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12-18 5:10am WWL 1st News w/Dave Cohen

Dec 18, 2013|

Dave Cohen talks to WWL listeners about the Saints cutting Hartley.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news today is December the eighteenth there. 2013. I'm confused. Why is that Bob what data is really going to be better straighten that out. Playing a. Created yet there thanks so. I'll be home today. You learn how well located we have -- to wed -- day indeed halfway through and on the so glad down toward the weekend only. From today I think there's a little special very command big fat -- -- -- -- -- I'll -- him but that's ask him big fat obvious line down the chimney and they'll be holiday merriment from Manny so many menus and an -- ago. But that's one week away from two -- -- and we have that to look forward to I don't think it's going to be a terribly Merry Christmas for Garrett Hartley. -- Although maybe the farewell checked maybe I don't know if they're entitled to yours right -- -- not a very difficult thing you know. Now mismanaged his money well. You know I don't -- have you done for me lately lately Lee gets a what have you done for me lately world edges and the saints are at a point now where as to Bobby -- put it. The playoffs really start this Sunday for the -- I mean did they Darren must win situations here. For the duration of whatever this season was going to bring which -- you've got a kick scrape scrap. -- do whatever you can do yeah and I think that after. What happened. On Sunday. Where is. Partly having one block to one so horribly -- And both of them just ridiculously low that the saints made a decision that we cannot put. Our fate in this guy's foot. Now that the spirit that it is. There -- three and a half point underdog. To the Panthers on Sunday in Carolina according to the Vegas sun it's. Well that means that if Vegas is right in more times than not they are they keep their jobs and make their money. Then it's going to be a close game. And it's going to be a close game that means it could very well come down to a kick and in fact if you look at last Sunday's game. If you make those two field goals. For the entire situation is different. The game is much closer and the play calling is different and the saints really would have been right in that game and had a chance. Even -- Drew Brees is too horrible car interception. So. I don't know that you can necessarily argue from a football standpoint with the decision. But then this is big guy but Johnny got a -- into the Super Bowl. Five years ago. Let's keep that in mind now. Five. Years. Ago and these losses from games along the way you know that would let let's remember. Snapped placement. -- -- -- OK okay. The. Good -- her. Thank you lose Super Bowl. I'm that was five years ago. -- could really -- and orange shirt does Randy remember the heroic you remember everything yeah. Your memory that you Gary apparently Wednesday greatest man on earth to most -- -- nation. But five years ago yeah I just missed eight this well and that's the thing -- -- as you said you know what are you done for me lightly on nine units it's that way in pro sports a special. In pro sports but in all areas of business these days and it's it's it doesn't work aren't cheap you were really good you know alone. And seven years ago or fly over three. And so on a human level I understand why people are upset and then there is a heck of a debate raging right now. In who dat nation and social media on the radio wherever you go because. You give love a person like Garrett Hartley her. And in -- love the fact that they were so helpful on the and so much so heroic. By. And it's just business it is what is this step and what it is Garrett Hartley is gone because. Today yes. Jane waters appears to be the heir apparent we'll get more -- from Steve Geller and BWL sports coming. Coming up just we'll be here warming trend forecast. Eighty by the weekend -- Man Merry Christmas. And by the way I didn't win. -- I'll make a million union and our eyes they're gonna go one numbers -- -- in the middle and bless you folks -- taken in Georgia or California. Forget about it you're -- that you may want a few bucks here -- there oh yeah. We didn't win the big Montgomery and a handful of I think 5000 dollar winners and who -- resilient about it. Sir thank you David Price entertainment market is here and every WL IM FM. And background. Apparently. You know most people love them but if you were shown on -- you're the coach now you have to make that decision we give kept them. Heading into this game with Carolina and heading into the post season but talk about it thanks -- NA 7870 weather and sports right after -- us. 5:19 good morning I'm -- how unhappy way now as day we've made it to the middle of the workweek and we should be congratulated for that and we will be with the warming trend. Sunny skies for your Wednesday and mild Temps in the