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12-16-13 6:30pm Bobby & Deke with Sean Payton

Dec 16, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk with Sean Payton about the Saints' 27-16 loss to the Rams and their upcoming rematch with the Panthers.

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-- and now Saints coach Sean Payton black girl following a -- in St. Louis Rams and a coach as you said last night he felt some things would've come out in the game fan alma. So I think you saw today it's the thinks you told your team as you put Saint Louis behind him now focused on Carolina. Well I think it's it's it's it's always difficult you know when we come back after the way we play to a side and then it starts. On the on the coaches players. You know it's kind of a reminder smack in the face that. The other there's a lot at stake and yet. You know we can play with that energy and that starts with me and -- we look at every aspect of the week of preparation. I thought. In all three areas. You know -- we didn't do not drop to beat any team on the road lone Saint Louis and we knew coming in the -- the certainly wouldn't be -- and I mean because. They've beaten two good opponents this year. They do some things. That the thing that you see on tape that you saw on tape we Olympic game they're built the culture what we do. Establish their running game in and done a good job time of possession and we also knew it was a team in the kicking game it was gonna be -- -- the onside kick. So disappointing. Before we moved on the Carolina though it it's something had to address you know it wasn't so open you just. Not turn the tape on him and move on and so we went through those meetings. They're going can't see the tape and in these things that kept this from what the next game and now. You know it but -- just it's corrections made and in. More and more importantly than anything else at that it -- for that you need to play. With eleven guys on the field is too often yesterday there were guys a lot of guys expected. Now luckily it -- you you omitted important and the fans. That every season truly is that you season. And when you look at what we've done on the role verses at home especially. You know score points and you look on the role. It -- that you have whether it be weather conditions no problem noise that you look we're playing inside. And I really think the crowd. Was a factor. But. Why the big -- -- -- look at look. Looking at the Saints. And -- -- two touchdowns. At DR against the Jets. Two touchdowns against the Falcons Seattle and now Saint Louis that name and all of you able to get. You know a lot of three touchdowns and its second quarter against Carolina will make given up to the hole for us to have. And then you throw in there scoring points. Here you are you know average and only nineteen point. On the road. Getting sixteen against the Rams but conversely. Back in the -- be able to average basically 33 points. Why -- such a big difference. Well that Lewis who is six million dollar question opener. I think this I think you were right in regards yesterday in the days. There environment were loose inside the I would say it's their fans were more states and so. They're there there was hardly. Any tech crowd noise. You know week. We obviously gave them an opportunity to get excited early with the return over the turn around the score and then. You know -- -- that second drive. Was important for our team and we got down in the red area. They ended up with with a turnover in the it in tight grip so. And that sequence of events there you'd -- stop it right there. And so it direct game backed up they get the ball and drive the link to the field and score. And then turnaround with an onside kick so in about eight minutes. All of a sudden that game -- shall be in. One of which. It is going to be. -- start that although it didn't start off well. You responded well you know I think in Atlanta you. If you remember that the way that game started we were straight out defense league a long drive for a touchdown but then we responded. With the big drive and score ourselves so. Look there's this -- different than in years past this is different group each year it's going to be different we're -- a lot of spots it and that's all the provide that leadership. In their cup so it's necessary to to play well. In in different environment than just being poems so. I think the turnovers. Obviously yours that our third down defense. Curtis we gave up too many big plays speed along on. One touchdown reception. On our sideline where. They were reduced in number of things then then factor in. You know were struggling just just -- reputable you know those shall bring to this point in the year. You know you you looked -- -- and in all of a sudden get big game like that and you know how these games are a lot of these players have no idea. The type of environment that potentially still awaits them beat you in the postseason so. You know we can't. As coaches and players we we can't take anything program reduces. There's this young team that we got appeal on we've got it to be -- with that in. Picture one more accountable to the teammates -- everywhere in this spring's -- ago you know that the same vested interest that they have a successful season. But yesterday we we we did some things to keep you from what. Al you know coach I notice that that frustrate itself when it particularly even Rob Ryan. You know a complete game team effort worry night getting it done you've said that all that the defense and special teams but to me. Because I thought maybe. We were more -- this today kind of