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12-17 9:10am WWL 1st News w/Tommy Tucker: Saints

Dec 17, 2013|

Tommy talks with WWL listeners about the Saints and winning the lottery.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I thank you David got life going on here -- him in -- the 9 o'clock crowd the 9 o'clock ceding that we have. And I here's -- things you can talk about it pretty jaguar opinion apple we'd love to hear from -- at -- 60187. Needle free 866. 88908. Setting a giant game coming up for the saints. In Carolina one of the bigger ones that they played in their history this is to wrap up the second seed and clinched the NFC south -- the saints' struggles on the road a problem of heart. Head or simple distraction. And as it stands now 60% say had a 20% say hearts when he percent distraction. And do you think the saints are intimidated when they go on the road or teams -- and men and punch him in the mouth early and they can't recover from that. And that's the case how do you fix it. Is out of being coach courage and I'm not saying the saints don't have courage. And is asking you what you think is a problem. Mega Millions jackpot tonight could be 700 million will talk about the odds on that and Tom you think money would buy you happiness. Do you think it would eliminate the problems you have or exaggerate the ones that you already have -- -- what would you do. Have you given any thought the other thing is. Cause we commissions and an almost a 100000 dollars for ideas -- vehicles. Out of lake in what would you free suggestion be where -- result of the troubles stem from an. Along those lines new surveys out saying of all fifty states we have the absolute worst drivers. He really think we're that bad. And if we are what are some of the things that you see as you drive around and make you say. Here they're dead on accurate we are the worst drivers. Sure Ellen Metairie I mean Russia earlier but we have the news coming up so you tell us lady she needs to hang up the phone and talk to -- four kids. Or at least pay attention to assume you're not moving at this point you're stopped. Now. I don't drop in neck her and I thought well it's been going up a lot older. She and her now she will not below that call. She looked at them and again I'm not cheap. But I'm older I was so there. I look and acting -- And equipment out. And I -- my. My all the right because those children. -- in the call and one -- you can actually. Single. And an open campaign -- -- -- And try to inflate and has been -- Even on the continent not do with how I live. At the thought if you are in contention. So what are you going. Out and it should be a problem that the medical like I'm in Egypt. So you you blow the horn what happens after that. You mean you get mad at him not like thing. Stop and look at your children drop out are you need to drop treat gambling -- the anger but when you bought. And Muslim. Dot com. But we'll -- sure I'll let me ask because I know a lot of people think in this. -- you've been doing now while you were drive and over the causeway Il Wendy I'll sign language about not battled that discussion. That what about couldn't come and gone out the trip up all the things. And -- I'm going bankrupt and not one. It would not cause that part of it was really like -- -- at night it wasn't like that -- -- fine. Because. And much -- but the point one. Except these except for you next to her. Lone man. You that I don't about it. To that point I'm. Sure that I don't know who won all the. Hey I'm real quickly and in terms of Mega Millions -- -- -- -- -- nine a share down a little would you do if you won. Well I want. China open up the -- -- an argument that he could help. We have a lot of children can eat that has no place to live. On a hike on the -- that but it -- or. -- -- content that has no -- optical not randomly you have a lot of family. Mother and father on -- present somebody's kids have been taken away under a lot anyway. I think that's increasing thank you for the call and watching on the trying to preach here but I'd watch the if somebody's already distracted get no more distracted and are you trying to do good but. My daddy used to say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and sometimes you don't want the road to Italy to be paved with good intentions. The -- -- what charity would you help. If you win the Mega Millions tonight -- charity is close to your heart that you would help who would you wanna say finally you know what. I'm gonna do my part to put a lot of money behind this and try to help people that are really struggling that a lot of times. People don't realize that this struggle is going on. And I would love to my own self personally have some kind of committee -- some kinda. Clearinghouse to find people that are working as hard as they possibly can. That have not chosen to get assistance that have a hard time. Make in the ends meet those parents organs art is they can't I would love to find people like that. And make it easier for them but with some