WWL>Topics>>12-17 7:10pm Bobby and Deke, Hartley cut from Saints

12-17 7:10pm Bobby and Deke, Hartley cut from Saints

Dec 17, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to the final -- all of sports talk top news at this point in time of the New Orleans Saints they have cut ways with cut ties with kicker Garrett Hartley. There probably missed eight field goals this season his last. In Sunday's 2716. Loss. To the St. Louis Rams getting your take on the Saints getting rid of Garrett Hartley final four to 601 point 78. You may Texas and 87870. Email as the big chief at WW you know. Dot com several media outlets are reporting the Saints would bring in veteran kicker Shayne Graham. To the black and gold nab Graham is a veteran of fourteen years in the National Football League is most successful season. Was in 2005 when he was a Pro Bowl and all. Pro player Bobby with the Cincinnati -- the most of those the ever made -- season with 31 that was last year it was 38. Attempts and 31 makes the most steal votes he ever made any game -- made seven Theo. In one game before his highest percentage in a season was 91. And a half and the most points in -- season was. A 131 now looking as his career statistics as of the last season in the regular season when he played the end of the year. He attempted -- 87 career field -- teammate to 45. It's 85 and a half well and you could see big when it was his rookie year 2000 yes fancy when Campbell to -- okay so you could see some Andy's OK pre season -- you kick in 85%. -- the career. At the B well thirteen years yet if you gonna get a lot of opportunities to be yet they'll be in an -- longest field goal of may with 55 yards so there is the follow on Shayne Graham all that is available for use. We inviting input and do you feel the Saints will resolve their road troubles with a win. Over Carolina on Sunday based it would be did you say that'll be Carolina on Sunday. 2601 a 7866890. 870. Back on to the phones we go to -- -- TK and diamond TK thank you for calling W did you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what quite and you know when I walk on you know when we dug our. Well you have more to one running back he's the only have one kicker is like if you know the marking was only running back in if you and I am 10 and left offensive attack like Jammal Brown the obviously -- a look at the position -- -- listen -- And endless bank club is that too big obviously. And you know because what he's done for the Saints and most of being accountable and yes exactly and and I -- approach odd on the lot I'd rather give curry Robinson. More than carries. You know that marketing because I think he's more. Like I criticize every time about it they're ready. You know the guy different -- back Q can you think it is I think Pierre Thomas is the knee back every down back -- -- runs college slash is obviously. Darren Sproles and what he brings to the table. But I think Mark Ingram and Kory Robertson are the same time a bags and -- and I think -- Roberts is better. Other than -- -- another birdie at the Olympics are scored extra boat and -- point. -- up a bit of a kicker you know David offered him luck protect. Yeah and you know and -- more often this year Mark -- Well well that's going to be a key. When you look at it TK cub come Sunday. And that's one thing we were outstanding. Against the Panthers in the superdome look at these areas and look at third down efficiency and red zone efficiency. When you look against Carolina. We were seven at 1250%. And Carolina's only six of 1540%. And then -- you look at red zone efficiency. We all we could have been five of filed with a four for five as -- touchdown percentage. Then you throwing what happened in and the Rams game red zone efficiency were 26 like you said. Third now we're only five of fifteen and they were seven of fourteen now with the challenge is going to be and that's why I thought was I was so fired up because. Carolina won eight in a -- that they were playing and they are I believe one of the elite teams this year and NFL. I think they're great team number one scoring defense and if you look third down offense and defense. Red -- all of -- in defense. That today in both those categories. They -- top five. In the whole NFL and they had the number one reds on defense and were able to convert my guess at four to five and is gonna take that kind of effort again. I think to win at Carolina but look we won -- -- 31 to thirteen I thought about divas they like their play was on the I thought to be more like seventeen to thirteen. Well there's an up. I just hope we -- I don't care who went fourteen. You know you just got to win yeah. -- great and just. That. You're not up like that I help out on percent better not give up so quick run that. -- -- have opportunity to accomplish some great things that I don't I don't think there -- a