turned a corner -- what I mean by is that miss tackles. It just the bad angles and looking at the defense. This nine tackles I believe yesterday thousands agonized total of this season considering in the Jets game and as well. In the end that's that thing on the season we -- 44 tackles in the role only 26 at home. And I thought I'll probably be the worst defense. Play at this season on that one play. 31 yard flat rock to hard -- mean. I mean I know you don't want anybody in ahead -- you gotta tackle UK pushed the one on about you gotta get him down. And and I thought that was very discouraged because I know. Malcolm -- can't that they coach better than that -- -- Corey white. We're just look at it to me it was a lot of bad angles and this tackle like we've seen in that Jets game. Well in generally what you see -- team. That that tackles well generally you're given eleven of the ball I think the one thing that was noticeable. Yesterday words. What we were doing that you know we we didn't. When when you play with eleven to the ball -- angles become reduced. They're not -- glaring and there were too many snaps yesterday we. But the upper we expected. In it and you're certainly not the effort you need to. -- -- -- -- -- To play good defense and then don't put the film on and you watched. Saint Louis and watched them pursue him in place and do certain things. And in -- not really finished there were number steps today that were just urging him that. You know you're watching the snap and special teams to watch the snap offensively and yeah and a watch a lot of guys stand around waiting for someone else to make a play him in. I don't get to -- that's got to be something we address and get corrected. That's Saints coach Sean Payton would continue more review of the Saints in the game with the Rams have a big one coming up Sunday at UFC south showdown. With the lead and perhaps more on the line in the UFC play all pitcher this that the coaches show on a New Orleans Saints radio network. And welcome back to the coaches show all the New Orleans Saints radio network recapping yesterday's 4716 loss to the St. Louis Rams visit with Saints coach Sean Payton. Coach -- about yesterday about an hour talk evidently got a couple of calls about different things and someone. It's something balance them maybe taking Saint Louis likely Allen back that you and I pregame interview us and I -- -- that was the case at all because he talked about how hard his team they play these -- against. A some of the best teams in the division leaders you saw what they did that against Chicago was how to do it against Indianapolis when they play well we talked about the youth -- I'm one of the younger teams that really has a bright future so. Saint Louis clearly had to say that it -- and I don't think this wasn't the case that though we took his team like. Let's and I. We look at everything -- so you don't discount anything but I think our players -- enough you know two weeks prior -- gain get Chicago. Really -- much same way within the first twelve minutes they were at that point 17 against the Bears. Obviously beat Indianapolis -- they've played Seattle down to the final possession. The perceive that they should the production they they see. All week long with Phil looked spoken to replace him you know the way they're very good football they're kicking game. So I think the preparation. -- in him what the players were expecting. That they certainly understood and appreciated. Be that the caliber of Saint Louis and understood -- -- worker was what was. But again that the concerning thing for me was just our. It was our energy our effort there and like to -- -- and such open moral part on this week. And I think there any player in on this roster this week certainly understand the importance of a game like this now we -- we're a year. Everything on the line. And played a real good football team that we just -- two weeks ago. Now our coach Bennett -- get to be frustrated and in this department considering that we've been -- least penalized teams. In the NFL. You look at the Rams. Brent as we came into the game with 74 penalties the Rams had a hundred. But in the game in and -- with eight penalties and 77 yards. And I know I think we we've talked about this nine penalties or somewhere nearer to yards. That's on the EK -- himself in the foot particularly. When you're trying to get momentum. I get a touchdown in the first half but it doesn't count because you have a penalty in. But with that just on the navy players. Which is overwhelming at times in and that's why they were penalized because I'm oh that's on the you don't accept. Well you -- you'd there're -- couple different type penalties you know -- -- -- beat you look at coach real closely. Certainly the players' accountability. To their teammates to the team. You know virtual -- the end of the plays of acceptable. You know there's there's a couple of holding calls and there. What. You're you're you're right we've we pointed out all week long we look closely it's just alleges you know in in third down we felt like we had an edge. Red zone -- and penalties clearly what was an area that we talked about it and especially a game like that make sure we have a walk -- because -- too much at stake. All of those things that if you watched the game you would have guessed that the statistic sported the other way around. Now you know coach because you know it could be meaningful situation and obviously. You kind of take the grand out of the third thing is -- give the type of field goal attempt. And obviously different trajectory on a ball when you kick and -- party five plus