kind of her visa that he hinges quit working got a -- -- but here's a little. Little help seem not to worry quite as much -- may mid city hi ya gotta WL thanks for calling morning. I think it would have been an eagle putt on you know. What I couldn't hear. I don't think I think just based on what I'm saying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Morning guys. Well it's it's not paying on T six a winning several free hang on 8668890870. Who do you think. Are the worst offenders when it comes to texting while driving. I gotta tell you it seems like. You see a lot of women texting but then again you don't know if that's what -- -- -- four and maybe you ignore the men that are doing I don't know will. So I'm -- it is everybody who's who's fair you know. So there's just been my observation with them publicly that the numbers of people who are actually -- -- -- being seen Beatles just seemed to be more engaged. Even Indians -- -- guys. Tiger available conversation and New York's second panel if it takes me five minutes. I can -- in five minutes the whole point more complex tried to expect support quick response and somebody. I hate that people attached you -- no you're driving. Well they don't know you drive in Britain if you response sometimes they do they know it's likely you know you on your way -- -- this -- that the other thing Indian attacks and you're right I think it is your responsibilities and too bad. According Mega Millions and happiness one. I think money facilitates. Your being able to do things that you would really want to do in terms of helping people. Alleviating community -- also planning to problems that you may have been in the entity would facilitate. Healing your dreams. But I think happiness. One is a choice. Where you eat what you can't change immediately conditions are accurate and being content indium until does he want to move you to another place. But wisdom. Also helps with that happiness because replied no it. Albeit -- auto parts are really get into something that I should not have gotten into wisdom. Applied. Consistently chose this just before it is completely you know we have all these issues is critical -- the situation. I think that your life would be pretty empty. And maybe at first it would be nice but I think elect would feel pretty empty after awhile you would find yourself saying I got. 500 million dollars the -- -- -- -- one I delivered what went in my accomplish human -- help and. I don't think so it'd be -- appears -- like you know I'm glad to be extremely useful I think seed and -- -- no no no you've got to know him well. I think at some point -- -- where you ward you know spiritually whatever you know who she walked in who you -- a detective for the view. Would you tell anybody. Definitely will mostly folks already -- but any charities that I mean you know I do. A lot with with what I do with it would -- an issue with the circled around me. You know these difficult days a lot of slope is so popular come you know what I am blessed blessed and I just pull myself to be aggressive on the. And lady told chuck Merry Christmas happy new -- things about the saints. And again. That the you know what we are who we are in easily could have easily he would remain open it -- business. Although you know well it'll be a quick what -- -- -- Be a great sign him up. Men out and handle your business and thank you -- -- cult or take a break when we come back America is that you talked -- at the button so quickly and happy new year. Kevin Lynn everybody yells hang on -- -- 60187. -- three. 86 exit 890878. Yeah playing a Mega Millions and I how many tickets are you buying and if you won. Would -- be all about you or about somebody Els and do you think you could really spend the rest of your life traveling around. -- playing golf sailing whatever you wanted to do or would you need some structure. Because sometimes after 34 days on vacation you find yourself OK what do you do now. Then again you don't have the means of the funds to go do whatever it is you want it with a time. Say to go to Switzerland -- -- -- be back at work your calls when we come back Tommy Tucker happy to be with -- on this Tuesday morning back in a flash on WW. I mega Terrell minds when he five of course can always text traffic too late 7878. And you get the alerts as they happen sometimes even before they hit the air. I'm not a lot of things about the saints about the Mega Millions. Lottery tonight. And also about. Louisiana have been the worst drivers according to a new survey. And that letters to mood tends detects more women or men and when it comes to the worst drivers. -- they men women old people and they're really here in Louisiana older drivers. And at a -- guy says he's an attorney is there's so many times. -- insurance rates are related to soft tissue damage in settlements but could it be the other way around that the reason we have so many. Soft tissue damages and damages and settlements is because we have. The worst drivers which result in the most accidents. And the most