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12-16 3:10pm Angela, New Orleans Mayoral Race

Dec 16, 2013|

Game on! The slate is set for New Orleans political elections are set--including a challenge to Mayor Mitch Landrieu by 20 year Civil District Court judge Michael Bagneris. Where are the biggest battles…and most interesting choices? Who will align with whom? Who has the most to win and the most to lose? We were joined by Clancy Dubos and Dr. Ed Chervenak.

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Well it's been quiet today we've gone from listening about our great Hispanic community. Too should the minimum wage be raised and now we move on to politics and I hope that shall call in -- well at 260187. Day. If you have any thoughts on this. You know we've got Christmas around the corner of the New Year's and then hopefully a playoff game or two. And let's not forget Mardi Gras it's all happening very quickly. But somewhere in there is an important election in New Orleans. And now this latest set. -- Andrew got a last minute opponent in civil district court judge Michael back nearest and there are some other interesting contenders in other races. And that's what we're gonna talk about this next hour with Clancy do most political analyst and editor and publisher of gambit weekly. And doctor Ed Sherman -- UNL political scientist and a very good friend of the show we are for ever grateful. It was kind of a surprise when a bad marriage jumped him. -- a total surprise and had been rumored off and on for maybe two or three months. But it picked up a lot of steam in the last week but I do that the correction for one thing about the publisher of my wife is the publisher. But as the words are coming out of my mouth and thinking Margo did -- ago. I'm thinking -- yeah. A little home to -- Cuba tonight. Many right now it. It was to average voter on the street. It probably came out of left field. And I think that's part of the task that. Former judge back -- now has to. Explain to the voters you know the loss says that if you're a sitting judge you cannot run for any nonjudicial. Office. You can't even talk about it. Without first resigning in his case he had enough time and he could retire so it was a resignation but also our retirement he's he's probably not the fools. From the summertime at least. Somewhere north of 80% see it's almost all of his retirement so he officially took his retirement on Wednesday afternoon and qualified Friday. But it did seem to be a -- that it was a last minute candidacy a last minute announcement. It has been brewing for a while but as long as he was sitting as a judge -- civil district court he could not personally participate in any discussions or do anything to. -- to cause that to go forward. Ed were you surprised I mean I was surprised. You know trick. Keep my -- to the ground then and figure out what's going on out there are sometimes it's hard since the amount of the lakeside. I did suspect that -- someone might jump and I didn't think it would be a judge even though makes sense. After the fact given that judgment theirs has been and conflict with the mayor over this new courthouse. And so it made sense that he would be the point man in opposing the mayor. But. Overall yeah I was surprised. Good thing is the courthouse is the -- that the judges want to build a new courthouse yes and the mayor has said no we're gonna put that. Courthouse and City Hall in -- charity. -- -- -- -- -- Yes and it's a little more. Nuanced than that on several levels there's. Just no discussion no disagreement the mayor and the judges and in the whole world agree. That there needs to be a new courthouse. The question is is it going to be a standalone court house that's by itself not connected to anything else. Which is frankly what you have in many jurisdictions although on many other jurisdictions including -- think Jefferson Parish. He had a courthouse that's part of Pacific complex. And it's what you have in new Wallace although. Specific complex that we have his old and dilapidated and badly needs replacement we need a new city hall and meeting new courthouse. But to what we have right now that's at the complex was built in the 1950s. By then mayor show -- Morris and it was shiny and new and it was a great concept that downtown civic complex City Hall in the civil courts right next to each other. What Merrill Andrews says he wants to do was take that same concept but put an inside -- charity building and -- city hall and the civil courts. In big charity. The doctors are saying thank you but no thank you mr. mayor. And they actually had a state law passed. I gave them authority through the clerk's office to. Raised the filing fees to generate money so that they could bond out. Although they don't have binding capacity on the around. But it would be enough they say -- to pay off the construction cost. So that they could build a new courthouse at no expense of the taxpayers and that's their argument we wanna build a standalone courthouse that looks like a court house. And it's a good argument because let me tell you when