WWL>Topics>>12-16-13 4:10pm Bobby and Mike: on Saints-Rams

12-16-13 4:10pm Bobby and Mike: on Saints-Rams

Dec 16, 2013|

Bobby and Mike discuss the Saints' 27-16 loss to the St. Louis Rams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Afternoon everyone welcome to another position it's like national -- that your body there. It's almost looked -- -- -- -- packed town in Mississippi in the area couple -- he has. But the people look for the Monday night contest between the Baltimore Ravens that the -- -- -- to -- here right here on the big 878. When -- deliberate body on the programming note at 630 tonight on -- -- radio network you know B yeah Saints -- -- wood hey coach don't pay in his guest tonight will be assistant secondary coach on great Curtis. Before we get into the nuts and -- in this. Things go well with the I think yesterday one of the things that showed up in the 2716. Loss. That Rams is that. You know every team is different every year a football team is built differently you're not -- to come about. That nationally and even locally that this football team has been the second best winning -- team Indiana now. Since 2006 an -- on -- records 34 and when he notched 34 point one. When he thirteen that's not the case I think that's a huge difference between this football team focus -- -- -- -- the and in the past -- -- and you gotta acknowledge that what that reason. If its focus if it's leadership. Whatever that this football team has not played well on the road this season they happen a few years but not this football season. That been a staple. -- on things teams in the past they. He had done it as well as anybody -- -- Bill Belichick in this week and being a -- against team focused and ready to play a lot about it -- game well it was more like -- state annual Bill Murray you saw this happen and don't mind you saw -- -- -- eleven is what happened. Yesterday. You should have been caught in a situation where -- football team looks so authority. Looked -- the bowl. They had no entity. Bryant Robert Quinn put on most of it is one of those dominating defensive performance has not seen on you know on our football team that's back. And it for the fifth straight year they won't have one winning season and at that level. Well if you look at it that we. You know any team -- a winning team at the that the player of the year there's two players that are really standing out this year. A JJ watt with the taxes and -- Robert Quinn with the St. Louis Rams. Yeah Ottawa -- on the winning team are our. If you have that the that the player of the year that you should win the award not necessarily how you keep Dillon because that they get the job done at it as -- team effort. But when you look at. The show. You know we called -- the thinking yes. And I think -- thinking if the players. I'm and I had to realize that they would play more. And I and it's not over -- -- -- and Carolina and hostile environment where the crowd noise will be a factor which it was not a factor. -- think Lewiston and we made all the people fail where they'll teams were playing -- -- playing. In the frigid conditions in Saint Louis -- -- many Saints fans there is ramp up you know I don't Barry is -- Watch the game last -- team that I think is built similar to the sights set to that everything on the line. The Patriots lose the football game they're playing book you know -- Really some supremacy and put -- first time -- it just out there hey listen. As the -- well Monica football team. Playing as you can at the Saints -- against the spirit of Dillon smacked around I'm absolutely dominated them. Almost put basically because of that football game but yet when you play Cincinnati at home how good deal it's just not. At this site you look at Cincinnati apparently similar bill football team and yet. They did the exact same thing last night to us against the steel. Well if we do on the way in and I think we will. I count line I don't know we gonna win and I think we going to be -- -- -- So what if you wind making you -- -- Tampa Bay and home now let me tell you professional football. Now we are playing at home of the Tampa Bay. You know they got NFL players. Who can -- people that you know they -- trying to put offense and their cap you know going forward but it is so frustrating I think he can. And even coach -- colleges and never seemed so frustrated because. A college team did not respond any city as coaches. That that you can second guess how could you -- Aggie team granny but I think -- professional individual players who want. That you should have enough moxie. And now -- spirit within you fail to know what was at hand the task at hand. At the players for as we did that the -- embarrassment. And it shouldn't have occurred but if you look at it. And you talk about things going in the superdome on the road and now with the case again. How would