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12-17 6:10pm Bobby and Deke, Hartley cut

Dec 17, 2013|

Bobby and Deke take your calls about Garret Harley's recent departure.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. And good evening and welcome to sports talk Alabama three he's the KG camp Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia we've blown everything out we got open lines boy you. He on the this -- getting your take Saints have parting ways with kicker. Garrett Hartley. Your take on these Saints releasing on the Bible for. 2601878668890870. Is the number to game ball all your calls this out. Basically that's the tough or just and the Saints are eight. Three point underdog on the road. This week in and Carolina both teams have arrived body for the 2013. On a player's New Orleans -- Too angry when he arrived at the team hotel yesterday the Hilton Riverside and today the rating cadence at the New Orleans man on -- forward is going to be a historic New Orleans Bowl. Saturday night and the Mercedes-Benz superdome where they should -- at all attended trek it's. And I like how likely coach CD's do about it you know. It these two dynasty in all -- in the fall you know I mean -- -- -- attempt. But you know running the ball and -- -- atmosphere give domain laws home town and -- the bowl acknowledge that. They've agreed yet I am I going at all and -- colleague undergoing oval they are 35 bowl game. The New Orleans Bowl accorded to the ball is in Vegas is the second closest matchup. In all 35 both the only goal. That is predicted to be close -- it is -- out and make noted that points yes is this is the combo. Missouri is a one point favorite -- Oklahoma State. All -- their hand when Louisiana that did Tulane was agent's minds -- hand. -- the -- is off right now because the question mark about the wrong way quarterback yes. But. -- detail right about it via a close game I'm looking forward to. Got a big and I had told you earlier and about when I think. You know who's playing who's not playing. And I having a winning formula for Tulane -- has gone by what they've done this season. Is that. That I think they can win the game they can't get in a shoot out. If it's. You know and a team. I don't know a twenty to 172320. Tiger game I think they can win that you look at their defense this year what they've done against the run. I think unless Broadway plays it's it's less likely to be a shoot out. Via big -- you know it's it's hard to have a quarterback about fall season based -- number one he goes I guess Monroe. You know I mean it as hard to replace I don't think they don't try to run the football -- McGwire to go to around the football would be -- football team and in you know whenever habitat. Yeah the bottom line in the scores you'll win the game and that's it CJ is to put his. Team in position though they've been very opportunistic. You know creating turnovers and and in -- wanna. And their last scheme. You know obviously in the future he still wanna play for every chance in the Rose Bowl but I mean as far as you know pointed -- new venue. On campus in. And you know give the fans excited. The big -- even though it is two lanes. You know -- -- -- this year to Vietnam the ending enemy outnumbered I would think every pin and probably. Seven will be who is -- out and about three Tulane be 64 with I think. We haven't been -- in thirteen years in New Orleans Bowl has taken off solely because. Of the university of Louisiana Lafayette and how they supported -- this is no question about their fans. The ball game itself win on the last play two years ago gave San Diego State. Thrilling game last year it has put the ball. On the map and congratulations Bobby to -- Tulane cornerback the runs over dogs the probe would nine have been no way of -- second team all American. On a Sports Illustrated tied second in the nation with seven interceptions two returned for touchdowns. And the one of the top defense in the country so congratulates him and we'll continue our coverage throughout David drive with our features on the New Orleans Bowl here. On WW and I'm back now will be out paralysis sandy from noon until. 330 county down to the New Orleans Bowl -- can be a party in around the talk about the TVs of the image damage. The amendment to have a nice setup of the -- -- Andrea got to -- staged. At least a number of very fancy. I'm very happy attitude electric and I am very festive atmosphere very with the man and everything didn't. -- -- good crowd that wants for Christmas are a really big tailgate he's dead down and so -- pointed out an eight inning no we haven't debit. I'm I'm taken off on taken off the employ -- he had put on a fan and I want to -- I'm not going to present -- Boston's -- yet the use you know this is kind of atmosphere that you own hand in that. That debate she truly turn -- -- year and then let their let outside game allows -- for us that -- -- game that was them -- In the -- it's like Colvin you know. -- he know that too is fifteen degrees cool -- I would I. Always put out lovely female listeners to the hand of the pack and let's -- to and I'm assuming this is a team let's go to -- can't miss it thank you for calling -- -- yeah. They would be great outing I -- and I. I am you don't. I'm -- look at. To comment here and I Garrett Hartley. Upton park and I'll get I you know I have to say. You have one job to do and it should get there. And made it. Extra point late victories but at the three points on the board yeah I mean he would. Try and be batting at and you know every game even fatigue that particular like -- apparently liked a lot a lot done out allowed me. I read write this that you should never get to