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12-17 11:10pm Scoot Show, critical Saints fans

Dec 18, 2013|

can you be a true Saints fan and also be critical of the Saints? Following the embarrassing loss to the Rams Sunday, criticism of the Saints has been loud and relentless… is it fair for true Saints fans to criticize the team?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I neglected to send out the year of the tweets -- -- sitting here doing the show tonight in my east Jefferson alumni T shirt which I bought Saturday at this a party for. He ships in grads did just before the east Jefferson cart championship game Vijay won the game came from behind when it. 38 to 28 it was just it incredible to be there are so great to. See each game. Each -- boo hoo boy you're Cranston I haven't seen in a long time and you know I really didn't have a lot of friends and Eddie Syverson and that wasn't the fault of the people these shivers and that was disturbed -- personally in my nature. I'm at at the time and it was just really great tube to bond with with people. It wasn't a class reunion it was a school reunion and the football team this year fifteen -- no state champions. East Jefferson brought a lot of a lot of warriors together and thought it was -- anyway I neglected due to tweet that -- so I'm gonna do it at the next and the next break and got my phone right in front of race on. I will -- you gonna join me on Twitter. It's not act -- WWL. But you also want to communicate with the -- through email my email address is absolute addict. WWL. Dot com. It's -- we're talking about tonight we talk about a new survey showing -- Louisiana drivers are the worst drivers in the country. Are you surprised. The based it on different factors like fertility rates on tickets for speeding reckless driving failing to Obey traffic laws and seat belt laws in -- infractions. I've lived in other places and I can tell you there's some really bad drivers in Denver Colorado Portland Oregon and I'd be even worse than Louisiana would be the drivers in Miami. And South Florida just a terrible and and is that the the route as people when it comes to parking lot dings. People would swing their doors open. Indeed it but I get more endings. When I lived in Miami and I've gotten anywhere else just really really very very inconsiderate. So keep that in mind if you're heading to. South Florida here are the the top six. States with the worst drivers Louisiana as we said number one. South Carolina number two. Mississippi three Texas for Alabama five. And Florida. Number six. If you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. In a text oversee 7870. I you know we were talking about this. This case involving. A teenager who is suffering from affluence. Which is a non medical condition. That is something that people from wealthy will to do family suffer from. Because of their wealth. Date they suffer from this this problem of of being able to buy whatever they want. They have the money to buy whatever money can buy -- and there's a disconnect between behavior. And consequences. And it's a sixteen year old kid. Ethan couch slammed his pickup truck into two vehicles killed four people and injured nine. He -- beer from Wal-Mart earlier in the day at the time of the accident his blood alcohol level was point 24. Three times the legal limit for an adult. There's outrage because he was sentenced by a judge. Jean Boyd. To ten years. Of probation. No jail time. Prosecutor which were seeking. Twenty years in prison. He comes from a very wealthy family in affluent suburb of Fort Worth, Texas called -- it made Forbes list of America's most affluent neighborhoods. A psychologist -- G Gary Miller. Testified that he suffers from affluence. A psychological problem. That children of wealthy family suffer from. His parents gave him freedoms that no young person should have their four. He shouldn't go to prison. -- -- people suffer from the ability to buy what ever money can buy. And they deal with psychological problems. As a result. How. Outrageous. Here's a Texas says. Ruled by long carried resentments and grudges. White kid got leniency. He was white. So did Florida -- Florida State football star. And that's in reference to no charges being filed against -- Jamison Winston. And Heisman Trophy. A -- tell the quarterback at Florida State I think the difference in these two cases is that in no charges were filed. There was no case against Jamison Winston. He was not found guilty this kid was found guilty. Apparently there was not enough evidence to charge she received Winston -- of sexual soap I believe that's that's what charged ones. So there's really no comparison between these these two cases. And it just did it should be. Something that bothers everybody. That that anybody would it would be accepted a challenge. Would accept the idea of -- wins it's about making an excuse. For this this teenager because he comes from an affluent -- And again I I like to point out that the entitlement mentality. -- at both ends of the economic spectrum. It in many ways there are. There are people who are. Living on the government. They believe that they are entitled to be taken care of by the government. But yet there are aspects of wealthy people who feel like they're entitled to things. You don't there was him. A case where there's somebody in. Late model Lexus. Ways of parking in and no passengers on the front of the apartment building and living downtown. And this person obviously felt like they were entitled to that space. But it's a -- -- It's at a parking so. And I think again I think the entitlement mentality is something that is not just reserved for. Certain groups of