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Dec 17, 2013|

Is Santa white? Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly commented on her show that Santa is white and a high school teacher in New Mexico told a black student he couldn’t be Santa Clause because Santa is white. Is Santa white? And should it even matter? AND: the Saints cut kicker Garret Hartley today….in his time with the Saints he was 81-101 ( he made 81 out of the 101 attempts he had) do you think other players on the team should be cut as well for poor performance in last Sunday’s game?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- is a beautiful moon in the Tuesday sky tonight I don't know whether it's a full moon but if it's not a full moon it is very very closely you've heard the news that the saints kicker Garrett Hartley. Has been cut him I guess it was just a matter of time you it was a really good kicker who -- -- games force. And he just -- he psyched himself out he'd he'd just tip it in and there's a lesson to learn from this for everybody. Eat you can't allow yourself to get psyched out of situations and Antony I don't think anything happening -- physically. It was an emotional thing it was something that got in his head Danny couldn't get rid of the voices in his head. Finally you know I was walking to the CBD. It's just a little while ago and you don't have a lot of skateboarders. In in this dvd. And this young skate -- -- They're they're constantly criticize these young skateboard I am walking to a corner and this young skate -- comes flying down the street and he almost hits me because I'm walking just beyond this building. -- he did. He said I'm sorry. And a so I thought that was really cool bass and I'm I'm sorry to -- we got a big fight over who really was sorry. But I mean I thought that was that was nice that -- only the bad stories about about young people but this was it a teenage skate boarder. Almost hit me and said. I'm sorry we have so much to talk about tonight there is a possibility that the show's gonna go on until two or 3 in the morning I don't even when it's gonna ask. But let's get into it right now here's the top eight dates of the top -- things we'd like you to know as we begin our show tonight on WWL number eight. -- Mega Millions jackpot is up to. 637. Dollars million dollars or something like that six before I went on the air it was like 630. Eight million or saga might be 64600. Who knows it's the second largest jackpot in history. And the drawing is tonight. So if you bought a ticket right now. You can't help but have those thoughts about what you would do if you won the money. Fantasizing about what it would be like to have that much money and the if you take into one lump sum it's. 340. Million or or something like -- that's by the way as before taxes. And I guess there'd be an argument that would be better for a Republican or Democrat to be in the White House if you won the lottery but that'll be a discussion for another show. You know hey I have to admit that it it is kind of embarrassing that you know the jackpot gets this high. End and people show. People show. Lighted news people -- lines are around corners -- stores because people are suddenly buying. A ticket for Mega Millions and it's over 635. Million dollars. What about when it was a hundred million. I don't know about you but most of the people I see it might look like they could maybe use a hundred billion heard David it would be okay if they -- -- -- know they wait -- gets to be like 500 million before they start buying tickets. What about 10200. And I have to admit that I'm one of those people. I bought a couple of Mega Millions ticked tickets today and when it's a hundred million and he's a hundred million dollars. When it's a hundred million or 200 billion now than negative you know I guess it's just not worth the going to distorted to -- that but if it's 635. Million or more. It then I'm gonna go buy it. It's okay to fantasize about winning the lottery a lot of money as long as -- don't get too depressed. If you don't win it's like you don't suffered a kind of a Dix attack but we'll have those who -- winning numbers a little bit later in the show. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A teacher at a high school in Connecticut told her students that they could not decorate. The classroom door with Santa Claus. Or Christmas tree. The school was having a door decorating contest and she said no Santa Claus. And no Christmas. -- got this from -- -- star news op Ed piece at the website foxnews.com. And it this is at Fairfield what -- high school in Connecticut. And the entire school was having adored decorating contest. An apparent said that this teacher told the kids that they could not have any reference to Christmas when decorating the door. No Santa Claus. And a Christmas tree. We contacted about this representative from the -- education in Connecticut in the school district said that there is a policy of DO board of education. That there will be no religious belief or non belief it will be promoted by the district or its employees. And none will be disparaged. I'm so he didn't say definitely that they couldn't have Santa Claus. Or Christmas tree because -- set -- closing Christmas trees that that's a religious those are religious symbols. And I would think that this is there a good time for a lawsuit I don't favor these frivolous lawsuits but I I think this