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12-17-13 3:10pm Angela: on The French Quarter Drinking Companion

Dec 17, 2013|

Angela talks with Elizabeth Pearce, Allison Alsup, and Richard Reed, co-authors of The French Quarter Drinking Companion.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I have to tell you how much I really loved listening to those five women about parenting whether they were professionals or not or just parents and all professional. When it comes to doing. Like considered such a difficult job but clearly one they're all loving. And we are very committed to having at least once a month the discussion on parenting gears and absolute need by every. To learn more and everybody who wants to be a good parent on tolerance of them tricks of the trade so much to learn. All right we're gonna do a mental shift year. To another great. There are plenty of guide to French Quarter and I have in my hands may be the first guide. To the bars in the chorus. It's called the French Quarter drinking companion. Written by three young authors who did extensive research. And I mean extensive. Had a limited to 100 bars and they had a pretty good criteria. But what they really found. Is that it's the bars that help make the French Quarter the neighborhood Indians. Whether you're a local or visitor. This book tells stories of each bar who goes there what they -- if they have tattoos. What's best to drink. And who might be your drinking -- We could all learn something from their insights. They recommend that everyone tried each of these bars just wants and it's doable. Because the most important factoid in the book is that so many of these bars never close. So joining us to talk about the French Quarter drinking companion is author Elizabeth peers and author Alison house. And author Richard -- I think you all for being here. Thank and I can't keep going and describing as young and getting a lot of nothing at all. Compared and I know you are young this is a great guide and I said to you before the show. An excellent in the quarter along time ago no idea on so many of these pars. And but I want to talk for about the concept of this whose idea was. Alison. As so this is Elizabeth and Allison and I were our and between employment. Tureen says great financial apocalypse of 2009 and a lot of people found themselves in that position. And we were in. Kind of brainstorming. Over a bottle of wine probably. Maybe -- and came up with this idea and I think initially was creative block. Of bars in the quarter. But we had a friend to. -- Read our idea and said taking further. And we went out for the first couple of rounds and I want to say that Richard was incredibly gentlemanly during this time. Buying a strings and hashing out the idea. And we wrote -- chapter of proposal we submitted it. And we were a little it's it's actually how quickly. The publisher. Took hold of the idea. His then we had to write it down to who took he had one -- down -- -- -- idea. But it is. You are connecting the bars in the sense of that this is a very special spot not just in the city in America and in the world this is a very rare neighborhood. Is it feels. Mean. You hear all the time people compare new world wants to Europe but there is there is something very European and or maybe let's not call it European let's -- not. Typically American about the French Quarter I don't even that it would be typically European and it's just sort of its own. Magical. Magnificent. Place and and there are a lot of things that make it that way I think that the fact that you can walk. From bar to bar with a drink in hand in hand it's it's hugely civilized than people come here and they realized. What they've been missing all along and but Iowa or even Mississippi wherever they happen -- that doesn't allow them to do staff says it feels. It feels like it's very very special place and I would add to what they were -- Elizabeth and Allison were saying earlier that. Part of the reason that we devised this -- is that so many of our friends want me who don't live here wanna come to -- experienced the French Quarter. And our livers can really only takes so much so part of the reason that we created this book is to have something to put in their hands and say here. Read this study it the study it enjoy it you're on your round thinkable C -- morning duplicate so whatever mood your in and -- But it's just such a variety of bars and again. And at least -- worked on there for forty years and I I just never realized that. The magnitude. Will -- Richards says people lining experience the quarter what's unfortunate is that a lot of people who visit. New Orleans and I would argue even locals who have a very narrow understanding. Of what the French Quarter it is. For visitors it's often Bergen street and even may be for locals it's it's Bergen street punctuated by a few. Classy iconic joints on the what we really -- in fact one night we only stayed on one block. Of saint heater one half one half a block off and -- and we didn't even go to pat over straight. And went to four bars I. All you had to do was cross the street or -- go out one door and immediately go in and just that. -- variety of featuring teen establishments. That you can hits. From somewhere very fancy to the neighborhood at suburban street. All of those are hard and the French Quarter drinking experience. And we've really wanted. People to. Get out of their little. They're a little rats and go drink somewhere name which is. Kind of via a kind of why we organize the -- the way that we did we could've done it. I guess like up like usual guidebook where although the bars are just sort of listed alphabetically that after talking about it we realize that there are some many different vibes -- -- Urban streets of Zachary shop