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12-17 9:10pm Scoot Show, La. worst drivers

Dec 17, 2013|

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Good evening it is so great to be back with you you know there have been some things going on like -- high school football Friday night's Thursday night again high school football Thursday night than it was Monday Night Football so we're finally back with you -- Tomorrow night there's going to be some LSU basketball and there will be back on Thursday night and for those of you listening on 1053. Going to be if you militant. I'm they're gonna join the the pelicans came at 930 to pelicans are taking on the boy here's a goal estate in California. So if you wanna continue with that showed just switch over to WWL. 870 AME quite often when you're sports on our offense station we are still on here -- crucial. Under the W -- the Mega Millions jackpot has reached about 636. Million dollars the second largest jackpot in history. The joint news tonight if you have a ticket I'm sure. There are these thoughts going through your mind what if what if you actually blowing all that money and it's nothing wrong with that is one issue don't get too down if you don't really whip. Also breaking news says it late this afternoon the state senate have cut to kicker Garrett Hartley. And I think that's a good move he was a good kicker and one games forest -- Garrett Hartley. For some reason psyched himself out of being a good kicker and sometimes that happens but I would think that there would be enough sports psychologist. -- in this country to to help people out to like that and to get them beyond that point but obviously -- are hardly could not get rid of those voices in his head. Here's our WWL party jaguar opinion poll can you be a true saints fan. And be critical of the saints for an embarrassing loss. 11% say no 89% say yes. Can assure opinion by going to our website WWL dot com and we're giving up -- on that coming up here. It just a few minutes also the -- blog tonight treading on our web site is for all of us who dat nation. Can you be a true saints stand. And be critical of the saints. It's on our front page WW real dot com under our opinions you can read it -- with other saints fans and -- streak and coming -- well. Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly come and -- on on the owner showed -- and it is white. A high school teacher in New Mexico told an African Americans and African American student. That he couldn't be Santa Claus because sand is white. A writer for the website slate dot com said the which he was growing up she only saw images of Santa as white and she's wondering why -- is always. A depicted as a white man. Bill Donohue president of the Catholic league told CNN they always talk about Sanders race is much ado about nothing. Because Santa is white. It's really embarrassing to re even having this conversation. Also like tonight we're talking about the study that comes out has come out that shows that Louisiana drivers of the worst drivers in the country. And is that really surprise you. You know I'm I'm front here so I certainly have my experience -- Louisiana drivers but in a couple of the other places that I've lived like Denver Colorado. That's a really bad drivers in Denver Colorado. Portland Oregon -- some very bad drivers there as well they're almost two courteous. And I guess. The drivers that I think we've been worse than here. Or South Florida and I was in Miami. So the Florida driver's. Miami drivers the absolute worst so what drives you crazy. About drivers are on the road what. What is most. Bothersome to you. When it comes to what drivers do when they're when they're on the road and do you agree that Louisiana has the worst drivers. -- we're also albeit one more thing again to show could go until 4 in the morning -- -- so much talk about. Also we're talking about a President Obama and first family vacationing in Hawaii. Like criticism of the president and his family for spending taxpayers' dollars on lavish expensive vacations. Last year was believed that the president -- spent four million dollars in taxpayer dollars on his vacation to Hawaii. At a time with a country is deep in debt in many Americans are struggling financially should the president. Take more modest vacations. Now George W. Bush technically set the record for presidential vacations. 1020 days during his two terms in office 32% of his presidency was spent away from the whitehouse. But 490. Days. -- spent his ranch in Crawford Texas. 487. Of those days were spent at Camp David. And he did also spent some time to the family home in Kennebunkport Maine. So was it fair to compare the lavish vacations of Obama to the vacations that bush took. Presidents need vacations. Their families need and deserve vacations. But I don't think any president should be taking. Lavish vacations. At a time when this country's broke. You know it's it's like saying to your employees if you're a CEO -- I don't care if you know if we get a fire some of -- I don't really care if somebody you're struggling I'm gonna take the jet to the Fiji islands and have a vacation and my family and I'm gonna use company money do that even though we're broke. This is not just about Obama this is about any president. If our country's broke. Presidents themselves should do what they -- to set an example of not spending money. