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12-17-13 5:35pm Deke and Bobby with Sugar Bowl CEO Paul Hoolihan

Dec 17, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk with Sugar Bowl CEO Paul Hoolihan about New Orleans missing out on the 2016 college football national championship game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The announcement of the Knicks to a national championship games in -- playoff format were announced and now New Orleans kind of a surprise was not. -- -- all the old hand the Sugar Bowl CEO was it was always spoke to you unless or were you surprised that new all of then receive one of those such championships. I wouldn't say it would surprise I think I would realize that. Going to be a longshot you know yeah I'm. Repeating. And gotten highly competitive. You know we had the just -- treat -- well and contain these guys. On this steady rotation battle there at 1516 years now. And there when they opened it up and gave each of these cities an opportunity. To step ball in there. It changed the ball game considerably in terms of what -- prepared to do. To to get a crack at hosting national championship. That you. And when we received you are he we looked over and we went out and and it should be -- -- -- -- questions systematically and realized that -- -- all of the questions we don't take exception to. Certain reservations limitations if you will end there. As we found out and expected. Some of the other cities and turned everything unions for a firm there's so as a result. You know I think bill Hancock who you executive. Director of the new college football player. Described in the in the news conference. Altitude cities that they'd give it -- -- thousand essentially saying that he answered in the affirmative we were not in the position to do that. And probably be to be perfectly honest -- because of certain that. And that we have in the film -- and to know that I had interest part of doing business here and in the long. Pollen and a Sugar Bowl CEO as -- is so New Orleans a great place for everything left out of the next two national championship game will host the semi final. Next it January. Are rare where you say a public gong for we have to address our financial limitations. Particularly when it comes to assistants. From the state. They'll do of those other states they got him whether it was or is it cooperation -- its money. Take us through that statement. I think the combination. The private and public. Program -- to push these programs forward it was obvious this time around. And you know. When we went into this page. The -- -- were not available and that didn't mean that there won't be in the future but in that particular instance reward. There's not much would certainly on from the city city has been very cooperative. By providing get -- armed services which amount to significant dollar and to be wrong but when they pull out stops you know he's and they throw. A significant amount of cash into it is you know to be a little bit offsetting. I think. You know the real situations. That. Suitable week ready to potentially back it beard which we did up to a point. And we thought based on budgets that we are compared most. Recently for the LSU Alabama national championship game. We've beaten them -- is back to exceed that number and up to this. We've been told that that was used net net every certain in terms of their expectations. So. It goes significantly. Higher than we put on paper. Doesn't necessarily mean they're gonna get a better experience we think that would have been a providers. Totally yeah. Outstanding experience on the board we presented by until a little -- well I'd be. The dramatic increase that would did receive a percentage. Now our -- enlighten me are -- -- educate me when I look at. And I might be a traditionalist. A look at the major Bulls. Obviously Rose Bowl fiesta. Now looking at the Sugar Bowl. It'll bowl Orange Bowl. I even throw in Dallas with a Cotton Bowl and so you could see. You know. Who's in the rotation. And who would be involve a national championship Buick here -- it with a Sugar Bowl. Both Tampa and it would kind of college tradition is -- the holes and national champs should does that come in the play soon after arriving at fans have problems with. They don't mind of its like. The tradition of the orange sugar. -- fiesta you know even old school cotton ending at the facility and in Dallas. In -- -- eventually that was gonna current Atlanta with the new stadium that when you look at Tampa. So realistically be having any. I guess. -- call our old school with the Bulls that that that as have anything to do a -- in national championship is that right. I picked it will be in that direction -- made it clear that it won't distribute traveling roadshow. Or -- around the country and not going to limited to the traditional bowl site or multiple -- -- eligible to participate. -- -- -- we understand. It's very much on the line and Serbia. Super. Football -- men's final four so you know the ground rules changed dramatically and we just have to adapt. But -- bureau there. Earlier question about Tampa. You know as -- -- case in any situation like this. There's a lot of things that long I'm certain that you can and can't talk about and we're we're certainly. Should camp well as illegal forward sort of this opportunity. But you don't know how things move that we understand. What are obstacles were going. I won't under estimate probably. They're big it is one that we -- words region now by I mean they've already awarded Dallas to gain for. Couldn't catch you here. To come right back a year later toward the wall which is basically one state over QB. Basically an in the central part of the country in the in the south central -- are very you know their intent was to try to -- big east and west. And into and so it. Tampa present them with the best option or at least from what they tell us now and as it gets so. Go to the censored there. You know interim behind and there's a lot of intangibles. Didn't go into it. As far as you know we switched back up again failure to Syria that comes as a surprise. We're probably your most desirable destination at least we've been told that to chase. For conducting. National championships in college matchups -- years. But it's the ball and that was to me you know -- -- and you're sitting in this particular circumstance. There. You know we just we knew that we were going up and some. Dialogue simply to -- -- -- So the both CEO Paul Colin -- thank you so much for the time we appreciate. -- to -- -- do you do it turned out all right get holidays cut coming back to all your feedback this is sports talk -- WW.