you go into a town or parish not only in Louisiana but anywhere pretty much in America. And you -- you go into the downtown area of the parish seat on the county seat while the heart of downtown in a major city. You know when you're looking at the courthouse right because it's an impressive looking building its screens through its architecture. Important decisions -- made a deal right and that's a RT I thought of it and that's a good I liked all over the world and -- a reason for that people wanna take pride. In their public buildings and where where the important decisions get made. I think the mayor's argument that he has he's kind of sort of made this -- civic -- arguments are good argument but I think he needs to convince people that you know what. I'm not gonna put. The judges and Shaq I'm gonna make an impressive as well I don't I haven't heard that argument made but. What what they're saying is they wanna go build even have a location that they wanted but the mayors refused to let him have a on Duncan plaza where the old State Supreme Court footprint was. Facing. What amounts what would amount to the courthouse square which is also a concept that you have in many parishes and counties and cities. Where the mayors talking about putting them on the grab your street entrance to charity which is the old. Emergency room exit there wouldn't be a courthouse where you would look at the building that happens houses the laundry facilities and who most look out of a courthouse a single country. Maybe you could configure where it opens up on Tulane avenue and -- would via a grander entrance I don't know. I think that debate could still be had architecturally and design wise and engineering wise. And they're all sorts of arguments and counterargument is well -- over but in other argued about -- -- all the -- -- to be whether there would be support columns in the middle of the courtroom and there. Each one has their expert has -- electric case in civil court he each side has exec has its own experts swearing at the other experts wrong. But at the end of the day I think it. It's kind of an intramural fight between a -- politicians. The voters in my opinion don't really give a hoot and read a courthouse -- to what a nice court house right I don't think they're involved that much in this. But little and -- but that -- a mini drama within the mayor's race but at some point to get back to the mayor's race. I think judge -- Harris former judge nightmares is gonna have to convince people that he's running because he really thinks he should be the mayor not because he's. Ticked off at the mayor you thank you for filling in network from its economic and they are for not given him and his fellow judges on new courthouse. Well when asked of course judge back narrow sense this is not the issue it's it's just a stupid idea to even think that that would be the issue. But in fact. Aniston but I did it right there politically right up front and let me tell you -- and imagine and -- I can make an argument for the judges to have a standalone courthouse and make it a very good argument. -- but when it comes to the timing of his entry into the mayor's race. He's gonna say I'm running because of these you know 3458. Issues. Guess what all of those issues within six months ago. So why did he wait till qualifying started to announce it is gonna rock that's not like all these issues suddenly came before you know what's suddenly came to before. We know what we're gonna do I love that that they weren't getting a courthouse since. The target audience and plenty Dubose and doctor ensure enact our guest today we're talking politics we have this little election. It's gonna be right in the middle of everything. So work meaning to pay attention and very interesting thing that happened on Friday with. Jeff -- nearest jumping into the ring. And we have to also mentioned that in on this king is also a candidate for mayor. What kind of imposes Manny Chevrolet Bruno always many shifts it wouldn't be erased -- man I miss them. Now let's talk about but deny this -- Any impact at all. You know he's running primarily as a protest candidate. He doesn't have a lot of monies basically running I would think it. It almost seems like he's running against the mayor because he is adamantly opposed to police superintendent. -- -- And so he does he's not able to raise Lotta money doesn't have high profile. Now know almost no ring name recognition and so it -- be that would have been a real sacrificial lamb but -- just wanted to get out there and and make sure that. People are hearing about some of the issues -- problems that are in some neighborhoods in the city that he feels. Are being neglected by the mayor and his administration. But I mean it would it would have been a cakewalk with just -- canyon there now with -- that there -- -- there. You know we're not gonna see a coronation you know the mayor's gonna have to earn less. The judge was it also limits they want him on the -- an -- -- his. Significance in the race I think goes up tremendously with banking -- in the race because. If if the race