mid sixties this afternoon implicate coolest night but not quite as cold as it's been overnight tonight 47 north of the lake. And 55 south Philly. Then Thursday highs around 73. -- 10% chance for a shower. And Friday look for a 50% chance for rain as that rain chance begins to creep up. And highs in the upper seventies. From the I would -- forecast center and meteorologist -- -- All right it is freezing in Slidell all but a little warmer in most areas 33 and hallmark 34 and Hammond at the international airport clear skies and 41. Degrees. That we welcome and Steve Geller and better perform well every single newscast sportscast. -- we're just gonna have to question yeah I got a bit of bad news to better things entirely if. Yeah and that's not really. Phillies you warned us folks here comes the bad sports news with Steve -- Close the morning everyone the saints have released kicker Garrett Hartley two days after he had one field goal blocked. And hooked another wide wide left in the team's 27 to sixteen loss at Saint Louis. Partly had to do with the same since the middle of 2008 and made several crucial kicks during the saints' Super Bowl run in 2009. Reports are that -- Shayne Graham will be the blacking -- new -- Or Sunday afternoon in Carolina the scenes look to win the game the vision and the number two seed in the NFC the Panthers also have their sights set on earning the division crown. And head coach Ron Rivera was asked if they should be considered a playoff games. Did militarily should be treated like one because that's when this there's a lot of -- significance of this game because of the implications don't. Don't support this one's about as big because that is going to be the -- only -- supports. The pelicans never had the lead and lost to the warriors 10 Ford in 93 in Golden State. You were on his back on the court in Los Angeles tonight to golfers of the clippers can be heard on at 931053. WWL left them. We'll Alabama linebacker CJ Mosley Arizona State defensive tackle will sudden. And Arizona running back thinking -- are all on the associated press' all American team for the second straight season. The first timers include Heisman Trophy winner -- Winston from Florida State Heisman finalist Andre Williams from Boston College in northern Illinois Jordan lynch. Also made the first team. And now here's the big chief with a look at Saturday's New Orleans Bowl. The green wave at Nick Cave in -- each other Saturday night in the New Orleans Bowl is it payback time for the anyway. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They don't know -- -- excited about playing them in play again this absolutely listen no one more time and hopefully we -- Last October the racing -- -- stock. Dominated Tulane 41 to thirteen in the song we'll see what happens this time in the New Orleans Bowl Deke Bellavia WW real sport. Today a -- sports talk should the -- stick with Charles Brown at left tackle Sunday in Carolina or make a switch. And at 730 it's LSU basketball vs Texas Tech. I'm Steve -- with your early morning look at sports like three minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WWL prisoners -- I get the pelicans news is that they lost and that's -- yet what's the bad news for the cents. Well you know a favorite among some fans for kicking the saints into the Super Bowl is no -- we're here now right. -- so does that necessarily bad news that they could barely a lot of people are thanks in and it's emanate every day I think it's good news I guess is what president says it's simple do you wanna win or lose Todd -- of a better chance of winning does this -- -- let it go. Why is that bad news that they -- are bad news for Hartley fans in the Hartley family. Okay. It is bad news for Hartley. Then he got cut. -- gate -- and -- are saints sideline reporter -- and yesterday. And said hey can you confirm even cut this is right is a news is breaking. And basically his responses that's part of the business that that's what happens if you don't perform day in and day out. That you will lose your job as a true for all of us. I'll absolutely you look at him and he's got the highest level right now. And he's just performing at 73% this season so people you have to expect this from a team that has legitimate. Play not only put up intentions but also hopes to make the Super Bowl at -- and if you got games like this coming up against the Panthers were a field goal could make or break. -- tried this -- a point underdog Carolina meaning that -- expected to be a close game. Do you risk putting that on Garrett Hartley thought. Right mirrors there were issues early in the season. They brought in some guys to work out to kind of give him some motivation. That didn't -- it worked for a gamer too but still had some strokes now and Payton said post game that he needs guys that he can rely on an obviously confidence was gone and. For that reason arm was gone and as a -- to be able -- -- 8787 days to see this as a good thing for the -- as good thing for the detonations. Until Shayne -- misses again. Yes that's that's par until someone else picks apparently we face in the playoffs and he. Because when his foot and why you know I've meanwhile at least the falcons have a solid because I don't see them pick your mother -- -- -- people excited -- five minutes more towards. By Janet Jackson put it just right. What have you done for me lately. Having missed eight field goals Clinton to a home last week. They got folks will continue discussion mortgage text messages in your forecast right after this. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on his eighteenth of December 2003. Easy getting ever close serve but are you need to know what day -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So Campbell called that -- Happy home including you and yours is playing and one week. -- mrs. de -- one. Week from today. It means to me. These queries over. It doesn't thirteen else to legalize pot and that's Christmas -- -- end we're. And boom. I don't just like god for you -- 2014 and have you had any calls from home run. Many calls from moment no wine -- hard or tax or whatever blog because I just popped up to a fresh readings and it says. White snow. Warrants in Obama is not a joke. It's 33 degrees. Lights no it's only place all the readings from. Way out west of us who north service and I will want to find out if I -- -- now you can't take a look outside and see now they are automated weather stations across the state to the National Weather Service the us. And sometimes they can mistake things now they are miscalculate I asked. But if there is enough moisture in the air there has been fog down along with -- The high humidity 93%. Apparent. Ladies and gentlemen let us know is this a computer generated error just I just saw that as a wait a minute. Or is it. That's it did down looking at a right now other reports as three quarters of a mile visibility 94% relative humidity temperatures 32 you do point I mean temperature 332 point 32. That's that's perfect for fog to form who you know and light. It's no dinner. And then your telling me were heading your eighty. Testament text and 87810 -- from a 985 Erica this is no snow no snow no snow from raced on the home and but a lot of -- fought arcade. In home -- -- snow so apparently the automated equipment. At the National Weather Service says he writes now but it's just fallen according to several text message earlier was it's just the machine was being. We're hopeful that maybe it was his calculating based on the visibility and -- temperature and humidity that. These are perfect conditions for snow well so it's and it's snowing by apparently. It's not now so -- -- here and solve that mystery for now I just I I had to say somebody goes why beyond what if we want that slowed -- -- -- that's Achilles in Lafayette those solve the mystery. The mystery of that drunken elf. All know hear about goodness now -- -- something about him and writing gets old story now well according to police. How this guy was heading home from a Christmas party on Sunday. Brandon to shift how fun it was to shape but it's TO UC HTT in the Lafayette police corporal Paul moved on pronounces it to schett her shot or two -- And instead that day was going sixty -- forty they pulled him over -- Andes where things and he buddy the elf costume from the movie starring will Farrell and oh. But now not only is this guy now in trouble because he's facing a drunken driving charge he's facing a speeding charge but apparently. He was either so. Drunk or is so. Insistent. That when they went to take his mug shot he didn't take the cast him off. He took off the hat. Yeah he's still wearing the fluffy white collar and the greens suit. It looks like he has a green or white T shirt underneath some surprising grafted on good jobs you know it's -- -- Nazis is also a mug shot is going my growth going all over the world on the worldwide web. That's left -- and congratulations. To you. For worrying too much cheering you have ultimate holiday cheer and now your pictures and for re aware there are stories over and -- and thank you David everywhere confirms other way that there's no snow and home -- Plenty of fog the quarters of a mile visibility. But thank you for helping us clear that up. We'll talk to about twenty minutes more British Chris Miller joins -- he thought gathered -- nation. Anyone think partly is being cut was the wrong move. Oh yeah god look and hot hot hot but not feeling so hot hot -- we say good morning to our trooper. Killed warrant is. Hi there and I think when -- the temperatures Sunday later. -- fires is just go crazy don't say and you did a fantastic job yesterday morning yeah. Sealing the facts. That just hours earlier you were in the hospital well. I -- yeah I would. Well look I was marriage and carried when he made you think that I was I was but yes LA