you look at the Rams is that for some reason. We -- high high efficient offense and -- -- a -- in the -- at -- but not on the -- if you -- we were only averaging eighteen. Point eight points a game on the role the -- this nineteen point -- game but conversely. The Saints or. You obviously undefeated at home we were average in. 32 point nine which is 33 point we'll guess what we only had sixteen points against the Rams so it's kind of outlet that's come about this year. About an and I -- -- there last night at the point after if you looked at fitness thing that failed to score board at ten touchdowns. At New York. -- at Atlanta. And who all over him that it Seattle. And now at Saint Louis and then you look at home. Here's the Carolina Panthers only have given up two touchdowns in the first half and we get three in the second quarter so. I don't know like a guy has to be proper credit to coach Peyton. But I know one thing at the start with the predictably it is that we kind of had it yet comedy -- of game what I mean by that -- missed tackles McGinest thinks the -- nine tackles yesterday there's second highest total of the season he does well in that Giants game on the road -- the season -- now it's 44 tackles. On the road compared to 26 at home in as many games so I. I don't know the rhyme or reason eighth and -- -- you could say maybe is the environment. OK I get the hostile crowd. Rockets say what you playing outside in it's cold in Willard don't team that probably not a fact that we're playing an -- Those that saw the that you all like if you're at now but the tackle but I think I couldn't get off the snap count them today. Robert Quinn took the attitude. I know Charles Brown can't block me. -- anybody because they have Andy took that approach and how dominate you look at a guy like that. Mike if you look at his grade in what he was able. Knew he had double digits in total pressure if you look at it two sacks one hit seven carries he did it three times this season where he hit that double digit mark the fourth -- doubles -- I think you went to the game with sixty. -- -- -- I backed up sacks forced fumble Andy recovers you know what it's over this. With giving that the what if any. They got locked up the -- that might -- -- that was the Bob I haven't seen in the incident you know what about like that since Reggie White publicly there. Definitely a quiet and wants. Look at or a right to Reggie White it was Dominique Robert Quinn was Dominique and if you think about Robert -- you know we have to look at the path of let the man haven't hall of fame games against the Saints -- the Saints to Kevin this year that don't. Would you look at Robert Quinn. He's a hall of Famer against the -- he had blocked upon. What was that I think it will that was an Elvis and eleven in. Chris had the three sack game that they think it would be blocked a punt that gained over Robert Quinn has been -- -- -- the safe side and and if you look at it and and and the Rams a lot of time to the Saints have been pasted them -- I didn't play but not that. The big play like there are a team that's playing with -- and having the passion. The Rams they read -- win those are not winning any thing. Now if you look at it one they got to give credit also to Jeff Fisher. Head coach Jeff Fisher he's now in his career he fell five and oh against the Saints he's never lost a college coach Payton has been at Dominic -- but he 2.3 -- -- -- -- went through a lot of birds the ran up the other. Think it shows up we'll talk a lot more about it the first seven games of the season the Saints at fifteen takeaways yesterday zero sacks zero takeaways. In the last seven games only to take -- body's defense. And that had been the spark for this football team early on what the Saints have a good offense. The only elite offense in the NFL today isn't -- Well in this same thing about running the football stopping the run at the same song and then we came into the game all all of you know on the team -- -- three point eight. We try to get the Bordeaux we have we averaged three point one yard to run and that reported a few words. Particularly in a Cowboys game we had to -- with to a good start in the Cowboys that they -- on defense but you look also -- what we've given up. You bet that's one thing we have not done is played well against the run overall. -- given up four point seven yards a carry yesterday they had four point -- -- you would doing that. Against the in Jackson that's one thing tax bases solid -- that comfort you know Pierre Thomas -- -- yeah eight people all pro running back but he looked like yesterday. Hey if you don't like he's probably been if you look at production. And where you're drafted as a blade along with him and I'm lazy leader with the Packers you might be the best SEC running back a Mikell -- this guy goes -- -- 133 yards averaging almost five