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12-17 6:40am WWL 1st News w/Tommy Tucker: Saints

Dec 17, 2013|

Tommy talks to Washington Times NFL Writer David Elfin about the Saints upcoming test against the Carolina Panthers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker 640 -- well before seven talking about the saints in the road problems and was gonna happen this Sunday when they take on Carolina. There and their innings on line -- did just well -- -- -- some other scenarios the bottom line if the saints beat Carolina they wrap up the second seed. And they also win the NFC south and and maybe link you fielded better they got to go. On the road to play the NFC championship and -- Seattle gets bounced from the playoffs and they went in the divisional round argument saints. As is gonna happen. And I get a text here's a pretty jaguar opinion poll asks -- the saints' struggles on the road a problem of heart. Head or distraction. And attacks comes in and says I think the heart of the distraction is in their heads somehow the black cloud of we cannot win on the road is causing the distraction we always like to go outside to get -- an objective opinion on this and and David Nelson joins us right now Washington times as the NFL writer morning David. I'm doing good you must take a tremendous amount of grief over your name at this time a year. I know I don't remember Bobby don't talk about Robert Griffin here now that you are. We do what is the deal and before we get to the saints what is going on Ayers he run in a franchise. What he should be returning quarterback what. Don't know unless he went to take the rest of the season off not -- thanks competitive that -- got to tell me about the saints will -- think their road problems are all about this year when you go look at Seattle. Never in -- they look pretty wide -- to Meehan and Saint Louis would like they didn't care. Well that's an analyst on the shocker this Seattle margins to shocker but did they go out there you know to seamlessly if he's not -- -- -- now can look back at you know. Big victory ever over the Panthers and Tom take that you know. In the maintain the lead in the division and then. Looking forward to Carolina two weeks later hoops to get their hands in between him and got caught by. In Iran does not been a great road team Gurney -- -- -- -- better and they ordered from other -- but they're not mean they're known as. Yes driving in the doll the -- and all the noise index that are better. So they've got their struggles -- the years which I think the bigger concern if you look at the big picture over the last seven games -- games I believe it is. Offense has not -- deal deal five of the last eight games they scored I believe twenty points -- pure and I -- chomping Drew Brees and company. Yeah I -- strained because last year's manages the opposite the defense is -- -- offense lightening up. How -- happening this Sunday in Carolina. Well you know pandering target downpayment has pointed they keep winning but you wonder how because they just don't -- that they have. The greatest personalities missed it nine years Daniel -- is even you know as little banged up over time in. You know -- can Camden and do this by himself that they keep making the place seems sort of like that that team of destiny and a way to change -- when when challenger first got there. Yet I opening round is a better football team if if the defense held at the end of the bargain you know if I cannot believe that this offense is good discourse seven point against the Seahawks. Sixteen against the rams -- you know what another stinker out in Carolina. I Ron Rivera was on the verge of getting fired in September. Champagne is not on the verge of ever getting fired. I like more homes. Like delays added David had a very happy holiday season we appreciate your time and thank a little quickly RG three. Do you think it's a bad decision for him -- applies to both sides of it where he's a future and he was hurt and they -- is nothing else to win four but I also see the ticket. Holders didn't pay to see the back up any other thing is that with missing training camp the army camp this seasoning can't hurting -- Yeah idea I think it's strange decision it's part of -- power -- -- chance Snyder told those are typical redskin. Garbage it's gone on here meet their other quarterbacks -- -- Stuck here in the -- record over eighty. You know Eli Manning explained pretty giant that we -- -- family won two -- alternate and Anthony's surgeries that. You know what he's done professionally while just down your left apple in your right hand and everybody else I just don't think it makes sense. Thank Ken -- idiot doctors mourn and it Nike guy at 651 coming on. Thanks honey. The town is it honey. 16528. Before seven. David has a comedy it's made about the saints and we come back right now time for -- traffic. And for that Leo -- Robinson he called me honey.

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