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WWL>Topics>>12-16 8:10am WWL First News: Saints loss

12-16 8:10am WWL First News: Saints loss

Dec 16, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL listeners about the Saints loss to the Rams and the Saints chance for a Super Bowl game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David we wanna help welcome in the 8 o'clock crowd and it's your turn give me call it's 187 needle free 86 exit 89087. Ian. Any you know it's there practice -- and yeah come on in answer right in. And be heard -- toy -- and he heard a pretty jaguar opinion poll. Do you believe the saints are legitimate Super Bowl to us. 84% are saying no 16% are saying yes now we could run through the playoff scenarios again feel like. I could blow your mind will go on and garlands time. At 10 o'clock ya -- -- tight job market. Now I a couple of text here getting knowledge noses well. Might as this year look like we're never in a rush when we're losing -- -- games. And I was wondering money got twelve minute drives -- X Aragon and -- and I think at that point it was Carolina descent and I. Complete the ball in front of us who make tackling the clock run out and the other thing is that. It seems like if you down that much -- like I'm nobody questioned Sean Payton and just the thing I'll but it would seem like he'd go to the no huddle a little. Early I would thank you and and then why do we do we one of these hand offs for two yards and then I -- so you can't -- that stage we got to put some points up. Then com. Heroes you also wonder with that. Packages in the substitution if maybe that's not the way the saints offense works and -- so many people and it's kind of hard to run and no huddle I I don't know. Known says text your true fans have nots and -- summing this morning after their performance yesterday. And try to see why we lost the way we did. I have this -- mile time people's and you jumping off the bandwagon if you say your team did something dumb or looked awful against an inferior opponent. None of the bandwagon just don't want to say remember when we won the Super Bowl thirty years from now because -- happy with the team agree I think. You know there's a problem me and talk about it nine openings and know listening to be fine let's do -- there are saints. -- zone do that I think you've there's an obvious problem -- looked. Everybody is -- evaluated. In this business and and corporate world every day I don't. -- doesn't matter whether your -- -- burgers are making CEO decisions at the top so it seems like. You know especially if people are -- their money to watch you entertain them and they have a right to question I was going on here but here's a simple deal when it comes of the division. And second seed of the saints beat Carolina this weekend to not only do they wrap up the division they wrap up the second seat is that simple it's beautiful. I guess the other question is given. The way the saints have played on the road this year and lately. In big games especially do you think. They have a chance to do a -- so a lot of people phone lines are jam to take a quick break and we'll come back -- 260187. 203866889087. If you wanna give it a shot in case somebody. In the 8 o'clock crowd drops off Tommy Tucker wait and hear from you when we come back on. -- listen I'm not just his kicking I'm concerned about a lot of things I'm concerned about our protection. I'm concerned about our inability to be consistent. In regards to run the football. And our ability defense was top rushing team. You know so all those things would be cause for concern the first kick that's blocked I think his low. Second kick. To -- left so yeah. And Sean Payton talking about Garrett -- any other concerns see that's the point I don't think. If you acknowledge some issues -- nation jumping off the bandwagon because I certainly don't think Sean Payton is. Jumping off the bandwagon bird in a wall inside here on got a W out the morning. I don't belong to I'm a smoker or crouched. On our demand to -- but only to recuperate from because it's been like they're known now are -- to do -- -- -- and to speak right. We don't know need to be. It took us awhile to. It is a -- get there. But we eventually did bird. -- don't go to a commitment that -- and other -- Told him that that was the peak around it all went through it all in your commitment to speak. They can make it. Lot easier and a lot happier rewards that they just beat Carolina. -- -- trumpeter and you do on the grid at that. Overall -- can also play -- Yeah we fixed it. In Delaware they could as if they were playing in the NFC championship. Against the lowers lower seat right. Brooke should he can and -- on essential they cannot both pedantic little bit of a well -- -- it also gave him another opinion that's major. I don't go to development. I don't I don't doubt it because it's all right if you -- the worst thing where it doesn't. My parents -- words and arguments and logic in that kind of thing -- forget it. No interest -- -- -- -- -- -- -- kind of the computer and our government was. All core team. General industry. And general economic oracle both. -- -- -- Look at that it is that you start to be a math guy real quick they be Carolina this week. Ago. A pretty good to emigrated. That is an answer of the day they'd better make -- and brought her Christmas night Craig. And in North Shore I don't Greg. All right. Just -- they get pretty obvious point you know what I'll watch it grow this year. It's always been the offensive line in the failure of the offense because I think they played. The defense played complementary football with the saint. I think they -- good and -- since that point indecent. It is an energy and you know and I agree the terms that they they they're complementary football style that they have. When -- went off at that point visit decency in -- playing good. And I think it all and so on and grow. When they have to keep people back he -- and a unity. Running backs and you know