the point and this is how demanding the NFL list. He never get to a point. And if it's on the forty yards. I hope my kicker makes it. -- anthology you have to be at the highest level. That is on the forty -- -- you look. You know conditions and weather and all that -- particularly if you're an adult or inside. The Cologne on the forty RG enemy cannot hit it. Exactly and you know I mean I'm not -- -- are you can't really get ear and I Heatley didn't act. -- -- And I show are missing you appreciated Reggie Bush. Jonathan Vilma all those great -- players' Villa. Harry it's a point where would he perform anymore you act and they are and we have to look for players we need to recruit. Our line I mean a line on our enemy -- that attacks changed the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are very few times although I think coach Peyton gated com. Professional way in a coach the basically talented team liked it and -- -- he you get the attention he got it -- -- but that. And then today named Mikey said that I have in the meetings and going over to famine. Mary -- but. Mean it days in -- -- and get -- his don't make you -- tight -- I don't know I think everybody's -- yet but put this team is I don't know was to have -- along well on Sunday. But I do not expect the Saints at -- I don't know we'll win because Carolina is good at their -- good. And I and I think we can go either way. But I'd be surprised producer I would be shocked in. Thoroughly disappointed if they had a outing at Carolina like it Seattle I think you might come down that OR I don't know -- gonna win. Of of an -- thing that Shawn -- got the team's attention and I expect him to respond and respond. But no one knows that but to tackle I mean argued against Charles Brown gotten an opportunity -- -- -- -- streak that left tackle Bryce Harris at right tackle I'll tell you right now I'd rather give Charles Brown another chance. At left tackle because I know. That zags trees a better right tackle and more consistent need to throw mob their left tackle did then you could BA it's is that on both sides of the ball right at left tackle. Well I'll like -- phases. If it does have been in he's out again and if for the first found that really haven't known -- brown really made goal. If -- thank you for calling debuted at you know. Can't stand you got her period. That. That are out there and -- them. -- -- -- -- -- -- My pick and failing nicknamed beyond. That -- all Ollie and Gonzales is blown out of we game. -- Well under what -- thought about Garrett Hartley. You know I'll never forget that in there at each and the Super Bowl. Or yard kick. You know we -- -- and we're never get title and I bought it in August and before. Personally -- work downtown. And you know that that's great but unfortunately. Yeah -- to do that yeah. And I'm -- players via ended up -- and -- -- point. And it's quite a bit dirty you guys Eric are acceptable especially for being a kicker. Told that group I don't agree or people who say that -- so important job to do because let's be honest. Arctic climate -- it's incredibly clutch or the true that old so. A lot of depression and it's not like I need mostly to distribute their pressuring their job in all four plays every game could. It promotes usually. -- there are different than it would -- different -- and credit that when you questioned me. Opposed to kill Bulger to back which Stewart will come. Two other first when I was blocked out the -- it kind of speculating whether it was blocked or not and and he just looked at math. I didn't about it and coach Payton said. That you know really even at the first -- wasn't blocked the trajectory is cute too low or you know you've got a problem those balls out where. Realistically. I don't care how -- ER -- you came blocked BK now. -- come out -- obviously when you kick him in received 4748. Plus. Fifty -- yet to get the distance the doors -- -- should never again blocked -- -- how -- -- can you just have the -- -- out. And just keep it straight and and that's why those -- to teach and never get blocked and having that frustrated coach Payton and also. Yeah you know we are speculating that second one. You know whether it was blocked or not but I think he just hooked it left. I couldn't agree with you guys are going to be important that they're gonna trap door in age and choke crushed -- little -- in my current administration. And. Above I think about is the thing about this now and Carly you -- an opportunity. Let's call -- what if all of a sudden. Not just speculating here playing you know devil's advocate kind of scenario. What -- Carolina. If -- what we lose them by two points and he got the chance for a game winning kick -- he would miss it on Carolina. Being is that to have a kick people would remember that and hold that against the rest of his life now. Yeah what Obama now where now if he goes off and has success of Morales people are still ten. To reflect more on what he did it's -- year to sit there and it's doable in this global record but not boy you're a dark because people still bring up to me. -- -- -- And and you know they get frustrated now it's a team game. Nobody missed a kick in the superdome which was Devlin glorified extra point. And the loss -- over -- Falcons it's that I have -- a hole playoff game we had to go at Seattle it was all them on the man who knew. Well Auburn because that -- you never see that that's a 100%. Every day of the year. And now look how close -- -- can you imagine here's the this Seahawks seven and nine. And in you know we got what would we wouldn't. Not only that -- been from five to one yet to be number long animal. They no I'm just telling you now you know -- other