WWL>Topics>>12-18 7:40am WWL 1st News: controversial Christmas display

12-18 7:40am WWL 1st News: controversial Christmas display

Dec 18, 2013|

Tommy talks with designer of the controversial Christmas display at Lakeside Mall to talk about the political holiday display.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I didn't 74119. Before -- we come aggregate talked -- frank Gavin sees a landscape architect. And designer of the Christmas display at lakeside mall and -- generator isn't controversy. Just as the display that he created after Katrina did with the blue tarps on the roofs. -- Sunday pokes fun and obamacare I'll let him tell you everything it does when we come back a couple of quick text about Garrett Hartley. Tom how do you feel of Garrett Hartley goes -- team the saints may play in playoffs and kicks the winning field goal against saint -- you worry about that I just think you got to do what's best for the team now and says hardly had one job. A uneven tick off -- it does takes field goals and extra point he was only successful added around 76%. Of the time. In any other business would that be acceptable. No it was the right thing to do. Continuing the conversation when we come back and also talking about lakeside mall and Christmas is mine if you've seen it. I'd love to hear from the NT six -- 1878203866. 889087. He Tommy Tucker with you one week out from Christmas write a week from today. -- -- -- -- -- -- Sometimes art itself. Frank Evans joins us right now landscape market time architect designer of the Christmas play at lakeside mall he'll tell you about it in the second -- morning and thanks for coming on. The morning topic -- I'm battle in its report stickam horticulturist. Demonstrating aboard an immediate correction and -- -- timing -- -- modern. Where people out there are without them breakfast. They say you can leave them. Joke about that it won't use and you know it is -- tell me what you did at lakeside and how long have you been creating the Christmas displays. -- thought process behind you and -- Generals when it comes to creating the display. I -- well I've been doing this for about twenty years in. This satire and every display for forty years that it seemed like every third floor you're used to it now does someone -- on knowing reported that they actually got this group. Tell us how subtle -- -- charity thing it's because. Some years people notice and others they don't. Now Arctic you know we build on display in all of their predictions for the kids and you can read a thousand kids out there and they enjoy oil trains all the build and so will vote everything looking man and they can't they don't even recognize and use satire mixed emotional. So it's not like -- Bugs Bunny cartoons where. There's a little something there for the adults and a lot for the kids when you're saying where it's like there are tainted got -- You about here they don't see you bring a hundred adults and seven in the Soviet but the thirty that come out there in styles and government -- looking for. So satire. If they recognized me from being out there they'll come around Syria saw this and saw that and so there is there anything else to -- They look for a social problem hidden in display you've really got the fortunate. I'd so get to this year and the minute we talk about the blue grooves what are some of the other things you've done over twenty years. Lol I think I think. The way back in the ninety's. When there was problems. They at a chemical spill big orange cloud. That and out from one of the plants and -- level lawyers got -- so. Are made that scene with the big orange plume going on a tanker car and I had little shall we restrictions. Went to this and run back and force to a court coach and then got such a good response from that we just. Can put that dollar in that -- -- selecting. Well that was current you know Michael we YouTube won't put up that displeased him since the about the fifteenth twentieth election well you know. Shut people -- forget about Thanksgiving Goran in the Christmas. Tell you tell me what it's repeatedly done on time it would these years senators know about. Well I have one that. Final thought that you affordable healthcare hospital. And back in December and apple announced put together. Nobody could get into the system. To register so. I have an entrance with a long armed people trying to get into the system. And if you can't get in an aggregate help so that the exit is urged -- Little bit of -- that stick it out of so. I can't tell you Frankie you remind me so much of some of the things I would do that you know wanted to I think it's funny and I think it's just innocent. Lamp routing and doing a lot of people react. Negatively to it com. Our model our -- and again while I was probably very few people as I am not you frank. Okay. So. The people at lakeside -- presume we're fine with this speakers a commercial endeavors they wouldn't. And keep inviting you back if they didn't like and a. Well. A few times it may take things down in. I don't or you wouldn't do much is that there -- again. Tomorrow. Tell me about the blue -- what was that after Katrina remember the blue room -- did you have anything else. Well the on that now that they approach so much up on -- remember that shall than. There was something else and boo boos but -- little caught fire in -- -- better. I can't remember an -- was still between -- over -- a lot better in them. You know it just didn't it that's what caught on so would've would've kept just people -- -- -- notable thing was. What was -- what -- Like that it was a I didn't have a problem with that at all because at those very relatable I think you just a snapshot of what was going on -- that -- and I thought yeah I think frank I think was in my case anyway it was helpful because it was kind of like you know what we've been through a terrible experiences and Indians chancellor. Well and that the reaction I got from. You know mine and Apple's own people that came out there or people you know it states that a lot of people and we generally aren't up by the Princeton on. You can if you watched the crowd went one -- -- -- some concept car. They can't sit down -- -- which studio ago that it would -- -- that a -- -- -- laughter and that what where these pointed out. A -- and her statue once you do it is editor -- ever. And on a revised things to. Our own time out there on one time appropriate joke and wrote graffiti on it so every week -- changed the EP. About different people you know. And one you want your -- the streetcar. You know it won't lose them. One of street -- that they painted up for the city went on your fundraiser. Licks that ball once opting to look like street car. In every few days that -- pictures in the windows as a different people or ride. -- you know -- any plans and Garrett Hartley with a suitcase and indeed our. That slowly you know -- to a dark at street song and it -- in the soup bowl. Where where do you get all of this stuff from -- -- this way to put together. Well you know the little train that can drive on. That belongs to me also. And and so the money someone and make some train -- just buy more trains Narnia. Aware houseful. But in terms of the little props a little house. Bob built Solomon from scratch bill so marked by its. And I -- something -- just an open field. Frank I can't tell you I appreciate your time and you know I think you're just having fun and not trying to hurt anybody's feelings you work in topical you look at what's in the headlines in the and he does it make -- take a shot at that I think it's funny I'm glad he came on frank. Our apartment and Austria church wrote on a -- and on the field the short circuit Camara to see the sport. Yeah but mostly -- It -- that doesn't matter I I wrote an article. Thank you frank and I drug makers -- -- right. And yet they -- fifty degrees of Kevin -- We'd be able laugh yet ailments and get a text and enhances Tommy and supporter of the Affordable Care Act yes there are problems I have no problem. Whitley sides -- time honestly we have to be below -- and ourselves and not take things seriously. Does post-Katrina display you'll never forget it. Happy holidays. You know you gotta be Atlantis like -- and whole media some like NC.

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