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12-17 5:10am WWL 1st News w/Dave Cohen

Dec 17, 2013|

Dave talks about the identity of the person behind "tips for Jesus" and asks "what would you do if you won the lottery?".

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the seventeenth of December 2013. Mega millionaire Tuesday -- somebody that your name. You know what drives me crazy when I go out and ask people during his big jackpots you know what would you do if you -- -- most people say. I have my bills. He has like one of them -- automatic responses sites at some money aside for the future. I down. United I am at my new car. Not very few people always talk about -- ruined dreams during these big jackpot sure. Have actually figured out what they would do if they did win what what that dream it yeah I'm gonna build our house. -- island I don't know Iowa where -- yacht sank into death I mean. Very few people and I guess it's a defense mechanism because you don't wanna allow yourself to dream too big because and you may just be disappointed when -- Because the vast majority of us clearly will lose this effort to win 500 -- exact dollars. But to me it's an opportunity to really dream big I mean I would go crazy. I mean because yeah if you could spend all that money your -- and grandchildren and great grandchildren could spend all the money in the lifetime. In -- say you know decided to buy Jumbo jets and build skyscrapers. In us they doubt that they did that. In less they did that you couldn't spend so. Why not talk about doing things like taking a cruise around the world or buying an island for yourself or. -- similar crazy wild thing yeah the craziest thing you think. You might get made him a couple of homes so I'd you know I'd like. I'd like Carmel California -- might have a little getaway thing there and you know we're at Wendy's -- hang out with Clancy you know I knew -- -- here you'll surely yeah that's. Hello yeah our terrible I'm -- cheer -- up by four or five acres and counting all the various us maybe a little getaway in Europe somewhere you know -- and just tended -- If French Riviera maybe Devlin -- See that's that's those -- stuff I'm talking about the most people when we asked them. What would you do if you won the jackpot to really don't have any idea up and they -- always very much imperial Keolalai bills. Set aside some for my kids give some to charity embezzling and general answers we get and I think that's about as -- imaginative as most people get it down. May be later after they -- and they they get more creative I don't know I don't know when he asked him now your right very dangerous. I don't Jamie good big -- -- wonderful thing and yes. Pointed -- your own private little jets to give me a big dreams text -- 7873. Big ones and tell me what would you do. It was a big money. I like having that jet thing you know and reproduced. When you pick up the phone. LA and now the pilot ready you know those things are expensive I wanna get one on retainer because section of 51 through your talent and hundreds of millions. I mean he's dead those things are expensive I'll look it up in a minute okay what -- big. Private jet costs but that's that's a lot of money went into the helicopter. Helicopter would be nice -- I think maybe of a helicopter on your land and then you have. You know you have a contract. With charter where you can you know I don't need a plane gallon ready for their -- that -- -- Man and maybe I'll have a small -- those things usually costly 8090 million so maybe I do get a small -- was thrown out with the weather hello pat yes that's code to get on the chopper -- the dot. And then take off for the current -- The key whoever wanted to. Puerto -- I want Porter thank -- -- to touch him fifteen minutes mark let me tell -- -- -- dream away. How likely get a win especially if we don't play. But if you play and 100 day gonna hypnotic likely to -- very unlikely to win. But I can promise you that you're likely to get your forecast next and I and you'll wind sports with Steve Geller enterprise oriented talk coming up after this. On this not Monday morning we made it to Tuesday together folks seems lock arms and charged forward we can do just about anything we survived Monday. -- will be -- after the. So most sites where they sell. Jets online says call for price men pay yourself but the price there but a -- sources I've found say that if you want a -- thinking carrier family. You talk and somewhere between twenty and forty million to buy used ones so I -- maybe it's not that bad not a Jumbo jets obviously much much more bad. They -- maybe buying a private jet isn't out of the question the most sources X -- you're better off just you know getting a charter. One person to act made it 787 he says that I would by the saints' offensive line of Taiwan while