five menu -- -- hipster bar five in the and you have your -- neighborhood the lower Decatur street five. And so. We decided to admit it would make more sense to us as as seasons. Professionals in this area -- drinkers that we would cost them into these sorts of groups so if you. If you're curious about about what what are real neighborhood bar in the French Quarter feels like. Then you can go to places like us and get a feel for it you can go you can followed that sort of built chapter to see what. What that is all about because. I I I can't speak for you guys that. To me neighborhood bars and probably among the most intriguing just because there's something that new loans has that. And you rarely find other places. You know it's funny you brought up cause that's the time -- marked a couple of -- and cosmos is a block and a half down from channel four. And we used to call studio C after the after elections or after hurricane coverage were there 24 senate. We -- in mass ago but interestingly for three years. I lived at 1005 governor Nichols which is right next cousin's bar. And on Sundays and they still do with they would have a live band I would be pounding my head -- that pathetic but it was very much. A neighborhood gathering. With all the eclectic. People of that neighborhood which is what makes it very special. We often say that about this book that it if we were to give it subtitled that it is. A hundred bars in America's most eclectic neighborhood. And so the eclectic ness of it we wanted to come across the page. So what is different about this book and that makes it more than just a guide. Is that in addition to you all and small accent and easy to read things that you get at the top of the page. That each of these entries is followed by a story yes and so it's a very experiential book as well. And so when Richards says you know this is a great -- to hand to someone he's never been the quarter and wants to figure out where they wanna go that is true. But above and beyond that it's agreed book to read from cover to cover even if you had no intention of ever going to that bar. Because he gives the feeling in the spirit and the experience of what it's like to walk around in this incredibly compact. Amazingly diverse incredibly sensual. -- neighborhood. And we really try to capture that and that's what we choose to follow each entry with the story of what happened that particular night that afternoon and that -- or that morning that I that we were. -- which it. And I'll just I'll just an enemy to me that was one of a lures of hoping to write this book because. Part of the problem of trying to explain that any visitor. What Andy Barr is like or where they should women wanna go out is that you that you end up making this whole series of qualifications. -- you should go to and Hermes. You know I'm Candace is bar tending down and when -- Jack in which case she should concede. And so there's this whole series of of qualifications that come that when I what I. What I like about what we did like pats on the back for a second is that I thought I think that. We get to him -- The qualitative. Yes rather a quantitative sesame guidebooks are really all about. Hours of operation young you know that -- -- -- price and all that and that to me trying to explain French Quarter and that sort that's sort of way -- take. You really captured it we're gonna have to take a break and come back and we're gonna talk about some of that criteria but also what I love but who would be your drinking buddies there. Stay with the signing into law under the W. The name of the book is the French Quarter drinking companion and the authors are. Elizabeth Pearson Allison Allison and Richard Reid special guest today. And again it is it guide but Monica because it's really as you said beautifully. A series of stories about 100 bars in the quarter. And I think we need to. Kind of give them a little background it is the hours of operation Anderson but on a video of rolling in many instances what I loved ones. It not not just. The address but what shall be hearing. -- to think the I don't know why that struck me so wonderfully funny. And you're drinking buddies. Other people who will be so give me a couple of news can throw out of think that surprised you about the tattoo. Is or someplace that there aren't. -- not visible okay. On and said this was this attaching it it was Richards. Suggestion. So average I think you should explain you're. Affinity. Well. I would say that for from many years while I was in graduate school years and years ago. I spent a lot of time. In the evenings working in restaurants in the quarter and you know how it is when you work in the service industry. You get off work and you go out and you have a shift ranks somewhere and I noticed that depending on the the restaurant and I. That I worked out. It would of the bar that we went to afterward we change and that tattoos that the sort of trends in tattoos changed there the years oh there was a shift -- I remember very succinctly there's a shift in the mid ninety's. Everybody's all into these tribal tattoos on barbed wire and he sort of abstract designs and then suddenly we shifts to. More hipster everybody's got Bettie Page on their by sap and all that. And to me that. They all every sort of type of person every sort of type of drinker has that -- the find you has her own -- -- that you know and hasn't chances from when I was in college of fine you -- -- sort of sat there her little book -- about tattoos she can pull from usually. And late night bartender has a completely different sat and to me that says as much about the people that your drinking math as what they're wearing. Or what you might be hearing on the jukebox it's just another way it's I don't mean to categorize people you know. To