great team. Whatever they have a check well are a great team it -- great teammate well to assume doctor Terry argued -- is the that I being. If they get the NFC championship that that would be considered great. Had been no doubt about that you know not not know right about right and and you look at you know only -- champion because you have a hook up that way you are. Way you've been in what you go look at where we are -- -- four. And we got a chance to be the number two seed and who though you got to play. But you cannot give to a certain place -- united the Saints. Right you gotta give advance first so one win the next -- -- in it don't matter. When Sunday when the file on Sunday that would AFC and number two you get a week off another seven days to regroup. Reevaluate what do you wanna say. Now where we've began we've been -- we've bid to the mound that we -- trophy. When you wanna go way at UN a trophy you want to go back he would do it again but. Where you come from as a seven man team yet he's a with the probe the defense oblique. They team has turned to defense around full full throttle 180 to -- will be a shame Bobby is that you -- this type a defense to play. It's elevating consistent. But did you this type of defense the point is scared you a lot at home. And owner wrote and well and not in at least give it to meet him yet has got to be about that let's these days it is good enough to do the thing is it is frustrating I truthful. Okay if you look at the everyone is suitable and had unbelievable offensive 2011. What that would still puzzling in -- -- all of its -- that is good. And that's -- don't think potentially be can be is as good offensively as those teams. Because 21 a receivers are getting older and it was explosive. And -- -- line overall across the boards not as good. Defensively. You look where we rank. What do we do and as a unit pulling together. We had two horrendous gains -- -- missed tackles and you look at the Jets obviously against Iran has been overall. Weaving. We've been tackling well we haven't been inconsistent. In that area but what we've been inconsistent compared to when you wanna call the ball bouncing your way. You wanna call in the brakes going away whatever what we did in 2009. Was the takeaways. C'mon when we had instantly it's like almost you hole opened a wishing to have a meaningful to turn over. Take away we had 39 takeaways -- everyone is suitable. You just don't see that in his -- brought up now for a whole month we'd only NFL team right now who has not had a -- -- a score. You know we took -- -- Rose missed the magic. We had seven defensive touchdowns in 2000 I would have zero eminently kick return punt return all of those little things. Make a difference I don't know what's gonna have and I Carolina. But going fart in Darren Sharper we had him on guys where you NFL network he said those things tend to come in bunches. Boy we sure would like to have a whole lot a bunch is to become an up. You know come Sunday when to be -- that was starts Sunday. Collison and we hitting canyon and the ball pops up and we scoop and score you wanna keep the crowd out the game. What do that in the first quarter -- Carolina analysts and you get a view it's guitars on the that it's unbelievable and every whenever you get a it's like I -- say eighty some percent chances go up that you win that game when you get a -- -- a score. That studio fault we go into those and thinking about Hartley what he had done this season he started out. Lose Bobby. Three for three against Atlanta three for four games Tampa in this one against Tampa. I made -- -- logo it is on one foot two against the Dolphins. Awful before at Chicago to for to a doing him but the and that's when things aren't yet that's exactly. He was -- for two against Buffalo and that was and that was a lackluster second hand from the things you remember that one. He had finishes this is good as they could have oh for two -- -- was two for three to jet so you talk about being two Arafat. Did you miss one against Dallas and missed two out of six Bobby if you make three out of three so you go from two out of 62 and five out of Nan. You want to one against Atlanta us. That means that slowed this the -- I I got a right here because of the seven that seven and then you -- eight out of eleven and well of course that you maze you make you make one you mean three. Point two and so it's a what is east what into the thirty right now and if you lose you win days started bring in and kickers on Tuesday. That was reported by ESPN Neil Rackers Shayne Graham who's now the kicker Derek -- that was after the Buffalo -- sat I kind of I -- minimize that but I but I can of this. When they brought in those kickers he was sixteen of 22. For the season in -- righted 72 and a half percent like you said earlier. That accuracy rate was the lowest in the NFL. At 