than other been much of a most playoff start this Sunday I'm telling of most recently. The Patriots when they won back to back and when the Giants won a Super Bowl in the following year they want to be in the number one C. The Saints but the Saints in the NFC had been on the one of the team that has come back after the Super -- or ladies I mean we were in the playoffs you know it and it's it's extremely hard for champ. Yeah come back and get to the post and it. -- goes to show you that a lot of time it's also high you lose and the perception. Where -- Iraq and how you -- in December. I mean you can look on both sides of the spectrum different examples you look at last year. For some reason week I wanna say the Ravens that Neifi and it's like one of four. And they won the -- -- the year with thirteen you know we want we lost the last three games in his job and haven't been able to do anything in the playoffs. Is just right now no matter what happened in Saint Louis. You beat Carolina. I'm telling you when you play the percentages. Just stands to reason. That also had a great opportunity now to be in -- good to see them to see get a first round bye. And oh come on and try to keep guys held its a lot easier to win two games is that at three. Want to get it assuming maybe it's just that. Focus forward because you -- and everything out though it's a control your own destiny is -- -- now last week it was it was just one game and now this is another one that's a huge game bat in that amount and you watch and rob forward. -- thing as the mayor yeah he's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome back in holly is thought no longer a kick of for the New Orleans Saints getting your take and also. Will the black and gold resolve their road troubles with a win over the Panthers in Charlotte Sunday longest three and four on the road with one final road game but. I was in the fall or if the Saints have gone to get to that ultimate goal they will have to do something on the road this post season. Well the post season starts. It's arts and an honor for some reason. You know -- all of a sudden. You know we had to -- -- in the road in 2011 if we win at San Francisco the way it was and -- and we -- had the Giants in the superdome but it it's redemption game. I think our road playoff game. Is sending. You beat Carolina. You take care of it as you -- number two seed in the ultimately you know you take away and take care via. Yeah I'm abiding take -- you first home playoff game I think I think the way it is structured. Big and I think there's two teams I think can win at Seattle -- -- -- might not agree with this. And you might say oh why do you think the 49ers last and -- -- -- there they got embarrass. And Seattle but I think -- way to structure and I think. San Francisco and also Carolina. I think you can you can hand that repression in Seattle I don't know if he can but come playoff time because in the trenches. Their running backs how they structured. Holiday had the -- says scoring defense. They can play in a 1713 time game. The that I haven't like Carolina's chances better -- being Seattle and Seattle -- in the Saints but let's say daily goal of their whether it be San Cisco Carolina UN. And their first whole twelve game you know the two seed has led the NFC champ should gains back in New Orleans and and no matter what is Saints are playing you like their chances and -- at home that's go to Hammond for Michael thank you for calling WW -- All I have I don't do it I got two questions I -- such statements sophomore and personally -- heard a lot of the guys that you -- you can't sit down the kicker yeah I understand you only have one Q why not I don't know maybe injuries are. You know putting an -- that I think. Well above all I -- thing about this now that happens behind the scenes and that singing fake an injury a lot of time to trying to protect a player. Why you know you put him on IR but ultimately. What if he's not hurt and -- saying I'm not gonna agree to that. You know you don't hear a lot that's a lot of have a behind closed doors we don't know their. You know we could a bigger -- big -- to get a fake fake like. Sounding like all his hamstring on my groin in my hip flexor. You know than than you know Hollis fighting through it in the end in you know and and you shall we put them on IR the hottest thing to have behind the scenes that you don't know. Whether players getting cut -- on injured reserve -- Or you know what's gonna and he was Maine out. Victor Butler yeah -- you know his scenario how they put him. You know would he be available it is seem to come I can help the team you know ages don't know a lot of times speculate. But I get. Don't agree about it happen in this late in the year agrees shipping on line this year you know when I mean a couple times. But did late in the year. Well -- you think there's a bad idea they I know you've made since Michael but I also. Damn wow wait -- if you don't think eagle make that game winning kicks to use and you'll you'll put in your mind you're already lining that is on let's keep in this -- year now. You know okay well -- saying it -- corner and he would give John Brown games. That's right catcher but -- love that thing is -- am in the watch. I don't know when he when you are signing on bottom on the market data count or a pocket and be doubtful back out the back feel. Are you noticed you used in multiple ways kind of like you feel like they've termed it one of the keys for -- go when the Super Bowl but at the same term. -- just though she only. Need chipping in the back field no double one run in banks aren't chip and tackle helping tackle about hasn't cheated when I. You have argued