litigation. Increasingly -- again. And edit text here. About texting and driving and it says before texting was outlawed. You saw people with their cell phones under steering -- now you see them staring intensely at their lap while they drive. But I certainly hope their texting. Miles to be in. You know -- and applause morning on that WL. Glen -- yeah I'm. My daughter there and laugh -- that didn't get -- SE isn't Skinner and he. About six months ago and he certainly didn't -- it strapped. Will want to tell you daughter to go back to New Jersey on display. -- say that. Even. Many people mainly. Try and explain. Too many drivers drive slow enough -- Yet but at that you know that in mind like you wanna you know you. Pet them irony can't. You know. I'd be maybe. It's stolen. From the bridge at -- I'd tell you this in bigger cities if you've ever driven around in Washington DC in Los Angeles in place like it Dallas even. That's like a professional driving anything in Houston named -- Tolerate any of that when you hit the road you better be when he ready to. Taken at a high rate of speed watch what's going on in and pay a lot of attention yet assailants and I real quick when it comes that texting and and drivers who were the worst offenders in terms of texting is that men or women. And who the better or worse drivers. I can't think of women probably detect life then there peony is. People don't want any. About moms and suvs. And -- -- going to be the can't let it. When the room and you'd be even -- in. Texas. Tech and it is. It. Tell this story. Often out of me immunize American and ninety have held up and we talk about this and he says you know what I used to talk a lot on the phone and and realized. Is this -- worth the negligent homicide charge if I killed somebody and it really just the voice in the nine hits that stuck with me because. He's in minutes on the cellphone like everybody else and and think well what's going call on drive and I'm bored. And after he said -- completely turned me around and I rarely talk on the phone and driving lessons and emergency work Mega Millions of plane and I. Which you do if you win there aren't you want to know. Honey it's. While down by one -- if it's is meant to be is today happened with one. But tell me which you would do if you won would you help somebody would you travel. I would. Caddie and -- classic. People say. They ship that's -- nine million would you require -- statement. Situations. Such a lady called Merry Christmas happy New York -- and I thank you. Still manager she doesn't drive and suvs. Something in me tells me that that was her husband stars that she Davis and it cheers and applause and -- I'm not trying to -- a liar. I'm just saying from my intuitive sense and experience I think that may be yet might be -- and a husband might drive the detail more calls we come magnitude 60187. He toll free 866889087. In terms of do you think Louisiana has the worst drivers text comes in Tommy people here don't user turn signals. If we ticketed for that like they do in California the budget problems would be gone. Do you think the increased law enforcement would make -- better drivers. And I guarantee you somebody's gonna call in right now and talk about something they saw a police officer do while they were drive and 930 time for -- WL first news. Ever louder Chris -- I Tommy Tucker welcome -- of the 930 crowd and the if you don't know we're talking about Natalia pretty jaguar opinion poll is asking you. The saints well documented troubles on the road this year in big games do you think those struggles our problem of heart. Of -- distraction. Andy's numbers have kinda changed since we started this 59% of you were saying head. Two point 1% are saying distraction and 20%. Are saying heart. And which of those can you fix I guess you can eliminate distractions. You can tell players what to do and hope they do what they're supposed to. Well when it comes -- hard encouraged do you think the saints have been bullied on the road to that Seattle game. Kinda mess up their -- -- OK we went here we felt we were is good we got punched in the mouth. And now we can -- today again it. And since then if they kinda lost sight of what's going on and have been. Just look into ward and NFC rematch with Seattle. For the NFC championship and and kinda lose in focus it was had been here. You tell me were also talking about the Mega Millions drawing tonight almost a half while Maurice Ager -- you have to more than half a billion dollars. And if you want more would you do with a the money and deal with that and we were talking about you know as the I think the news earlier had a bite from somebody saying that. It would -- wonder about body guards and kids being kidnapped and so forth but. Don't think a lot of these celebrities are NFL players necessarily walk around the body guards nobody knows there. Mega rich so I'm not know Brad Pitt has been known to walk around too long ones about. At least any security and vacancy and trying to get money any ideas but. And all