72 and a -- -- basically and also. This six. Misses. Six missed field goal -- said that part of this season with the second most in the NFL so fast then the Saints basically seen as struggling kicker. And that's and they decided to bring in these kickers behind the scenes to work them out -- -- -- you know well maybe he's back on track. And -- obviously what happened. Against the Rams to much inconsistency into its role locals that and now. And now that's why they part ways that your arm. Back to -- found ago it's goatee Shane thing thank you for calling WW yeah. They'd neat idea out of college and find out -- feel though that hardly merits. Not -- offense. Went to go back and if he thought the four losses on the road losses. Now we're all all all get down there daughter oh well he was eaten this one against -- three couple games Tampa. I was perfect at Chicago was fourth before it was perfect and doing things to put too. And he -- at this past week. I never again you know it's crazy hovering about it Shane Theriot that it it was really puzzle and that's pleasant times had to figure our kickers. That. Boy he -- have two of kicks and remember this seasonal forty yards and he missed some that you think would be give me. Our jackets some competitive it's changed your game totally. Yeah AA is just up I don't know sometimes to figure out you know like a hitter in baseball I mean on that at that level. You know Major League -- but slumps and stuff but at times you get to a point. Where. He can't afford to stay -- kicker he's in Islam and like I said. Look he's gonna get an an opportunity. Shayne Graham look he's thinking it's his 2000. And hardly been a six year veteran. You'll get them opportunities that you almost now. You get to a point. You like a military brat and look -- menacing -- 25 years McKee -- for the Saints. Falcons. Giants team Chiefs Vikings. -- devout and so it that you usually you you know. You -- -- a long time a lot of times you know they -- younger teams. You know mindset or they wanna go to him and direction. So you have to disarm again there are only he did great things that the Saints. And now like we said earlier. We acknowledge the Reggie Bush has done this thing the Reggie Bush he does in his who've always do with the Dolphins now Detroit lines. I mean Vilma. You know he start out with the Jets it was a Pro Bowl linebacker with the Jets and hurt his knee -- came back with the Saints one of Al leaders on. On defense Elvis when his suitable that's why you almost have to cheer. You can have your favorite players but you almost had to cheer for the team. Instead individual players because. Before you know it. Now I hope it's later revenue and sooner or Drew Brees is going to be -- And in and -- you hope that you play I don't know like Brett Favre forty years old and still be at the highest level of them but you never know. But it's going to be going to be saying I remembered as great years we drew and it's not like all of a sudden. When you look at the Colts when they decided -- apart. What Peyton Manning Peyton Manning's Giants on the obviously eleven -- -- look what he's doing that Denver. And has an opportunity to win is suitable with them but you look at the big picture. In that -- terms that a short term now still Andrew Luck as the -- on the with the Colts. But the cold to kind of look at an okay well Andrew Luck could be our quarterback. And you know -- you know for sure. They were speculating and hoping that the next 1215 years where we're paying you look at that. Maybe -- of side maybe three or four years so those have come at a point also the -- going to be dealing that we Drew Brees and it's almost at every position. You have that end and -- a six year veteran like -- to get an opportunity. But the NFL that get far consistency. And it's like if you look at his misses it -- have been all like. I'm 5456. Aren't they gave you mortem -- doubt when you miss those short cakes. And cutesy in the film and evaluate -- you hitting the ball. -- been like a pretty -- like a shank or whatever you wanna call it and know they admitted that they don't like to see that it'll do they want it to be almost automatic. Like cannot stress Dolly I hope remains I don't know who's gonna make it they wanted to be like OK we got to look at the -- heard quadra Ismail. He does the radio rant on and with the Ravens again he said that it's amazing. That confidence that Ravens players have in their ticket Tucker on and leave it daylight ball and he he'll make -- -- like being seeded -- -- -- Or you know bag comedy I'm hearing had been gone. But now ever remember a C a key once it you know when you kick the ball gets a big man like tolerance it its opponents a point in class. He kind of moved a little bit and in ago. Once it once it got -- Bobby Indian -- Tommy he kicked at Bel ami amateur and the I don't mind it