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12-16 9:10am WWL First News: Saints loss

Dec 16, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL listeners about the Saints chance at a Super Bowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bill could see an -- massing along the Christmas songs. -- -- Tonight Charles -- and -- yeah. -- -- And -- -- coincidentally you know Charles Brown as the the blue. And the bells tolled for him yes. Asked about halfway through a game and rightfully so -- does one get that done no. And is a good text here David it's as the saints early jet for the Super Bowl but. Every player needs to focus like crazy yeah drew had a bad game yesterday it happens even Drew Brees. And in this part. We lobbyist saints but let's face it this opportunity may not come again for years get it together and if you think about it. From so many things have to go right in order for you to be in position even clinched the second -- Just to get to that point and you know what he had made during the game along with a lot of things and the horrible disappointment. When you when you get a dry. And you've put all that effort into a drive our bigs paroles -- -- and you hit it past. And now you're down in your on the ten yard and you come away with nothing. That drives me -- The thing that I was sink in as well David as I was watching it is on K is not a season like the texture was talking about him. In anger at those golden years from Drew Brees. And Nance when it became all their money in every seasoning goes by without another super bull nose dampened after that. And I think that's why eight for for us fans we have this sense of urgency. And yesterday it seemed like the saints used in Canada and and Sean Payton alluded to that isn't puzzled him. How can you be in this position and that the big game against Seattle on a road and put all the work and navigate back to training camp. -- -- -- bill Parcells when you lift -- and wait so you put yourself in his position. And you have a chance to close the deal. They'll lose and a close game to get blown out by both Seattle. And Saint Louis which makes you wonder. This game really is more important and the others this game against Carolina if you're just joining us will. Locked up. The NFC south it will also lock up the second seed. And if the saints going as a wild card the only way they could host a game as if they would be they would post a lower seed in the NFC championship game that's the only way to work so that they go in his six. And I have any home games a year phone lines jam skeptic tyrant in channel -- -- -- thank you for your patience you're on WW. Yeah that sort of about it. The B column. Group and yet he he would take that we took. It -- it. Let me get to that -- and I agree with you because I don't think any GM's gonna give. A player control over personnel decisions and some people are saying well he. He lobbied for Sproles -- Alabi but it is not is not to be contractually GM and the owner and and head coach to do what they want so like we always say before you default to the Drew Brees took the money if he didn't take it. They might spend it on defense you never know he'd still be run for his life. Larry and -- The problem is that we have in parliament couldn't. I mean you do it. Vehicles -- And we -- development and all of them and -- in the -- -- But you know sometimes your victim of your own success tyrant and it's panel like the way it works in football matches at the professional level sometimes adolescent school lift. And that being a relative term of the coach has a good a couple of years he's gonna -- school. And at one point. We know. I think we should preclude. The other. -- we should -- a good game plan. And in the matchup so look. When it does -- I'm real quick did we win any we should have lost. It cuts both ways of them was as. Bottom line you'd think we win this weekend ramped up yet we hope -- right -- Aaron thanks and Merry Christmas your group. I'm an LC -- things colony in the wall in your run deputy. Hey -- turn at radio and we will come right bank yet. Which stakes as you GO optimum age and beyond that it WL morning. You know Lebanon is Lebanon that lot of disappointment. Yeah well on the the first thing is they're also life and it's also anybody's article predicting an old nineteen delusional. Gold -- -- you know what's special and you know OK compared to. Pedal and the floor of the embargo -- are absolutely not they have no change. You saying don't even go back just could. Great Britain -- -- got canceled a trip is what you're saying joke. A big -- they have no chance big muscles to win this game that we go to -- and -- you deal. You do still own car so it didn't capital to took care palpably the following weeks now that movement to the rams know -- No. -- didn't get it did just frustrate because it did me and Mike did chilly day alluded to this in the 6 o'clock now. They knew where the trap one it's it's it's like being in a cramp in the and you walked along the bottom of the lake union that is trap but you walked into an anyway. -- -- it and I mean when you look at the flip that the town of our. Their support Akron you put -- -- you wrap up. Toward the end zone. And scrape marks a lot -- -- -- -- 33. Guys are. Think it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Come on man. Are -- though it was