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight about anything we're talking about hard numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number is 878 cent from battery time here on the Scotia when -- VW note reading. -- here in spirit a good show so. Good so let's talk about the army against regular cancer and move on our real quick on the saint saying. About two blocks from here about. You know football business and they -- To move on and are good she -- -- -- Neil Rackers Leo. Former McCardell incredibly utilities. Indignant that good trip for them -- -- your ticket holder for a the cardinals -- spend -- time Phoenix and at a time out here gore won by a livable spots and issue you have cardinals. By senator you're you're into places that are hot one you sweat when you don't. You know it's Friday and one that's very humid that's -- you don't bow plants. But I think record and he did it could pick a partner that -- program today. Earlier so. Don't think Marc Rich's -- talk about the traffic about you know in the worst. Drivers I've I've been all over just as though it sounded you have been. I I think that you know -- plays -- like Los Angeles and New York tempered editor about you know very heavy populated cities. Phoenix drivers Michael censor any -- they. They tend to be quite erratic but I'm the real -- and a good thing about me the most about the time -- out here is. Turn signals are all this does mean that I don't know what we don't know that they exist on the steering column. I don't know I I think for I think for cars here I think the I think public there is optional. -- -- Could putting agreeable trap it and you know also -- on the brakes in terms and maybe not dissipate. You know the. The other problem is and as a Louisiana driver the other problem that I noticed it and I do use my turn signal. If I use my turn signal. If there's room for media start to get over when they see the turn signal -- there are countless times there are drivers who speed up to prevent me from getting over the normal let me get over. Yeah such a statement some -- isn't somebody lets me know that their attention. Is to get over us. In general though you -- I'll let you go on which you mentioned new York and LA. They have traffic problems I don't think -- drivers are bands that just the traffic is just awful. The congestion is you know houses the miners that are and I were talking earlier about on the -- pitch Ortiz but somebody was. Tell Jena spent a lot of time also broke back and forth between not -- Lawrence. And Baton Rouge you know that's spill site. People electorate up on that matter are 101000 -- be members but it -- ago. I don't know what they expect that that's another thing that that irritates me -- -- quick on the he talked earlier about the school name and Florida being changed and I believe that would be a good thing. When I was growing up. In elementary school -- to -- -- -- school mascot was named the so global civil earth element syllable so. That's into offended some people so they wanted to change that name targets commit to change Sobel and their -- -- and change somebody that don't support so. Hateful racist organization -- -- we kkk so summarize your conversation. Well thank you are much like what it says Pakistan that are managers simply talking about it -- year but he culture. Pataki so all appreciated today opened keep elusive judicial. My entire -- I appreciate you calling. And from Tuscaloosa bill you're on the -- -- want to be WL. Good evening our deal. I apple -- rappers in Louisiana are. Not well I hope those in Alabama are worse than those in your state. Although sometimes I wonder you know. Yeah you know this this information was based on fatality rates and their tickets issued for disobeying traffic laws and seat belt laws and speeding and reckless driving and do you -- infractions and all the information was collected in. Based on the information Louisiana has the worst drivers in the country. I'm sorry. Let's not want -- with a quick comment about the Islamic. Well what what would it look why chuck -- in the list here before you on bill Alabama was number five on the list Mississippi was number three Texas number four South Carolina number two. So we all have a lot to be proud of. Yeah out between security bill would. But let them. You know this -- back. And called Evan BY. Kind of reminded me of the TV unresolved family member of that market barker yes you know and hockey market at a neighbor you know the response. And they were a black couple black family and one Christmas you'll urge your percent is what may regret at the Santa -- And for summary of the irritated Archie. You know he said that he could understand why somebody would -- to. Quoted he's in the made famous white person. And they had compensation. And Nokia and sit well you know. I don't know about you but the man who brought presents. In my house on Christmas Day. Have -- scheme and you know them you know Santa clause of the black man as art is considered. But you know is that does that really make any difference Mississippi. You know kids -- up. Is nearing goes in and Chris displays that you have had in place. -- sure people were you know at this Christ and and and not of those people would view it. Well that's a good point and I'm I'm sure if there was an all boys school somewhere somebody was in drag dressed up as Mary. Yet but I mean what difference does it make what did you get that the person is it means committee what what is talking about it is you're. It was a wrong message of this -- the secret trying to save this -- -- not for black people. And and you know that's a bad thing to tell a house armed -- now. -- Santa Claus should be whoever the children -- Santa Claus to be and that there should even beaters today which I didn't start but I've I've felt the need to to to comment on it. And -- this is set this is that