doesn't travel 4045. Yards. Own dead straight mine enemy once it was right right it would go England -- oh era this -- it was right at a ball Gordon fought. And -- -- them -- -- and not enough not big that's why all want to know 61 yards and and the way they kick was and how it barely got inside the post. But you don't know depending on the way the wind was blowing that was a controlled environment playing in Detroit. Inside. In its own. And that that type kick. I mean -- -- outside and and where it was going you know the wink could have pushed it wide and that's that's our. That's all I'm saying. I've seen hardly look at New England Chicago he made tough kicks yeah it tough conditions he missed it once that passed -- to him a bit. Back to the phones go right if the New Orleans that take Jake thank you for calling WW. Guess. Column about -- to -- shouldn't oh yes right. I understand that he can -- kicks but it is there any kind of -- Duke community. Loyalty respect to a player that I had which you -- just a -- in the bowl so. Why -- -- 2009. That -- -- wasn't last season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It wouldn't let him cut him out but it. Yeah I mean not not career finish out the season right. Okay what -- Gonzo ain't seo Jae Jimmy and images bases I think we all of those -- where you come from Milwaukee stamp on now. What about the loyalty to your other players to go out there with -- -- best possible guys that you think's gonna win the game. You think law T stands above that did you put a guy in you don't think you'll have the confidence not a team as a -- to make a cake. But because of what he did for five years ago you'll give him a chance to make another all miss another game winning -- well again it takes -- Jake just because you belong to the players union and everyone's unified. With the team. On the dollar sign though you can lose your job now I go hobbled and union saw I get to keep my job in the NFL weren't that way now you get an opportunity so Morales. But now with the Saints went as far as to let him finish his career here. I think you meant more like you said later like this season I did see an argument there but the Saints season is on the line. To -- come Sunday the playoff starts Sunday. And and I common in hardly. And he could come down the game winning kick in and and they they just don't want to put him in a position they think he's in a funk right now. And they can't afford for their kicker to be in a far as the game could come down when you make our. Just like this -- a -- call about a group really be in the -- -- -- -- -- Hated us lobby got publicly about the Rams game setting all kind of records the whole season pretty. I'm not talk about eleven -- I made good friend. If he sucks Sunday yet you you would say oh but have you really seen Drew Brees have back to back games where if you don't play great. We not get a win and I Drew Brees can't play good guess that played great against Carolina are we not get away and I'll write up but you don't really see. Drew Brees have like. You don't say. You can and nit in seven years as 2006. You probably -- -- one hand we have to really go back and look at all those games because he is human. But overall you very seldom see like oh man. Drew Brees -- you compare all the quarterbacks. And whether Aaron is no controversy. Partners -- like. He hasn't played good in a month. So no we just don't see that and like the whole team I'd be surprised. In if we have a stinker in -- another and even those good as Carolina is now I'd be surprised. If we have an outing like Carolina like we had at Seattle. Now I can happen you know I think we got to get off to a great start out without it. Without him avoid Jody today and the -- in around about we dug my memory. Was sit around we were talking about. The holidays and that -- -- seen in a in the Rocky Rocky to Apollo -- in there. Aces in a Nelson did this in apologist -- lost the fight Rocky Guillen. And Duke comes a time in -- and in -- -- looks at him exit plaid Duke. Why why you don't wanna fight. Because it is their seasons. -- He's seen you -- this mean. Like game that was seen in Maine beat before he he can't. -- He can't come and then maybe he says we don't need this man out. -- Let me go and anything you say speaker it may be big Apollo crease it moms and dads to you can't stay at school you think now's the he never definite as youth and think and uses that normally get their pro ball. -- list like you know I think he loses it's in the back embarrassing. Humiliating effort and at that it is all the time wrong cause they don't -- NFL and NFL as -- Yeah it's not you know you army like we gotta we gotta have a -- the past the last game that maybe three weeks -- get humble you heard me. Even answer a question like you know everybody wants chances they want solid -- they don't want speculation. And