is a way to attack and you know we go back to that hole. To go back to that whole argument about removing a prayer from public schools the Supreme Court ruled that. The school could not lead a prayer. But the students could say prayers. So if the students are decorating the door with -- -- classroom thing in out of school thing. Again -- ridiculous frivolous lawsuits but I think this would be the right time to to attack. And you know if if you if you're somehow offended by Christmas on get over it I think we should be. Inclusive and our our nation. If you -- non believer or if you are Jewish or Muslim. This is something we do and America and -- going to somebody's not trying to recruit you that it really shouldn't matter. However I and I've talked about this before I do believe that the whole concept of a war on Christmas or taking Christ out of Christmas. Is really more of the media myth that it is reality number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Ordered a state of Florida has decided to end the controversy by changing the name of the school. The vote was unanimous to change the name of Nathan -- forest high school in Jacksonville Florida. -- before -- Confederate general. An honorary kkk leader and some records show that he ordered the XQ -- of hundreds of black union soldiers. The school willing to be referred to as. Westside high or Firestone -- And and I don't think this is an example of political correctness gone wild. About half of the faculty and a majority of a lump in the alumni surveyed disagreed with the name change. But 64% of the students at this black majority high school. Were in favor of a changing the name. And and I can understand that if you have a schools named it's named after a despite arguably a despicable human being that there's nothing wrong with with changing the name. I do understand how alumni which field because. They passed the ring sort of whenever that represents their their ice packed up and I'm sitting here tonight in my east chairperson warrior alumni T shirt. Which I've bought Saturday at the big party it and walk -- for all the EJ grants and alumni. And then went to the game and watched east Jefferson. Come from behind to defeat car. In the the championship game in a Mercedes-Benz superdome visually quite great aspect during the first break here a -- we got a picture to prove that I'm sitting here earlier tonight. In my -- -- warrior alumni T shirt so I can understand school pride but. If for schools named after somebody who was a kkk leader. It especially fiscal well you know what even at the school's not a majority black. I would I'm a white guy I would want to go to a school that was named after a kkk leader. So no change -- name and move on number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. This is one of the most absurd things that I've heard and this is the first show the -- hand since this story broken I'm sure you've heard it and I'm sure you'll agree with me -- this is absolutely absurd. But it totally advances. The entitlement mentality is growing in America. But in a different segment of the population. In also advances the loss of respect we have for personal accountability in America. Sixteen year old Ethan couch. Slammed his pickup truck into two vehicles. He killed four people and injured nine others. He had stolen beer earlier in the day from Wal-Mart. His blood alcohol level at the time of the accident was point 243. Times. The legal limit for an adult. The sixteen year old was sentenced to ten years. Off probation. No jail time. And prosecutors were seeking a twenty year prison sentence. -- couch comes from a very wealthy family. In a very affluent suburb of Fort Worth, Texas. That'd -- suburban Westlake it's on forbes' list of America's most affluent neighborhoods. A psychologist. G Gary Miller testified at the trial. At sixteen year old Ethan couch. Should not be -- prison. Because he suffers from affluence. Affluence. That refers to psychological problems that children of wealthy families suffer from. The psychologist said that his parents had given him freedoms that no young person should -- Affluence and disrupts the link between behavior. And consequences. So those suffering from affluence. Are said to have. And reckless behavior. They have thought it responsible behavior in their lives they have casual sex they deal with substance abuse issues and their generally. Obnoxious. The judge in the case Jean -- did not explain the reason behind the lenient sentence. When this when the sixteen year old was fifteen. He was discovered passed out and pick up truck with a fourteen year old girl who was undressed. No punishment. A -- people. Suffering from the inability to bottle for -- -- from the ability. To buy. Anything money can -- Deal with psychological problems that you know I had had no idea they. They suffered from. Either we pay so much attention to support maybe we need to start paying more attention to the rich. Maybe we need to do what we can to help rich people and take money away from them. Mean do we need a real Robin Hood to take for the rich so they don't suffer from -- I mean do you believe this affluence is real. Music is is this condition of being wealthy but look I realize that the people who are wealthy. Live with a different standards in their lives by it should they of course not. And it's and he this his chest and a and I'm an injustice that he once again shows that