this is such a perfect example of how. There's a tendency to judge skin color over content of character Santa Claus is still the same person. For regardless of skin color. And any child bit love had a call back it should be able its grip and nobody's. Yeah I don't think anybody's ever really seen cynical it's -- Santa Claus comes in the middle of the night early in the -- comes when everybody sleeping and you wake up -- -- so is anybody actually really seen Seneca Wallace. Well you know it goes is subordinate that goes back to -- European christianity. And the historic care -- it's mostly based on his senate re man. It's kind of but you know I don't see anything wrong with -- people portraying Jesus does the blond hair blue. Or is you know black African whatever. People want it period in the and you know it is meaningful -- You know nobody noses and -- -- view is that there are so you know what what it is. Feel -- to Kohler show and I appreciate listing over an in Tuscaloosa yeah time we're going to have Alabama coming to the Sugar Bowl here in New Orleans -- yeah. All right bill thanks a lot for my -- for listening. -- now we're gonna send a song out to a saints offensive linemen Charles Brown. Who really had a terrible terrible game Sunday was into the words -- street Charles. Lou -- always picked -- known me just take a look at the films my game experience of hardship. A new survey shows that Louisiana has the worst drivers in the country here's a text that reads I can agree that Louisiana has some of the worst drivers. I have lived in several states including Florida and no place scares me more than being on the road in Louisiana. People speed and just completely cut you off I feel like it's Grand Theft Auto everytime I get in the car. If you -- -- -- with a comment about any of this effort talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- -- seventy. In a text ember is 87870. Oscar blog tonight which is trending on Barbara cited a W real dot com frontpage in our opinions it is for all of us who dat nation. Celebrated and share with other saints fans it's titled. Can you be a true saints fan. And be critical of the -- And that's -- WW a party general opinion poll here's an update on the -- 9% say no. You can't call yourself -- true saints -- critical of the saints even after embarrassing losses. But 91% say it's okay I'm from Atlanta herald -- on the -- showing -- VW -- Yes definitely gonna comment about that is the case in president's state. Our car that was it would not -- Texan right. OK and so yes. Is that not I mean the President Obama is -- from Hawaii and there is not -- And his family and our white political and our that vacate when. Animals tournament the statement that vacation I don't force him out spam is located. Well help them -- and it and you couldn't improve how white. Yeah and you know Harold unfortunate there -- a lot of people who would make the argument that he should be going home to Kenya which I don't believe my eyes and just having a -- and I know I know that but you know how people how some people think. I I would agree. You know and wouldn't you know that many who has widened. He -- -- mean he's at peace will not native American communities. He's citizen of America. -- -- and I I understand here and I think that so I think it's a legitimate point and I'm I'm not criticizing the president. Just for going to Hawaii but I think presidents in general have a tendency to take advantage of taxpayers' dollars for the country's broke. And -- Bill Clinton went to Martha's Vineyard offered in -- often don't know that that's gonna close it doesn't take a lot of Air Force One. -- -- -- -- -- Wonder how you would like president. Clinton going to -- and so and I have been in the Nixon. -- -- -- Road is going to California -- it has and that. Yeah I understand there have been some other there have been some other vacations that I didn't agree with. That word that -- vacations they were lavish vacations for the first family and again I I I think presidents and I'm not just talking about Obama. But I think presidents in general should still show some. Spending restraints. When the company they work for this country is is broke. Okay we'll let you get my point. Absolutely -- I I do and and I understand the president's need vacations and I understand that Hawaii is a long way off but it is is going home for President Obama. And I also. You know this this show was a home for a lot of people who are so tired of Obama bashing but I have to be honest and say that I think every president should do white. He and maybe one date white she can do to make sure that. -- they don't flaunt. The the privileges that they happen I would say the same thing a senators and members of congress. This country's broken and yet they go there are there are people on Capitol Hill who go out of their way to take a lavish trips. Two to Europe and do too exotic places around the world. I in the interest of of finding out something about a study your or some some -- that they might pass for the United States but they can actually get all of the information. And with video technology today they could do everything that they need to do without ever going there but they take advantage of the privileges they have and I think that's wrong. But you're right about Obama going back home to Hawaii. You have to go to Lebanon and to come here in Atlanta Georgia. And I'm going -- you know as I'm going to Memphis took Clinton to visit them now because the only -- that -- -- them. And as for the record I mention this earlier George W. Bush set the record for the most vacation days and most times sped away