judge books by their cover it's just something that I'd pay attention to maybe it's a quirk. It is an important if your interest I just happened to open up to catch me now which is on the country don't carry a so it says not -- things from military to hipster punk. Karaoke knows no boundaries that I just can't. All are welcome on stage at taxable. You'll have a great experience with the crazy. Yes talk to me that he. -- is. That the -- and company that we spent. On one half of one line in our fourth bar of the night was crazy quarter. In Atlantic and their first -- a and I have to say that in general because we knew we would have to suburban street and if you're a local it's the kind of thing where you dread going. Usually most locals can hold their breath hold their nose scurried across -- street and hope that someone in their their friends were never asked them to take them there. But I think what was her surprising is how much I actually enjoyed I think Elizabeth and Richard Hugo. Came to really enjoy and appreciate pertinent so crazy coroner was one of those states. I'll let Elizabeth describe. Something happened the moment. That we crossed the threshold. -- -- it is -- number four and we were well oiled eggs. And we blocked day in and -- cover band -- bag which is the band that you wish you played your problem. On -- based on the west Bank of England's. Hire them for future -- They were playing. Some a journey you know. Anyway you behind the attack Palestinian high. Threat from I don't know where we through our hands up and Harry and I believe we said. And then there is discussion about trying to the shooters you know and neon tutors them. I my boyfriend. You know tip you'd pay cash for them in my boyfriend who lied I now think him Frontline -- and we were out of cash and it didn't get any suitors then. And we just started DNC little dirty dancing and there's a convention the year. I started and -- wind and and and so that part scurry and I would say equally great -- as the discovery that crazy foreigner and several other pars and urban street have these. Upstairs balconies. And you can go on the Bergen street -- and Ian threw beads are -- whenever. You can also go down inside. And then. It's just a beautiful view of the French Quarter and all of roots you know and stretching out before you and it's fairly quiet. Because you're not on urban street. And so it's this like. It's you know smoking between one and kind of moment to another within. With in just a few minutes and then you know then back downstairs and -- Because it in his eighties music and -- and -- -- airing it out and music stay with this we're gonna go to the newsroom now and Dave -- Well we're talking about the French Quarter drinking companion with it's three offers very appreciative of being here and if anybody wants to tell their favorite to a bar story from. The French Quarter please give us a call 2601870. I love what you've done we we talked about the -- Barbara another one is the Davenport lounge -- going to go from one extreme to the other because it really does represent. That the whole variety. Of bars that you -- weather could be the very neighborhood tied for the depth report which is beautiful. I mean and lovely and I love this of course is the Ritz Carlton on your tan sixteen dollar marching them -- if that it's the and they put you do the math. The swelling. Classic will make expensive cocktails what -- wearing classic well made extensive talks. What you're hearing classic well made expensive tunes and that's what I'm reading this because this is the kind of fun it is to read this book. I have to ask and maybe you don't want to because it's like asking the food critic newspaper restaurant but your face. So we we are asked this quite frequently -- so I I will pick highbrow. -- can out pick from a category. So my favorite stand seat bar is -- difference -- five. Because it's intimate and beautiful and yes there so that's my pick her fancy. I feel like if you ask me this each week I'm going to give a different answer so I'm just putting that out that -- now. I feel like. Need be defeats is what I'm feeling about the moment. And a lot of the choices that I make are very drawn towards architecture. And -- interest in that was another great part. Of writing this book of being in fabulous buildings. I think you mean feats. Blacks much I just to clarify I get to the feet and exile I think it does -- does -- -- I would have to it's for me it's tossup. I I have to admit I'm actually not much of drinker I love I enjoy going out. And I enjoyed being social believe -- on. But. I am not huge drinker. So I enjoy going places with with other offerings so. Technique on on -- rampart street. Is great to have a great selection and temperance to pick -- temperance drinks which are basically non alcoholic drinks like they make their own ginger beer and things like that. It's fantastic it's and a bowl blocker of rampart it's really feeling. -- but revitalization -- over -- three apartments. It's true it's great of their and then I also love. Saint Lawrence which is -- one of the new -- bars on our list it's over on. I guess it's technically north Peters -- there. It's a kind of a cross from canal place in the same block as. Coyote ugly. But very very different and they have not only great cocktails and great collection of beer but fantastic. Fantastic marketed. Who really really can't have a good selection of vegetarian begin stuff. Really. Interest in its -- marks the same warrants and I like up at places they took over a restaurant which ends and factory -- open. -- -- -- An -- factories from like fresh fruits. So you can still get the French Quarter factory experience with slightly higher quality ingredient -- It also does give real quick shout out to -- and