they would happen. Michael you gotta give Jeff Fisher and at times credit you know only chipping are -- -- Jamie -- like given terminology like nudge. You -- when you're chipping is when you have an edge rusher. Come and all of that -- though you see when running back before we released in the -- EC he might trying to did you -- and not look innings in -- Pro Bowl autumn or tidy end. So where all of us think you're trying to get out on the tackle you did -- can chip them and block commended released his route that he noticed the Rams. That a lot of times that the stunts they were used in. Because he's not gonna scramble around you know you have that guy have any -- -- and yes so another words -- they call it ET RTE. -- that tackle now all of us an incoming inside. And and an end and tackle wheels around and has containment now so you -- across thing you know most famous doing that. Was men in Marshall and and Lawrence Taylor with the Giants. -- -- badges basic okay you got -- four down linemen. In the middle brand added it is manages going -- -- a lot of times dirty cat and mouse game. That he might want to chip them. But he's not coming off the -- he's now penetrating. The would have bull Russia and get that pressure of coming on in his side Russian art of saying. -- I'd do -- do but I had you know I just haven't seen adjustments -- -- -- yes actually you got to twist and start right what come would come hat. Let's go with the old black and gained some then I -- just haven't seen any adjustments that we're used to seeing it I mean you've seen them are both for the snap. Just motion and in the different formations or Charlotte it was a different look. We have -- Darren Inkster. Yeah you know my good sales like I don't know. That I do -- question against the you know Packers coach Payton and it just seems like the matchup against the Rams. That. That. They've known -- to out scheme is but yeah I guess you -- say somewhat. Is that they've flat out gotten after us when you look all the success the great success Drew Brees has had. One Noah and come against the Rams know -- -- Achilles heel. That the Rams by -- who read his worst team that he don't wanna play volley rather play. I mean about any other team because he has not taste that success. Against the Rams do we expect you know sometimes -- -- -- over 300 yards -- what was wrong -- right you know and then -- -- hasn't been the case sin against the -- Opened my address the way getting your feedback on -- -- a very successful player in black and gold history upon -- some of the best season the bases in the history of the franchise. Making the most important kicks and he -- his franchise but to date. Be New Orleans Saints cut ties with Garrett quality is released by the black and go back to the phones. We go let's go to Reggie on line on Reggie thank you for calling W did Uga. -- I grabbed an indictment. Zone. I won't let you go on and you win this little -- got a little bit but everything is rooted in each. But somebody committed would be -- color -- will -- There -- an -- -- That carton of putting OK it is -- that wielded an amendment to the game is really be. I don't know -- didn't graduate him doing it. -- in -- season I think it is probable and jerk reaction differently but I looked at I played it. I'm mentally. You don't win that thing go early in games they go out in April and when I really important early that we created a hole in. And that's really important people that we operate under and bring this progression. And step up and everybody right. -- Don't blame game that I thought it would sound legitimate guys you guys. Went on principle one yeah. But -- sloppy. Well Reggie you know -- though what's crazy was crazy though it's like. It it it seemed like this season in particular it matters. You know we don't get off to a great start when that we playing -- home on the road. Of on the road we get all -- or start it's almost like forget it but you remember when Carolina came here. Oh reading get off to a great start the fans how -- the -- the fans are gonna children and the chair about their first quarter. -- we go three and out dating call bill when the DB chip Doug talked job should say. Tugged on Colston Jersey inning call and affairs. We had the ball three plays and it was a man and it's on eleven the first water. But look we did in the second quarter we exploded we've done that at home and not on the road and right now I think. I don't know just from a mental standpoint. To me psychologically. Just to have some momentum. That we need to get off to a great start I Carolina because that we get out to -- most Hollywood in the dome I don't think that's. You know we held on to six point it -- been 100 or even 14076. To zero that I that I think come Sunday. That we can't get off to slow start like we did at Seattle. Like me getting as the Rams aren't the Panthers might waxes. Well we can operate on an 88 when it gradually got a lot about -- -- -- -- to make the defense because they've been can't run lead. Well I'll read the work sometimes not create a hole and introspective time you don't wreck that when he dropped back. Now that's never good. 2601878668890. -- -- -- -- -- for Tim Tim thank you for calling. It was -- I don't know. He did in ninety and I -- want to say it is it's funny to me you know -- -- -- you know. They didn't have a tendency of it is you know is you know when it comes a -- kind of thing you know I think here partly. A lot of Peabody a code and being here -- the -- -- Greg how minute they have been here without going to -- good to. I don't know I remember wearing a couple went on when it brought exactly have a quota located at Oakland. Issue. It and after