from the White House. But many of those days were spent at Camp David in 490. Of the 1020 date spent on vacation. Were spent it is is a ranch in Crawford Texas but that's still cost taxpayers dollars on becomes everything. Everything that the president would take with him to Hawaii or the Caribbean. He asked to take -- -- to Crawford Texas. Carol I'm glad -- -- -- -- or not I'm glad you brought that up a for timid out Tim here on -- WL. Oh I'm sorry I guess I didn't. And and we'll faculty though and I think dollar fund to name. He knows it is also I'm pumped from pivotal and -- -- -- state but when it years. And I also taught him as a world. For seven years talk about a little. National aspect in there but what -- did talk about was -- certainly put me in with the the nominee some -- percent I think it's totally fair for a fan of the saints to. Big critical of them that the code can be critical of a player. And bench him why can't -- and be critical of the team -- levels. When they played well very simply. Try and Tim you can you can love your kids but it's your kids do wrong -- don't don't live up to their expectations don't. Don't two reform. To their peak performance level you have to be critical of the tool. Absolutely absolutely and I just -- Make mine. Commitment to this -- because tobacco as you ma'am -- or call was the training camp for the saints for several years back and he due to back in the years -- called the dog sanctions. And when the water was four feet deep and Archie was trying to to scramble out. Of the live alligators down here on the bodies. Is so I go back a long way in my father attended the game -- -- -- the 63 York Hugo. And we have the finally through Kabul stadium because the beer people were using -- jet packs to spray foam all over everybody. Ira you know my dad worked for checks -- I was very familiar with the I hybrid they -- did they were like blue suits and they had it. They look likes basement. That's right that's right and had there would be able flame or packed on their back and they would just. They just told who's going out of that stadium it was so bizarre you know I'll watch Arab said he pulled up -- have to watch. And then secondly when you what you would walk out it took some are -- around the stadium. It is the B vendors would come up and so open about -- just feels well beer you know on the way out and then him it was just. And you know out of -- also remember when John Mikell was the owner of this thing. And you to baucus Ferrari in the Ramada inn here -- -- of course. And then you know bill with the -- for a very very long time and of course Archie. That the field at Nichols state university is named Manning field. Course he gave us two different football field over the twenty year period and he has is Manning passing academy. At Nichols state where Johnny football was so unceremoniously. Removed. Because of cavorting around rights so that you know the whole nine yards is is Nichols is in -- on very seriously with the sites. But again to the main topics I think it's foolish for someone to say that they can't be critical. Of their team. Particularly when issues you mentioned before they have simply. Screwed up. And that and you know the big question is why did it happen you know which it it was the players it was that it was the coaching to me. You may disagree with this there are a lot of people who look at the matchups that look up look at the statistics and those kinds of things when it comes to teams playing teams. The psychological factor is is so important and there are so many cases where lesser talent -- greater talent. On because of the psychological ways I think about the 1988 US Olympic team that beat the Russians say into the Winter Olympics and in Lake Placid and have so many cases of that. That the saints really. They psych themselves out -- if in the somewhere in the back of their minds -- was this idea that. But we have a hard time beating Saint Louis and and they were they were winless and they beat us two years ago and we don't match up well against them. The first played -- throws an interception. The next play. When they take over the ball there the rams -- and -- get close to a touchdown and that the saints are putting on one of the most pathetic displays of tackling. Did these voices suddenly get louder their heads that they can't beat the rams in the situation on the road. No I absolutely agree with you and then of course you've you've heard the joke about -- ram on her addressed as it is -- black because of the -- I wore. Gold and black yesterday. On purpose and I wore Seattle -- today. And I figured somewhere down the line maybe little I don't think I'll won't Wear gold and blue our ballots. Situation probably tomorrow. But besides. You know or just the long suffering institution I remember when nobody went to the game basically. But things have certainly changed. They have absolutely change the course with the advent of burglaries and and with Sean Payton and with that hole. So high powered offense and everything else they're going to be full line at worst they'll have to get on the road which will be horrible. As best they will be the number two seed and they will be able to do at least one home game and being able to go from Bayer. But regulated it's -- announcement your readers come in your viewers listeners have already said. Definitively that it's okay criticize them they'll win out I think. And they will be once more bound for some sort of Gloria I don't know what they'll get there -- not but I think they could if they decide to. They certainly could and the other thing that's so disheartening to saints