I also -- and all I know is that the NFL's hard. You know competition you're going against in daylight no home coming games. They'll look even Jackson you might think Jacksonville Suggs. I guarantee Jacksonville got passed for a look at the good the last few weeks abject and Campbell -- that at that obvious talent even in practice you -- in high school you could -- on a price and don't really matter. They -- get into -- collagen and -- got to pick it up a little bit and today NFL price is and how you competing. He got to bring a game every day are you getting Barrett's mediate is that tough. And I'm just glad we've been a lot on the on the winning and ended things. But now we got humbled EC at Seattle and and at Saint Louis how would you respond I think -- enough to be ready. And Charlie concerned David I don't know be good enough to win. But I think we have a fighting chance. There's an -- it's a course like our All Saints players show our special guests will be Saints. Pass rushing specialist -- go to that there is tonight at hooters on veterans boulevard in. Metairie -- 60187866889. 0870 either in -- involve the Garrett Harley is out there and several media outlets are reporting that. Veteran kicker Shayne Graham will be with the same about me the big. You know we had a couple of callers you know trying to say well we got to run the Barley or. You know mix it up in the obviously you wanna be more balanced likely war in the year we won the suitable -- 2000 level we -- those records. We had the sixth best rushing attack that boy this is scary. We look I don't think it's big gains to get well. As far as when you wanting to run the ball. Because of Carolina's defense it's almost identical as far as these numbers. You look at the Saints right now their average in. 89 point two yards. A game rushing the football which is 26. Now we united an average of four yards averaging three point eight yards. A carry and like you said rushing yards per game 89 point two. Well when you look at Carolina. Q -- -- getting three point eight yards a carry and Carolina is given a three point nine yards. As far as when you run the ball against -- rushing defense. And now we're getting 89 point two when they're given up only 84 point nine. So bottom line that would be a big win over an -- turn over every inhibits Cintron mark. You know running against Carolina and having some sense of balance that we can in this century mark in and does get the 44 point two yards a carry that's definitely a winning formula. Against Carolina if you don't lose a terrible about a lot and -- something I don't know food we might try and running it's and I'm not too confident we can and. One week and they Bible be Christmas Eve and you're now be on to at least seven so we'll with a tie and some. Somehow. Though all in the course -- league launches -- of this business -- age. In. Bad in the in the cold and not the whole time -- please. -- -- hold them making everything you know anything like Alan Embree and some do some spasms -- -- missed -- on one thing. To say what would too afraid to close when you just -- well and eating until mama mama so I don't I don't I was -- I -- out opt out do some hits to the city school right. But -- is hardly -- pan plan that it is the -- and -- authority. And before you know about -- -- we beat Atlanta game Reyes he's just like that you know a player and a -- and now I'm amazed I made 53 in August but boy and things like a young fit it all that but you know but that would be it it went out and bring it would it seems like though it is. By ever since around the late forties like 4049. -- the year goes by fast you know when you're young. Enough bullets is like youth is forever. Players like say you know what you just another day and -- like I didn't have relatives -- three years now -- yet but I'm just aged just say my ages as he -- when you -- far -- classic fourth I have 4748. -- your -- -- when you noticed the years Obama fan and -- I also had 53. In. But talented if Bynum. -- -- like Graham IBO light. And see. Who was in with a victory. I don't know -- -- -- mine said to my joints hurt my joints feel a lot talk about who some goofy theories about them all Von Johnson on Johnson and that's I remember it three. Eaten meat yeah. Mean. And on the -- -- injuries. In the NC. And -- on Johnson thinking that mama come and doubles and -- so pitiful that if it seat says that before is there like beat the eight through. -- -- -- them. And act back to the phone Lugo are hardly for Jean Jean thank you for calling -- did you know. What but I know Romero are about. I don't do paging. -- are. So Bob me YouTube but they were more demands -- right. It is no way to do. Missed the boat like that that -- Merriman -- man that was pretty well -- -- They've got to admit he did you -- is the elbow and in mid America all. -- able to Jane I