there is this thing called the salary cap and there's not much you can do about that so. And those that would relieve the saints of their salary cap so they can you know offensive line to protect protect Drew Brees well I don't think even if you won the Mega Millions that you could do that because the NFL owners have these rules seat. That prohibit. Such a thing except a presence as a fake my death and just disappear. At a time big out -- when money bothered by everyone well no bother from -- meteorologist Laura -- give us your forecast. Mainly sunny skies this Tuesday with Temps around 63. Into the afternoon and tonight dipping down again 37 on north Philly. And 45 south Philly. Then milder attempts tomorrow to 65. Thursday a few clouds mixing in an even 10% chance for a shower. As high street 74. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed down. -- a little cold this morning on the South Shore and there's no wind at all but I didn't have any frost and my windshield like I did yesterday it's partly cloudy and 37 at the airport in -- Clearance 32 right at freezing at the National Weather Service office in Slidell lots blitzer reporting freezing 33 and Belle -- Also freezing in Baton Rouge new roads -- Lusa Hammond. Home on just -- it opposes reporting 32 degrees. Why should we think if you won the mega million jackpot. What's the wildest and craziest thing you do don't come like most people I would tell my character my. I'd pay off my bills are -- talking about having more money than any person can never spend real life. So that we can really go wild and do our right to be thinking about ahead in the meantime well today honors and stay in reality and talk about sports -- On Monday morning Tuesday morning -- with Steve Geller good morning. Good morning everyone and saints players and coaches have now moved on from the disappointing -- in Saint Louis. I must now focus on a road trip to Carolina with the division on the line here assignment reporter Kristian garic with a preview. No he's gone out for the same thing do exactly what's online Sunday when they travel to Charlotte tasty Carolina Panthers particularly Drew Brees and his teammates are well aware. We no place for it because I approved literature emissions permits usually. So I don't think -- -- better than that could be great challenge -- -- -- we understand our deficiencies. On the road here but bush. Troops. The center just three and four on a seasonally from New Orleans. Kristian garic. WWL sports Justin Tucker may have saved the ravens' season while. Six they want to know pain. -- -- -- -- Just didn't talk so. Tucker six field goal of the night it was a career long 61 yarder with thirty seconds left as Baltimore downed Detroit eighteen to sixteen. Eight and six ravens are still in control in the AFC's second and filed wildcard berth. And within one game of first place Cincinnati in the AFC north. Well the university of Louisiana -- arrived at town today ahead of their matchup against too late in the New Orleans Bowl on Saturday. Here's the big chief with the latest on that match out. Louisiana NBA coach -- -- says that to thank coach -- CJ Johnson has done a great job in turning away program around. Do you have your coach your address a lot of credit -- done a phenomenal job value we would hear any justice for either way they're seeing this rebound this year and just having a phenomenal year and so is going to be quite a contest or have our work it out. Bert Johnson and hope will lead their teams the battle Saturday night in the New Orleans Bowl Deke Bellavia WWL sports and all burns goes malls on the winner of the Eddie Robinson coach of the year award presented by the football writers association of America. Miles on has led the twelve and one tigers to the BCS national championship game in his first season after taking over a team that went three and nine in 2012. He's the third coach to win the award in his first season with the school. Today -- four on sports talk since 2006. The saints are three and four against the Panthers in Carolina for the blocking gold resolve their troubles and win on the road this week. At 930 you have a choice switch over to 87 the AMP here's scoop or listen to the pelicans. Battle the warriors down 1053. WWL FM I've Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. I've point three -- on Steve -- hanging out with you on this not Monday morning that's an electrical Tuesday just to highlight the fact that it's not money anymore and we've made our way into the -- when today is over. Are we will be 40% behind us -- Imagine if he gets saved 40% on a Christmas gift you do wouldn't it. Absolutely it's a Black Friday special that's right 40% of our week will be over by the end of today so that's a good thing ladies and gentlemen. We we already have tried to diagnosis saints troubles