fans is to see employees so poorly against Seattle come back in place so well after a very very short week and obstacles. Right and play so well against Carolina. And then prove the critics right that they have a hard time winning on the road but there aren't the you know they're not the only team that has trouble winning on the road well. Two things 34 on the road but there are a lot of thought of teams you have a great deal of difficulty is running on the refuse. I believe the patriots are three for the road and they're also tenants for. Correct and number number Tuesday the IN DO. Of then going as -- and and really being up and down hill and valley Silicon Valley is just the way the saints have been sent home. What. 50 in the -- But there are only or maybe even more than but there again there's only 34 on the road so. I just think they're going to be OK yeah I think they will. I hope. And pray that they will be. -- on next week and then go ahead and win now and Arizona. And goal and from day here and you know we'll see where the chips fall everybody's pretty much predicting -- will be. Seattle and another Manning you know. In the in the Super Bowl but. I think Brees could have something to say about that and just to -- -- if you say if they decide to get up very famous football players said the big game is. Not a percent psychological and 10% physical. Here I enjoyed our conversation thank you were fine thanks for ritualistic it it is it's it's so psychological. And and yet on there are some people who kind of dismissed that and I think what happened to the saints in Seattle and I think what happened and Saint Louis. We're just total psychological. Collapses. I think what happened to -- Garrett Hartley. Who was psychological and nothing really happened to him physically that would make him such an ineffective kicker and and ineffective under pressure. So -- may not care if you just joined us here partly -- is a cut by the saints earlier today. From New Orleans killed here on WWL. In which later in the good. I recovered about the -- could -- the worst drivers and I think I agree with you. You know a couple other places and New York. And look at California. And Robert in California. -- me and then for the worst Rutgers. And what are -- some statistic about ranking state and city I think that. Most curious. What he criteria for highly -- in -- say. Fatality in the line. I think that it's something in the fact that we and a a few states that there there's only do you why and other statements GW. In other kinds. Extinctions on. On the moving violation for being drunk and I mean it. The numbers indeed. All right that you could be you know and somebody can correct me if I'm wrong but I thought in Louisiana he could be you could be charged with driving under the influence is supposed to -- driving while intoxicated. We have that but it still is even it's you're under the limit but they decide that you all our. You compared. I also also going into the at the data to. They consider tickets forward disobeying traffic laws seatbelt laws and tickets for speeding and reckless driving it. You know I see a lot of them when I'm on the road. I think -- Aren't -- I don't think again -- regard it triggered -- but I think Texas and California to meet. I'm like drug use all the time -- which means. See in those places Gillick in Houston and in in Los Angeles for example. Those two cities have just such intense traffic problems that. At times it's the traffic. It's the mass traffic as opposed to the individual drivers. However I can say from having lived in in Denver -- The drivers in Denver are dangerous they they they do not respect yellow lights they will drive through it mean if if you're not accurate it's a stoplight and in Denver. I when that light turns green you better count to three. Before you take off because they're flying through that that intersection. And also in in Portland Oregon drivers are almost so cautious that they're dangerous and the worst -- called on the road. -- drivers in Miami Florida. -- it -- ordered immediate. Pretty damn. Well earlier on the list I'm -- political show here's the list of the the top wobbled to the top six. On drive the top six states with the worst drivers Louisiana number one. South Carolina number two. Mississippi number three Texas for Alabama five. And Florida. Number six. So do you really think that the drivers in Louisiana are. The worst drivers and what do people do on the road that bothers you most for me it's tailgating. Can you Beatrice expand and be critical of the saints. During the saints humiliating loss Sunday to the rams in Saint Louis which tweeting and posting comments on my FaceBook post. And if you were sponsors -- -- view of the responses. Seemed to question. Any loyal saints fans being so critical of the saints. Implying that only true believers. Would replace criticism with just undying. Faith in the saints. And I don't think there's anything wrong with being ridiculous things and still calling yourself a true -- -- saints are critical of themselves. When they put on an embarrassing performance. That's our -- Blogosphere who dat nation and day you can read and share with other members of The Who dat nation it's a trending on our website at WWL. A dot com and I like to use football as a metaphor for life and I think there is a great lesson to be learned from what happened. Sunday. Because in my opinion it was psychological. And here's our -- W a party -- opinion poll. Kenya Beatrice saints fan and be critical of the saints after embarrassing losses. -- your opinion by going to our website WW -- dot com. -- Mega Millions jackpot had