interpreted. Through here sort of partly your patent. Really the true Obama is clean. They're all the -- of apartments or in an underground can be very bluntly it is with a bit of trouble. And until we get from real football players have been here it is gonna remain there the school held the on an -- -- so here's the deal and I say this early you've been through it with. Jim Moret you've been through it when Mike -- you've been through it with. G enhancement and also even bum Phillips. -- the only thing I found encouraging. I was hoping that yesterday when I want to game last I am hoping that Sean Payton didn't come out and say. Yet understand is a tough team it's hard to Winona road because if I had heard that. Then I think analysts on here we go again where we're in excuses. Probably the thing well -- -- about what if you didn't do you write original amount. And -- in go to companies these both be true because -- the team does lack of leadership from our drew. Do not believe -- did not happen. There -- you know their abilities are promising. I mean it is typically is short so -- tell me what it. I'm -- -- called a lot of people thanks -- and have a Merry Christmas. I'd -- -- long and high end evident you know the radio turned down. One. Army in Iraq to the mavericks. Are -- Doug all I'm a bit vague -- I love to agree a win is I believe management is gonna adopt given all its monetary quarterback and -- let and you. Ought to have committed to my immediate article that the political we -- car -- Below butcher. But we wouldn't it would be -- it might be with the team and I debate in the rear of the big black. He can't do it about it though there's no I didn't seem as always. Oh we. Know the generals there isn't an Anthony. The characters and just to get locked let me tell you this and I think about -- LC I think about. In -- at the idealistic way -- -- Drew Brees had taken Lance -- keep the offensive line. But then I think well you know what you get a look at the way the rules are no way the NFL business side of it. At -- -- franchisee one year rights of the next year ligament freeagent. I'd so the illusion Drew Brees and have not drew who. And the other thing I keeps and is an opening drew concealed camera take less money but you have to put it to -- offensive line and end. These offensive line so I think drew could've taken last. And then as things wind up doing what they think best which I think management has bigger than your mind up with maybe a couple linebackers and drew is still run for his life. Yeah you got upgraded to book I did not think about the Baghdad we vote -- -- -- Boudreau go away. And that day you give the quarterback in and sank the quarterback. The economy -- -- cut -- in England and it would. Biggest obstacle to. -- -- -- I think that being. Helped it now all of being. The only thing I would it around a time delegate says as many -- a cameo in LA NLC as you know a couple of NFL experts talent people who said. Good offensive linemen so hard to get these days in terms of trade are picking one up in some of the way it's -- -- does not cut them lose so. Understand what you say about even ones we got have a good Merry Christmas and I. Wrote UB I thank you 918 if you're on hold stay there if you wanna grab one line it's open. It's music's 187 Neitzel three. 86 exit -- -- early seventy back in a flash under the WL. Hard Tommy Tucker talking about the saints and the rams and what's coming up with the Panthers and this is what Cam Newton. Had to say. He goes cynicism this is and division of gain. We have to be very prepare for this. You know had a opportunity to play those guys last week you know came up short but you know in our turf -- woo woo woo with our situations. There would be great. Yeah I Cam -- course is said and divisional game and should be a divisional game but keep in mind he was. Only Auburn for one year bred in Biloxi high -- -- W good morning thanks for calling. Cult we think. Well and everybody chill out sorry -- -- challenged by hand so perhaps. The reason we are so passionate. Is that Sean Payton and Drew Brees kept -- gang that set the -- car. For China for not -- -- we did not well and I saw one of our earlier caller talked about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We track or we didn't have pepper ball or a somber -- when we play -- Cheney and rush or. People and drop. Everyone else we -- all with. And four losses that we have all war change light there's a Mardi. Bankruptcy calls it patriots. And the jets all have right -- force pressure without which. The law back so -- not comment on her body. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While along those lines and they -- -- and have a Merry Christmas bomb attacks instances -- -- think week to week match ups matters saints matchup better with Panthers. Just asking an angry that no offensive line needs improvement Drew Brees is not the problem. With this team and then as far as Drew Brees. Given up some money in is a good. Text here it says Tom Brady took less to keep Wes Welker. Element -- any got screwed Wes Welker playing for Denver now Kevin alongside about Charles brownie Kevin your under the W good morning. -- -- -- Are. Probably not all you know one day off -- -- him grow up so well MarketWatch I don't know much of the roster. But -- -- abruptly. On our watch. And it grew from. They cheer for but they -- the they're great basketball. Is -- and so all slaughtered. So. -- -- you get the Iraq. Players are listening -- rid -- that -- you brought back terribly reliable partner. Thought that their there's. Not the best. Of the best out there. Then that's what he says and from all rather than be a lot of that is because of you know. They're in they're not the best. -- why the difference at home and on a rude. Because partner at there. And -- she's Indian Arctic our efforts you know low key players union home -- -- -- thank you for the call have a Merry Christmas by the way Charles -- 65. To 97. Not six metres X nine Clarence and cut off higher on -- WL things are going to morning. Hey good morning -- -- Percival would like -- -- This rates. Would the New England Patriots for the better road team in and it -- change on. -- would be all of that track. But does that matter as it relates to what happened is these owners about what -- done for me lately in what kinda. -- trend area reestablishing here. Tom how many coaches would order a great place to switch on patent and fabric on the record that he's got it opens -- what happened it matter what happened. All the little -- 1966. On the -- full -- and we used to Wear picked up by it we don't do that no more. Once you raise the bar and you lower. You don't wore bullet -- some are and it happens. But the second point automate it is that I don't know warm all over a one cold. That would not want all patent. -- group B Drew Brees on -- -- I don't know one. Other than other. Then. You know published people have very strong opinions -- anybody really wants thank Clarence do you think. Arnold and I don't think so either -- -- gonna wanna make you as we all are pending before we are leading the division there are 28 -- -- out there. That would gladly. Trade police it would that you -- sanctions. We need to quit being negative and we need to -- and Barry Christmas and god bless everybody and that's where in the Super Bowl. I hear -- think maybe Carolina this week. It at all. Oh like you optimism we have a Merry Christmas to I don't think if you point out. Some issues at the saints -- have an issue gas -- being objective. Nature necessarily less of a man -- being negative I think if you making it kind of money in the NFL. In need to motivate yourself I don't think it was and what peoples in the newspaper radio war. Or even on social media only -- and effectively play. Actually here are some text and and and Charles Brown was second round pick from USC not a free agent. And you know one in terms of -- -- bush running Carl makes Carl Nicks. Has barely played with a staph infection and he got in Tampa Nagin. In argue will be running on it can't be -- and gotten it and -- on bush Rudd says here's given up half of Chicago's sex. And another techsters -- those same stance and says it's not about. Offensive line and it's about one and desire. And I can't disagree with that either I I think yesterday at NCE. Tell me if it was different. If you saw any if you think differently rather he saw any sense of urgency. Is it seemed like they were flat and what puzzles me is how and its situation. When you work so hard and as Bill Parcells as you lift all of those weights and you go through everything to get yourself in his position. How can he not close the deal hunting you let it slip through your fingers. And nudges beat you know like Lawrence Taylor sing -- -- a budget crazy wild dogs. Now I hope it happens this week against Carolina but -- and would you think. When we come back right now tempered at W offers news and for that we noted David -- I. -- give a spoiler roller here because I think we all could do with a little bit of good news to me that guy could take some sites here's loyal Butler. If you did Nazi Family Guy last night and you taped it you don't wanna know what happened to earn a radio down gas stations. Internal auditors -- turn it down for a couple of seconds about thirty seconds. In the second did not so that way here we go you know there was outrage couple weeks ago when Brian in the family dog for the Griffin's got killed yup. And about it was upsets and on the world do you do that because it was a shocking well. I don't think it's a real surprise to we found this time machine and and resurrected Brian and Seth MacFarlane treated jobs. And -- really -- on Ryan did you and though the alzheimer's she game we'd have to be blinking eyes. And is it thanks for caring so much about the canine Griffin he's overcome with gratitude in any sand and dust and get that warm Fuzzy holiday lesson. And I think is appropriate -- the year. Family Guy you know week all month and or not it's has never take those you love for granted because they can be go on. In a flash. And maybe all of that not in terms of a cartoon dog out terms of the message. Maybe put so this saints stuff in perspective but. You know a lot of us live and die by this they are old boy. This is generally correlate our rom. Our passion it is are -- Afghanistan so why call a lot of what we do here you can't say it doesn't affect our holidays 'cause it does and when the saints a broader role in winning in playoff bound Evers didn't saints off for Christmas. And that's that's what they -- maybe playoff tickets if you you know we're sure Texans and has -- which he said is precisely right the saints must motivate