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12-17-13 4:35pm Deke and Bobby with Nick Saltaformaggio of East Jefferson

Dec 17, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk with Coach Nick Saltaformaggio of the 4A state champion East Jefferson Warriors.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- tech quarterback news feed the ball back he would. If there's there Taylor looked you know you if you throw the ball. It's an. But it did. The masters and. All what. Big Easy with a touchdown right there and folks I'm negated today. The best team. In class for me one before a state championship the east Jemison boy he's 382. Point eight victory. Albany and the call -- was money when you talk about the you know Saints shut it down. Easton Ellis and shut. Car down in the Lance waning moments that ball game. They hit them any you know what happened at the head football coach of the class 48 team east of the Savoy is. Nick's solid with the man Jose was now -- how the last. Fought eight -- to two -- in college. Thought we did an unbelievable -- -- little -- -- Egypt. Where did you have to but. Good problem I outrage every year. -- and and -- your -- product out about this before but. Big deal he would do do you all realize you're not only did did champ with the class four -- media people and I'm one album thank you might be the best team in the state. -- -- -- You know the good -- block for a stole you awards let's just wore your body's job for sure what let's focus Torre's job or should we we can't worry about how good everybody else handle anybody -- -- -- -- And now we appreciate the compliment but you know I believe that golf ball kid just does strategy it would wouldn't believe done well. Now our coach -- -- -- -- -- that we get a touchdown club and has had all you coaches stand there and and and you brought these -- is that the way they never and and now this is something when you look at and say -- -- -- amateur was always special would you do it for the first time and you look at the school's history that has to even be more media more. It really what Bobby is allotted scraped the status because usually -- go to high school and high school and Garnett. But it has changed our school I mean just. Garrett can't school color me congratulations. To gradually kids can't respect I don't even know it goes completely. Ridiculous. It on the changed their you know -- too rowdy oracle IRL in Lowell more metro. Did you feel that you -- really feel good story. Nick when you look at them all all the kids and in the state of Louisiana. This year I don't know if there is a a player -- valuable. Who's seen it yet you -- -- ballclub was it was senior tour with the fact even I don't know there's a player more valuable. To his team being -- Eugene was Eugene -- as well as -- ballclub and that I mean just when you all. You you've got to get rid of fall down and those I would give back to scoring drives past second down and we have got a third down in that third 54 and a block. This option -- had a goal being to do it in the new ball fake an enemy is just unbelievable replaced teammate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- litigating and more -- below you can watch progress that he -- going to be special. And you -- -- just bad bad real world trade with me for a while -- It took a chance -- at least opposite. More or. Or maybe in the popular thing to do. He changed our -- Like I told everybody made people look look at look at our football school in order a great place to play football. You like to. Call you and enjoy. I am in the you know -- we are we -- analyze -- talk now but of of almost champions this has speaking. Who who would you like what what matchup you're a fan now you're a fan east deficit as one team. -- the other team united sees him. -- -- -- -- and compete for a lot of restraint and I'd like Copeland rob -- Really long ago I know they they did the trash can hear enough from should. An option we got our program to the point. JJ. Does a great job really outstanding players. Oh we can be human but I actually would like. Like distorted Padilla I think -- we've got a wonderful experience and you don't go to -- jolt and a lot of things that go into it but you know I hit it you know right on the block. We got about this kid right -- you know -- week. Hopefully one day you'll be consistently good today. Point champion hit the ball coach of the east of this award an excellent match goes on this is nick you know way back we talked about the innocent and we asked you. What you thought about the new format you can you gave me you know. You'll reason -- look at we we bases where we are easily go when you're little you wanted to in favor of it. With -- let's say meet your your ballclub -- the one who ever would have been in a media -- and out of -- you know because. Of all the all the classes coach Fauria was the least I think affected. Back about did it to select consulate and and they'll parlay alpha team's point all I know is it was a believe going LB mammal I don't know that's our our defense to get frank with him but they're not in right now Sammy -- And Evelyn -- mean they've pretty much on that normally as happily as in the the eight to hold now at a fifty bonds says that as desperate. You -- all -- going to be good grade all she usually that it definitely you know we -- win against you what. And that you know you have to play your schedule the way it on people for you and you know they'll no way -- -- it would be a couple who would be down in the district but. I told the judge yesterday and I'll ask -- I think I've done a lot of a lot of people gonna -- great big departure I'd wish watchable and figure it can't quit -- wouldn't we aren't. We go to -- -- wouldn't district championship they -- 2000 cat or a state champion. We get the state play all we beat the odd she didn't turn around and be double. Who -- 2011. State champion that we go play caller would be 02 -- -- -- consult. There were good turn out Turkey Egypt and so we bottled water it would be at three state change in previous two -- And that that was just the -- while ago. You know I know that a lot of great teams would dot com -- -- just doesn't happen very often. He as the head football coach of the class for Rory state champion east Jemison lawyers -- sort of the magical quotes I'll. Enjoyed maybe you -- Arbitrage. That. Anchors it goes. Hear about it you know I like about them they waited too with all -- -- to do to celebrate and and -- -- when he played -- straight start from the bottom. And they went out there and -- -- -- -- -- the appreciate it you were dying and then you talk -- yep and and he got they would talk in dollars. You have in this building. You have holy -- and year out that it's August -- -- back in late eighties and ultimately -- development Jenkins and just give -- -- phenomenon a huge -- all I hear that this group -- right here you know right now all of -- that he's like hey -- GA Grand Rapids to a lot of people -- pregnant -- as -- in all I realized it was in congratulations this is Warsaw on -- that.