on the road and we realized we can't do it they don't even know what the problem as. When I talked about sending the saints to win on the road trouble support group but there is no such thing. So -- maybe put them on the couch and see if there's something going on their heads that keep them from playing to their potential when their away from the superdome. I don't think we have enough time for that so that all having been said do you think that there's anything they can do this week dimming drew said. We know what's on the line. It's an opportunity to win the division and the second seed in the play out -- essentially was on the line last week was an opportunity go to the plows and better your chances of winning that second seed. But it's really for all the marbles -- analysts as far as the saints are concerned. They don't -- lose the division if they -- discreet but they definitely will win it if they win. Can they can get it done in Carolina. I'll I salute the fact of the matter is at least with this opponent they're a little bit more familiar with film they've had some success over the Panthers in the past they dominated them. In the previous I'm actually this week bill the other previous week. And I just think you'll they'll be able to pull it together with the leadership did you have in the locker room drew also mention the fact that. They might have been over thinking things this past week going into Saint Louis so kind of simplifying it keep it simple stupid this week loosen up just kind of go with the -- get that swagger and clearly gay men c'mon admit they were -- saying it's exactly what -- the same. So what you are doing their -- -- it I think I'm gonna go on and probably. A year long maybe longer vacation all over the world the only places that look to visit. Which you know what I kinda wanna do the Winnebago things like -- I don't have to get like one of those luxury deals. Are you gonna tour bus. Yeah basically the big rock star Torbor they don't like -- our eyes and I did all the big things and I'd sure I'd be at the Super Bowl in -- rock star tour bus hug definitely was sporting events all the movie on the line item in every -- it's any big boxing events -- the Kentucky Derby. World Series Super -- you need now you -- you know I get on Iraq's Aristide gallery back -- 25 minutes of course -- here on WW out eyes unable or send me some decent ideas that I well. Share with you. -- -- text messages are phone calls coming up after this. Close your forecast has missed meteorologist Laura must tell one person wants to spend a million dollars for a night of wine and dancing with the miss meteorologist Laura but now. And then spend the rest of the time apologizing to his wife William -- to get her husband -- approvals first. The question for him. Response that person -- interrogate them or use your forecasted spree. For your Tuesday afternoon 63 degrees even a little warmer than yesterday with cool Temps and cold Temps overnight. Back down to 37 with some patchy frost on the North Shore and 45 south of the lake. Then partly cloudy on Wednesday and mild 65 degrees Thursday even warmer 74. Police so keep that 10% chance for a shower. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Margaret -- Guys -- now called freezing across much of the -- short and in the river parishes -- 32 vote elusive 32 bell chase 33 Slidell 32. The airport in -- thirty sevens are not quite freezing one person tech made 8787 he says. If I won a lottery -- spy sweet and Tiger Stadium section transferring things. I got high aspirations their bodies. -- as I would build a mansion compound in New Zealand for my family's that's what I'm talking about MI Stanley would have at least one compound where we can I'll just go crazy and up on all the time. -- -- -- That's kind of the idea and all that land they got it could be a little more extravagant. I'm Margaret thanks coming up after the news conferences that I spent half of the money I want online women and alcohol and the rest I'd spend foolishly. Click the button. -- prison says they would. Having hostile takeover of Hugh Hefner is empires. Now you're -- 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on the seventeenth of December 2013. It's Tuesday he had -- -- -- congratulations. Yes it's your Monday and and we -- arrived Tuesday today's -- mate mark 40% of the work week behind us. I -- some Christmas shopping last night I'll attack we're -- and out of time yeah well I've fulfilled all four things on my waist Christmas list I don't know I've I've done well or things that's a chance for I got a -- and you got into a sound. I did well but and I define the surprise ones -- -- task force. Com or down on that the diplomats enemies and get text messages I'm guessing you haven't little Christmas shopping it all in all worlds on. Wait a minute you do