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12-16 10:35am Garland, closing Guantanamo

Dec 16, 2013|

The first commander of Guantanamo says the prison should have never been opened. He thinks the whole concept is illegal. Does the law matter when it comes to terrorism? We were joined by Michael Ratner, president emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights, which led the first legal challenge to the U.S. government detaining people at Guantánamo.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back globe we're still feeling good about Guantanamo Bay Area and the reason is. I don't even bill Friday and -- said that the first commander of Guantanamo Bay is said the basically it of the -- shouldn't ever been open. They're ms. major -- Michael -- General. -- colon -- commander use detention facility at Guantanamo Bay Cuba. And reportedly had publisher peace. By him and in the Detroit news and title. It's long past time that we closed one of Michael Ratner -- and so president emeritus at the Center for Constitutional Rights. Which led the first legal challenge to the US government detain people who Guantanamo. In the first is Michael welcome -- sure appreciate the call. -- Talked about this. Surprise you with your red. Well I was surprised because it was. Which so relatively harder -- a lot of people is that though Guantanamo ought to be closed. Its stay in America etc. but he went beyond that. He -- that it should never been tied up in the first place. It was a bad idea the people we have there were the worst of the worst. The interrogation we did of people didn't actually get as much. So that that's beyond what others say and they also went beyond. I think. We have a constitution and you can't hold people without charging tried and convicted them. To that are very strong statements from the very man who's in charge. Of setting up what we invite all produced referred to was practically dog cages that during the first six months of Guantanamo. What what are those. That claim they don't have constitutional rights from what once there -- -- -- is bodies that aren't says they should be there and that doesn't have anything to do with good constant. Yeah you know it's there isn't really much left of the argument if we look at it there's patterns sixty people left there. The majority of actually been cleared by the United States which means that there were ever dangerous they no longer are. They should be taken out they've never been charged or tried. And so the only argument they can make is that somehow. The constitutional rights that -- more familiar with the New Orleans in New York I don't applies. Guantanamo and you can hold people without charges. And without. Conviction and -- good in my view particularly at a prison at Guantanamo which some of the complete jurisdiction and control of the United States. Cuba has literally 0% about it. Literally zero. That's a very dangerous doctrine did say that the executives can somehow hold people. Without having some kind of conviction or trial. Extremely dangerous and I think separate general let our is -- and have a look at we have these people here on the they'll -- that this. Every time left and went out of prison assuming any of these people that anything we have precedent -- to -- about a federal prisoner of state -- On its welcome likely these people and I'm Osama them would go after the after the awards there -- -- and that he said. You don't have a choice here the constitution says. You respond to try people you can't just have an executive. Picking people up and imprisoning them. -- -- nickel bet we're coming up on the 80800. Anniversary of the Magna Carta that's what can job with -- by the nobles and others and and and let them England to say everybody has to have a right to go to court and -- the detention. Until that's for beta -- and it's surprising to me. That we haven't had a closing the Guantanamo despite Obama's promises. And despite the fact that he's capable of doing a lot right now to general let her statement. Is very strong considering what his role was. That he was in general and they actually helped -- can't. Returning get a better news article in Detroit news. And in the title of it is or ones. Here's why it's long past time that we close Guantanamo would come from the first commander of Quantico and more he basically says in the article. Guantanamo should've never been open there's been much action Michael. Major general Colin part. We have with the news at this point to Michael Ratner president emeritus at the Center for Constitutional Rights. Which led personal legal challenge that the US government detaining people at Guantanamo. -- Michael I had a major wrong retired major who worked for its dubious for a rebuke him on. Governor said that to him yet but with over of this season on hold of the night -- tourism come on they're -- and we just returned -- -- -- Number of them they're their parent countries. Born and allow them to be returned they don't want them. And and I scrambled wouldn't work -- to World War I. When we have prisoners of war after the war was over or there was -- the reason hold and then we. Put him back in there is where they wanted to do tactic could do you understand the reason was saying. If we put them somewhere they can attack -- and. I don't I think there's a couple of from interest in points that are raised by his in your answer questions. One and I sat on my earlier portion about eighty some of these people have actually been cleared for release. And the country of Yemen is sitting out there ready to take fifty or sixty of their Yemeni Citizens Bank. The US to refute this and the government feeling that it was an unstable place. But now Obama has -- has lifted the the bar on Yemen and they could be sent there. So what's the holdup there I'm not sure it's not a patriot they're gonna go -- after the