have been land drew back -- and Manny Chevrolet. He wouldn't have been there have been no debate. Now there are going to be debates. And it's going to be difficult for not invite. And asking. And so he will now have a forum that he could not otherwise have afforded you'll be able reach voters that he would not otherwise have been able to reach in he world. In in political terms of say he will be a hatchet man for back there and I think he's he wants to do that but he will level criticisms. At -- -- especially criticisms that I think will resonate in some segments of the African American community about police abuse issues. And that will resonate I'm not sure but it won't get votes for the -- king but it might get votes from Michael back -- so with -- Harris in the race and honest king. His significance as political significance has elevated -- tremendously. How is judgment nearest gonna raise enough money that Lander has two million. A lot of money it is and he does not have a lot of time. Frankly it's been reported by John -- and by me and others and that's I think it's more than just a rumor. There's going to be a lot of money pouring into the race not necessarily in to judge back Maris is. Coffers although a lot of it will but I think you'll see significant third party. Attack ads as you're seeing already against Mary -- -- And -- come from the same people which is the national Republican Party the call rose in the Coke Brothers of the world who really wanna get Mary land drew. They gonna use Mitch Landrieu as there straw man target and they're gonna put a lot of attack ads against Mitchell Andrew. Between now and February 1 to try to soften up Milan drew brand and maybe even drive a wedge. Between the black community in Atlanta family and my bag terrorists will be the beneficiary of that I don't know that'll be enough to get him to win. But it will make a real race do you think he was aware that this money would come in. I can't say what he knew and didn't know about it this way if I knew about and I can't believe he didn't know about it. Well let me ask is correct me if I'm wrong but. I thought Maryland Andrew nominated judge bad marriage for a federal judge -- she did and it just died in the White House. The White House killed. Com I'm told by friends of judge -- Harris that he believes that Marian Mitch Landrieu pulled the plug on him and sabotage. I have had talks with -- -- family and and you know with the mayor and and now with -- but what people close to -- Andrew sentinel Andrew. And it's -- now the White House pulled the plug on it. That meant there were issues there -- possible. No no wrongdoing. But you got to remember when Barack Obama got the White House. Every single appointment he made was put under an electron microscope by the Republican Party. If they found one little thing that normally would not have been an issue. Five years ago ten years ago it's an issue now. And you know. I don't know if it's true or not but you know there was some issues about. Whether you ever had any tax liens -- you know things like that financial personal financial issues. Nothing improper. But it just made him look -- perhaps not quite pristine. And Obama administration according to Meryl Andrew. Pulled the plug -- Michael -- merits he was set up and sabotage that in his angry about that. -- cash okay. Let us move on to another very interesting race which is share Cashman. Sheriff Cashman Charles but he. An Aaron Thomas. You know given that your assessment is facing a high disapproval rates among the public. I -- Help but think that he's very fortunes opposition here with Charles -- beginning into the contest. Is this gives us an opportunity to change the narrative of about. Whether it's the management of the jail or whether the problems are structural. If you know if you if he can lay blame for the problems in the jail -- or -- and also on the -- administration. That would bode well for his reelection if he's not able to make the argument that structural and independent voters it'll make it that -- mismanagement. Problems are leading to the deficiencies in the jail. That's going to be a real problem but since -- does it and that kind of that does give -- and the benefit of the doubt when it comes in this market. Sheriff Grossman has had quite a controversial year so he has to to Charles voting his predecessor an -- Tom -- -- your thoughts. Well the biggest thing that the sheriff's gonna have to overcome is that video. The video of what was taking place inside the jail which is extremely damaging. You know be by about reports what's going -- enjoyable when you see it with their own two -- That certainly had an effect on people's evaluations about him. And he's going to be very hard pressed to explain that video I mean he's might argue when he could argue well it was staged known there. There's a conspiracy to get me in this video -- stage and then released. By my political enemies. I'm not sure how resonate video was in a safe and his office yes that's so I don't think it was state by as enemies so. But my sense is that that's what he's gonna come