usually -- on Christmas Eve we we're all done. I completely done Weis done I'm done what was songs -- outgunned all of what was her what came over you -- I don't know just UG when did you do it. On over the last month herself. It's all done. And I usually -- It is a new lease payments aren't known far and -- drugstore. I under you are non Christians say you did here I think you're your dream was to buy a personal shopper viewers lottery so you never do that apparently. One person Texan it's only it's Eminem would by about 3000 acres of land and -- a massive log cabin right in the middle and despair super -- I want to -- is I'd retire here. About ten of my closest friends and family members say they -- night thanking you paid them to do is coming out with -- sure because quote you can't enjoy that kind of windfall without them. There you -- -- says every day would be a vacation after that are here is a big camera I would put air conditioning and camp out and little it sure. That if you do if you air conditioning million dollars camp in little boy yeah okay now how much you buy a new camp about that yeah yeah yeah like -- -- -- hunting Blige Griffin with a bonus Lance under NATO soldier lives helicopter everything out Aaron. And those says I've never been fired if I want I would do it takes to get fired and I if I hit the lottery I'd bring MacKenzie bakery back. Those -- side by a strip club. Okay and nothing that I thought I think I -- -- -- Herremans what he meant knows that I would record your show and sleep in every day that's your big dream I'll have to record this year we do it for you it's podcast that evidence could turn out there Florio automatically. -- she's so these -- people's big dreams if they win the 586 million dollars speaking of big dreamers. You've heard about this person who's been gone on given big tips yeah and bars and restaurants being on the server. Well he's been hanging out New York lately. And he he had he has a little stamp when he puts on the receipt after he gives a 10% I mean that 10% who thought I thought. The 100000%. Of what every motorist it out built -- as much as 101000 dollars on Bill Clinton talks and reach the -- -- a hundred times the bills when he does. Anyway -- some some waiter in New York who got. One of those thousand dollar tents out the guy went online any man that's -- and really Sandy's cell beat a former PayPal vice president. And I was afraid after that might now see this has been trying to be anonymous do on this great thing given people all this money -- -- many -- And here's some waiter who gets a thousand dollar -- feels it necessary to go and -- the guys this result but the with the founder of PayPal -- the former vice president went outside and off our rights but here's the good news since he's been out and he has not stopped the tips have continued because skills given going around give a 5000 dollar got a tip in Connecticut. So it has to seven. Relative in another place so the good news is that even though he's no longer truly anonymous. He's not gonna stop he apparently is an activist there you go that's the goodness thank you David we'll talk to about twenty minutes more for days Chris noted that talking with people about what they would deal. If they wandered -- huge Mega Millions are real High -- he'll be with us coming up in twenty minutes as well here on WW now. Oh god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecasters say Derrick. Our name -- -- meteorologist Laura but now. All those today not to mind hanging. Hawaii down. -- yeah you know it's cold this morning it. But it's no frost and thank. I don't north of the lake -- -- well we have coming and we haven't gotten a single one yet even though it is freezing north of -- 37 -- pleasant matter yes it was 39 and I had frost days 37 and I don't. I don't -- okay well there are other factors I know the distance. Yet right right we have high pressure right over the area and that's keeping winds very calm so. That's why we're -- see a lot of cloud cover around the area at and with these cold temperatures were quickly going to be warming up as we get into the weekend. Right fair enough so we start out at. Freezing him home of freezing in -- freezing in Hammond yes 37 at the airport how warmed we get today. We get to that 63 today that's cheap cheap and complex 6063 Newsnight -- -- Now seventy is perfect from day in Aggie dad into work close to bad bite first you have to about seventy fours who are working that way tomorrow 65. Thursday 74 and then we stay in the mid seventies through Sunday before we cool back down Monday behind the next. Front so it was a slow roller coaster ride where they were getting to a -- on the low -- my -- yeah -- slightly -- and then we'll take a -- over the weekend. Exactly yeah all right -- look forward to that if you won the Mega Millions 