people that or the stereotypical. Groups that are labeled. Groups that have the entitlement mentality but entitlement mentality and it does does transcend socio economic boundaries you know as I said just a moment ago. There's nothing wrong with being rich. There's something wrong with acting rich. There's something wrong with. Not teaching your kids. You know if if if you're gonna be critical. Those people in society who don't teach their kids consequences for negative behavior. If you're gonna be critical of a families. That are not intact families. Then you also have to be critical of very many people who were affluent. Who are not active parents. There are people right here in this area. Who have morning. And kids who were out of control. And many of them are totally oblivious to what their kids are really doing. Young people. Drinking. Drugs. Doing things are not supposed to do. Sometimes. The the process of becoming wealthy. And staying -- That leads you to do things other than being good parent. And that's as bad as people with. Less education. Less money. Not taking the time to be good parents. If you and -- -- -- I would comment about any mean we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. In a text Amber's -- 7870. A teacher and high school in Connecticut told her students that they could not decorate the classroom door with Santa Claus or a Christmas tree. In the schools decorating -- contest. The school was in Connecticut it's the -- field Ludlow high school. And the entire school was having a door decorating contest. An apparent said that the teacher told hurt hurt her kid who's at the class. That they could have no references to Christmas break Christmas tree. On the door. She said we cannot. Decorate for Christmas but it's a it's a it's a Christmas. Door decorating. Contest. Now the school was contacted for the school district was contacted for a a comment. And -- simply said that there's a policy of the board of education. That no religious belief or not related or non belief will be promoted by the district or its employees. An okay that's that's fine but. Which religious about -- What's religious or non religious about the Christmas tree. These -- Christmas symbols that are. Part of it. Secular society I don't see why those who would necessarily be considered religious civil. Doubt when you go back to the Supreme Court ruling that schools cannot lead. That and it was the Supreme Court decision schools cannot lead prayer. In the classroom in public schools. Teachers can't lead to -- the school can't lead the prayer because the school is. A government entity. End of the ruling of the Supreme Court was the school can't lead the prayer. But students can pray in school. That's not against. The Supreme Court ruling against the constitution. And I would think that you know I'm not for frivolous lawsuits but I would think that this would be good case for quite a challenge a legal challenge. What is Santa Claus. And Christmas tree. Have to do with Christmas. Begin to join our -- -- our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Weights every text numbers 87870 here's a text that I enjoy your show so much. And this is from. Trammell in Butler Alabama thanks for listening here is a text what is so outrageous. The poor get jail for the -- theft this is just a slightly more extreme example. Of buying the best justice money can afford you you if that's true you know I think this case in Texas does point out that. You can buy justice. But you shouldn't be of the by justice. Because in this country and in theory. We're all equally court. And we're we're taught and that -- the criminal justice system in this country is based on the concept of justice is and is boring. But it isn't. And so -- it isn't. I think it's important for us to. Two point that out. To remember that it's not. Because recognizing that it's not might be the first step toward. Changing that. Tougher Pascagoula Fred you're WWL. Earlier Dodd of distant third period orchid. We -- union to weather so great to be critical of the -- and that type of clothing in India like it perfectly. A very good do. And we future when they didn't do it and we can but he objective about usually no suddenly we're both -- -- you know currently. The coking. I felt like we were up against new England and against the yen in earlier guide but just feel we route forty. In in the -- -- Yeah and you know -- it's interesting that you know here we are headed. Ten and four. And we still control our own destiny. But win when you're when your child's when your employee. When your team doesn't. Play as well as it could play. Then I I I think it's it's it's worthy of criticism. I mean I think it's a disservice to to pass it off and say well -- -- don't RI you don't okay that's right -- I break. Operation on titan isn't gonna computers and I agree but -- doctor -- or due to a country like your body you well in a perfect example. Apart for example that was earlier in the year you're viewing and together coached that game but if you go. To the 2009 and so -- will blow it chipped or honored that she only went so well. About vision of -- war World War II -- Oh. We played New England we empire. And built -- were completely out countries -- -- war listed as. And that the saints are are human I mean this is it a team an entity it is made up of human beings and it's. It's human to there it's it's it's human to have let downs but after the let down against Seattle and then coming back in doing so well against Carolina. -- every saints fan is just totally perplexed as to why they had such a let down against Saint Louis. When you know that the rams. Still a good football team because there in