yards a carry and these it was a man though yes it is -- game headed lazy and and if you look at Stacey -- it's Neifi show they got it done and we had a breakout two particular plays. Well all learn ovals where worst efforts of everything the mentally as far as tackling the long touchdown run in the very first touchdown heart you parking. I mean nothing to hide I of them -- I heart you like all world. Well -- lot -- obviously gesture after the break him. Womack is looking this you're quite happy about it fairway -- episode of the season. Sit up and play. And he sort of was -- the first couple. Plays -- this football team was on focus though in a team not ready to play against Iran team that you really should have been ready to play and really it falls in the lap of the football players. That they get yourself ready for a football game that meaningful you want to bring up too. -- and the -- I think of the word -- meant to play of the season because an effort. And I don't know quite describe it to be kind of Michael at port tackling. Shoddy tackling government -- tackling on -- yeah we went with the -- that flat -- happening at interception. I'm McDonald doctor Robert Quinn hit Drew Brees and an interception likely with a hearty a flat route 31 yard touchdown. I mean that was unbelievable. Malcolm -- myth that the government is tackle with Corey white who -- written. Form tackle. I mean he puts them. And any good job of that most of our award an out of bounds giving Dallas the worth it to play this season and you look at -- history. That way maybe not necessarily be -- With march Arlington playoff game but that's a top ten weren't -- instantly -- history because an effort all the technical once played 31 yards -- them think they were down. -- -- -- And that you look at bad angles whatever you wanna call it. That was to -- is also fanatical or not a ball in the first water. And and if you look at it right now yeah the ram that Rams seventeen at three. Clement 35 the -- though put 31 slant -- but art scoring bright light in the cages at the tackle. But they get a -- hit it on. Corey why he didn't make any game any game on -- -- and roll poster. Type season. And don't think it maybe step up. Against Carolina because you have a base they're physical they gonna lap him. But they've been all the stuff on that same drive that de -- -- -- -- plus forty yards for a touchdown. Horrible angle I'm Malcolm Jenkins and -- the point of attack Parys Haralson missed the tackle. And before you know what he thinks and how the party yard touchdown and we are shock and now the score at forty Puerto green eagle lively. In 82 yard that we don't know what happened we drove the ball down in all the and we have a touchdown alliance more. Eight yard touchdown to -- evidence that occurred at Miami we are down to what reported three. We got it to one report news in this thing and have. -- went right back in Nichols and his game now keep the ball with -- but -- you look at that play and if you believe it was at that made by Charles Brown. It is hardly missed a thirty that you are you'll that was tipped. By rockers though out of LSU. And don't know when it rains it sportsmen. And when I see Danica it would be. -- I think -- miracle they gonna come back with 24 between them and have done. We'll have a lot more here on the second guess show big it's not easy out. Alan Raymond Monica Mike will be with you right up -- is -- -- with Chris -- Welcome back to the thinking -- show Bobbie it they're likely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good afternoon gentlemen our. You done. -- You would just absolutely celebrating it which he has to say easily -- they show all that oh yeah he was -- that would. -- -- -- You know I was I was ready. To -- all angry and all this off and just you know. Rip on any and everything. And that hurt us on pretty press conference yesterday. And one word I'm gonna take away from that press conference it is refreshing. Everything that you all that is absolutely correct everything that thought Payton and with that league cracked the I'm telling you can eat it open with college right -- -- -- right to do it with coaches that press conference. It's like. All you like watching paint -- A Bill Belichick couldn't exceed in and if you read conference is just one of the most. Excrement say things in here -- went through as they. Literally -- out there for thirty minutes and say nothing at all. And yeah yeah it was on pain and it's good for the team doesn't compare to keep as many people believe when I woke up this morning. And yet he actually you know -- -- and I'll practice it on Peyton gets. His parents it's okay to call out people. And sometimes you have to be able to do to make it hard straight and Sean Payton was -- bag yesterday. What brought it on the box -- attack and make MP and what options you can capital and