justice is not blind in America when it comes to things like skin color and certainly when it comes to money. If you have money you're less likely to be convicted then if you if you if you don't have money. And this idea that this sixteen year old. Killed four people. Injured nine others. Why is three times the legal. Limit for being intoxicated behind that we. And he gets ten years' probation. And it's all based on the idea well his parents didn't set limits for him and he really doesn't understand consequences for negative behavior. You know I'm sorry but that's no excuse. If you wanna join our -- -- comment about anything we talk about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. Enter text numbers 877. If if you're rich if you're among the rich then. Trust that we're gonna do what we can't help you. To help you deal with being rich. Because I had no idea that you were suffering from something called. Affluence. Now I know a lot of people who live. Considered to be it extremely spoiled. Obnoxious. Very bulletproof. Because they had money. But it really never heard of affluence and until now and apparently this is something that dates back to the 1980s. When it first went first became popular. Never for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. According to a new survey Louisiana has the worst drivers in the country or are you surprised. The study was conducted by a website that used to compare insurance rates -- insurance comparison dot com. Now they base this information on. Fatality rates in the states tickets issued for speeding and reckless driving tickets issued for failing to Obey traffic laws and seat belt laws. And Eli infractions. The information is collected from the national highway traffic said traffic safety. -- administration also mad and the national motorists association. Do you agree that W drive in Louisiana do you agree that Louisiana has the worst drivers in the country. If your -- somewhere around the country tonight -- do you think the drivers in the state that you live in in most driving do you think there. They're the worst that you've ever encountered anywhere in the country and if you've lived anywhere else are again wherever your driving tonight. Which state do you think. Has the worst drivers you know I've I've I'm from here but I've lived in some other states and you know there's some other states and I think have drivers just as bad as as a Louisiana but here's another opportunity for us to. Two events and in this can be very cathartic. Here's an opportunity for us to talk about the things that drivers to. It bothers most on the road. And I guess my biggest is that it might be yours and it doesn't mean you can't mention it just because I'd I'd mention it the biggest problem I have is is tailgating. Especially nice guys driving -- between nine New Orleans and applause. -- tonight. And on the body -- -- I'm passing a car I'm in a while flying a passenger car on the right. In his car right on my -- until getting dangerously. Tailgating me because I'm not passing the car on the right quite fast enough. Well that's not for you to determine. How fast I pass a car on the right is really not your business. But it is your business to stay far enough behind that you don't endanger me and everybody else on the road. And if I'm not passing the car sort of is not passing the car quite a stances as you would like that you still only two to step back. And -- -- again it's one of the things that really bothers me because it's so dangerous and they were -- -- this a twenty car pileup near Donaldson bill. In the fog the other night and you know I realize that things happen and flawed but -- quite often that's the result of people who simply are. -- and they're assuming that there's nothing in front of them and that they can just drive. Through the -- and you know we could be in for a couple of a foggy nights in foggy early mornings over the next couple of days with the with the weather being the latest the will on talk about this what bugs you most about what people do want them on the road. Our numbers 2601872038668890. At seventy. And a text number is 870 -- at number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. President Obama and the first family are vacationing in Hawaii and there's lot of criticism of the president and the first family. Spending taxpayers' dollars on lavish and expensive vacations. Last year it is believed that -- the president's vacation to Hawaii cost taxpayers about four million dollars. At a time -- this country is deep in debt and many Americans are struggling financially. Many Americans are out of work. Should the president the United States regardless of -- years. Should -- take more modest vacations. And is it fair to criticize President Obama -- spending time on what some describe. As a lavish vacation. All presidents spent time on vacation and away from the White House. President George W. Bush technically set the record for presidential vacations in in his two terms. Bush was on vacation. For about 32% of his presidency. He was on vacation technically. More than any other president 1020. Days during his two terms in office. However. 