the NFL but they're eliminated from the playoffs they're they're. Guided by a backup quarterback. Robert this is a dream that the saints absolutely. Sure that one or they should've at least been part of the game and they were blown out. Right but if you -- the -- history before on right now in in which aren't quite the sign each. Isn't too little. The huge tobacco quarterback like Michael -- well and they and they always -- that they history site and Internet and a -- that is the criticism. And -- that you know now there is probably the only girl on in Carolina on the rom com -- call from the it's time to get the monkey yelled back it's. You know here's you know here here to let. Went got to take our -- wrote recorder not a yeah so large -- player like people that he's someone for these myriad but. We can we can get -- and we can correct look forward it would conclude. Play golf should not probably going to be -- -- -- -- -- -- not -- collector sit Seattle building that pullback of. Fred I I agree we're we're three and four on the road but if I'm not mistaken they're doing it patriots a 34 on the road in their tenant for a overall like the saints and nobody's panicking about. About new England and a panic about the saints I just think it's it's fair to. Two to criticize the performance Sunday what bothers me most is it just seemed as if the saints. We're just psychologically. On out out matched and abuse psychology that's that's an intangible that to me. And anybody can known bad and -- the rams own did that day united I -- I don't like deceit patent out coached I don't like to see you know -- There have been times this year that I I I felt like. -- was coaching. Not to lose as opposed to coaching to win. When this when the saints get caught with on an on sides kick when you don't expected. That. That reminds me of how brazen. And Peyton wiser in the Super Bowl with an on sides kick in the beginning of the second hand. It would it would coaches start to to do against him what he's done against other coaches. That should bother all of -- bothers him and you know for fans who were critical of the saints remember Payton Brees in the saints their critical of themselves right now. Well liked them both -- well -- you know in its parent. At a time like this is what we're haven't doubts about virtually no between they're got the -- on the thing and doubt about pursuing a in which child for people like John Clayton and rob -- and earn their money they've got to. -- in the psychological portrait that's going around as well as political fall. Well it do that team that was on the field in Saint Louis was essentially the team that was on the field. Against Carolina. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome and did they were not the same team so he he can't tell -- that partisan just totally psychological for and I enjoyed our conversation. There's always something on our website at WWL dot com check out our picks. Cameron Jordan as the saints player of the week on the saints a -- show last week pictures of but I came Jordan. Also I Tebow they bear is not sure the saints can win at Carolina this Sunday afternoon. Also a drunken elf. Arrested in Lafayette we've got all the details. On our web sites it every WL dot com the Mega Millions jackpot tonight was 636. Million dollars. One tickets. -- at all. In San Jose California second largest jackpot in history. You know I hope you had fun fantasizing about the possibility of of waiting. And that's that's fine just don't be too down if you don't win because you re kind of look at it this way. Nobody took anything from you just didn't win I think sometimes people put too much into this idea that -- we're gonna have this money. And then they're just really disappointed when they don't win it's a it's a fun thing to do if you wanna spend a little money doing it but. I mean that the the chances of winning artists so astronomical that I don't know there's there's statistics like -- you have a better chance of of being hit by a meteor and I don't know if that's it but they are just some some stats that just show how. How ridiculously. And minuscule that the chances are that -- gonna whistle so played just don't just don't live with that money in your mind. If you if you don't win. On the saints if you didn't hear this late this afternoon the saints -- fired kicker Garrett Hartley I don't think that's have been a big surprise to anyone but he was not to the only one who. Did not play well in that game here's a Texan -- Charles Brown. It just got news rear kicked and sometimes. He is the Kiki sometimes he is the kicker. We gave up two of the best and got Lance. Because we pay less. We were low bidder. We -- we paid for poor folks. Tony -- I'm not sure I totally understand. That but in any event the united did a lot of criticism of -- -- Syria have spent money. United and there was a lot of talk look people supported Drew -- morning Drew Brees no matter what it took. But in reality. I'm getting Drew Brees and I'm not saying it was a mistake for us to sign Drew Brees for -- reciting for. But in reality that did take. Money from elsewhere where the states could have apply that money in and year year. You know quarterback is only as good as the offensive line in front of him you know -- I really admired -- What Tom Brady and some of the patriots did a few years back. Tom ratings and some of the the the patriots were up for racist. And they gave up those races. So the team could invest more money in other players. And I thought that was an incredibly selfless. Thing for them to do they were they were interested in a championship. Even over getting and a few extra bucks. And I thought that was -- really