tight ends and all that stuff and you end up with lets people more routes. And you know we -- Euro match in a year -- people covered just a few guys on the -- and get a piece of debris in the by approaching after the hour. And in which just adds that pressure but I it's at least think you know -- -- -- to me. The biggest problem they can't run the ball like obviate. Did -- Pretty obvious channels for the defense and pretty Yassin. They did but I. I don't think they agree because they do it that Berkshire has -- -- like Jennifer's place and I'd you know I'd have to agree with that but I think you need one all the at this point about a Andy moving the ball obviously they're better speaker from an accused me squat that they roll but it struggled with the jets in -- struggle with Seattle. You know I think is it all boils down to the bigger problem with -- into it and they are offered this -- mean intraday. To meet its -- blue line and that's the baseball. I can't disagree -- you Craig on on not less significant note. You got faith -- Garrett Hartley. Oh yeah yeah I think coming in great like a lot of -- you know and -- legalities that come this hasn't been has been actually a bit. You know I got to believe in the you know pretty pretty good pressure Cambodian optical -- you know Anthony there are. -- do everything it could go wrong wrong. -- all that being said what about Carolina this Sunday -- be another bad day or the saints gonna make it easy for all of us and just win and win the second -- Output it as I don't have a chance the way and I'm I'm pretty confident that you know whether they do not know cautiously I missed it. I think they'll be they could be there at the end you know they'll play democratic gains they have to mean you know everything on the line. Thank you Craig I have -- our Christmas. ID 22 more calls when we come back. Somebody texted and instantly you know what we're like the jets -- -- down route down route down some maybe this on the will be an up week. Eight when he too timely Traficant for that Terrell Robinson. Charles Brown band's bench rather yesterday is what Sean Payton had to say. Saw enough I saw an -- period to me it was enough penalties pressures sacks song left and some point. Here you just can't keep watching so. No feelings get hurt itself. IA 260 points at any -- 3866889087. Ain't too. You'd think the saints are legitimate Super Bowl contender. And it's next coincidences just because the team lost badly to an inferior team these things happen even in good teams. Is it really surprised at the saint -- and and a -- on the road. It doesn't change my mind that the saints are Super Bowl contender because they bar. -- guess the question is it later. Again Tutsis superior team in Seattle on a road and evening and then they laid another one when he played Saint Louis yesterday so anything's gonna happen against Carolina on Sunday -- -- -- saying. They clinched the NFC south in the second seed. You tell me. Master chef in California master -- before it don't you point question. Today eight. I was just wondering today they beat Carolina and they wrap up the seconds eight. I thank. The people who ask and what the bigger object. And -- Shouldn't. That the Arctic. To do what did he do. You know -- -- is yours. Motivation and caught an impassioned them -- and right now we. -- -- the. You say you are right you said you're in a military. So if did you win or did you fight for the guy Allen's idea did you fight. Because you had to motivate yourself and if somebody had called criticizing the military and you heard it would you not have -- hard. I absolutely -- -- my -- up by the knowledge they bookmark. -- -- -- -- So if somebody you have -- So if you read an article where somebody was criticizing the military or her call where they were criticizing the military which you flightless hard. -- hope that you don't get his wish true. Wash your opinion. OK and you know you don't talk back and -- -- because we have a bad day. Well as I expect game made you gotta look at what happened on a road I think with Saint Louis with Seattle but -- Dutch -- thank you appreciate the call and the I would use your exact words by as an -- professionals so. If the saints don't get motivated to win a big game like they had against Saint Louis sort. A big game. Like they have coming up against Carolina because -- and they hear on the radio. And we this is my opinion and we have far deeper problems and that we even are imagining but the so about opinions we'll take you call when we come back. Tommy Tucker with 858 if you don't get a chance CNN this hour we'll take you next hour about the saints pretty jaguar opinion poll do you believe. The saints are legitimate Super Bowl team. 84% of you say you know Dion Andre -- a year on -- W out the morning. -- underdog tonight. I'll -- quite important want to know well in remote an apartment. Partner program. Usually you know. Be an event. It does average in economies so why couldn't. They would be right to detect the average -- finances. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Serious they concentrate more on the running give Mark Ingram the ball let's -- Yeah let them -- them that look at it went very well you know on a -- to walk in front of the -- it. Great. Gays and ending -- -- give the ball when you need some tough yards of the smartest guy -- smallest guy rather be on inside. I am leaving Evans next week. I -- they don't know. -- at all. I'll be ready get a tax is at the defense only allowed three points in the second have split. When he got a -- Wells Saint Louis playing with a big lead to news though. -- -- Saint Louis morneau on like a month -- had a Merry Christmas and -- -- -- It. 96 18780386. X 89087. If you wanna jump on it. The one line that is remaining we're to talk about this all the way through 10 o'clock. In the saints are legitimate Super Bowl contender. And why. So good in a -- in line not so good on a road back under the W well.

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