reached about 636. Million dollars I'm not sure when that drawing is I know it's. I know it sometime tonight I have to admit I'm I bought a ticket and it's in -- it is stupid it. If I'm gonna buy a ticket if it's over 500 million dollars that it wouldn't buy a ticket if it's a hundred million. Because I could use a hundred million dollars and most of the people who are standing in line buying these tickets when -- get old -- my gosh it's 500 billion that are applied now. Was it worth going to the store for just a hundred million. Just find -- an interest in psychology a hundred million wouldn't be enough he can wait till he gets to be 500 million before you run out and buy a ticket. Interesting human psychology. Among other things like we're talking about it new survey showing at least yet has the worst drivers in the country. Here is a text. Dan. Reads them personally scoot I found that there are the same amount of idiots on the road everywhere I've been. The last time I checked we -- human beings everywhere I've been. Here is another text it's good thank you for being -- midnight tonight I'm in New Orleans native and we do have the worst drivers in the US that study was in his correct. Again thanks for your efforts that is from TG. And I too love when the -- -- -- at night here is another Texan reason may sound weird but I cannot stand drivers. They do not take their turn at a stops -- don't try to be too courteous. And waved me through just take -- turn and cut out the confusion. And you know with the rule is what what if what if two cars come to a four way stop at the same time. The driver on the right. Has the right away. And maybe everybody doesn't. Doesn't -- that. If you wanna join our short numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688 -- early seventy and from -- Brian you're on the -- show. It's clear they stake in my are only two point one about on the -- I'm objectionable -- land and about the -- today. That target at what apple into. The first point idiotic crossed the -- -- -- when he first called rights advocates crossed every Tom Capra law objectionable. And come up question to these include. -- difficult pain you know they they can accept criticism. Now it's started. Contemporary -- -- but make no mistake tenant for big -- quality. Just on the road can honestly say is this a suitable penalty. The -- football entities second floor on the road of pocketed terrible. Although I mean sure ain't concerned parents own a dominating the mean they did it known that it. And I know what I see right now. And particularly deterred on the Dominick out on a route -- Did you become the question. They're good football team but obvious global team right now. Are you know it added ten and -- you know you'd think that while this is a great position to the end they still control their destiny but it tenant for. Yeah if you are still bodies could issue can be that I think there's still room for criticism. Rock radio at this point in December. Being you know you're peaking right now. And yup. And renovate. It and just -- in an Olympic record comment about -- and just disgusting. I think we need to change America from Orlando for the client privilege because some people are more equal than the other. Brian I think it's a good point I'm going to call the show -- -- one of the most of third -- and I've -- last week and this is the first show that I've I've been on the air since this story broke. But a sixteen year old named Ethan couch. From an influential. Influential and very affluent suburb of Fort Worth, Texas. Slammed his pickup truck into vehicles killed four people injured nine. He gets ten years of probation. No jail time oh by the way he was intoxicated three times the legal limit for an adult and east old beer from Wal-Mart earlier in the day. I psychologist. Testified. That he suffers from affluent -- A psychological problem that children from wealthy families. Suffer from our Louisiana drivers really the worst drivers in the entire country that's a new survey says here's a Texan -- could you can't tell me the you don't tailgate. Anything closer than two car Lance is considered tail gating. And nobody in this world can honestly say that they haven't done this. With all the vehicles multiplying on the road it's almost impossible not to. It's a matter of how bad you're tailgating I would agree with that. Sometimes when you when you move over into -- you might initially be tailgate the tail -- and I'm talking about that is so dangerous that really bothers me. Is when you're going seven miles an hour on the interstate. And somebody's right on your tail. I mean like. A couple of feet away from your proper. Like they're really gonna get to their destination that much faster. And maybe it's part territorial may get a -- somebody in MySpace. But it's really really dangerous and of all the things that people do that -- and recently I was driving from New Orleans to applause. And he you know a -- carries spillway at nine passing I'm in the left lane I'm passing the car on the right. I'm going about. 6768. The car right behind me wants me to go faster. But as long as I'm passing the car on the rights. Then you shouldn't be tailgating me because you're endangering. The life of anybody else in your car including yourself you're endangering me and everybody else on the road and you know you're not gonna get there that much quicker it's more of a guy thing it is something that it women drivers do and it's totally ignorant and unnecessary. If you -- hold please stay with his recovered right back with all of your calls on WW well.

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