it's an if I'm not mistaken they went on and did did very well in the years following that move which was a few years ago a tonight we've also talked about. To Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly commenting that sand is white also high school teacher in New Mexico told an African American student that he couldn't be Santa Claus because sand is white. A writer for the website slate dot com. Wrote the growing up she only saw images of Santa as white as she wondered why Santa is always depicted as a white man. Bill Donohue the president of the Catholic league told CNN. That this talk about Santa's race is much ado about nothing because sand is white. I I can't believe that he would bring that up like I can't believe that he would try to. Even make a point of saying -- white the president of the Catholic league. Bill Donohue. He argues that. Santa. Whose real name is saint Nicholas was Greek. And he said the last time I checked Greeks weren't black. According to the saint Nicholas senator saint Nicholas was Greek and lived about 17100 years ago. In an area that is now considered southern Turkey. And most of the images that I saw Santo -- was white but you know I've I've known a few people who are Greek. And I've seen lots of Greek people. On TV. Go to the going to be the Greek festival. Every year at their July and agreed. -- rosy cheeks. And his rather rotunda body. -- to think about that how how how healthy that Mediterranean diet is -- I I don't think Santas are independent Mediterranean diet so the idea Sammy is Greek is really kind of pushing it just a little bit. I'm Megyn Kelly where is she wrong to say this and is joint. The high school teacher in New Mexico was wrong to tell black student that he couldn't be Santa Claus because Santa Claus is wide. And again I actually appalled at the president the Catholic league Bill Donohue. Would make a point of saying that's and it is white and and isn't this the epitome. -- judging somebody's skin color. Over the content of their character. Is that what color -- is it's what's in -- represents. Happiness. Bringing -- Kindness. Giving. Without expecting anything in return. A very. Unselfish attitude. Santa doesn't see color why should -- And have you releasing -- When I was a kid -- came while asleep -- It's it's it's so hard when your -- it's so hard to go to sleep Christmas Eve night. Because you're you're so excited about waking up. But your parents tell you if you don't go to sleep centers are gonna come. Public kind of lying like I don't go to sleep -- Atlantic a -- -- accidentally got another. I don't ever know how -- I fell asleep and I remember consciously like in the bed at night that he. If I don't sleep Santa's not gonna -- but I'm not tired of so excited about waking up. Helps -- Is detects what colors the Easter Bunny. In this this has come up in the past what color sand and what colors Jesus. These topics that come up in the past. But I've never heard it come up like this. And to me this is just a reminder of how close to the surface. Racial tension is in this country. And it shouldn't even. Matter. Here's a text about -- -- income and about Tom Brady. Giving up. Some of his salary increase benefited the patriots to spend that money into the salary cap for the players Tom Brady's wife makes about fifty million a year. Even more than you -- well it -- there are people who. Who don't care what their wives may that they. Think they're entitled to as much money as they can make. And it doesn't matter what Tom Brady's wife makes I still think. It was a selfless act for Tom Brady and I don't remember the other patriots but they were few patriots who on gave up. Increases. Because they wanted other players hired to make a championship team -- for Baton Rouge Curtis your WWL. -- -- -- an -- -- batteries but we got a great united inside this theater tonight. Wanted. Just applaud New Orleans and their parts to rebuild. Tiger why -- it people I've I I've I was the year a couple of weeks ago and it is as spectacular as it ever wise just a real. I treasure. Yeah no doubt. I -- tell you real quick on the on the senate vote this year -- I'm a teacher -- -- war in and someone of color white black green I don't care of herbal. While supplies of Hispanic ball absolutely let him play the world well what racial component. -- artists should never admit. At any level for any reasons. However the one challenge are -- or you didn't like that not. A lap of the great debaters. To try to rewrite history. That it values in today's contact -- jackpot has no right and it. You wanna play you want if you want about black. There -- involved like one -- a Saudi Arabia and now knock yourself out. But if we're going to look at troops at risk to the saint Nicholas. We have acknowledged that -- street where -- came -- and the potential for rate would be possible Greek Europe more Caucasian. Heritage. I just don't like it when people. Get so hypersensitive -- politically correct. That they. I view -- early attempt to be a ended that someone would suggest that they Wilson's wife. You know I know you mean well I respect -- I don't like it show that. We have no right to be offended when the comments were never made it personally -- directly. Well we aren't I I'm offended I I believe I said that there was offended that Bill Donohue. Said it -- I'm offended that bill Donahue -- I'm offended that. And on the Catholic I'm offended that the president the Catholic league and build on -- it to me is. I'm an extremist among Catholics he is is the ultimate. Right wing if you could say the words -- it Catholic in the same sentence I think Bill Donohue raises a -- Catholic. Time for him as a representative