out and say is that this -- this -- that followed their effort to you know impugn my reputation. And but sought for me I guess that's the biggest hurdle that he has the conference you know forget what the other candidates it's that video he's got -- that he just. Explain to voters were either too surprised when Charles obesity jumpin. Now really because I kept hearing. Through the grapevine. You know we have a couple of sheriffs are in the public administration program or you know -- we would talk politics they would say -- Sure food is gonna get in and pilots union on my hand down okay. You know just you know kind of more rumor -- and anything else. So I was really surprised when he threw his name in there because it. People on Pentax and you know they've you know he felt that -- was vulnerable so now it's time to time to jump and. Interest in -- visit Grossman is vulnerable less and I don't think he's vulnerable to -- As that articulated just perfectly before the -- went to a break. This plays right into Grossman's hands because. Without forty. He might grow up and said look I inherited these problems affect inherited is the word he used about fourteen times in his announcement speech. With floating in the race yeah I think that message can resonate. And I think it will residents and look that's the guy you can forty puts a face on the problem for for gospel. He said that's the guy he handed me -- terrible office but what -- in the sense excuse me you've been there almost ten years. When -- it -- your office -- has it become your problem. You know I didn't have this I didn't have that so it's going to be a really dirty campaign which would I think dirty and offensive charges and countercharges. Which plays into the hands of -- Thomas if he can get some money and get his name. And a and a message out there like -- both of those guys are crazy while both -- much effect of I'm the one you ought to vote for. He's gonna need about at least 253000. Dollars. To get that kind of message out but if he can raise that kind of money and present his modifies and if he doesn't have any issues. In his bags and I mean Agassi let's say. Then. He can do well but. This is a great -- of one little law enforcement yet he's I was a policeman for eighteen years rules of the rank of lieutenant -- -- for security it's you know. Which is not exactly a hotbed of law enforcement. But he still in law enforcement management management management you can you can make the -- President of the school boards that he. The -- I got the experience to do this job. But he he got to have enough money in the right kind of message and and the right people working with you to get an out and that remains to be -- a -- going. Happened I'd like to ask a plan to do boasts a doctor Ed Sherman act what they think the most. Exciting time counsel. I think race -- and -- council races are going to be red hot. Both of them to district level district seat which is Algiers the French Quarter. From a married by water and oppressed and they raised roughly. Jackie Clarkson jump and that race at the urging him merely Andrew and others. After she was term limited in her at large seat she got her start in that race that. She can be a polarizing figure especially in the black community and I think part of the reason why I think Maryland who has promised he urged. Cult member clocks in the run which her bases Algiers but again. That district has a black majority voting majority. And they see miss Clarkson as a polarizing figure and that's gonna make that race really hot the other when things can be district. Eastern new laws in the lower ninth between incumbent James Gray and former incumbent Cynthia Willard Lewis. Has while I was gonna you know jump in here with just exe I think there might be some resentment among voters. That. People of what if the term limits in place and what we're seeing. Are the same. People over and over running for the seats for these districts so you know we see Jackie Clarkson term limit in the at large in the running for the district -- It's in the may be some push back as a result of that that people that the whole idea of term limits was that new people new faces which opened qualify. And so does she make it's and pushed back just on that issue alone. In addition to do you know the fact that to an endorsement -- mayor and of course there -- them number of people are not happy with the married you know he does have high approval ratings. Just to streaky. It's a dual lewis' probably. Campaign -- par excellence. She's always been very good campaigns. And the problem comes with their record. And which I think is great. And that adds up in that particular district. I wanna talk to later we have judge back -- on who's called in thank you -- very much for calling. I don't into the just good. I was calling because I was listening to the show and I offered my good friend Clancy. Make several misrepresentations. So I thought rather than is guessing by anyone else -- about. What the thought that was going on in my mine I would go ahead and call -- that you won't know thank you at first