also and the next. And of course Charles -- -- has been almost -- but he wasn't the only one that hit the Pitt game you know. Our job. But done something to me is we've been a sensitive world criticism. People don't pay courtesy any construction criticism constructive criticism very well. Would you put athletes playing at this level getting the money you're getting -- I think that it's not that on this year head coach do that publicly. Wouldn't you -- just it was its been -- but it's his personality. So you except that you know somebody's going to be critical look you know Jim Barrett did hit -- at us in it that way but similar. Almost not a throwing that. Let out there who his players that this is not going to be acceptable and not like and accept it. Bob you want there would jump and did not -- that -- -- so -- -- what -- You guessed it. I can ever. You know we responded I mean come on that makes in that can't stand -- heat you know likely yet -- out the kitchen complain that you're a professional. You can't keep being a part yet to respond. And if rumored players responded differently I don't know I as a coach. The put the right -- I can remember. We played the 49 is now that guar -- she got Joseph Montana brought him back in. You know now let's give an example in because he was older and he joked while Phillips. What I -- -- we played hard you know we'll get them next week. But coach article that he might go letting -- do anything we laws. I don't care how -- how -- the game was that was the would've -- -- -- -- speech and I think quote speak yesterday. Was really shocked. And I think both disappointed that he's been here since 2006. How the team did not respond considering what you play for and that opportunity. Now you still control your own destiny. The road -- obviously a little rough are happy to go the Carolina. In win that game in -- -- happen but it would be an upset. And we'll just they just got to respond as a professional look. If you can't handle it. Then that your responsibility and the challenges that we have week in week out. Then you gotta go get that job yeah I get a real job so to speak look you look at what you're gonna get it could just criticize there and I don't know got a -- picks up nothing it's that that thing is this -- and when you look at it. It is that at the responsibility you have and the expectations. Is the man. Now I'm not -- is not any pressure anxiety all that though but that's why the NFL players. I mean now like Jerry -- Another statement he made NFL not belong. Money you have a double digit scorer -- -- doing a lot of things right. On a consistent basis -- long time. Like why did -- -- hope because back from -- Q why is the -- that so long because he's playing at a high level. He's getting it done the corner -- to the where you wanna play at a high level when you're getting attacked you've got to step up. Charles Brown. You got to step up our medical get -- sort job and sell it short whatever -- it's obsolete. In the NFL for five years in. You know then that's a pretty good career. You know when you look at it you -- -- last a long time NFL. Did that to be your occupation. Now have a chance to double digit career you have to produce you got to produce given an opportunity. Or you know like next man up or we got to go by excellent. The only problem is right now we're talking at the break you know fans might say. -- what we gotta get a better off -- the -- rule what are you gonna do what -- talking about get a better all of its allies here. At its like playing market yeah I know there's that the and it it was there why don't we put it norms that okay. I can tell you right now if to run arms that was ready to play he would be in the game would happen which I'll probably coach -- that I've seen enough. He moves back street or right tackle to left tackle and put Bryce Farris at right tackle and arms that doesn't get it on the field. Thought doubted that the -- that he ended it -- arms today to get the job done right now believe -- be be in the game. -- -- -- So -- that and -- he's just right and that was going to be my -- aren't a lot of peoples who want to do -- want to do that one. You've got beat army that's going to war -- You don't hear it all the players who could shuffle -- who are around us because this is as good as. The team is going to be and this is the states they are an excellent football team and hope no doubt about it being taken -- doesn't provoke. When they go out on the road they are not as good -- football team and they and they have had a problem are not truly game you can probably flat during the game. And and you know as sharp -- and one other thing and I went with this season he went ten minutes before he gave Saint Louis credit I believe Saint Louis probably wanted to pass. Six intense teams out there that they carry out. Football team in. They threw