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12-16-13 5:45pm Bobby: on Saints-Panthers

Dec 16, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk with Steve Reed of the Associated Press in Charlotte about the upcoming Saints-Panthers rematch.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Look back and thinking yes you like that you -- -- gave Barrett so let's look to see them -- side and got on Mississippi home doesn't that beat -- of them Monday night contest. Mean Baltimore Ravens in the Detroit lines you can use that game right here on the negates that. Well special guests you or you do over the Carolina campus of the Associated Press thinks of what the darkness to see. I -- -- the thing about that are wrong really -- -- it he's in ticket -- losses against the Saints. What happens now back -- yesterday -- man. It didn't get any bigger than this and who would have thought. That it would be Houston means buying sort of speak put it the number of times in. In the NFC I think a lot of people thought they witness would demand at the camp there's really been the story in the NFC. Everybody talks about Seattle but and the -- have really been about this year's version of the few good story. Absolutely -- -- they won nine it and now you know that it's kind of strange to think that. You know back and are one injury we Earl talking about you know we'll run murder by the will provide the next couple weeks and now you know of course that doesn't dramatic turnaround. And -- idea of you. You know teams yeah they do find it not -- hot and really no explanation other than you know start acute making plays in net com. -- get out a role that would certainly the Carolina did obviously. At a major pick up down in in the war on it and you know -- talked about that the next day signal. He beat army that you know -- we might not normal for ourselves -- to quote and you know perhaps that was the case in -- and they you know they were they in the -- -- -- right or did. Take control the decision obviously did happen that way but certainly since the moment they walk you don't even been anxious to get back in. Indeed another crack at the Saints as Roberts had today. You're right it doesn't get any bigger nets are -- in game. Yet is it when you look at it it's amazing. What to think that done in the superdome -- on the road. If you look at their fields school fortitude touchdown. The only -- yet. And a landing at the fountain that Seattle and obviously I can't think Lewis. Haven't sixty point that you throw it their all so. That -- basically on the road average in all in ninety point two teams were in the superdome. Averages 33 points now. You know the fans might say oh well you know that element that the crowd all right well. Look -- think Hartnell team we played in the moment thing lows in the crowd was not a factor. And he's elated and with one thing I don't know how the weather's going to be on the Dallas beat and beat them or -- that might be in the mid sixties. Thirty but it can't the rain but I know one thing that crop will be a factor and it will be allowed the Carolina. The year that there is no doubt in this this city right now. Is jacked up and you know when you when this stadium it's loud to really one of the most underrated stadium in. In the league when they are -- the game here. It is it is jam packed up and down you know a lot of regain -- Did you everybody in the air and Jeter by excited about the game this can be -- game in people are hungry here. That this team hasn't been in the playoffs and chipped out and Nate. The -- what it's -- -- you know what's at stake you know basically is it. You know -- and purposes this is -- the division title and for. 01 round byes. I think Carolina get by the world that the particular Atlanta and -- that being. Obviously the people and the equipment out of all wrapped up first round -- so you know this is is that huge in you know. People don't. And realize that what they when he or one litigate. Let's see one of the things that gets brought up in these type -- win. A team hasn't. Come up -- in this spot before how they'll handle that big game pressure. Urban and is that something that's being brought up in Charlotte because of Saints have been in this spot before -- happen to win. To do certain things to -- pants everything else but this is not a new territory for the Hamptons. Certainly it. Back you mean -- Cam Newton is. You know a third year guy in the is really the first two games -- played that -- really meant to open down the stretch of last year they -- great disseminating great Thanksgiving. But the games that many things there's been no pressure. Now that being mean them and so and I think for the most part camp that pretty good job and on to beat a couple pretty good. You know get to where they are mean they went on the road beats San Francisco would be -- -- all night in national televised game calmed. -- -- you know that they'd be a couple of good teams you know the team on the road. In you know that they show that they -- partly children should say. That they can they can win close games because for a while Rivera they were -- for -- in games the -- it's not about some points to left which. Ridiculously bad but all that they turn the corner and it worked out and we and but that that's that's certainly going to be big big question you know he is even as the Tampa -- two. The policies and you know -- imagine it. Somehow they'll make it and I calmed. You know how to can't handle that from now from now on out in you know have been the one thing we can say about you guys. You know he did -- -- BGL level national championship you did when it was a one level bomber on national championship so we don't know pressure. This is obviously more pressure at a professional level but now it's it's certainly going to be it is I can't tell you performed on now but. It's going to be attrition that he does as these games is bigger mayor. -- -- could you hold all what this -- got to go to break it will come that would really. Thanks so much Steve Reed from the Associated Press over the Carolina -- this -- be back with more second guessed right after the break -- -- be pizza and welcome back and thinking yes you might get the about it there we have Steve -- you know what this from the associated press and covers the Carolina Tampa Bob. Yes Steve give us a quick thirty minute thirty and 32 answer look at their last game would occur between. The thing to Carolina I think third down defense. You're -- you look at Carolina outstanding on third down offense and defense. But that was not the case in the last game in the home I mean I think that's going to be critical come this Sunday in Carolina. Absolutely and I think the other thing you know and the guy you know if you pick out the double play Dupree better than doubtful the better. Yeah he could stop with him in her buried in that today we're gonna look at what the Seahawks did a look at what the ran -- we're gonna borrow what he did that that the up. Steve thanks so much for joining us we appreciated Steve -- from the Associated Press over the Carolina Panthers.