fight because they've been cleared him from likely. Certainly the people I know just wanna get out there a lot. They don't want that they've missed the cameras that the kids were grown up always been an improbable for -- -- never been convicted of anything. So I think a lot of it is. Just been glued it makes theory makes it very hard to move in Washington. Different interest Democrats saying that this makes it Democrats welcome weakened security. Republicans perhaps well -- after the fight. You know the CIA being in America I don't know it was but it certainly is gonna take some strength of the president. To get -- -- he has the authority. The question of sending them back to countries that don't want them. Or they're where they're afraid of Glenn Beck is actually under US law he can't some sense among their country. Where there's a significant chance they'll be tortured. So some of the people can't go there because of that reason. And we have to find other countries which we have done in other cases they just the government our government to work harder -- The last thing I think is important for people understand -- -- general let her particle is very clear about. Think this is a problem because these -- recruiting method. Project out of all over the world that we keep open Guantanamo. May not be a major. According method but that's an easy one to get young people can say look how you're treating. You're Muslim Brothers went -- Do you think he didn't say anything when running plays and now that he's happens that the general and nobody has he doesn't give any answers didn't give any alternate. You know that's been into it's it's kind of like what -- had so much I was has -- to be very critical on that issue but these under the according to different groups say. I would love to see him general and that this is who wants Guantanamo closed little left to see them own up to help people were treated at Guantanamo -- the six months. He -- the camp. And it was. -- here -- it wasn't the high point of torture people were really treated. -- at Guantanamo but it was a very two Jewish male put in the sort of -- -- -- very little shelter. You know it was a Britain's portrait after 9/11 people got you know beaten and abused. Arm and he was there -- time and it article says nothing about that I think it would have been very credible helpful for him. Don't know doesn't look at I made a mistake myself. I mean that I that we are should have been much more on toppled what was happening to human beings in that camp. He didn't do that I think that the weakness of his article on the other hand it is very strong conference US. Setup this camp it didn't have a way of drunk people there's people are still there and the interrogations we did we're just. It was not very much attention about interrogation that we thought that the time. The US at the time of the attack on the world trade partners had very few Arabic speakers in that the -- intelligence services as FBI or otherwise. They didn't not going. And so what they did really they're rounded up a lot of people. Who may not have been guilty and that would not have anything. But they felt that we're just could even be turned -- sent back -- the communities that they can implement Afghanistan Pakistan and were ever. Or there were people who they thought might have peripheral. Knowledge and I tried to them and they claim that they were dangerous work and I tried to interrogate them and -- didn't get very far. That's what general. Probably. Never valid concern in my apartment. -- go to the revelations from should note. And in the ICD. To -- its report after port after port of the government breaking constitutional. Laws. Spying on them with its novel -- Breaking into the -- Companies like Google. And he's -- in the servers and without the company's north about it. And whatever this is discovered kind of feels like Guantanamo when we go well you know we wouldn't homer broke a couple of laws but it's for your own good. You're you're 1911. Happened again. Do you see this kind of overall in -- government today where this things are doing seems to be passed a law passed the bullets from privacy. But it's always depended as well with total we've we can depend. You know I think a lot of reasons Guantanamo was allowed to happen. And a lot of the reasons the NSA spy in at least initially which sold -- it was it after 9/11 and we need to do this to keep -- -- just as -- percent. In fact if you read the material that has come out there on the NSA. You know this massive spine every phone call every day at least that the metadata and now we talk we talk to our chains of our friends. Our Internet connections people look at all of them and what has come out it has nothing to do. Without stopping terrorism Orkut does it can be done and so much more narrowly what I have to do it that that would really coming out now. The US wanting to spy and know everything that can. About business activities. Business activities of people here as well as abroad so -- can -- better oil -- that's what this spot on patrol Brazil. Trade deals. What other countries are doing and yet it's being sold to the American people as this makes us safer even their own facts. It doesn't do that. It hasn't done that. And to the extent that they testified in congress they'd be in the NSA people. That -- they sold 53 plots. With all of the spine it came out that that was an utter fabrication. One possibly. Possibly. As ever call and barely even that. So we now have is a government I think that's gone completely. And utterly out of. Remember all -- -- of -- time and we're actually on this subject. I'd love to -- -- back for how power fortified. On this subject I won't do it makes me more angry. And I that an extra thing. That -- -- look so we looked -- would you be -- appreciate it is time burned my -- that breed holidays merry crews that -- -- -- --