I was eight feet -- it's really because. I did have succumbed to work and that can start to -- What I weigh in on Monday -- tested positive for the flu and I know they say you know stay home and really I would just stay home if that was. At all possible and I have to say -- -- very nice Carl has been coming in to help tip to pitch in and TV news weather for me and help out yeah -- Saudi here right he's moved on Alexander's on her on her Christmas vacations -- you play in Iran and that. Carl and so here you are pumped up with -- IV flew up I think that early yesterday a flu. Does that pump and I found a letter yesterday then today -- -- -- I'd be foolish I'm telling you anticipate that's got a whatever then those little bags I don't know -- I don't care. I think that stung like tree lights baby yeah well as I've had a B twelve shot a steroid that was like RA -- Alabama -- again are you going your way to go back and get another hit yeah. Halftime and I have all my life salts have been spraying down my weather center so that no one else gets sick I was talking to Carly SF yeah coughing -- note I have been nice to know it's all within a septic -- I don't make -- we caught when he walked -- -- started spraying him down what I -- yeah I think I may have gone overboard but I don't want to get anybody -- six. Well thank you very much for your hasn't beaten a trooper and fighting through haven't you heard so many people have the thrill I was asking your security says something like 25 people had been -- that day and all tested positive. Positive for the flip. I'd say it sounds like everywhere because that's not rest up guys you -- be sent before the holiday. Eight as an extraordinary Merry Christmas now. Time now you can talk and there's snow national weather -- automated system Ryan claimed it was snowing in home keyword automated yes yeah well take a much yet to give the -- some credited said well look it's 33 degrees the -- went 32 and again -- com. The humidity is 90% of our abilities recorders -- mile all the -- all the right ingredients were there right but that's why -- I am -- human we are a little horrendous. Propagated that helps to kind of clear things up -- no snow and home but there is some dog and homeless -- a high humidity. And we are seeing some fog and temperatures are right at freezing just about 33 in home this morning. And had a report from one of my Twitter followers who say it was down at times an eighth of a mile Lawrence it I don't how messages be careful on highway 90 this morning and then. I don't go looking for snow sorry to say hey it's not that now has called on and are sure to wind chill when he salmon and -- around a little bit of a breeze in Slidell -- the area. Right out of 32 degrees -- to Slidell Tutsi that gruesome low thirties so yeah it's another cold morning frost. Kind of reports coming in from all over yet again. All right and we are any warming trend after the small -- after today it's really the last day -- got a bright blue skies there really. Kind of cool afternoon 66 for a high today we're at 73. Tomorrow and then over the weekend some upper seventies as our next front -- it does get warm and a bit on the -- side with some rain possible Friday Saturday in sun will be -- near eighty for the week -- now on Saturday we yeah a little better for Sunday the front starts moving and and and for early next -- Christmas week we start off in the fifties and sixties. All right then -- the fighting through it. Perkins of the you know what the weather is going to be like this meteorologist. Laura Montel -- right. -- down I -- really you know I just have to sit in my little weather area due to forecast I think about those football players NFL players. That play with the flu and I don't how they do it. Pat well I mean maybe making a couple million dollars like it game helps -- AMA doctor right down the sideline where I mean they'd be -- I'd be in the locker -- before I promise you that -- stuff is good stuff people I don't need a child would chocolate help you. Oh yeah well. You might have some chocolate did well they have. About. A whole lot of it over in Houston yeah they've made ate chocolate Santa Claus using half a decline of chocolate -- faith. Mean that's my response. What a waste of chocolate I just could still needing get heated that -- everyone touch and it sounds laughs he's he's in people the guy eats. That's tough 5000 dollars with a chocolate -- sit there and a giant chocolate Santa. -- and Andy aboard winning pastry chef breakout hit the world record or some thinner on. -- he's trying to do and 2.4 million calories I was not tenable he like he got -- -- -- deal will explore what a waste of time. Yeah I tell you about to bring me some chocolate or something and then now maybe I -- got anyone's Shockley and it could cut and perform a gigantic -- -- -- -- and donate this -- Klein are a lot of ways it's not -- It -- pretty cool thing URL RA. Are