themselves they must absolutely. Let the dogs out this Sunday please prove Bobby if Iran and and -- -- appearance on -- there are some pre -- Smart individuals so maybe that's the -- whale motivates. -- saying thank you David are right to Freddie who's been holding and is extremely patient hey Freddy welcome. -- -- -- -- -- I didn't actually. What do live. It's okay. It's I -- this sort thing would be in the street when it will offer. In a lot of these -- yesterday. The preacher eagle and written and so we we are all legitimate change it means which to launch on time. Was it shall we -- This -- at every opportunity to close. That once and gaga should come back to the next week you know. So it that's what that's not necessarily. We can go. On the board. As a professional team into the world. Which the consent that -- like shopping. I looked dead and emotional pain when you when -- just an earth. Watch just in the fourth quarter and make -- one that we appreciable. Yeah I even know how much an adjustment -- does. Much is on column Tennessee -- Jeff -- much as Saint Louis who just cannot tank chronicle I got to get a score -- -- really hurt us any you know. Even -- I mean it's idiotic column. We've got to try Stossel conduct an animal that day and what we want out there and tied -- in that field. Yeah like that everybody talks about Mark Ingram and you know these you on this network. I tell you what every church grow it back that -- again in the going to be -- Sometimes you gotta play action imported. Into it now. Like -- like yesterday and oh yeah the medical groups that. You got. We cable and win a Super Bowl player like it. Even though you know we are all -- -- in which we -- in between. You know opposition. What changes shall come on August two not they are -- in. Bill. -- -- He also used -- things herself into Collison Charlotte the only day. Partly. Be when -- -- And not be ago Christmas week in but -- -- -- Monday after the game indeed. It -- kind -- vehicle. Any other thing Freddie is how in the world can there be everything on the line on -- Seattle may be outmanned they get that. But everything on line against Saint Louis. Well you know analogy I guess known as Carolina but at that time it was allowed to do was beat Tampa Bay and Saint Louis. And you just don't -- a lot of -- -- -- no urgency how can that be. I really thought about it all night after the game and I'm just like between Egyptian. Like what we come home we play. -- and it is like these big glaring out and -- -- you. This -- you know we bought tickets -- does a player like that every week no matter what it is on. You know a plus the saints in the everybody don't matter who would -- that is. We've been so Victoria oh yeah as to where all of these came no matter who won waiting to be one part that say that the mob so you've got to. Got a well then why. It it will one little mistake they'd be -- it got in on that you know you can't have that time -- when you plant. No I agree and I hope it's not the day if they thought before announcing and they did that if they thought before that only had to do was roller Helmand on on the field and it. And it would go win I think Evian punched in amounts a couple of times you should realize -- are they telling Freddie will hear from you Monday McCain are right thank you travel safely. 00 you bet let's go to or are you too sir America's -- let's go to. Mark and a week -- from mark thanks for holding. Yeah I'm in New Orleans. Yes sir and -- well. Essentially it yesterday. But I will say that the -- to -- Carolina we're going to be. It's Olympic Erica and I and number. In spite of the fact we I can absolutely -- record I think we should do well against cal I'm. -- -- -- -- I don't believe that we can no wind. I think we can close -- -- It wouldn't secure the number urgency. Into the music. Treatment. Of people to pencil -- Typically goes -- -- for the king. Just to be clear we don't if we beat Carolina. Number two seed is wrapped up you know that. -- to milk. You know in circulation and put into offered to become ultimately -- took action. It's. He and take. Pictures too much to matter. -- -- Tampa -- that's going in and then it impossible. And I think about it. The -- can look at an -- actually have an answer completely you know. Ever -- don't remember the giants beat the patriots in Arizona and it was a David Tyree helmet catch. Actually I do believe that the -- conclude talks. I think that we simply didn't account and I think -- removed unfortunately -- just because Obama. Well copping to it and -- content all the way to Mexico. Mark I don't know about the second part but I agree with the -- Carolina in mind up a wild card team donor wrote things beat top. But. Most importantly it's intentional. Completely into account can go to Cordoba -- -- looked eloquently to going to be. I'd like some are going to see some more emotion from old team and let -- -- market a Merry Christmas. It is our right 94317. Before -- ten hang on we try to get as many calls we can before 10 o'clock. Tommy Tucker -- WL. Little chilly outside right now still 46 degrees only -- announced a 59 and I thought I'd look at the -- long range forecasts. For Christmas Day in Christmas even as it stands now. Keep in mind. In terms of weather forecasting that's a world away but. Christmas Eve highs of 62 lows of 41 net night Christmas Day highs of 