487. Were -- -- Camp David which is close to. Washington DC. And 400 in ninety days were spent at his ranch in Crawford Texas. So there are those who it's able those really -- vacations. They were working vacations he was he was working. And is still cost taxpayers. Money. For the president to go there because everything that would go to Hawaii would go to Crawford Texas. Yeah if you're taking that many days to go to Crawford Texas and spending that much time there he still spending taxpayers' dollars which really interesting. Is that it's very very difficult to find totals for what he spent on presidential vacations. It's it's it's hard to find -- and people have tried to come up with a specific numbers and he if you know what site to a place where where those numbers exist please let me know. Because in and talking about this. I have yet to find. Specific hard core definitive numbers did did indicate. Taxpayer dollars where we're spent. -- directly how many taxpayer dollars were spent on presidential vacation so again it's. It's. It's -- they were talking about again because presidents do take vacations but this President Obama take more lavish vacations and is it fair to criticize. Is it fair to compare his vacations with. George W Bush's vacations. Or anybody's vacations. And the president. Out of all the president since Reagan. The president who has taken the least vacations spent the least time away from the White House. Was Bill Clinton. I guess he did wanna be too far away from being the -- number two -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly commented senate is white. A high school teacher in New Mexico told an African American student that he couldn't be Santa -- because -- is weren't. A writer for the web sites slate dot com. Wrote about the growing. Number of people who continue to put his seat Santa as white as she said that when she was growing up she only saw images of a white Santa. And she wondered why Santo was always depicted as a white man. Bill Donohue president of the Catholic league told CNN. That this talk about Santa's race is much ado about nothing because Santa is definitely white. The president of the classically. Said -- is definitely. White. Why does it matter. Shouldn't send -- -- whoever that children want him today. And Dennis does it matter since -- Does it matter if he's black Megyn Kelly on Fox News has a -- which has apologized but she said she was joking I I didn't hear her say overseer singer. But I I read the the the transcript from what she said. And -- realize that reflection means so much and so I don't know what was in her heart and what was in her mind. But based on. What I know about her from Fox News Channel. And seeing what she said it doesn't seem like she was joking and it seems like to claim that she's joking now. Is. Is just a way to get out of having said something really stupid and that is Santa is definitely white. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Can you be true saints -- And be critical of the saints are dubbing of Hugo pretty general opinion poll give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. What -- that -- throughout our show can you be a true saints fan and be critical of the saints for embarrassing losses. During the -- humiliating loss to the St. Louis Rams on Sunday at I tweeted out and I posts comments on my FaceBook page. In a few of the responses. Actually questioned the loyalty of any saints fan including myself. Questioned our loyalty as saints fans. For being so critical of the saints implying that true believers in the saints would replaced their criticism. With undying faith. That the saints will get to the playoffs and win the super ball. So this raises the question. Can you call yourself a true saints stand. And be critical to -- tears -- WWL pretty general opinion poll. Can you be a true saints fan and be critical of the saints for embarrassing losses like the one Sunday in Saint Louis. Here's an update on our -- 14% say no. And 86% say yes give -- -- -- of regulatory virtually W if you don't dot com we're talking about Vick controversy that was -- started. Win a Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly come into the sand is white here's a Texan -- did not start the conversation about Sanders ratio only into the conversation. She was responding to an article by a black woman. On that said. That from now on. And from now on and no one should do is say black or white. It should be. Like a -- -- it doesn't. Meg and Kelly should've said sand is white. I'm glad she has said she was joking with issues really joking or not but it that's inappropriate and I am absolutely a halt. That Bill Donohue and I -- I rarely agree with this guy he's he's really hard court. Bill Donahue. Who is president of the Catholic league. Told CNN. That this talk about -- race is much ado about nothing because Santa. Is white. He says that based on the idea that saint Nicholas. I guess arguably -- real name. Is Greek. And Greeks are black. But when I look at the pictures of Santa Claus. I really don't see anything that resembles Greeks. Then I've seen throughout my life and two of the few Greeks and I have known in my life. So again I just I think it is appalling for somebody represented the Catholic -- to to make this point gave it really. It really shouldn't matter. Sanity should represent what -- represents. Kindness. Giving not asking for anything in return. And you don't go from saint Sanders wanna eat you just let kids except what they see from Santa. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our number is 2601878. To all 38668890. A seventy. In a -- number 87070 here's attacks a lot of people were actually calling in questioning. Why the fired Hartley. If anybody wants to comment on to -- if you haven't heard the saints have fired today Garrett Hartley. He missed two field goals I guess the argument could be made that the offensive line. I didn't didn't block -- on those say actionable but on those Google's but but look Hartley had trouble he's got voices in his hand it. And he was a good kicker but he he psyched himself out of being -- good kicker. And there are other good kickers available are from -- Patrick here and heavy WL. Basically our good. I actually opinion a lot of things you were covering your. Recently the reader not all but a reference to the job the spam whether they -- tag. And I'll admit that I actually really critical very credible on this thing and it wouldn't like it Rampage. On a regular basis. And I called every name -- -- are not not a sure thing now they are whether ban blah -- operate. I'll pick a lot of people are up fair -- -- really get out to -- point. -- a season ticket all are on the dot art. Outlaw the strange about the strange. When they would get my heart broken I'm very critical. I see it as calling it like it is. You know what they -- down seventeen not been our quarter actually much help because I knew the game was over. -- -- -- -- Patrick of this game were so much like the game in Seattle it was the opening play the opening couple of plays that led us all know with the saints were not there. And it was totally psychological. And it's true and accurate you know for people like it sent back to -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- not the case and you know I did. -- you make dictate that because I think it's no. All part -- -- ticket this year enacted art so broken aren't more people or just like you -- sharks. -- won't get on tactic now we got there while we want dictum. Don't know the game and put their payment but I care what that they went about it and I expect all -- And Patrick -- a season ticket holder you have a right to expect more and and you have a right to expect more on the road as well because there. They're revenue base is not based on just two games they play in the dome. Right they're revenue base is is based on the games that they play on the road and the team that they put on the field for any particular season. And to see the saints lose that way against a team -- eliminated from the playoffs against a team that. Had a backup quarterback I'm not saying guys not good but he still technically a back up quarterback. This thinks is there is no excuse and I think you can be as saying stand and be critical of the -- Sure it at -- got away on the nagging -- -- well yeah. Well. Usually are offering right now I don't like Fox News that they -- not many people well. On Fox News and what they banned for now having said that I agree -- percent of all horribly. What meg and Kelly I understand there is a fictional character that he idiot you know like -- And -- it's a fictional Carrick there that they could be here are just what the tell -- the girl all oracle now like you were saying earlier this election. If electric -- -- in our official wouldn't pay proper. Put. It's Christmas. You know it just get over it. And that's what that's what. Patrick I do understand that reality because since the images that we've that we've seen. But to make to make noticed that I think in negative for -- the I guess for the person -- wrote the article as well as for Megyn Kelly to to bring this to light as opposed to just seeing Santa Claus as a man you know this. This didn't happen years ago we -- win -- race relations were were really tense and I think this just. Goes to show you how explosive the race issue is in America the idea that we questions -- his skin color. And not just what he represents. Certainly. Saw the clip and -- all our role model and our unquote apology if you will you and joking it was incontinent she she -- she said. And we. -- -- -- I'm gonna get to break the Politico. Right yeah I would have been surprised if Megyn Kelly again knowing her point of view and her ideology. Not just because she's on fox but just because -- five cedar over the years. I would be surprised if she didn't say it time and meant it to mean she's she's an attorney. She's a Smart woman she knew what she was saying quite the saints have fired Garrett Hartley and I don't think this really comes as a surprise to anybody he is failed team added twice Sunday. Of course if you fired everybody who was at fault for Sunday's loss there there wouldn't be anybody left on the team. Here's a text Megyn Kelly was also -- to Jesus was white Jesus was not white Jesus was an Asian. Israel. Is in southeast is in Southwest Asia Asian as a race. Yeah well I've I've we've heard that argument -- in the text if if you're no San originated in Turkey it's my understanding is saying it was Greek. By its at the time. That part of the the empire -- wise we're where Turkey is where southern Turkey is is today. And here's a text I I was talking about it President Obama. To get his vacation and a lot of people -- critical that the president is is in Hawaii with his family. And I've made a comment that. I think when when times are not good for American may be presidents should show restraint and not take such lavish vacations. Here's a text that reads you're racist you're criticizing Obama shame scoot. And I -- a response back to this Texas said I would appreciate it