they hit it big time big time outlook pick deep threats especially to have on Portland's mitigate healthy Mike you're seeing. You know the bad that shows you how good NFL is that what you wanna don't call it parity whenever. You look at playoff teams they crushed the Colts and they rush the Bears. And basically they crushed the sight just yet and has yet to say that I mix. And at the beginning of the year you. And I hit and they split with the Cardinals -- beat the Cardinals at the beginning with the Cardinals right now. -- not -- five team. Thought delegate the Rams -- not a has been team also ranked team know that bit they are that good -- parents think as the. Given that defense that he's real good offensively. You're not a lot -- hang your hat on but. -- this is a terrific coach you get that turned around Saint Louis if if if that's just off it's a part of it it would almost dropped what's -- A pick I -- beauty -- And as we go to break right now top to bottom is not an -- in a -- -- You look no question you look at Seattle San Francisco in the park aren't a lot of five in the -- a -- last. Aligned. That that that other division and the NFL right now. And if you let me -- thanks for the call with you right back with more second guess. Welcome back to second guess you might figure Bobby had been about what I think we're talking about what this destruction before we go to another break is. Just like the Arizona Cardinals were playing in the NFC east. Right now. I think that that there I think they would win and it sees him in the playoffs. And ended -- fourth place team India. In the NFC west but you look at how it's it's what it certainly that rent them or in Hampton of what plays into that spot and even the Rams. I think would be a heavy. Team that the common knocked out of there would you look at that just the balance Oklahoma wants to land. NFC east that that that that's unbelievable they all -- -- that he. The Cowboys the Eagles the Redskins that John Hill got embarrassed about it the RL laws I. I thought about yesterday with which you're you're now girls you'll because. And Louisiana guys got to put -- the only good thing that happened yesterday Eddie lacy load grew up -- your wallets with the touchdown high school at the Katrina and went to Alabama. Well 130 yards rushing yesterday and who ended it. LaMont Williams made the interception. A young man who grew up on the I -- so to speak where when we clearly whipped us up at a high school. And he ended up with UNICEF did that got us get favorable forty million dollars over the course of -- The Cowboys are so dysfunctional. I mean look at the lead they had at halftime. Just run the ball give it to mare. I mean you played a pathetic is the bottom line it to win the game. Not to try to be degraded -- went to Germany Jerry Jones then. And I know Tony Romo -- that flexibility. At the end it may be kicked -- -- -- though you -- -- -- you know path run the ball we're winning and we got to win it but I played five water. Will play four quarters we have a lead right now there's no way because -- the time it straight at the Packers could come back. And you -- -- bag. But whenever you think the Cowboys -- -- the Eagles lost while we adequate opportunity. Bought these entities that they might still win it by default. Good NFC east is so bad but whatever you think the Cowboys to get it done so what they've been. They break -- heart the Cowboys bottom -- -- barring that that they just -- sorry team. Not always you ought to get up. Talk about the Cowboys I think it is now as everybody is about the Saints outbreak of war and where. And it gets you excited. I'll enjoy it up clock in cowboy outlawed -- cowgirl all right well with the thinking gesture right at -- with very few movies that were a magnificent against -- -- Mike D'Antoni about being fair we're gonna go to we've that you all screaming you know Ottawa -- in my. It. Wish during the in the city. -- I -- you -- out there were packed. -- -- you know at 2 -- rich and -- or one guy. -- top model. In one. Two times. On. Him. Like grand daughter our name and what. They've been blustery here -- answer. Well I on the docket today is that Drew Brees had a great four. Mean I don't know you know I think he got -- by I'm actually acting and when I theme this on the fox telecast -- -- good. You know Drew -- that don't know a 166 straight passes. In the red zone went -- in -- the more an NFL. Low and behold after they put that that have their -- the TVs mean. You know the first interception in the red zone and didn't let that -- that with the red it is they do it in the playoff game I got desperate Ricky why is that to me. Why that -- like this easy interception to Eric Allen I don't know think that was crap that you freak out. When he Drew Brees roll body without it they'd try to get giving them the ball it is they'll do that.