586 million and climbing. What what big crazy while you would you you felt. Think it's a kind of saying it could be up to a billion dollars to fit their -- when's the next next year a couple of they don't even know like census money I don't even know. I don't even know how to you know at some wild -- stream of something you did. Now Sam I am by and I compound from me in my family are you an. All I'm doing baptized yet -- I'm I'm I'm taking the money and run and nobody's gonna see me again okay the entire head now but you can still enjoy that money. But I've sent up right compound for the family out here you're just gonna move around all the time and again and yet I don't want any kids you know all kind of people quotes family come out award work when that happened. And here's some horror stories that. I don't hate people attention my case -- Dawson bell chain and -- wherever frost and big on long Kanye you know -- -- -- -- CI America that don't have a frost and a wrong measure fraud and frost and -- and trust in -- -- how -- feeling frost and all Albania all yeah. There's a lot of trust on Dinara frost and -- down OK in front of Slidell laying eggs processed -- as you get the idea Dave I think I got the okay. I here's another one yes yes yes they'd be pretty red flower that everyone puts out during Christmas time. -- icu where are we on what do you call that okay. The person you call yes personally I call it a point sat see that's what I've always thought in my whole life appoints SATA. Is equally correct to say point said he well it's one of those things that she can say -- that we looked at believed me because air Paulson and pass to call it points that via. And that he wants to act like he you know he's right -- rails is wrong well I -- to doctor I. I was under the expert who yes who both brings plant information to the WTO radio and -- -- yes yeah television -- -- -- host a show here every Saturday he's a regular on the -- -- this morning news and he says. -- usually they were cut -- -- is in the old days and then as time went by. We now use these beautiful pond in poinsettias are on decorations. Points said he is what -- that that is that is the way to say but it is also equally allocated -- to save points I believe we have looked as -- if it's just like when you say short lived diversity shorten lives it's technically sort lives but he said that as that nobody says people who say that while he's -- on that I'm smarter than -- Right right it was one of those with those phrases or words that over the years has kind of formed and says this other pronunciation and you can say either way big yes points said he out or points -- -- -- either one is OK yes we are looking up. In the dictionary they give to. Pronunciation well clear that you only heard was my setup but recently everywhere and that -- that did that day and killed called it the the official term because he's like official guy here. -- points ideas official points that is acceptable -- exact we got it now yes thank her dilemma that alternate pronunciation. Heartburn yeah a the man will share this with you one person -- -- able to dream big about what they would do if they won the jackpot -- one person would like to go on a date with you say well. I'll tell you that deputy your husband did play along you know what he'd be OK with that as well Jose says they I have to think that's in my friendship. -- -- -- that -- -- guy kidding now that's sweet I appreciate it thank. I have to get more than Laura but now live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecast senate score on us on point seven vs points setting yet. Someone has texted me at 8787 needed Tammy that. Banco -- And -- -- okay so must be a small men between Madison on content to a understand -- tent -- lines as another person so two different locations what's the pronounce it. Announcer -- -- -- aboard the pronunciation announcers what I meant to say it will -- -- and that after this. So I guess about literally 100 text messages a day 787 and how to pronounce the name of -- town. And I've gotten three distinct difference -- -- -- a beating terrorism most common one but some people say it's been -- now another says the -- So there you go either way it's apparently between punch to. And Madison they'll never -- seems to agree on that but the pronunciation. Is all the places to their big ego but Darko or beat Erica. I don't know I do know it's -- -- sports. It's a good morning welcome back. Good morning and it's sort of battle looked -- ten for ball close to the NFC south on the line Sunday in Carolina. As the saints look to sweep their season series against the Panthers here's sideline reporter Kristian garic with the latest on the saints on the road once again this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. The black Angela struggled on the road this season so the question is why quarterback Drew Brees explains. They are they show respect to future thanks -- may be over complications. The saints beat the Panthers back on this embrace -- Mercedes-Benz superdome and go for the sweep this Sunday Charlotte crushing Garrick. WWL sports but Baltimore Ravens eked out an eighteen to sixteen victory over the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football Justin Tucker drilled 861 yard field goal with 38 seconds left to play to lift the ravens to victory and then eight and six record. Baltimore's now just one game behind the Bengals in the AFC north. Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan says that he has no plans to resign with one season left on his five year 35 million dollar contract. -- and says that it's accurate that he doesn't plan to quit after what will be his third losing season in four years at 311 Redskins have lost six straight. Bears cornerback Charles Tillman will miss the remainder of the season because of -- torn right triceps. He was injured on November 10 and it's what is hoping that he come back to the club. The coach mark Pressman says that just won't have been. And the raging cajun arrived in town today ahead of Saturday's contest but against the green wave in the New Orleans Bowl is the big chief with more on that. It's a game gets close in proximity from the campus is a new owners of the Tulane green wave. Any NF he had for the raging cajun style changes go to my husband says this is a good instate rivalry between the wave -- -- kids. Think I'm truly instate opponent Serb planes don't draw a lot of interest rate interest and so. They should be exciting a lot of phone with a -- Teed off exit 8 PM Saturday night in the Mercedes-Benz superdome Deke Bellavia WWO sports today have four on sports talk since 2006. The saints are three and four against the Panthers in Carolina. What looked -- -- gold resolve their troubles and win on the road this week. Then at 930 you have a choice switch over to 87 the AMD here's scooter or listen to the pelicans battle the warriors a 1053 WWL left them. Hi Steve Geller that your early morning look at sports. I think you gave up on Steve Geller with you on your radio and she's saints Panthers this is it -- this is the game. If the saints can't get psyched up and ready to play for this one. Then you do got to wonder if they have any -- really make enough playoff run in and run to the simple. Yeah and of course you know Carolina -- -- do and over again really humiliated in prime time in the superdome so they're gonna be out gonna for the saints as well they've done. Numb they've done well against the saints in the past like a census 20063. And four at home against the bill. Three and four against the saints of the saints are three of course. -- -- Carolina that they Carolina's one for the Santa won three of the games in Carolina right side so that's the situation there -- -- Not an easy task but when you hope that the saints can get excited I think NBC's probably regretting that they flex the last game between mr. James definitely. Instead of this one although I'm happy I prefer the new pickles. I'll tell you what Vegas is saying. Carolina by three or three and a half running and which casino you can use to give -- money while south Carolina's favorite in this and but -- close. Yeah you gotta figure every team that's the home team usually get that two points three points because they are the home squad. I just I wouldn't bet against the saints this week -- scare me because they're coming in with a big chip on their shoulder they think the same swagger may be the difference maker in this one I hope you're right thank you Steve we'll let you. Put on you Steve swagger again about fifteen minutes more sports here on WW well AMR famine that -- I don't want you -- -- as -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 586 million dollar mega million -- What do you do when really big with the money some people -- they gonna give to charity they're gonna pay off bills for elderly people who are behind on their electric bills look nice. Tomorrow's gonna go to a store and pay off every one play away so when they show up to pay it off -- -- paid out that his pick up against now that secrets and I like that. I did he just won the 586 million dollar jackpot -- when you don't demise of the biggest craziest. Wildest thing. The first thing and doing is sitting down and carefully. Come. Planning out of future planning -- does charitable contribution there more. Al Gore. Taking it to Vegas and put it all -- one that's been on the roulette wheel my friend applicable -- -- Yes and I -- -- thanks -- -- that's what good rugged Kipling said if you didn't place at all 11 spin the wheel and lose it all. And yet not be changed -- bonehead that. We talk about the saints.