an eight Packard and it goes -- -- it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that is we need somebody. And you know become man it's understated -- Now I don't want to let -- board rated well that this is not. And -- relax and know Garrett Hartley I mean he indicate that it -- go low like that they've what have you know he played man has missed stated it. -- Yeah -- and you don't have right now and a and a tejada demanding the NFL is also okay. Think about this you look in his AK there's a different when the -- our partner. Is anybody even concerned right now Bob Morris that punting no. You go to bed at night united they give you fully copped an anti yet to -- -- today on goal line he's gone at least. Put the ball on other side of -- as directional punting his distance Nat his gross average. You almost sub you don't need to think about it well you almost gotta get to the point. And you might say well it's a little -- -- because the pressure or make a game winning cake that you can have crucial -- that big -- a day dictate field position. And and you know hitting yardage and all that but we've got to almost get to a point. That. Does that -- Now and Terry you always try do this at every position that listen I know that guy's solid -- Colorado where eulogy kick it to be solid not like. I don't know flip -- -- he might -- -- might not. Know that that's. The -- and not lose any game that you'd be so frustrated. You behind the world we lost that game the league vacate. Actually -- been a special season well like you did a Super Bowl you know. And that created that means it is real quick and a lot of people Obama also lives in Ryder Cup commitment. Network outlet -- cola did enjoy that and you bet there at the no. But the fact is you know I think we'll call it also -- to -- we got paid money. And it didn't pay them. It's not -- and is that ultimately are either not do a good thing they are supposed to. -- -- as significant on Saturday and a lot of people not that united would ever will be an all of the war in Chicago. -- to mob -- had an issue you know all of their car I know the technical free. Number I am right now at 88 Tim would you like like what new rich reds among bush cut back you know we'd be able. Good because people are Bijan and he was -- -- the Pro Bowl cub to see -- -- -- and everybody. Eric Bruntlett Eric -- what is the simple question it was important component. Besides a couple of technical once upon a time out that would I mean they -- know what a top alternate. And ask him yeah exactly we tell you know it's a frustrating right now and that's -- I don't know I'm not as common I don't know with -- -- eminently today. All -- -- do we want to see Kubel in the year we came the greatest show and Joseph book who we do we could run the ball. We had a sixth best rushing attack. -- those seasons right now and we like where 125. Looks like the Saints have come to terms with Shayne Graham. Off kicker most recently with the would have worked him out early in the -- -- and the Browns and then last season 2012 Bobby he attempted thirty vehicles. And he made 31. Of those you -- oh well maybe maybe that's why he was on the street yeah. You know -- -- that as I was saying -- hearted and again an opportunity evident it because we think BA best available via an end. You know and seeing Graham -- braves' farm in. And then as an opportunity that he'll come through and I'm sure he had a great workout with the Saints are. The need to do is get this opportunity because they like him right I mean I'm sure -- Israel impressive -- now Paula both in on the trial that -- -- others. -- -- As a come to terms with the New Orleans Saints of course the first media. We have will be tomorrow morning as coach paid -- a meet with the media prior to practice. And what have everything to coach Payton says about any other moves it changes he makes -- -- the course -- -- nobody more so when the team lands up this week who's out there at the positions. Yeah I mean this and if they sign him the aegis reported that. He's a kicker hey it's not like. Well you know we have a -- on the bench him in enemy can compete knows the competition was behind the scenes. And obviously they put him in different drills and he was the most accurate. So hopefully next up is always acrid Saturday was actually years of follow -- temple coach as. Sat out of Illinois you know is in 2000 it's I'll -- around Sonnen in those you can. When I came here the first time I'm really was on Thomas thing though -- 2005 right before Sean Payton thirteen -- make he made the regular season roster okay he was he was -- -- he was undrafted but you know even when they had to -- try -- When Harley was struggling you know we play -- And Michael -- Do you take autism attended it -- organ but you look out that they had brought him in earlier along with Neil Rackers in. And wishing Graham and -- gimmicky and Shayne Graham. In the keeping him and this is a lunacy you know in October early November. When Harley was struggling in. You know all of us and in Minnesota six -- with him that was the second most in the NFL that time in. That had the lowest percentage as far as accuracy in the NFL at 72 and a half percent so. And he gave -- and had a chance and obviously what happened in the Rams game and now Shayne Graham and you Saints kicked. -- several outlets are reported saying Graham will be the kickoff for the New Orleans Saints will go -- our -- he is. I -- say -- -- mean he -- the National Football League since the 2000 season when he broke into the league as first starting NFL it was a in training camp match and with the Saints in 2000 now he's back in black and go this is sports talk on WW.