -- game and fortunately we follow the latter. With the turnovers and just inability to convert points in -- red zone regrets -- six times when we got in sixteen points so. Just a fun course to play better what is what are some issues with the guys on the road this year and historically guys have been some of the best and leave it free for this year. Yeah. -- -- We've just not telling you know enough on the road made enough -- place we haven't. It's been efficient enough. Calculate those weeks of preparation we're really good. It felt like the game -- going and we're really good and for one reason or another we just I mean I can look to a lot of eight. Turn overs you know were big factor in all those and so it's just it's our ability to you know. Do the things that we know or winning formula on the road which is take care of the football. He. Balanced offense. Just. Let's limit the amount of mistakes. Drew you there were Charles Brown has been -- in your career UBS sat down and who what do you say to him as a team leader. I'd -- -- last decade -- so that's almost up missing you better believe. I do I mean that. Lot of heart and we all have days like that you know and I stuff source tells us allowing women to visit the whole group the whole life. And we're all in this together you know and always by themselves here so. We'll get back to work this weekend offense over the bounce back strong. Obviously an important wee -- for the leadership in this and on this team is even more important -- the kind of rally some guys yeah yeah absolutely I mean. The players the leaders -- on this team drive this thing they drive the ship. So it's our job to to rally the troops and come together and circle the wagons so to speak and find a way to get it great big dog on the road this week that Carolina this. That's that's your thing is to make us feel better Baltimore red zone struggles and a six possessions thank you -- sixteen -- just not -- like you guys are usually pretty efficient on it. Yeah resource ourselves. You know we had a turnover we got to block -- -- we in this overall we you know. Just. There's a lot of things -- characters -- both of us and you'll find ways to fix up nicely and some fans there's talk about just talk about the magnitude of the game -- the -- division confidential and that doesn't get a better deal. -- on the road that vision for the -- championship for the juicy but -- Internet thanks troopers should thank you. Paid Monday Morning Quarterback -- raised some 51 let me squeeze in a quick call here before we go to traffic Greg and -- -- -- -- on -- heavy -- morning. Chideya our humanity you. -- well. And patent. You know we're hanging game and again the -- -- -- Game plan against paper and a game where arrogance on. The hour period at -- and that for corporate way. People in India. It couldn't pick in -- they should patent. And I think any irreparable. There is joy Pittman -- acute. -- ignorant and -- and crap here. You know I heard nobody make that reference and I had no idea there there -- short report and Elena Nancy and I don't talk about. Org you enjoyed it is -- -- like your -- and and that their network or directives directors mentality concrete. I have ever heard Bill Parcells say sometimes he gets the virus. Where. You know we're talking about it it it's cold. On patent. -- who he packed in there full control. You -- -- here on the Latin. It was just the opposite now on the board in order actor Corey. Kind of order and current -- the good -- yours stole they would do. There could complete control and why -- doesn't -- -- You don't think they're you know head coach -- and control. And you are there are beleaguered. Singer who hurt you later. Ten and I euphoria. Actually. Pretty clear now -- bill. I couldn't I couldn't disagree with you more about -- and it estimates and opinions and -- now not when -- It would deal politics -- enter into where conservatives station. 753 finally got to go to traffic that Terrell Robinson. Tommy Tucker talking about saints and playoff scenarios and we'll continue it next hour your chance be heard -- thank. -- to respect of the previous caller I don't. Having John pains not as alpha male as you -- and I don't think he's afraid to bring anybody in and is same guy one's Super Eagles so that you're entitled to -- opinion am looking at tie breakers here in the NFL. Head to head competition best won lost tied percentage. In games played with in the division the third one is best won lost tied percentage in common games. And the saints and Carolina dead even married seven at three. And -- can do the math about if if who wins what the saints lose Carolina and in beats Tampa Bay if the Carolina Panthers beat the saints and and lose to Atlanta. That would put the common opponents record -- dead even many a conference record which is dead even and it brings the number five strength of victory. Here's a deal beat Carolina and you wind up with the number TC coming back on -- WL.

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