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WWL>Topics>>12-17-13 4:20pm Deke and Bobby with Rummel coach Jay Roth

12-17-13 4:20pm Deke and Bobby with Rummel coach Jay Roth

Dec 17, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk with Jay Roth, coach of the Division I state champion Archbishop Rummel Raiders.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome him out echo what they could drop of the division one Rommel Raiders coach -- Iraq Dodgers now coach Jay. Congratulations. Thank you so much for joining RC in -- Your program is it's I don't have to sit here in and talk about how good it is how many -- -- -- league championships you won in a row before you got to win a -- to game -- do you get to the -- But to win two straight championships is is phenomenal how. What was the difference between last year and this year it's difficult to watch how much more difficult it was may be internally to get those keys to focus that put. 2012 behind them. He can Bobby Knight and last year and I can get me this book is a lot Purcell follow greatly last year. Our schedule was so much -- as what we accomplished last year playing -- -- and won't really change our previous and they are just so you know that the jury there with a lot -- the result change sleep. They're all from a -- and their coach is -- especially guessing coach that's one thing I was on this weakness that you know we can't take for granted because almost been one of programs we see year in year out deep in the playoffs. And I and I just kind of brought Madison now just to give you an idea how difficult is was that his team is young do realize that a year ago just. Speaking it there was on the senate on was thought and on Thanksgiving night in the egg bowl summing it did give -- give you an idea not only. How many gadget loss but the calibre of players you lost that you had to try to replace game. Will correct me. -- -- what is ought to quit and stay. God -- issue it is cold night in quarterback OT get injured you are so. Well hate being changed and put a lot and gotten it out there. At all that we are up this year do you want. And out JJ how ironic you look at last year and you look at romo's program. And the folly following you know -- at home and to win that state champs and now having back to back championship has -- you look at. As the proximity between. Now -- and BJ is Jemison. Who you look at their history. Never really you know garnered a wells and having an opportunity in it to win the state championship. If you look at that community in that area -- get any better away from what he's generous and accomplish. Autographs and I thought I'd view it though he struck him out of the course now -- look at their -- -- more we keep in touch. The bottom of oracle got the -- -- -- in technical -- so. Just as a -- goes job. They've. Got what most intense love. Her -- yeah. Well you know hopefully I don't know we get -- some exhibition you got kind of brought that up with a quarterback club meeting in UN there. And I don't know he'd get the principles of that's agree I agree upon is that all I know was fund -- whatever you wanna call it trying to. You know to generate funds to -- school. I mean I think the fans if you look at it purely from not the coaches might not want this but from as far as a fan's perspective high school football. I think they'd much rather see. Meaningful game vs an all star game as far as. Let's say. John Curtis playing Acadia and a a Romo playing EJ you'd have 50000 people in there and just -- a two games. You -- I haven't you know Eric patrolled. Oh. And from the -- -- what they say all the top of danger no roll again. He has certain state championship game there's no doubt. Like in May but once the state championship over elite football season and in -- -- there. -- now back to back state championship. How much how much pressure. Do you feel like no league ignorant neglected offseason you've got to raise the -- a lot of it is pressure man you've got to go as an opponent music and the on the. Identity problems we play one or more politically. Coaching. Eight years old but it is I don't make -- -- you're Egypt. That really. Well goals and I've gotten issue and -- -- 113. Probably. Why you don't. They -- expected three feet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't like got the point it wouldn't wanna be at the game and they help your Buddy Bell people showed up -- -- that won't be looking. At. Today I found me I don't -- him he wasn't a turning point. When those kids while back in that locker room the next day or if you told them and agency -- pause on him -- take take me through that little. The point right and they get your message and what you told. I know that after it and we're going to be there. All the special. Word. -- little. York law and look at it. You were people -- be like people. Will be back in there and -- a lot of real good. She reached an -- and equally all you look at the there. Nor is well one -- change or you know let him. -- -- --

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