could tell you and in all of them more involved with the Saints and the bounds and I could tell you about a 25 years and not a it would and that whole time -- the -- that I've played with them obviously it was double digit I don't know when he got up -- behalf of counselors say twelve years. And I can remember two kicks in twelve years. One I'm aware of play in the Washington Redskins the Redskins and Doug Williams and all that Darrell green and it just won his suitable. We're playing and rfk stadium. And -- lead the -- getting in field goal range and their forgiveness. Dexter Manley spitting in the -- -- face. And -- and all of a sudden Dombrowski like -- them. And -- somatic a couple of number oh he's sick knew what that was like an all pro move with the right -- not gonna see that he's to see you swing and so he -- to flag in the condition in the -- all money -- no footing. Who went when -- and it -- you know I think it was like on deceptive to 4050 yarder where you know you take it a personal foul. Obviously thing Martin's automatic union of miss and -- kick. So remember that one -- how clutch while was and then you know the last the last game ever played professionally was in the Jacksonville Jaguars. We went all the way down the field. Now Jacksonville had to beat said that then beat the Falcons. To -- wells that was the year Jacksonville upset Denver in Denver. Made it that AFC championship game that that one necessarily in the playoffs announced that while we get of said the Jaguars. And it was basically. A glorified field goal the only kick I ever Seymour and miss the the that the grass feeling Jacksonville's all messed up. And in all -- plan his plan -- any slip and any miss kicked. And now and an -- shock his arm -- gone back in game Gatorade in and all the -- Gator Bowl it's all packed in and all of us and I'm drinking -- -- syndicate. -- the crowd going crazy uncle what you miss the and not because I took it for granted and Indy vigil at talk did you enjoy all the Jews and yet he does plan for adjustment that he missed about the point I'm -- It is like hair house -- him every gained twelve years -- that happened twice in twelve years while always a six year kicker and that's have been and a half the season. And I mean it is like. Even though so -- Number 1113. In the world and a lot of that breed -- -- -- in the and they like to Ogilvy against that Tampa Bay game. We could've won that game. Yeah I look back out if you didn't have to look back now we did do a little you know look at his career in each game but yeah I'm sure if you read it if you recall that -- probably right. Today he he -- one against the this year will blow on the power and being he had admitted. You know we we would grind out. And we were told that it hit the next game I mean even -- so that the -- -- -- You will probably decide that make this kick they would go to -- -- -- had to get a cup well the lid back field goal couldn't miss and you know. You don't attain I think that -- Billy made against them by then they approached coach Payton took. Was more since he was a young kicker then obviously based unity -- you wet behind Ayers is the kind of give -- commas and I'm confident. Are you gonna make this kick in almost like you better -- Gasquet. In a -- and almost took data approach to kind of build them up. And obviously it worked in and those Saints fan of that now there never forget that -- thank you for -- Merrick thank you for calling debuted a view you know. Ergo my degree in. All right Obama did some problem we're rapper because -- could feel it in the real and he -- all of gogel. Because. This -- and you know what. -- you don't or alternate. Yeah yeah -- great we. Don't want he -- Totally put it. Yeah actually I was it today -- -- -- -- we talk about that you know when you reflect back and look at this season. He made some tough -- in Chicago in England. Yeah that's what I mean you know umps are going to be watching a game -- award and if we want to -- Omega are critical when you are yet. Going -- war part but -- expending a lot of people keep Colin but the Saints to run and all. To. All prolong -- pro -- yet. You know -- don't think this -- can't keep Clinton I'm agreement and get to -- cobalt. Well -- not and -- -- this cage in my Busch rod was a pro bowler. Carl Nicks was all pro. Then his AFL and NFL combine you have visited daily that they need -- win. Okay Jeff -- became the highest paid -- it would Tampa Bay now we were fortunate we brought Jonathan good winning here. And and he was that a Pro Bowl level he's -- starting center for the 49ers you on the forty niners run the ball. What -- content -- they just don't look at that but that's what you've got to -- understands -- we -- people like that on the I'm in and night -- bubble spot. -- and the ability indicates it came Bobby a bit on the way let alone deny people.