you tell me how would change your life were also talking about texting and driving in. A study car insurance comparison dot com -- Louisiana has the worst drivers. In the entire United States. You think that's true and if that is what we do. That's so wrong. And the other habits that just drive you crazy. Texans in 99% of the time and do the speed limit I feel like I'm in a marry a card game when I'm driving around here. And -- people don't use signals because instead of others letting UN. They speed up and lockyer and that's true sometimes if you're in traffic and you'll let them know they won't let TN. Regarding the saints attack says I left my heart in my voice and Saint Louis. As that the game and cannot explain the highs and lows of this team I believe them. And have faith that Sean Payton will straighten -- out PS I'm not texting while I'm driving. Which is -- not taxing this while I'm driving. And in terms of the Mega Millions. And you wonder what kind of chance you have to win it's not as easy as it used to be. Which was never really easy the -- to be one in -- 176. Million nose or your odds before and then they changed it and increase the pool of numbers. So now your chances of winning tonight one in 259. Million. And some people are saying you have a better chance of being notches to yet but killed by an asteroid. And if you're wondering where this ranks in terms of jackpots have been given out. March 2012. Three winning tickets for the 656. Million a Mega Millions jackpot sold in cans is -- -- Marilyn. I don't know who want -- I don't know where they are not enough they have a security issue. I think -- kind of blend into the background after you win Florida woman won a 590. Million dollar powerball jackpot in May. 587. And a half million dollar powerball jackpot elected in November by a man and Arizona. And Dublin Missouri 400 in 48 million powerball jackpot. Split by two winners in New Jersey and Minnesota in August. And -- a single woman South Carolina won a 300 nanny nine point four million dollar jackpot. In September. A deal when it anonymously or not. And the other thing that we're talking about -- who text more males or females showed -- is that is seems to be females. Italy to color that -- you know what it is females the -- -- new loans thanks for calling on -- WL. -- and -- my friend. You've gone back on hold it will finally Anthony -- the driver in -- pay the driver Euro on -- W good morning. -- -- -- -- -- A lot of things well I don't know these people and Edgar it's. Even when you re you know. When he when he and -- only to -- back -- in the second drive and it rained just enough to make the streets slick. And nobody realizes that they drive like it's like it's a beautiful sunny day. And yet. Are you nuts and what do you think are we really the worst drivers in the country the. They receive the award program. -- short. And also in the tech. Went who do you think of the worst offenders when it comes texting or Gavin on the phone men or women. And you just say that from what you've seen. Yes. Blogger. That didn't name their itself though they could be takes saying. And all of the sudden you wonder and on old. The -- or there are among them. Here there is gonna get a jobless via driver Emmy record about the saints. -- that little simple mind that a I hope they get it together. To win. Yes. -- they don't give them sort of felt that it. Now on the two and finally Mega Millions you buying a ticket. Oh. Tendencies being peddled to be able an immediate statistically at ten in how many million chance or not. Well the first thing you did it would you try to learn something you never knew before just -- off the rescue -- help. Certain charities. Particular family urged church. And on the overall true. Would you -- it -- make it where the family didn't have to work anymore and how would you design how many. Family members get to retire. I don't our problems are running already. Yeah yeah so when you don't win tonight and you probably won't just remember you know analyst troubles. Thank you driver. You -- holiday camp always on to say that Allen knew Collins hi you're under the W good morning. I'm doing well you. -- Weigh in whenever you feel comfortable jumping in and all of these issues. Well and that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ottawa and Beijing Games -- -- the NATO and albeit it I mean shoot. The and get detention. Some. Some people to. Received facilities in -- -- -- -- council announced been a slowdown in -- India ever. Blow the horns screaming your -- maybe an announcer put blown down and drive. Now and I don't know I don't know apologies. And I'm gonna talk him out to them on timeout just to yourself where he's getting it -- And yet that's an idea and car I don't engage anybody but bottom screaming to myself put it down and pay attention. Thank you thank you. But -- -- did this gentleman Kabul through all the men and I'll bet that as desperate that's what about you know in India and you know you're -- -- -- -- And you -- you don't you don't