of the Catholic league. To make it definite point of saying -- is right that offended me I thought that was wrong. Yeah when you get it straight into. Santa at a caller -- -- -- -- notes that there is no race involved and it they can't the only color insisting that we got -- Where's the red -- with a big. Well then. Let it if you think about it the guy. The guy designee well on. He apparently -- drinks. And he's you know driving nicely under the influence as far as I can tell us from the product -- is that I before Christmas so if you you know you're gonna get down to it -- a lot to criticize about this guy. Well no doubt you know we beat Louisiana. It would -- -- but hey you got the bug me if I acted just -- what happens to use it that it. Let let you you certainly get on a very critical point a monthly review tonight. But it also. Just be careful of the hyper sensitivity that we all seem to be until the. We don't even need to be -- about what he's. He added that his opinion and he's entitled to opinion I'm not offended by it. I'm not a candidate black jacket but they want to say that not only black ignite the pillaging. We're gonna bother me -- -- Congress I understand what you're saying. Correctly those comments at me. For me to do today take that personally that they would be personal and about something that was never been directed her intended. Yeah and. And I I quite often talk about how we. We're not gonna go through life and not be offended may -- and it's saying offended. I should've just said I think he was very inappropriate for Bill Donohue president of the Catholic -- will say this and it was white. That's -- I don't I'm not just because I agree with you we're we're not gonna go through life and I'd be offended and we we should be a little tougher when it comes to. Things that is that is the defenders I just thought it was inappropriate wrong for him to say that. Yes no doubt enjoyed the show will. Like about the political. I Curtis drive carefully graduate -- came to New Orleans and enjoy the singer and if you haven't into the new century if you have the opportunity. Ago it is as spectacular as ever and you look at the ceiling and it's. It's like an open air theater. The stars are still in that facility you know you look -- at this anger and it's as if there's no ceiling and there's a a star lit sky. Right above you. It's just a beautiful facility here in New Orleans. You know I was walking in the CB the earlier tonight to -- my apartment and in their and there are a lot of young skateboarders. Downtown. And this these two skateboarders. Just flying down the street. And so in vision this. They're coming one way I don't see them they don't seem me. And I just walking normally and -- soon aside I passed the side of the building to get to the corner. -- -- at the skate border just almost totally runs me over. And here's a lot of criticism of the arrogance of young -- Due out this kid said to me. He was probably seventeen. Years old. You -- -- Porter said to me when he almost ran me over. So I'm sorry. Who was shocked. -- -- -- -- And we had a big fight over who -- -- I -- you know I thought it was well that it was as you know you can't always stereotype. During the -- humiliating loss to the SE Louis rams Sunday and I was tweeting and postings and comments on my FaceBook post. And like I got a few responses to question the loyalty of the saints fans who would be critical of the saint supplying that. Only true believers would would do would have undying faith for the states and if you're a true believer you would never criticize the saints will. You know that raises the question can you call yourself a true saints fan and be critical of the saints after an embarrassing performance. And the questions kind of absurd and they're still countless saints fans who say that anybody who criticizes that they -- saints even after reports for a poor performance. Is not really a -- Well sand is an abbreviation for fanatic. There do root word is is fanatic. But that behavior. -- isn't boy -- of intelligent analysis of why a team wins or loses blind faith and enthusiasm. On the part of fans. Suggest an unwillingness to accept reality. But the fact that the saints are ten and four is positive. But when the team in the fans. Should not do is settle for failing to play up to potential. The city of new worlds has changed dramatically since Katrina. As a native. I've always been aware of the degree of complacency. In this city but I think that's changed after Katrina. Maybe it's our relaxed partly. And party mentality that encourages us to be satisfied with I just relax and and and be good you don't have to be -- But this city has been on a mission to be -- And under the leadership was shown paid in Drew -- the saints have reflected that desire to be great. Which is really becoming part of the spirit of New Orleans. But Sunday the saints failed. And the fans would be doing the team a disservice if they were openly critical of the way. They plate. And they should expect them to play their best and every game so what went wrong players coaches yes it was both. Football is not just about matchups it's not just about records and statistics. Football is also about emotion and psychology. And I love to use sports is a metaphor for life. And what happened Saint Louis on Sundays is very human. But it's something that he performers can overcome. The saints have a recent history of not playing well against the rams. Two years ago the winless rams in Saint Louis embarrass the saints with a victory. If the team. Or an individual. Enters a game. Competition. Sales presentation or anything in life with even sub conscious thoughts. That. They're gonna