61 chance for an afternoon shower -- Of 38. But that's all subject to change I just -- we take a peek ahead. Text comes in Tommy Hussein to be blamed Carolina in the bank of American stadium. Outside. This is a chance to turn everything around -- Super Bowl caliber team. And I sure hope so Ron Rivera after they had -- Carolina after the losses saints in the -- -- well. There's an outside and see what happens. And and get another text about the saints hosting a playoff game in and very simply its list. As a wild -- the saints can never host a playoff game unless they would be playing a lower seeded wild card in the NFC championship. If the saints beat Carolina as the simplest way to explain it on Sunday they will automatically locked up the number two seed. Which means they have a lie of free week after they played Tampa Bay in the final season game of the season which if they beat Carolina wouldn't mean anything. And then from there they would host the divisional round. Playoff game and maybe. The NFC championship if Seattle were to get bumped. From the playoffs Roger in Metairie -- on got a W -- things are calling. They tell me any. They -- and I you're really need to get this so many in the are -- -- it too much. No -- that's -- -- -- and get it out Rogers and are on today. Look on the -- on the support the strengths in there and and the point where it's you know. The -- of Stalin or the mine the I was brought attitude. It is who while back you know. But once you're -- and back you know it is -- you shop. And I have to tell you talk a week ago. Mean intimidate the thing. I don't care if you do something that you brought in you'll but not without me. I'm saying he didn't intimidate these guys before of the plea. -- the -- and what is after the pretty. The -- or nine. There are between eleven thing. It all throughout the saints -- To the board is around and that's talk and it sprouted where -- keen to leave all out Jim Ingraham and wearing. The word out you consummate out early. And it looked at between Italy in the -- now and so are on the debt what do. We know it let me tell you -- as sick as you say that it hurts to hear but. I think they're going to be some evidence of that you hate to say -- Seattle were definitely stunned and maybe it's like somebody that stuff in their own backyard then. They got to get punched an amount finals -- like wait a minute what happened here the -- it's done you know is like a heavyweight fight where guys. A big favorite than the other guy comes up the challenger. And lunch -- magna knows no Sonny's rattled as -- we will -- -- -- -- this way. Well it's not shown -- it's not rob -- Are saying John played -- -- problem. I think he stopped shot yet the videos and they're all and so much preparation important to a game plants. Between big game as the B one out on the field and oh sure you breezed through the structure that contract -- We're disappointed we didn't do that would amen. This team. To ensure that particular result it's an act can't count on I think -- can go at Carolina in. I think that we're going to go out and put it. Out in them and still around. -- not. Talk about talk on the flight because you it is. Everywhere and people. K attained a person. Wanted to -- Iran. I'm right there with the with the kids where you know knowing about it be aggressive anything. You can answer back now on his -- to do it's a bad habit to break in and let me say this I think you make some good points but I hoped to -- -- wrong. -- -- -- -- -- And culinary side America is all -- more calls we can bank at W. I Tommy Tucker revenue up got a faint amber O'Leary and in poor Allison ransoms again -- carpal tunnel after answered all these phone calls. And David Blake in new for all the great text and comments couple of one -- come in saints play best under crisis. Guess what we have a crisis. I go along with that -- -- says saint your mind you that'll Mike Tyson expression everybody has a plan until they get hit the miles. It's a question of toughness Larry -- all -- in a year on evidently well. -- I think Michael and I just -- wanted to. That does make some points personal and he's just -- but yet. Just get really upset win you know when everything is going great so quarterbacks accolades that when things go bad. It's you know will bring in another direction with passing the ball too much not -- running a balanced attack. And you know who can win. Yet still you know all the blame goes -- -- dosage is -- you know we we need to start looking at the game plan. Indian religion and maybe it and a quarter. Well. Man I mean can -- little bit too old image -- and give these guys quicker confidently now. He's good quarterback he's cute and ask a lot of great years -- he's breaking records but I don't want it. You know -- at quarterback winning games. It's a Little -- to get this kind of feedback after citing him. But Larry -- have a Merry Christmas menu Cairo -- Arctic if you -- in and text and then India two times those are yanking it. Mentioned a moment that text I'd definitely animals and then with emails and if you -- on hold and now on and off Garland about that are nod but. At some point -- it would call in and express your opinion of course habits would start email warning on long. Thanks for a great table talk to you tomorrow morning at six.

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