even continue to -- to. Argue gonna give it to this point in the season and begin to do. I agree. -- -- likely to approve it this Sunday and finally Mega Millions how many tickets you buy. Out war. That's all it takes a neighbor amber tells me your only -- -- can remain anonymous after a lottery win Delaware Kansas. Maryland North Dakota and Ohio and I guess that means amber that if you. By at their claim that there are lives areas where you residences. I don't think. That really Lance doesn't and that is mega million from. March 22 you know who wanted to getting Google it and see how to contact them. Tommy Tucker back in a -- Morey calls on WW well you know I am I love people have this sardonic sense of humor in his text comes in. And says hi Tommy pulled off highway to text my son and I share. Share this observation of a vehicle in Louisiana or Mississippi has the turn signal on it was on when they bought the car. Nobody's saying signals intention. Also drivers here never let you emerge in a traffic awful. And then it is Simone says injury shale which is very nice Merry Christmas happy New Year's -- in this one I saw a woman painting her toenails. And another one breast feeding while driving. Now the rest being Agassi although it's extremely dangerous of the child's idea with the airbag. On a car but and pinning your toenails while you drive. Now I have seen people drive on interstate -- with a foot hanging out the window. Which makes you wonder how ready they are for an emergency if someone that would happen. And other when talking here about the saints I think the saints to be okay this week they are grown man and his men being embarrassed. You wanna gain your pride back so with that said I think now they will get back to play in saints football. And finally there's this when Tommy if I win the jackpot tonight Mega Millions. I would do everything I could to help as many people is like good. But I would do it all anonymously. And be -- and cool to do that where you'd -- new in your heart and look. Andy anything makes anybody feel better than knowing you helped somebody in maybe you do it. Are grudgingly and you know what the government to take the money from you before she did do it. I think the best Christmas gifts I've ever given and I think it made me feel the best is when you know. He gave it to somebody that really needed it. And navy -- left the cancer checkbook or a gift certificate or what have you in the mailbox -- -- she knew they were struggling. In one hurt their prides you just put something on it like from a Christmas Angel today on Angela. Newest member of our radio family -- can you do have somebody you care about is depressed or lonely during the holidays. Holidays are especially tough for some high expectations family gatherings stress shopping crowds loneliness money. As you know in a lottery Heidi help yourself or someone else through if they're not in the Spears' season. Plus do you worry about parents over indulging kids today. We talked about this story it made headlines a teenager who killed four people and a drunk driving accident. Uses his defense. Is defense rather -- flu ends up. Is attorney said he never had a chance because it was a product of affluent over indulging parents. Is -- it's possible and influenza is a real defense. Do you think society's got to pay a higher price for bad parenting lacked evidence how do you balance being a good parent who provides to their kids. One who gives in too much. Angelo wants in on today's kids are over indulge ignored or misguided and they lack structured disciplined and -- limit. What's not apparent -- you and what type of parent where your mom and dad. And finally people come from across the globe to visit our French Quarter now there's a guide to all the watering holes of note in the Ukraine. The French Quarter drinking companion. Part travel on board guidebook in part exposes them as -- -- and is hip and informative guide to the world's greatest city for drinking. -- as Angela an open mind with the legendary Angela hill. Today in every weekday from until four right here on WW well. I Tommy Tucker thanks Ali -- great text and emails in a phone calls a -- garlands coming up he'll talk about congressman bill Cassidy. What's a revamp how we handle mental health in this country Louisiana number one again senator of our nation's worst drivers. And is because we don't know driving rules over drawn over -- all of it and I don't want to know why. And lots of reports about citizens concerned about chemicals and high levels of salt used during the fracking process for natural gas. A do you feel they started shipping all at least -- Louisiana. In Garland says we're pearl oil writes -- talk about all of that with him. Coming up thanks amber O'Leary and Allison ransom and Diane Newman Todd Manassas for all of their help David Blake Chris Miller is well. He'll talk T tomorrow morning at six. Good luck with the Mega Millions but keep in mind yeah probably not gonna win.

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