have a difficult time with this challenge. It really doesn't take much to make the -- thoughts become a conscious part of the brain. On the saints' first offensive play Brees was pressured made a bad decision to throw the ball it was intercepted by the -- That moment could have conjured up some of those subconscious thoughts about oh my god we're gonna have trouble beating the rams in Saint Louis. All the rams took over to a past the saints defense put on one of the most pathetic and amateurish displays of trying to tackle -- receiver. It in recent memory. Those two plays one on offense and one on defense I think set the tone for the entire game. And if there were these sub conscious thoughts at the saints were having if they were hearing these voices you can't beat the rams. It appears as if the saints really be be psych themselves totally out of of being part of the game the doing the patriots lost to the Miami Dolphins in Miami on Sunday. They find themselves tenant for like the states they're 34 on the -- sinks a three for the road but comparing the saints to teams that failed Sunday. It might be comforting but. It's comforting in a way that kind of makes -- excuse for an inadequate performance you know I hope the saints -- as critical of themselves as some of the fans are. It's discouraging to to think that. We'd learn a lesson from the performance in Seattle -- Monday night game that we came back and did so well against Carolina. And then here. We've played this week -- the rams in Saint Louis a team it's eliminated plane with a backup quarterback. And he with a saints not mentally prepared. As I say if if football is a metaphor for life. This is a lesson that we can all learn. You that you you've got to be prepared for everything in life it doesn't matter how easy you think something's gonna be you still have to be prepared. Can you be a true saints going to be critical the saints absolutely. You can love your children but it's important to let him know when they failed to do their best. I also tweeted out during the game. If you have if I have a really good show here on WW -- -- -- I think was a great show. I don't assume that my neck show's gonna be good. I apply myself just as much and were just as hard. On the election. And for some reason I get the feeling that after the big win against Carolina at a filling the saints didn't do that going into the game against. Saint Louis. They better do that. Against Carolina Sunday. Because Carolina. Is gonna seek revenge and the saints are proving the critics right that they're not really that good on the road. They're. Incredible. At home. But they're not as good on the road is. They should be. And again I realize that they were the team says that loss elected the patriots but let's not compare ourselves to the other teams that did bad. Let's compare ourselves to our potential. And we should've won that game Kenya Beatrice saints fan and be critical of the saints for embarrassing losses that's been our -- W -- party general opinion poll tonight here is a final update. Only 5% say no you can't be true saints fan if -- critical of the saints but 95%. Say. It's okay and I totally agree with the outcome of that -- I was watching Monday Night Football last night and the game was it was in Detroit Baltimore avenue when the game. But everybody is wearing blue. And this -- that I noticed subtly with with the NFL. But also with crowds in the NBA. When people where the team colors you know quite often the seats of the stadium. By the same color is that the team. And it looks like the stadiums empty. But less -- -- -- Oh wait there wearing blue. It looked at the whole stadium was -- was was empty last night with full blue seats because everybody knows where these -- -- -- I you know I understand the supporting the team and it. I seen that happen with the the NBA is well youth he -- and it doesn't look like that it stands I don't know I I like the and I guess I like the black and gold sometimes who -- are that are surprised when you see all red. It is sometimes it just looks better just to see everybody -- a little differently. The approval ratings for a Obama are out in December last year. Obama's approval rating was 54%. Right now it's down to 43%. Many challenges for the president. And I assure you didn't like during that usually is on vacation in Hawaii jointly be talking about this new survey that shows that Louisiana has the worst drivers in the country. And it's kind of hard to argue with that although there are still bad drivers elsewhere argument from here and learned to drive here -- been driving here most of my life. But I have lived in other cities in there are bad drivers and other cities as well. Just just be careful and and -- you sure brain just try to be a considerate of others. And just try to follow the basic rules of the road if you even know what they are and and I guess a lot of people don't really understand what the rules of the road or and it. -- text earlier from Sony says hey. Don't be so courteous when you come to a stop signs simultaneously whatever everybody else if it's -- if it's. Four way stop two cars get there at the same time don't waved me through he said just you know. Take your turn in in the confusion. If two cars get to an intersection. Four Wii shop at the same time. The motorist on the right. Has the right away. And a lot of people. Aren't aware of that and don't tailgate that's I think that's the thing that bothers -- The most because it's one of the most potentially dangerous things you can do so. Drive carefully Glazer was so I -- -- Shelden Williams our studio producer also jacares in the in the studio have a great evening. Love -- New Orleans.