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12-18 6:15am WWL 1st News: Lou Holtz

Dec 18, 2013|

Tommy talks to Hall of Fame Coach and ESPN Personality Lou Holtz about the bowl season here in New Orleans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker -- WL very excited about our next guest albums Super Bowl was here we get to meet a lot of heroes of our resided -- -- a former players hall of famers broadcasters center -- -- does this man and we're about to introduce ideas. Love watching this guy on TV and and I remembered as dedicated to becoming a fan of his music head coach at Notre Dame some of the quotes and -- -- some of these before on the air. When it says the problem with having a sense of humor is often that people use -- on aren't very good mood. Not -- says if you burn your neighbor's house down it doesn't make your house look any better about this and it's not the load it breaks you down it's the way that you carry it. And it and it is my favorite that I used a lot don't tell you problems of people 80% don't care any other 20% are probably -- you have them. And that we welcome and hall of fame coach Lou Holtz morning coach -- you do on. Good money probably would have beautifully and while it's true that this morning Miami you spend. On the comment the comment though it doesn't ask them in this -- and -- do. -- -- Coach did tell me gets annoying things wanna ask you about I guess. Come in terms of BC as. Games in a relating to their new playoff system next year compare and contrast -- -- Well you know I think that the BC. Police that this State's illiteracy yeah and placing the above what we'd been on our upper. With the beards and -- being aware of the fact that we've match number one and number two. Over the past several years I think one -- the playoff -- -- here. It is going to be a big improvement the there's not gonna eliminate. Everybody arguing that they should be number four. I wish that they would've done in this and I wish they would win back its -- We've got an indelible -- and -- where you want. We're going to practice culprits of -- valuables and then after the bowl games on January 1 would would take to prop fourteen stand. The reason I say that they would that the ideal way to do it this. Number one routinely Boise State like to be peppered probable probably played Oregon State. Would have a chance to win the national treated tip because they could be go over the Bruins probably are -- -- being in the top four. What are the scenario like that that this is. Everybody talked about the national championship -- you know -- -- -- Florida State Bobby I think they relate number forward we may have been 5% market. There with a good game. But there wasn't that much interest why it wouldn't for the national championship. It is I think we're in an opponent wished that we that they play of -- But I do it and we -- -- applicable. Coach Jimmy your take on last miles an LA issue. Lot of people's they might be good recruiter not so much in the game -- managing he's entertaining is that. Policy dictating that they themselves. He's. It is a wonderful person let me talk first about the person I spent days with less violence. When we went to Iraq. And addicted -- doesn't -- -- -- and in the presidential. Respect that it -- -- Buddha simply -- and. Distant relationship with the players and where he worked and has very impressed with that -- Seaway is a great recruiter would would you also. He also has been pretty good football -- in this respect is what the they'll probably see what -- Little clip on the stage these -- the ability to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't the -- in the last couple years but. He's still you know I still think he's an excellent for -- listen -- what it is but it -- Tbilisi going to be impressed. Coach I don't know exactly how it works out to you prior knowledge he was but I know you're. I do jets were asked to notre names are ranked. But -- -- jets will be Portland. -- it was a like 39 lead went up a good tips and a I just wasn't ready mentally that you were wise to my children were -- and it's. All the sudden movement in New York to try to find a place where property taxes were more than a trusted North Carolina. The fact that we could raise their children and the environment to -- anything wrong with professional football assistant. -- had turned did down. A couple of times and suddenly awarded general managers sit together until mr. Leo and and the other older -- -- you don't wanna take that job and so I went to New York deteriorated to an -- whites or do you do what's right in the -- took to the jets that's. Every attempt so what wrong headed thing is what it would do and after side the five year contract that stated balance -- Just felt that it would put -- -- of its global markets and it was also. The reason -- coaching on Nick Saban every year it seems as soon as the season's over the speculation begins and -- thank you never to return of the NFL Jersey pretty much day at Alabama until he retires. Well. It will it is. I want to build but it -- on my case that Notre Dame but I mean it's it's agreed to. What the status -- had great success. But it -- pro teams we've gone to. There would be of interest for one reason it. You wanna go back to improve due to do you know like -- one thing. You know as strong -- way -- we that the NFL. That you're witnessing -- he's a person build different. And I think -- is it is indeed dead inside that. If you go to the inability to control their statement drafted everybody -- if you do that you shouldn't go to program. -- -- -- -- -- -- About your work as a national ambassadors for the Allstate AF CA good works -- Apartment after an opportunity -- Well stagnated and unaccounted for both -- -- commitment to admit two rounds of the others were. Contributed the greater good on January 1 when we -- 22 at least the information visit. Then we'll -- of the most states are both OJ and once upon a surprise verdict will be recognized in time and it's. I hope it will give it to his PA and the good lord and most of the people on this payment. -- -- -- -- -- to have won this award have been on this payment depends on the you don't need me having a pretty made an attempt to blow to preempt Serb. There are -- three meet some great people on some plays -- If my -- could make one owner I'd want to be the good lord street is that meant he went. None integrates probably -- being -- for provisional report can use just. Celebrity there's and so whatever word it's. And ordered held by the people inside just proud to be associated with those states that no -- sponsor for twenty years they've been they've been this statement proud. And I appreciate you ask him about. Target -- a -- relate to go you know holidays can be over soon and people are going to be looking in January maybe Megan's resolutions. In terms of motivation what would you tell somebody just say it's January 3 kind of bombed out the holidays are over don't really know what to do where to go. Would you tell my living their life. I would say witnesses like there's nothing more than making good choices. You know. Wherever you're going to be constituency -- you choose to do it to oppose to doing game trees in the pro. Two different situations wherever you are going to be -- -- if you bank. And -- just as they won't get through you'll never make a bad choice again we have -- and it was stabilized corporate lots. -- in the that goes through those lovable ones do what's right. Well number two do basic care. Rule number 30 is that they put it to Cuba and the people the eastern -- still make good choices you would change. Coach that's I love about two will be looking for you on TV thank you so much again this time this morning. Place let me tell American enjoys being with different view. Great thank you that's former. Notre Dame jets South Carolina along resonate coach Lou -- and hall of fame.

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