rose patent witches have reached neighborhood bar. And sometimes people can forget that the French Quarter is in fact the neighborhood and that their -- neighborhood not everything mistress oriented. Neighborhood bars era rose classic looking bar slim. -- room classic New Orleans architecture and also food in the global. Efforts and fires off. That sounds great now he says he's not much of victory clearly. You pick up the hunt but I don't think that Elizabeth and I would ever make it close that it doesn't have cars couple. I. Mean professional. And the district. And grandmothers listening and yet. -- so do you when you were doing this very serious search was there a point at which you would say you know what we can stop for the night. Not functioning. As clearly as I might want because we were on the line. Because we knew we had to make each visit counts and there was a certain amount of discipline and time management it's simply -- Water and that's sad I cannot guarantee that there were noon night in which when challenged say the next morning. And I would add that although I do not -- added I'm not a heavy drinker -- as -- -- -- Once was much younger and could handle -- is better I do go out but saved me quite often was. Various apps on my Smartphone that would allow me to dictate little remembrances so I can listen to them in the morning. And hit it it. Know you've had a responsibility. And unless you do it's serious research your forked tree that probably fit for it to. Stay with us -- and continue our talk about the French Quarter drinking companion product lists. We are back with the French Quarter drinking companions -- authors and they reminded me that it is 100 bars in the quarter. But there are many more so how to make the determination which still. On the streets and quarter. Today and I counted every place that you could get entry I did not consult eighty sort of steady license seen records whenever -- just count. And then we had a big list of over 200 places so we eliminated strip clubs because you don't go there to drink. And then we were left with restaurants and many many bars. So it was heated -- I think we pulled seventy. Or eighty that we were we were like yes these are awesome places. But then arrest it was a matter. Is if it's a restaurant doesn't have something notable at it's far. None. Whether it's -- house because there's a hundred whisky or like Sylvain. Which. -- has this you know great craft cocktail program. You needed to be able to go sit at the bar and not order any footage you just don't sit there and how to track. So and not just high high in places like Sylvain also deja do. Where you can eat and and I wasn't sure if it was a bar or restaurant and I saw a lot of people smoking. So then we should mean patents Barr who who that I buy their food sales he would not now. So were you were there any surprises. Did you hadn't been an every one of these once went into when you hadn't been it was or something to oh gee I never knew that. Well of like you're saying like you're saying off there a little while ago. What is always surprising to me. And it kind of surprised me every time I go out in the quarter is Howell. Friendly people can be we often -- -- off from the -- reality we have this this role sort of reaction this aversion to a lot of the French Quarter because we just think it's. Overrun with with tourists in and the behavior just gets a little out of hand and even though it does at certain times of the year for the most part. Everybody's really just there to have a good time and to enjoy themselves and no matter whether we were -- You know the crazy corner by the -- by the Napoleon house and everybody seemed to be. To be really happening at. A good time and to be there to enjoy themselves. We started conversations with people that we would or I'm I -- I. I'm sure he can tell I'm normally a fairly shy and reserved kind of person and I don't normally just start talking to people. Randomly and then after drinking and there -- the conversation or something be said for. News and talk. -- did the people who run the bar on the -- know what you were doing no we chose to remain anonymous. So this is not a book interviews with bartenders or a lot of historical facts. This is a very experiential. Book so we wanted to remain anonymous just like someone who -- a visitor to the city where someone who lives in the city. Walks into the bar what might dare experience. Be -- -- course there's and be different that we did not want it to seem as though. The quality of our experience would necessarily be any different than bears pull your three different people. So did you ever disagree on what that experience -- To be able to write it. To me it felt like. We are all. Working collaborative Leon -- project whether it's designing a house war or writing a book it if it's not easy. And certain people just can't do together. There many people on my life even -- on work that I I just can't collaborate. And when it happens it's just sort magic and that's and it's a wonderful thing and you go with it and latch onto it because it doesn't pop up very -- so I would like to think that. Even when we disagreed or had little squabbles maybe wanted to change the term of a phrase. That it was no it was nothing major there's nothing was insurmountable. All three you. Can get some any job. That could -- It's all very creative and ultimately pulled it all together. Which makes it very very exciting you know what we're gonna take a break and come back and we're -- colloquial lines run. It's the French Quarter drinking companion you cannot have a book signing on at the Roosevelt Monday 5 to 8 o'clock. If you want to know more -- dispirited to -- dot com spirited to force dot com much success with in his book it's in the public library.