bogged down -- I'm mostly lives mission to correct from the Eyewitness News forecast senator sports with Steve Geller after this. I'm now on WWL someone just thanks to mediate 7870. And that there are light flurries -- partly picking boulevard home. I called mom -- said his wife -- just at the Wal-Mart and marlin the king boulevard and saw very light snow flurries and home. I'm thinking this is true or not. Anybody else -- Wal-Mart and home -- -- -- -- both -- let me know if you've seen snow flurries calmly -- 601870. Our toll free 866889087. That music means it's sports timing that is what the music run out so maybe need to copy now Steve -- All right we'll guard -- Harley is a name with that a team currently at the saints cut kicker the kicker -- struggles this season. Hartley missed eight total of eight field goal attempts this year to the team's loss in Saint Louis this past week. Reports are that veteran Shayne Graham will be hard these replacement all the scenes are looking to -- the woes that have been plaguing them on the road. Carolina is hoping to learn a thing or two from the teams that have -- the -- -- -- -- coach Ron Rivera. Don't think it's still do really good something's got the ramseys were really good so -- -- -- good look at it and see which -- see -- what we do not turn incorporate those things. The Denver Broncos have bolstered their defensive line by signing defensive end Jeremy men's -- who was released by Jacksonville after a falling out with management last week. That means he reunites with -- Denver defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio who was his head coach with the jags earlier in his career. Oh it was all warriors in the ORACLE Arena and Golden State easily dispatched to the pelicans 1041093. -- whirling dizzy and LA for a back to back against the clippers tonight text to fall on 1053 WWL FM at 930. Now over to the big chief for the latest on the New Orleans Bowl. For the first time in over a decade at Tulane green wave won't play in a bogey coach Curtis Johnson is extremely excited boys -- -- program especially is outgoing senior class. Well it means everything to sing -- -- They have an opportunity available to. For the first time the that this reporter for the first time. So so we know we're looking forward to play and no real kick off is at 8 PM Saturday night in the don't -- bella via WW real sport. Therefore on sports talk show the same stick with Charles Brown at left tackle Sunday Carolina or make a switch. And it's 730 it's LSU basketball vs Texas -- I'm Steve Geller and that's an early morning look at sports rights -- who is this Shayne Graham what do we know about Shayne Graham. -- it was cool with the Pittsburgh steely Steelers earlier this season and was let go of never made it take it all this year they were just they had him as insurance. Was with the Texans last year. And made 3138. Of his kicks -- and in Houston last year. A veteran has been in the league thirteen years pretty solid pick up and a guy they can rely on but not someone that you can look. Four in the future I think. They'll probably trying to dresses maybe in the draft or free agency today guy who maybe could be good enough to take him into the playoffs. And on around hopefully for another super definitely a solid stopgap until that. Confident come down to a field -- into the game. And we need to win now way to much better to win by more than three -- -- comfortable lead I expect Phillips hi when in Carolina this week so for sure. Thank you Steve talking about fifteen minutes more sports here and every WL I am FM and Akamai lots of people are taxing me from home and now they just pass the Wal-Mart says there is. Some fog but no snow someone else does as the marsh fire behind the Wal-Mart and some ash. But so far just one person says. That there's snow but now well -- -- call the person who claims that there's no -- Maybe a couple of them after this. Formats in front. Front 6 AM we'll keep you. Forecast for you Wednesday mostly sunny skies and a milder afternoon with highs later around 66. -- tonight. Think partly cloudy skies and not quite as chilly 47 north of the lake and 55 on the south sort them by Thursday were back into the low seventies with 810% chance for a shower. And that rain chance does increase on Friday to 50% for some showers and maybe even a thunderstorm march you. With highs of 77. From the eyewitness he's forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura -- -- -- 30 June north of the lake. 41 in the city and I think we're gonna declare no snow in home on -- one report in a computer automated thing Iowa. One person has made it 7876 cutting Garrett Hartley is like putting a band aid on a broken leg. The man he beat the saints offensive line is probably the bigger concern. But like -- we talked about early you can't cut the offensive line you just can't find replacements at this point in the season for an offensive line.