or forty yards or more. That the ball hit the come out lower but when you close the ring and it's almost like a glorified field goal. To me when you look at the film. What happened went off hardly miss gates because really. You should never get blocked considering it's at 36 and a 26 yarder and the Rams were able to get their hands -- that and the like the case. Bill the first one who comes out low and -- guy in the a gap jumps up and it's that your your right. Predictions were that you might expect Specter attempted a 57 yard field goal the circle and we just pulled or left. You know that that's. You know it's just supporting put yourself maybe in a position bright at the end of the game to come back you future shall. Score. Where you're gonna settle and for. What is that you will turn -- onside kick again and you know those those there. Those are basic fundamental things that you have to Duke you're gonna have success. It's been in Q you Q aspire to win the division or spark to put yourself. In the postseason you know good teams don't let that -- told. But it both in both cases the trajectory was -- the second the second this was a -- that it wasn't it wasn't hit the first -- was it. With a low trajectory. Will come back you can earmark some recycling -- -- question for coach Sean Payton to get his thoughts coming up on Sundays matchup with the Carolina Panthers as the coaches show all the New Orleans Saints radio network and welcome back to the -- show on a New Orleans Saints radio network it's time now for you Ian mark coach's questions EM all recycling. Recycling to create. Better resource to create resource has coached this one comes from Bob in -- he says coach with the success you've had against Carolina. What will you do a lot differently. And what -- successfully. We try. Regulate this week against the -- Well I think just look at the tape here. Third down what it was a big statistic portion that last game and I think the other thing that was an important. Part of it being -- protecting quarterback on our side and then. Being able to hurry. Their quarterback -- I think the same -- broke while often times a quarterback under directions between its gonna have more turnovers. That happened to which yesterday. So being able to affect that watched -- Which is difficult for a player like Kim Newton and that also being able protect drew when we get -- -- whether it's third down on early downs so. Those are some things that I knew I know -- major goal trust in the last game. And just watching tape now. Of that game and watch and -- game yesterday against the Jets will go back true. You know it -- again it was just. -- two weeks ago so all of those things are going to be important. If you have questions for coach page email them to have you here masa recycling coaches questions of who -- nation at Saints radio network dot com Ian Moss southerners cycling to create. Resources -- Yeah a court -- you bring up. And I think is crucial when you look at third down offense to defense and red zone efficiency. I mean you can look -- tale of two gain so to speak. What do card against Carolina first time we played knew what happened in the Rams game and when I was so impressed with. What we did on third down and in the red -- considering. Carolina it was pretty -- and is still our third down deep in third down offense and in the red zone defense where we you look at the game. We were able to go seven at 1250%. And then help them even though they got off to a great start on third down they ended up being six of fifteen. We do look at red zone efficiency. We end up being 45. That touchdown percentage and getting in and don't -- that obviously was not the case. Against the Rams though when you look at that we're only to have six. And I know that to be frustrating that you could remove with the ball it did you look at third down he couldn't do that stunning. I'm all the saint Thomas has prides himself in we've led the league while we amongst the best of these top five you you are in a row. We only five of fifteen. 33%. And they were seven of 1450%. If you pick is giving me those numbers and they'll tell me that team out of that well the state was seven of fourteen. On third down offense in the -- only five with fifty and he gets -- defense but obviously that was not the case of going forward -- Carolina. I think you look at the reds on a third down in the temple the game. And not you know excluding turnovers but that could be a big number when all's said and done. The I think you will. I think the numbers -- lead to Warner I think that there. The ability to. Curry the clock up the quarterback's read. Obviously benefits either team on third down. And then capitalize on those troops in the red area. Against a good defense like this and him holding. I think in the Carolina game our ability to hold them to those early field goals was important. Coach the Carolina Panthers coming up now you put the St. Louis Rams game behind you how how important is it this week this week of preparations for the big game. Well it's real important I think that you know you have a game just 282 weeks ago I think you look closely at some of the things you do well. Even even gonna win -- a lot of things that you watched that you are correct. And make sure that you don't repeat those mistakes so. I think we're gonna have to put a real good week of practice together and they get ready to play a team we goes going to be Hungary and excited they should be very. That pitcher obviously with everything and so on the line to both teams. Coach -- thank you so much for the time -- go look this week at Carolina. It's got.