if you would listen to what I say not what you think -- say. I said president's. Not just Obama but president's. Don't need to take -- you know what they can take their lavish vacations with all the money that they have when they get out. And all the resources they have when they get out of office and I'm not saying that presidents don't need. Really nice totally. Relaxing vacations that are totally a disconnect from. Everything in Washington and I don't know the Camp David as relaxing as it is I don't know the Camp David is really true. Get away for any president -- nice little weekend get away but I would argue that you know presidents are entitled to vacations. -- When you think about some of the traveling that presidents do not just Obama. I think they should set a better example and and and and not be afraid to take more modest vacations. Are from -- Melinda Euro under BW a good evening. Good evening public comment about the fact that you went into some trouble awful things that we as a battle. Have to put so much emphasis on this Christmas is about the key if my daughter and African American and let that he portrayed. Had a picture and color or why I hung it up between this want to hang up the appeal process. Well Linda I think you're doing the right thing very very. Suggesting that your daughter really understand the true meaning of Christmas and and you know this this idea that it is Santa Claus why does he have to be white. It doesn't matter we're seeing Nicklaus came from it doesn't matter what the images of -- project. The very idea. That this has become a debate which I didn't start. The very idea that this has has become an issue. And it's it's come up before but. It didn't used to come up years ago it it didn't matter I think this just once again explains how close to the surface. Racial tension is in this country. Here's a text George W. Bush spent more days on vacation and any of the president by far. I get thicker Herbert Hoover was the only one that was a close to that but president to George W. Bush has spent 32%. Of his presidency over to terms on vacation and away from the White House for -- flashier and a BWL. Are. You doing all right present. I don't know. Shortest school. A game changing the school. Yes and haven't -- -- out and get it I am glad they did it because. You don't reward. -- -- I mean in the it was good to. Beat Hillary Clinton that good when but he needed. So army and you don't reward good behavior name. Go to somebody who you know who only one other. Well any particular if he was an honorary member of the kkk leader of the kkk and if their records show that he ordered the execution of hundreds of black union soldiers. Why would you -- change the school name. Exactly and -- been at it again. But. His fellow Austrian. It. Pleasure political show and thanks for infection listing if you just joined us the school board in Jacksonville Florida area and Duvall county. And has ordered the changing of the name of the school from the -- can be forced high school in Jacksonville. Because Nathan -- force was a confederate general and an honorary kkk leader. And some records show that he ordered the execution of hundreds of black union soldiers the school will either be named the westside or Firestone guy. And that'll happen officially in January for those of you who were listening on 1053 WWL FM. I'm in the station is gonna joined via the pelicans and the Golden State Warriors game in California at about 930. As a -- continue to listen to this show than just a switch over to 870 -- well. AM -- if your -- stay with this we're -- -- -- for this hour I want to bring you updated on everything we're talking about tonight and again the show could go on until 23 or 4 in the morning -- I -- -- supposed to ended midnight but we've got so much that we could talk about tonight. We're talking about there whether or not you can via a true saints fan and be critical of the saints. And that's our divvied up you will party general opinion poll tonight can you be true saints fan and be critical of the saints were embarrassing losses. 11% say no. 89% say yes it is your opinion by going to our website WW dot com. And the -- like tonight is is about that whether or not you can call yourself a true saints -- and be critical of the saints. And is about the criticism that -- been loud and relentless since that embarrassing. Performance against Saint Louis. This past Sunday and it was indeed. -- embarrassing and the saints have a tough situation coming up. They're gonna be going against -- to Carolina team that now we're tied in first tied for first place for in the NFC south. And Carolina is going to be at home. And they're gonna have the motivation of seeking revenge because we embarrassed then. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome they were here. On a Sunday night game. So the saints have their work cut out for -- still control their destiny but can you be a true saints fan. And be critical of the saints one of the things we're talking about tonight. Also the question of whether or not to sand is white has come up with a couple of different stories. And Obama and the first family on vacation in Hawaii a lot of criticism of the president and the first family for spending taxpayers' dollars on lavish expensive vacations. But is that criticism fair again if your -- stay with this more of your calls and more of your text. Are coming up next -- VW oil.