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12-17 8:15am WWL 1st News w/Tommy Tucker: causeway

Dec 17, 2013|

Tommy talks to Head of the Causeway Commission Carlton Dufrechou about how to keep drivers out of the lake.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker 818 seems like more than ever before cars. Vehicles trucks a lot of them seem to be going into the lake and causeway commission -- decided to have funded study 200000 dollars I understand that the see what can be improved to keep that from happening Carlton do for -- a friend of dollars -- is right now and the -- commission. Morning Carleton -- -- Aircraft they use there and I'm doing fine. Let me address -- offers because I think if I don't nobody's listening anything else you have to say. It. Why Texas and a M and not -- on a university or school here in the -- I would I would do it is a native of of New Orleans. They graduate of two -- engineering that I guess -- illegitimate because there's no engineering school to line anymore. We look to your legacy legitimately. Well. And the -- All -- look for the best of the best and unfortunately. I used much is designed -- -- -- strong. Advocate of this city state and even at that school up the -- on the initial ballot issue. The best catcher traffic particularly impacted engineering war Texas and now they are that the the recognized experts in the country and it actually. There will be they are the only place we know Tommy that actually has an abstract than apple airport that they build test rails. And they slam vehicles into the Israel's seniors not things that can compare to law to their their stuff -- word amnesty in the State's actually in the in the world. And I just wanted to dance beat using anti. Along lied taxes and it my taxes and -- and they when he which also. Love the technology you owe anybody here I'd so tell me about. The prevalence or increase in vehicles gone over the the railing and in the only gonna cause one. And it's there's two ways about it it's they're being. Can't in the past forty years we truly along have been with which you know it's enough for years we've been five in the four years I've been -- Are those fought unfortunate to protect all these rate policy through the folks that went overboard but is this just. Just what appears to be opinion and remember Tom -- functional on common sense and try to eat the people noticed a lot better than me around me but. -- appears to be happening at least on the causeway is that well because it was designed to recuperate which you know insult umbrage it was designed it before completed 56. -- -- preponderance of vehicles and world war automobiles these -- -- -- the Detroit aren't there at Lowe's or gravity. And they were going. One million miles an hour but there are a million miles an hour now particularly in. The nineties. -- nineties two thousands. We're seeing which they're all over the country to the small trucks to personal achieve peace. They get higher center of gravity and they are actually design these pickup trucks to -- -- stopped. And what happened to me it occurred they have a much better probability of actually climbing up purple barrier. In going over it. All the vehicles that have gone over that the majority are all the small suvs pickups. Are there are. They'll just give -- the senior open to automobiles that they were resulted in taxpayers are impacting traffic accidents and were actually. Shot over the rails. These structures -- all about creating lots is nothing more precious in life and I was like -- on so people -- loss to. You know patrol and that means that I don't mean that everybody that works out there -- not about keeping -- commuters facing him back and forth across the bridge timely and we can do everything we can't figure a way to law to. Redundancies. Stats. Let's talk about it when we come back Carlton and also talk about guard rails and heights and those kind of things out on as opposed northbound. And I'm not advising you do this at all OK but I think -- be interesting. To see if there were no rails on the causeway and all of people would be texting or talking on a clone horse -- I guarantee. Everybody be paying attention to what they were doing. We got a port. No and on and I don't know I had an advise you do it and as saying it'd be interesting if it did it yeah. Carlton do for show I guess the head guys the head of the cosmic commission. I'm uniting the big chatter is that what you technical title was talking about study to find out how to keep vehicles from -- and only want to drink. And there is a difference statistically Carlton is they're not between north and southbound. The -- bomb bridges. In completed 69 it's basically did designs -- date. -- umbrage at the top of the concrete rail barriers that we fought from the road -- in new. Handrail which conditioned eleven inches below rail on top of the north umbrage to top of the concrete. 31 inches so there's a six -- difference between the two. In law umbrage with admiral Boortz says that a little bit differently concrete. That vertical face seemed to make all the difference in the war -- -- programs. That's a bottom in the deep contempt what we're trying to do Tommy's just don't try to -- -- contemporary standards and new -- throughout the country more like 3036. Which is thought. So that's actionable just try to keep. It that additional vertical -- on the Sony just and so -- and northbound bridge to war negated the folks right now south. In nine in around about -- guard rails and people would pay a lot more attention but. You think there's something about the cause we itself where they think people forget that they drive and over water because it's not too long drive and. Tortuous about it it's -- -- -- -- -- on spiritual world in the world and it's it's all -- can become -- at times. It particularly with the chamber and that means the the plot in south bomb bridges is war. Prevalent in an all around -- it was a year earlier design and otters are actually -- that the. The bottom line is that. Think he started to look to it before although getting attention. The almost all of the institute -- the -- that we've been able deep grief they were distracted. For one person reach for cell -- But no one -- To get beat date. And. It is it's how you act the European paying attention keep in the distance between union vehicle at a. Situation where we're going on around you in good -- And in that obviously. Prestige and commuters would get twelve million transits. A year -- religion portion -- -- three -- which this year -- between one and four million. Witches. Is unacceptable. -- -- way way up there you know. We have we all see it Carlton and CIA I don't approve of texting while you drive at any point that. You know you -- on the shoulders something that's one thing you wind up on -- neutral ground it's something but to go on a lake. People do and how or why they do literally -- You don't work that's occurring within the bridge I mean there isn't that it's not like on the expressway interstate that you got a big shall -- there. -- well then what can get back on the road trip app thinking -- bridge opinion. You could be pushed to the other well he's got -- -- almost immediately -- properly. So that's why it's so critical to do is simply the -- drive in. Aren't certain uses cellphone people I receive calls it won't -- -- all -- all. In texting is just is that. -- worse and -- -- -- how easy it is crazy exporting I don't need yourself at risk what. It's putting others at risk and that's what it's really tragic of the folks that are out there. It's it's a wrong thing to do it injuries and people particulate. -- GTG. Going in the late now that's what the text would say thank you -- development happens. Are there any things take time I will take your free suggestions we come back to -- any ideas. I'm -- what you could do to make the cause way more safe or is there any way really. They can make anybody completely safe songs people are not paying attention -- drive across the causeway. 260187803866889087. He we will also continue. But there are ready jaguar opinion polar of the saints' struggles on the road a problem of heart. Head or distraction and with that giant mega million jackpot that David Blake's he would tell you about the moment. Would you really want to win. Would it be a blessing or curse and do you think it would change who you are. -- changing for the better. Or for the worse -- tell you threes stories about the people it. Didn't do so well the money in a one that did and -- when he texted and answered did you notice the one -- -- was a woman. None -- that's done in India -- enough.

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