evolved. I have never. Tampa nervously as that I believe -- -- relayed through every need on recommendation that we. Nor do I believe she did. What I truly do believe. Is that the administration. Had an opportunity. To -- -- to make history to appoint the first African American. Woman federal -- And I wasn't gonna stay in the we have that it was an -- for me. To have been considered for the position and now fully understand why someone would want to can't the first. First you first -- important. History making event. In the federal judge who was appointed as the first African American woman appointed to their position. There. In this district. District. No I appreciate you taking the time to Colin -- you know we we wanna get our facts straight in and that your listening means a lot. And there and the fact that Internet and I noticed this -- of our campaign about who something must've been wrong. Why he had did receive it I was vetted by the FBI. And trust me. There was all kind of inquiries when that didn't get to the position if there was any -- a -- it would certainly come out particularly on the national media. The other reason why nothing came out. But because it was nothing to. The not directly it's in minutes is -- about taxes. Thirty years ago I did every problem which was addressed twenty years ago. Are considered ancient history in a reason why the problem was created was because the medical problem that want to -- -- where it's actually my first job ahead. And I -- medical bills like so many of American business in this country. Medical bills can get to a point where. You you'd be on the brink of bankruptcy. You know what fortunately we -- have to go that route we were able to. To -- work on matters out with the with the government. And haven't been I haven't been late on taxes now in thirty years. But again I truly appreciate you calling in on this. All right thank you very much. -- -- -- -- my way into your room might look at this. Yeah actually affect other straighten out the these misrepresentations. Well I I just say I'd say Michael you and I had a conversation ourselves when. You. When when your name did not go forward. And what you're telling me now is not the same thing you told me that but that's -- right it's your campaign so you're not running against me but go ahead. All right well it's very openly about war. But the if the last day was on the -- house I just want everybody to think about the comment about my being angry. All the the the courthouse situations. How stupid what I would be. If I believe he judgeship the last serbians for twenty years if I leave his judgeship because I'm angry and then. Did result of that is no matter where the court house he has -- -- I can't serve because I've already I've already -- You know what does that make sense. FC best. I agree with that doesn't make -- argument but let me ask you something while we got you on the phone certainly the issues that you're gonna raise and I'm sure you're gonna raise a number of issues that you feel like. Need to be addressed in a campaign for mayor. Those issues -- all around for months why wait till the opening day of qualifying. To. So you can get in to leaving yourself such a short window of time to tomorrow. What needs to be I think by any objective measure a very aggressive very spirits are very expensive campaign. Well two things first saw it I didn't just start thinking about it actually I was thinking about it. Four years ago it will get into that Elliott Elliott today but it -- -- around the same time and I'm not saying this is connected. That I was recommended for the for the jets for the federal judges. And opted to -- to go back down that role at that point tax. But the other reason why -- why it took weeks alone is because that the judges saw ample out of prohibitions. That the average elected of issue doesn't. If we. If we begin to -- excel lipstick talk about declaring for -- that is not judicial race. We have the immediately leave the bench. We don't have any choice about it. That's true probably that has nothing to do with the timing and if if you think that these issues of disease issues were there the law was there. Why not resigned six months ago and give yourself as a candidate enough time to. Raise adequate money build up build up a message and and why pay to soften a box -- that the law didn't say you had to wait till opening a qualifying to resign it to say you had to resign. When you decide to run. I wish we had our time we're just gonna have to get judged back -- on. But I thank you for calling -- -- thank our very special disc plan to do Dubose and doctor ensured an -- we're gonna get you back in January talk about this race and mark. You lost different. I did my dear friend George -- to blue dog artists passed away Saturday. I met George in 1980. Became fast friends and it was just a wonderful incredibly warm very generous man doing the correct one thing -- earlier. So that districts Eagles up less -- -- -- it doesn't cross Claiborne avenue but the rest. That straddles a tornado up to that point happy holidays LC in January.